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  1. Thanks for all your suggestions guys, last night I think I just needed to channel my angst somewhere to clear my head. I have came home this evening and had a 'clear the air' chat with the wife. I told her my concerns and she is in denial that she has any mental health issue and she is adamant that her anger is due to stress and 'has nothing to do with mental health' and pointed me to the direction of this article.. I bit my lip but we have come to a compromise that she will not direct all her anger at me in future and if she does she has agreed to visit the doctor. I did suggest counselling as,I have used it myself in the past and it has helped me massively. The wife was not keen on that idea when I brought it up. Reading back what I wrote last night and I agree @SuperBacon that I came across as self-entitled, but I have been supportive all the way throughout the relationship. A year before we got married she was complaining about her back but refused to go to the doctors. This went on for months and during the Christmas holidays I gave her the ultimatum of either going to the doctors or the wedding was off. She reluctantly went and it turns out she had two degenerative discs which required surgery. She spent most of her Hen Weekend in a wheel chair and had surgery the following week which allowed enough recovery time to walk down the aisle. Once again thanks for the responses I will be more helpful to her and I do want to make it work.
  2. I am not one to usually post about my woes on here but I need some advice. Here is a bit of background. My wife and I have a son who will be 2 years old in the summer. My wife suffered a traumatic labour which lasted nearly 72 hours and eventually our son was delivered by C-Section. Mrs P took a while to recover from the surgery and was not able to walk unassisted three days later and she was struggling to breastfeed as our son was not latching correctly and was not getting enough milk which led to a hospital stay as he was “failing to thrive”. From then on my wife believes that she has been a failure and I have constantly reassured her she has not as we now have a fit and healthy baby boy. During her maternity leave I could tell she was feeling isolated and I encouraged her to go to a local mother and baby group to build a local network of friends. Instead she decided to go to a mother and baby group 10 miles away so she can attend with her mother, which happened to be round the corner from her house. This defeated the purpose of why I was encouraging her to go to a group I wanted her to establish roots in the local community. Things started to improve when she returned to work last year for a month or so but as soon as her parents go away on holiday or if it's her time of the month her personality completely changes. Her behaviour is erratic and snaps constantly. To give you an idea I kept a timeline of a 24 hour period from about 6 weeks ago. Bare in mind I have just started a new job and this day was during the month end process so I have to work extended hours during this time and the wife was on annual leave at the time and her parents were on holiday. The baby wakes up at 5.30am and I get him from the cot and take him downstairs. The wife sleeps in until 7.30 meaning I run late for work. At 10am I am in an important meeting with my manager and she sends me nonsensical messages about the baby having a poo. I sent a message not to contact me unless it is an emergency as I was really busy and had a lot of work to do and I didn't need any unwanted distractions. I finish work at 7.45pm and I attempt to call the wife to sort something for dinner. She answers “I am to busy with baby” slams phone down. I walk in at 8pm (no baby, fast asleep in cot) She is seething and storms out of the house saying “I am not coming back” 30 minutes later she trundles in still in horrendous mood so I went upstairs to keep out of her way. She came upstairs at 10pm I go downstairs leaving my phone on charge in bedroom and make myself something to eat. Around midnight baby cries, I comfort him for 40 minutes and put him back in cot. I go to get my phone and is not on charge. After searching room I found it flung opposite side of bedroom on 13% battery. I go downstairs to sort out alarms and catch up on emails. I go to bed just after 1am. Baby cries at 3.30am, wife does not move and I plead that I need sleep. She storms out of the room putting all the lights on in the house screaming “You want to be up at this time, fine be up at this time, here you go here is the high chair you sit in there and cry” Baby is crying hysterically at this point. I am appalled and went downstairs to get my son, by this point wife picks up baby from high chair and comforts him on sofa. I go back to bed and can’t sleep due to the disbelief of her actions, 20 mins later she comes back in bed with son. Every time I am on the verge of falling asleep I get a dig in the ribs. At the 5th time of this happening I went downstairs and went to sleep on sofa. At about 5am Wife comes down with baby and dumps him on me and demands I feed him Weetabix. I said no it is ridiculously early. Me and baby slept on sofa until 6.30 and I gave him some milk. I was waiting until wife came down and at 7.30 she is still fast asleep (I was suppose to be starting work at 8am) I change baby’s nappy and she is still asleep. Eventually she wakes up which allows me to shower I get ready and go to work getting in 30 minutes later than I wanted to and sleep deprived to fuck. Fast forward to the past week and I have reached my breaking point. During midweek the wife had an over night stay on a residential trip with her work and I had responsibility of my son. I took care of him no problem, the only issue is we both slept-in (unheard of for the son!) so I did not have time to wash the two milk bottles. I dropped him off to my mother's and headed to work. Once I finished my shift I jokingly said to my manager I bet the first thing she says is "I haven't washed the milk bottles" Sure enough within 90 seconds of walking through the threshold I was getting it in the neck for not washing the bottles. Ever since she has been making sniping comments against me and tonight I have had enough and I have walked out and headed to my parents. I just cannot stomach being in the same room as her at the moment. In November I lost my job as I was found asleep by a manager in a meeting room due to lack of sleep as I was looking after my son all night. Miraculously I managed to bag a better paid job a month later, and quite frankly the best place I have ever worked. I am currently on probation and I am worried I won't get signed off with all this shit I am having to deal with at home. I am really at a loss what to do. I have put up with so much for so long for the sake of my son, who I am absolutely devoted to. But I can't take being an emotional punch-bag from my wife anymore. One moment I am regarded as Dad of the Year the next I am the worst person in the world. We have been together for nearly 14 years but I just can't see how we can go on unless there is drastic changes to the relationship. (Sorry for the wall of text!)
