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  1. It all depends on the sugar content in the potato. The more sugar in the potato the more colour you get. White potatoes are shit for chips. The best are King Edward's and Russet.
  2. Cheers for the tip @WyattSheepMask I will give that a listen tomorrow.
  3. Sod that, I want a Darkside of the Ring special on Marty Jannetty. There must be enough stories to do a whole series with more twists and turns than Tiger King.
  4. If Nev and Max from the MTV show Catfish had a baby, Chest would be the result
  5. I am also in the public sector and I have to commend my organisation. Anyone who has been shielding, contracted Covid-19 or have been recommended to quarantine have been receiving full pay with no impact to their sickness record. We have only started asking people to come back to work after they have received a risk assessment and if necessary if they were to return they could work from a lower risk site. In my region alone we have had over 60 staff who have been self isolating since 16th March and the majority are wanting to come back to work. Whilst they were off we had a massive gap to fill for the lost hours, but the organisation offered double time to healthy staff to cover the hours of the 'shielders' and they also received a wage allowance on top. We currently have a handful of people stuck in Spain at the moment who will need to quarantine when they arrive back. They will still receive full pay when they return, but anyone who travels to Spain from now on they will be asked to either put in further annual leave or to take it unpaid. If anyone can work from home they must do for the foreseeable future unless personal circumstances makes it necessary for someone to work in the office. Everything my work has put in place has been fair and sometimes a bit too generous, but I couldn't have asked for a better place to work during the pandemic.
  6. You know you only need to travel through the UKFF archive to find photos of extinct products.
  7. Boro have unveiled their new kit and it is nice that they have got one of the cleaners involved in the launch: Other than the hideous sponsor I like it. The collar is a nice throw back to the opening season at the Riverside Stadium. I am keen to see the full shirt with the Hummel chevrons.
  8. I won a quiz a couple of months ago and got a six month subscription to BeerBods and there was some nice beers in it, but this has to be the best lager that has ever passed my lips I can't put it into words how good this is. It is that good I have ordered a mixed case from Canopy to try out their other offerings. Other highlights from my BeerBods box was Ordinary Bitter by Anspach and Hobday and Wiper and True IPA by Kaleidoscope. Adnams Cucumelon Sour went straight into the bin after one sip. Rancid.
  9. Unfortunately I busted out in 111th place for a nice payday of $1,800 and change. At one point I was 3rd in chips but two bad beats in row saw me go from the penthouse to the outhouse. If those two hands held I would be chip leader by a mile. That's poker. It isn't life changing money but I will be virtually getting paid double bubble this month so I can't complain too much.
  10. The buy-in is $400 but I qualified via a satelitte for $3.24.
  11. This is what I am playing for tonight. There are currently 642 left with the top 548 getting paid. I am currently sitting in 112th place with a stack of 535,000 which is about 200,000 more than average stack. The prizepool is less than I predicted with a combined pool of $1.6M. Let's do this.
  12. Don't forget Sheffield Wednesday and Derby County could be in trouble with their dodgy selling of their stadiums to the owners to cook the books. A hearing on both cases are due to be looked at in August. I also feel for Wigan, it shows up how ineffective the 'fit and proper persons' test is. Colin managed to do his Red Adair rescue of Boro and is looking likely to stay on for at least a year.
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