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  1. To be fair anyone that asks about the dvds get blocked instantly! I'm not even bothered about my full order, i just would like the Kris Travis blu rays i ordered and the Shooting star blu ray!
  2. Hi Everyone, A company called Hang Tight Presents - Behind the curtain is going to do a shoot interview with Steven Gauntley. No question is too risky. If anyone has any questions that they would like asking post it here. I will let the company have the link to this post, i have nothing to do with the company. This is your chance to get any question you want answered.
  3. I'm expecting a fair few 1pw cost me money stories here but my question is. Have a promoter ever taken money from you and you never received what you paid for? Refunds not given or just completely ignored by the company. The reason i'm asking this, its coming up to the 4th anniversary of my story. October 2015 i placed an order with PCW for several dvds & blu rays, one of the blu rays was the best of Kris Travis vol 2 which the money was supposed to go to Kris's family. After several emails of me constantly asking Steven Fludder if there was any update, he got fed up and blocked me on all social media when i asked him about it. Because i believed every story i was told by PCW/Steven my 6 months lapsed on paypal so i couldn't make a claim back, I see that still they produce dvds because i received a best of Lionheart dvd in my wrestlecrate. So whats your stories?
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