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  1. I know Taker has been revealed as a right wing "blue lives matter" bellend in recent years (and he might well hold anti-gay views) but I don't recall seeing anything he said publicly that would label him a "known gay basher"? Be interested to read it if he has said such things.
  2. Tangentially on topic, but might be worth noting that BT Sport are apparently in talks to be bought by DAZN if reports are to be believed, so I don't know if that makes a return to Sky for WWE more likely in the near future or not (depending if DAZN extend that relationship or not), which again might muddy the waters on whether AEW are a viable option for Sky rather than their more established rivals. Could be one to keep an eye on in the coming months.
  3. This was probably my only gripe with an otherwise excellent show. The crowd were loud even during the points when they were clearly a bit tired/burnt out, but if you have that many people, show it off. I don't understand the point in running such an aesthetically unique venue only to make it visually look like any other episode of Dynamite. Great show other than that, phenomenal opener and everything else delivered pretty well throughout.
  4. I know they are meant to be scythes, but that House of Black logo looks like it belongs on some sort of twatty sailing club.
  5. It's a lovely gesture from Danielson, but also shows he's a smart guy. So many people needlessly burn their bridges when leaving WWE and as someone who might (or might not) want to go back there in a few years once his in-ring career is over, or even for a final run should he fancy it, there's no harm in keeping everyone on side. I don't mean that in a cynical way, just that he's smart and classy enough to understand there's no need to drag your former employer when it doesn't make sense to do so.
  6. mim731

    Gig Etiquette

    I totally get the vibe of Reading being a bit crazy back in the day. I remember 02 and 03 being reasonably OK in the campsite, but 2004 everyone seemed to lose their collective minds and it was absolute bedlam. By the time I went back in 2006 there were teenagers trying to set fire to telegraph poles and people's tents on the last night and it was definitely the point I tapped out on Reading. It's not all bad though, I had a lot of fun and we still have lots of fun stories from those festivals. I especially recall in 2003, two lads following a pair of police officers around thd campsite for about an hour with a stereo playing the theme from The Bill on loop, a memory that still gives me a giggle from time-to-time some 18 years later.
  7. I'm not saying that's not legitimate or accurate, but what's the vetting process like for leaving a review on Glassdoor? I know last time I looked a few years ago, you could just claim to have worked for a company and you had to provide nothing to back that up. That has always made me suspicious about particularly vitriolic Glassdoor reviews for any company, simply because anyone can leave one regardless of the truth or any motive they may have, unless they've changed the process.
  8. We never did find out what company had a red, blue and black four sided ring and let that guy's girlfriend have "moves" done on her. The greatest unsolved mystery in UKFF history. I only joined in 08/09 (I think) having lurked for a while, but this place has been pretty much an ever present in the since time. Happy birthday UKFF!
  9. mim731

