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  1. Selections are now locked in, and now to address the Brock-sized elephant in the room. Whoever has picked number one from the 7th January onwards will not be elligible for the Tiffany Award, but can score in the other categories. Everyone else who picked number 1 from the start up to @Jon-Carr_92's post will be elligible for the Tiffany Award. Also in the order in fairness there is a new award. The Brock Lesnar Bounty Hunt - If your wrestler eliminates Brock Lesnar you will get a bonus 10 points. I hope everyone agrees this is fair. Please don't expect any results tomorrow. I am starting a new job in the morning and I will not get chance to watch the show until tomorrow night. I will ensure that scores will be posted on Tuesday evening. Good luck one and all.
  2. You are correct and I will be addressing this later. If you want to participate please get your picks in by 10pm any entries after that will not be accepted.
  3. I think we are all waiting for our Sky subscriptions to expire before we can move to Virgin Media to get BT Sport cheap.
  4. Mordue-cai Arnold Skoland Conquistador Dos Equis
  5. Before my contract ended at a multinational company I had a quick search in the global email address list and found some cracking names: Ginger Beaver Tony Gaylard (not a typo) Randy Feller Moany Birdsong Charlie King-Cox Dick Skinner And my personal favourite - Shitong Liu
  6. A few months ago I had a dream where I was in the Royal Rumble and I was hoisted over the top rope and landed on the apron clinging on to the ropes. I then had a mudhole stomped into me and I fell to the outside which is where I woke up after I took a flat back bump falling out of bed. I was a bit startled and I sat up and turned to the bed where my wife who was breastfeeding our son looking at me puzzled. I completely no-sold it, gave her a wink and climbed back in bed and went back off to sleep.
  7. We are right in the middle of the Merrynium, which can only mean one thing - It is time to think of some random numbers for an event at the end of January for no reason at all! This will be the 10th (I am not counting the Saudi Shitshow) Rumble Lottery I will be presiding over which is scary and depressing. Let's have a look at the roll of honour of the winners of this prestigious event. Hall of Fame 2011 Lancastrino 2012 Chilli Dog 2013 Vince Russo 2014 Silky Kisser 2015 Seph 2016 JohnCarr92 and The Four Horsemen 2017 Otto Dem Wanz 2018 Men's: HBK4Life 2018 Women's: BradyisGod22 2018 Overall: Grecian 2018 Greatest Royal Rumble: Wrasslin 2019 Men's: Cobra_Gordo 2019: Women's: Alex Wright Mark 2019 Overall: Supremo Due to NXT essentially being the 'Third Brand' now it is inevitable that there will be a plethora of NXT competitors in the Rumble so I have decided to scrap that award. A new one is in its place. As usual all you need to do is reply to this thread and pick FIVE numbers between 1 and 30. These numbers will be used for both Rumble's. Each selection will be allocated points as below The Top 5 Winner - 50 points Runner-up (last eliminated) - 35 points 3rd - 25 points 4th - 15 points 5th - 10 points Survivor award; the most time spent in the ring 1st longest - 20 points 2nd longest - 18 points 3rd longest - 16 points 4th longest - 14 points 5th longest - 12 points Your wrestler eliminates another: 3 points The Bushwhacker Luke award; If your wrestler is eliminated within 60 seconds of entering the ring you are deducted 10 points. Skinning the Cat Award - If your wrestler skins the cat and returns into the ring you will gain five points. However if he is eliminated whilst attempting it or within three seconds of returning into the ring he will be deducted ten points for being a dickhead. The Tiffany Award - If your wrestler is by himself in the ring (after entrant number two enters the ring) then he will receive six points. It is possible for your wrestler to score more than once. Obviously the winner is not included in this. The "You Stupid Idiot" Award - Renamed after Chris Jericho who did this in 2017, if your wrestler volunteers to climb the top rope but then gets knocked off and eliminated you lose 20 points. The "Well We Weren't Expecting You!" Award - If your pick is a WWE Hall of Famer or someone who is not a member of the active wrestling roster you will gain 10 points. (My decision will be final if the person qualifies for this award) The Double Bubble Award: If your selection competed earlier on the card = 5 points The "In Like a House on Fire" Award: If your entrant eliminates someone within 60 seconds of entering the ring they will get an additional four points as well as the normal elimination bonus. Hat Trick Heaven: If your pick is a member of an active tag-team or stable you will get 3 points. If they are in the Rumble at the same time as a fellow group member it will be doubled to 6 points and if they are three members or more it will be doubled once again to 12 points. (It will be capped to three members) New for 2020: 24/7 Conundrum - If your pick is the 24/7 champion during the Rumble when they enter the ring you will receive 7 points. If they lose the title during the Rumble they will lose 11 points. If your pick wins the 24/7 Championship during the Rumble they will gain 15 points, but will lose 11 points if they are swiftly defeated. Before you post your selections please read these rules to help me out: 1. Make sure you only pick FIVE numbers from 1 to 30 2. Make sure they are in numerical order 3. If you fail to adhere to these rules I will make you look like a chump. My selection is 2,6,11,24 and 28 Good luck!
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