  3. As long as President Erdoğan is in power there is no chance Turkey will join the European Union. Before he took charge Turkey was rapidly developing its economy and becoming a secular cosmopolitan society. Since Erdoğan has took charge he has ploughed money into the military and has essentially bought the votes of the poor population in the Turkish countryside by building new mosques and other facilities whilst neglecting the more Western-looking cities of Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya etc. When I have thought about it the situation in Turkey is not too dissimilar to the current shit-show in the UK. The young educated generations are wanting to be part of an inclusive universal world, whereas the older generations are longing for the good old days in misty-eyed nostalgia. Both countries are equally divided and royally buggered politically.
  4. Week 33 fixtures UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying (various groups) Gibraltar 1-3 Ireland (Saturday 5pm) Montenegro 0-2 England (Monday 7:45pm) Netherlands 1-1 Germany (7:45pm) Northern Ireland 1-0 Belarus (7:45pm) San Marino 0-4 Scotland (5pm) Wales 2-1 Slovakia (2pm) Africa Cup of Nations 2019 qualification (Groups E & F) Ghana 2-0 Kenya (Saturday 6pm) Libya 1-1 South Africa (5pm) CONCACAF Nations League El Salvador 1-2 Jamaica (2am) Haiti 1-1 Cuba (11:30pm)
  5. I appeared on Sky Sports News and the local news after sneaking into the unveiling of the then new record signing for Middlesbrough Afonso Alves at the Riverside Stadium. At the time I was doing a Boro podcast and my boss said try and get into the unveiling and press conference any way that you can as the bastards wouldn't give us a press pass. As I walked up to the Theatre of Purgatory, I was trying to come up with a plan to get passed the security. I spotted that the BBC Look North crew were decamping out of their car. I loitered near them and dug a microphone out of my bag and joined the back of the line of their 4 man crew. It fucking worked! I was in! I was now pitch-side and there was about 5,000 Boro fans in the stands to welcome the useless Brazilian. I was getting some vox-pops for the podcast and the odious cretin David Craig came out of the tunnel ogling over the samba dancers. A few minutes later Alves came out and attempted to do some kick-ups, normally shanking it at the fifth kick-up. Alves then went back inside and the assembled media was ushered in just behind which I tagged along with. I was now in the press conference with a dozen film crews and about 60 journalists. A bizarre day indeed. Also that season I was the fans representative for Middlesbrough on Setanta Sports for Steve Claridge's football discussion programme which probably had an audience of about 12, so it doesn't really count.
  6. Week 32 fixtures Premier League Bournemouth 2-0 Newcastle United Burnley 2-1 Leicester City Everton 0-1 Chelsea (Sunday 4:30pm) Fulham 1-3 Liverpool (Sunday 2:15pm) FA Trophy semi-finals, first leg Fylde 2-0 Stockport County Leyton Orient 2-1 Telford United Serie A Genoa 1-2 Juventus (Sunday 11:30am) Milan 0-0 Inter (Sunday 7:30pm) Ligue Un Paris St Germain 2-1 Olympique de Marseille (Sunday 8pm) Major League Soccer Toronto w/shydad 1-1 New England Revolution (Sunday 11:30pm)
  7. They have really took the steam out of the piss in the Raw Women's title feud. That finish would have made sense if the stipulation was if Charlotte loses, she is out of the main event and Becky is in. Why would Ronda want to face a top of her game Charlotte when she could face Peg-leg Lynch? It would have created a fired-up angry Charlotte and would have added more spice to the three-way feud. They could have easily added Flair back in to the match at a later date. Instead the finish makes Ronda look stupid for adding another person into the match, Becky look weak to having to rely on Ronda and it makes no difference to Charlotte at all. The rest of the card was not too shabby with the fatal 4-way being the highlight. I want to see a Mysterio/Andrade 60 minute Ironman match. I am sure they will still have about a dozen spots concocted which we haven not seen yet.
  8. Week 31 fixtures Premier League Arsenal 1-3 Manchester United (Sunday 4:30pm) Cardiff City 1-1 West Ham United Huddersfield Town 0-1 Bournemouth Leicester City 3-2 Fulham Newcastle United 1-1 Everton Southampton 0-1 Tottenham Hotspur Championship Birmingham City 2-2 Aston Villa w/Grecian(Sunday noon) German Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund 1-1 VfB Stuttgart (2:30pm) Second Bundesliga Cologne 2-0 Arminia Bielefeld (Midday) St Pauli 2-1 Hamburg (Sunday 12:30pm)
  9. Going back to big back body drops, AJ Styles took a beauty off Roman Reigns on his debut night at the Royal Rumble a couple of years ago. He was launched so high he could retrieve shuttlecocks which were stuck in the lights.
  10. The chat with the Sunderland 'superfan' had me in stitches and the punchline got me crying with laughter.
  11. Daniel Bryan looks weird without a beard.
  12. Ironically Alicia Fox is 20% Lupine and Alexander Wolfe is 35% Vulpine.
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