    Gig Etiquette

    I go to plenty of gigs and have rarely encountered the sorts of issues described in this thread. I might wear a t shirt of the band I'm seeing, or I might not - I don't tend to give it much thought. I try not to hamper the enjoyment of others by doing things that might negatively impact their enjoyment and it all seems to go pretty well.
  10. Depends how much Flair is worth to Khan I guess. Is he worth money like Darby Allin, or is he more expendable like Jimmy Havoc? (Havoc is shit, but that's beside the point). If Flair will make them money, he'll be brought in when this blows over, you'd imagine. As for Dreamer, he's tight with Cody, so he'll be fine I suspect. Wrestling really is pretty grim sometimes.
  11. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5dxn0i8MPl6XFVVxNatd6U?si=76d27bf026bf4682 Playlist of all 500 is here on Spotify should you wish to do a deep dive into it, although it does list from 1-500 rather than in descending order, so has a spoiler if you wanted to be surprised by the top 10.
  12. Hmm. So this is all news to me, and this whole thread on Twitter has very much muddied the waters of how I feel about Norm especially if even a fraction of these stories are true.
  13. I agree, it's probably not possible for such a thing to really exist within that industry. Riptide was another one that had built a reputation for a strong ethical, inclusive perspective as a promotion, but between Covid and Speaking Out (not them being implicated, just the whole effect on the scene in general) I think they've decided not to continue as a promotion, which is a shame.
  14. While I 100% agree, to go off on a tangent somewhat, can we identify what an example of a left wing wrestling company on that level might look like? I'm struggling to think of anyone who past or present fits the bill.
  15. Ah I see! I agree on Knight going into the feud with Joe if nothing else because it's a fresh face in a main event role in NXT, whether that's for better or worse he's definitely someone who hasn't been in a featured NXT title match to date.
  16. I thought it was a number one contendership match, rather than for the title unless I've missed something?
  17. https://www.postwrestling.com/2021/09/07/new-day-the-undertaker-to-star-in-interactive-netflix-film-escape-the-undertaker/ This feels like it might be thread-worthy. I know lots of WWE-related content isn't everyone's cup these days, but this has the potential to either be tremendously fun or hilariously shit. Either way, I'm 100% in. Thoughts?
  18. I won't quote the whole message, but @BomberPat is spot on there. It's about presentation and perception. The majority of "ex-WWE" talent on the AEW roster aren't being presented (beyond the initial anti-WWE promo on certain debuts, but even that seems to be something AEW are slowly easing off now) as the same wrestlers from WWE. They're being given the room to reinvent themselves and become something different entirely. For me, that's the big difference with WCW's over-saturation with ex-WWE wrestlers in the late 90s, they were essentially presented as the same as their WWE characters, but now on WCW TV. It was the idea they were jumping ship because WWF was the Titanic, where AEW is letting that talent evolve into something new, and become unique AEW talent in a way WCW never did.
  19. Decent show overall, definitely one of the better AEW PPVs to date. That opener with Kingston and Miro was superb, and Kojima/Moxley had it's moments. I did wonder if Suzuki might make an appearance here given he's in the US anyway, but that was still a nice surprise. Baker/Statlander was fine, but I wasn't massively invested as I'm not sure I really "get" Statlander's character and it never felt like the result was anything but a foregone conclusion. Cage match was fun, and it was nice seeing the reaction that Ruby Soho got in an otherwise largely uneventful battle royal. It was perfectly serviceable, don't get me wrong, but I'm not a huge fan of the convoluted casino premise. The finish to the battle royal also felt a little boilerplate, and the sort of thing that WWE are (quite rightly) criticised for doing as the finish to almost every Royal Rumble in recent memory. It's a minor thing, but for a company who are so good at booking a show that feels like the antithesis of WWE it felt like an oddly WWE-like way to end a battle royal. Jericho/MJF was better than expected, and although the Dusty finish was unnecessary I guess it gives MJF some wiggle room to claim he's technically still undefeated. Hopefully this programme is done though as both men could do with moving on to something else now. I was pleasantly surprised at how good CM Punk looked, although seeing him in the long tights was a bit jarring at first. Really strong, well structured match that didn't do Darby any harm in the long run. I still want to see Punk vs Sting, and it feels weirdly possible, if still somewhat unlikely. That main event was excellent, and the post match was really well executed. Danielson (it feels weird not calling him Daniel Bryan after so many years) feels like a big deal for AEW, and maybe not as big a mainstream attraction at Punk, but definitely a huge asset to their in-ring product. Adam Cole, well he's there now so that's a thing, but as others have said as a member of the Elite is probably the best place to stick him. A good show, everything was at least watchable and at points it was excellent. Aside from the battle royal ending, the only other thing that bothered me, is it does feel a bit mad that they did 4 surprise debuts on one show but the crowd seemed to enjoy it, so I guess it's not a big quibble.
  20. I sincerely hope this doesn't happen. This heel run is some of the best character work The Bucks, Nick Jackson especially, have ever done. They are wildly unlikeable as babyfaces and at this stage would only serve to dilute Hangman as the best pure babyface AEW has, as well as undermine his friendship with Dark Order and the story they are telling there, when that eventually comes back around.
  21. Wasn't Broken Dreams before 3MB? He was still doing the "comedy" air-guitar shite when he was released.
  22. Sting is bloody great isn't he? It's 2021, and I'm legitimately excited that there's even a remote possibility we might see CM Punk vs Sting in the near future. That is pretty crazy.
  23. mim731

    2021 holidays

    I'm not from Dublin, and I'm sure the local residents on here may say different, but from my many visits there: All the tourist stuff is good fun if you've not been before. The Guinness brewery (if you drink) is great, as is the Jameson distillery. Although for my money the best pint of Guinness is to be found in Mulligans (on Poolbeg St) which is also quite a sight in itself as one of Dublin's older pubs, so it's a bit like being transported back in time. Temple Bar is good fun, but a bit pricey as they go big on the tourist thing, but as long as you go into that knowing that's what you're getting it's very enjoyable. There's plenty of historical stuff to see too, with the bullet holes still in the wall of the GPO from the Easter Rising in 1916 among plenty of other monuments to see. Kilmainham gaol certainly used to do tours and that's really interesting if that's your sort of thing. The zoo is pretty decent, as are the various museums. There's tonnes of other stuff, it's a really fun vibrant city to do tourist stuff in. Between buses and the Luas (a tram essentially) its pretty easy to get around although the city centre is small enough you can basically walk most of it. Again, just my experience and others may disagree but I think there's plenty to do in Dublin and its a cracking city to spend a few days in.
  24. I mean its genuine in the same way a Wikipedia article is "genuine". Still, pretty accurate, sadly.
  25. Insulting the national anthem is poor form.
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