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  1. The original is in bury and a while lot of fun too. Going to take my 7 year old during the school hols as they usually open during the day (website didn't have updated hours last time I checked). He'd better be good at playing something else whilst I play wrestlefest...
  2. What's to rehearse? Stand there and look moody?
  3. Agreed, the Sunday evening thing only really suits the US market and needs to change. I'll happily watch this on Sunday morning (whilst the kids watch you tube - to parenting!) but a WWE show would normally take me days to get through during the week with life getting in the way and all that.
  4. Buying players that you would never plan on putting in your first XI/PPV to stop the opposition from having them is the same principle . Bogarde may well have been a useful squad player or handy to have around during training or in the end just sitting back and collecting a big fat pay cheque but Chelsea have routinely stockpiled players who they have never given much of a chance to (Drinkwater and Sidwell to name 2). WWE is doing the same and just because Luke Harper appears to want to continue his career but that doesn't change the reason for him not being granted his release is because WWE doesn't want him working elsewhere. Specific circumstances and nuances may well be different but the principle behind Vince keeping people under contract is the same as Chelsea and it will probably end up with someone happily picking up money for sitting around much like in WCW/Chelsea.
  5. Because he doesn't want good workers appearing anywhere else. Money football clubs did this for years until mediocre players (I'm thinking of you Winston Borgarde) started to play the game the opposite way and sit out lucrative contracts.
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