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  1. Sorry to hear you're going through all of this MP. That sounds awful, and must have come as a terrible shock. Keith is absolutely right, there is no right or wrong way to grieve. It really is just a process that every single person deals with differently. It does get easier with time, but don't beat yourself up for feeling or not feeling. It's about processing and getting your head around what has happened.
  2. Surely there are two things he can do about it...
  3. TIL that a Welsh rugby game in 1905 was the first recorded example anywhere in the world of a national anthem being played before a sporting event. It was done in response to the Haka from the New Zealand team who were at that time unbeaten. http://sportinglandmarks.co.uk/summer-olympic-sports/rugby/how-the-welsh-introduced-national-anthems-to-international-sporting-fixtures/
  4. If only Jason Jordan was able to come back, that would have been a nice way to wrap up that whole story.
  5. Sorry HG, should have clarified I wasn't querying your point, you're 100% spot on there considering what happened at Fastlane. Just thinking aloud on who might be interrupting him. I imagine The Rock is another contender actually, schedule allowing.
  6. I thought that was David Cross for a second
  7. Cena or Taker to interrupt? Given neither has a match, but at least one of them is likely to make an appearance on the show I could see that happening.
  8. Even as an Ireland fan it's hard to begrudge Wales the grand slam, they've been excellent. Well deserved, and no chance of an England win, so can't complain too much.
  9. At least 4 on the kickoff I imagine. Both battle royals (although have they announced they are doing one/both?), cruisers and Smackdown womens title. Maybe even one of the tag titles? Could also see one of the non title singles feuds being absorbed into the battle royal. It'll be a long show, but no way do they end up with 18 matches, surely?
  10. I know this was discussed a few pages back, but just to add, I loved Shayna wearing a Bolt Thrower shirt this week. It's a little thing, but adds another layer to her character rather than wearing her own merch.
  11. I hope he caught you because you were screaming about him cancelling wrestling, while having a slash in his pond.
  12. If he's not gluing glass to his fists, he sold out. More chair shots to the head!
  13. I know there will be those who are excited about a potential City/United final coming out of that, but as a neutral (ish), I'm hoping we get the Juve-Barca final. Messi and Ronaldo facing off again, this time with Ronaldo playing in Italy. Yes please!
  14. MC Hammer and Sian Lloyd follow me on Twitter.
  15. mim731

    NJPW World

    Rev Pro announced on Twitter that Zack Sabre Jr is also scheduled for this show.
  16. Did he reek? He looks like someone who might.
  17. Aye, in official terms, but it'll still be referred to colloquially as Macedonia I imagine (much like the FYR was an official prefix that wasn't used in practice). I'm glad they resolved this, as talking to some of the locals when I was in Skopje in 2011, many were in favour of squashing the conflict over the name, but there were plenty of people who were still very angry. I recall a guy who was wearing a t shirt that said "Fuck Greece" on it, with the cross on the Greek flag turned into a swastika, which was pretty eye opening.
  18. 100% this. I want all four eliminated in the quarters ideally. Maybe City could make the semis, but fuck the others.
  19. Everything I read about Matt Hughes is concerning these days. Has a very "dogs are in the enclosed pool area" vibe about him. Hope he gets the help he needs.
  20. Not the same without John Nettles.
  21. Urgh I hope not. Drew vs Roman might actually be good, but Corbin should be pure battle royal fodder.
  22. Surely we're getting Drew vs Reigns after last night? Taker? Not sure who else is a big enough name not in a programme as it stands
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