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  1. It wasn't Bruce Allen or Marcy Engelstein. Pretty sure it was the guy that booked Bryan Adams (amongst others) on talk shows in the UK.
  2. Since I'd read about the Wrestling with Shadows documentary in Power Slam at some point in 1999, I'd been calling the BBC asking when it was scheduled pretty much every month. One day in November 1999, I saw that Bret Hart was going to be appearing on The Big Breakfast to promote the film which was airing on BBC 2 that weekend. Bret was and still is a big hero of mine and I wanted to meet him, so made contact with the people representing him in the UK the morning of his appearance on the off chance he might be doing a signing. To my surprise, his UK PR was extremely receptive to me, a fan, and very insistent on me coming to an autograph signing they'd organised literally 5 minutes earler for later the same day at the Sports Cafe in London. So after college, I got a train into town and headed to the Sports Cafe. I think it was a Thursday, but it was pretty empty and the only thing advertising Bret's appearance was a message written in chalk on one of those free standing boards outside the place.I thought that was pretty odd, considering this was Bret Hart and he was a huge wrestling star. Anyway, I went in (slightly worried I might be thrown out as I was 16 at the time) and met his two UK PR people who were very pleased that I had come and said they'd be sure to introduce me to him, etc. From speaking to them, it was apparent they didn't know much about wrestling or Bret Hart which was a bit worrying. I noticed there was a hand-written 'reserved' sign on a two-person bar table with a single stool near the main door. Apparently this was where Bret would be signing. I had arrived earlier than requested, but it was now about 15 mins after the start time his PR people had given me and the unfortunate reality was slowly dawning on me that I'd be meeting some knock off Brian Dixon-style 'Joe Bloggs tribute to Bret the Hitman Hart'. I picked up my college bag and went outside, weighing up what the quickest way home would be. To my surprise, strolling down haymarket with a backwards hat, black top and jeans, was the actual Bret Hart. I held the door open for him and he was cordial. He headed straight to his PR people who looked slightly embarrassed at the setup they had for him. The turnout consisted of me and two tourists who happened to be passing by earlier in the day and saw the chalk sign. He had a few photos taken and then chatted with me for a while. He had some WCW 8x10s with him and he signed one for me. He also signed a copy of Power Slam I had and drew devil horns, a black eye and missing teeth on a picture of Vince McMahon in the magazine. I chatted to him for a while before stepping aside - the two tourists had now been joined by a handful of people in the bar who recognised him plus some of the Sports Cafe staff also joined the queue to meet him. I don't know if they knew who he was or were asked to do so for the purpose of a photo - I suspect the latter. Bret was done within about 15 mins, such was the paucity of people. I chatted with him a little afterwards; he was going over to Bryan Adams's place afterwards (the singer, not Crush) and then wrestling at WCW Mayhem in Toronto at the weekend. I was made up to meet my hero though a little embarrassed for him due to his PR. That Mayhem match would prove to be the last world title win and great match of his storied career before an errant Goldberg kick the following month forced him into retirement the next year.
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