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  1. I know I'm regurgitating an old post but I'm bored whilst doing the school pick up. Why is Johnny Gargano's head seemingly photoshopped onto what looks like his body? The head looks too big to me, like a caricature. Can't stop seeing it.
  2. Driving up the M62 on the way home from work I'm over taking a van on the inside lane. There is also a car in the outside lane. Another vehicle is speeding along flashing his lights to get the car on the out side to move over. I pulled up enough to make a three car barricade so he couldn't get past. Made my day.
  3. People on TV shows playing darts and aiming for the bullseye. Annoys me even more if its a British show. No excuses. Also my inability/apathy to check anything before I send or post.
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