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  1. My 4 year old asked me this the other night after watching Shawn Michaels win the World Heavyweight Title belt from Triple H in the 2002 Survivor Series elimination chamber. It took me a second before recalling a conversation from like three weeks ago when he asked me why I had to put on a belt, and I replied that I can't go to work with my trousers falling down. Any funny questions you've had from mums/dads/kids/mates unfamiliar with the business?
  2. Junk Yard Dog torturing someone (possibly a jobber) by choking him with his chains repeatedly and brutalising him in various other ways for what seemed like half an hour on WCW Worldwide in '91. I was 6 or a young 7 at the time and pretty traumatised thinking it was all real. Something probably did happen with a guy getting choked with chains but unlikely to have been JYD as he was a face (and it probably didn't last half an hour on what was a 60 minute show on ITV).
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