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  1. Perfect analogy! That's exactly what they are. Like the other guys above have said, there's a few of those shows where I've been quite intrigued by the subject, but you just know it would be a massive waste of time watching.
  2. Are any of those type of History Channel shows ever anything but underwhelming? Has there ever been one where they actually find anything of real interest?
  3. The paisley pattern is a staple of Pretty Green's designs. It's a pretty lame attempt at borrowing imagery to try to shoe-horn a Manchester cultural connection in there, in the same way that this season's away shirt did with the Hacienda design. Backfired a bit as Liam Gallagher was not impressed... Looks like he since deleted the Tweet as it wasn't in the best of taste.
  4. I was late to the party with Wrestle Me, but working from home through lockdown gave me the perfect opportunity to finally give it a shot. I started at the very beginning, maybe a month ago. As of today I've listened to every single episode- I'm bang up to date and gutted about it, now having to wait for more episodes. I've been blasting through them and it's been absolutely fucking brilliant.
  5. These shows aren't half as good without Jericho on commentary. Still manage to be a lot more watchable than WWE's during the lockdown though. Enjoyed the silliness of the Inner Circle beating down Vanguard, but would have liked it if the thing had given them the runaround for a little while first!
  6. I've been after a decent version of that shirt for ages but never been convinced by DH Gate and the likes. If you know a trustworthy seller, please help a brother out.
  7. Yeah, Jericho has been absolutely brilliant on commentary. He's got a job in the business for life there.
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