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  1. "Wait here, I'm getting the squeegee"
  2. "He fell on his fookin arse"
  3. Dogs in the enclosed pool area
  4. Both fair points. In all honesty, most comparisons between AEW and WWE are moot until they are actually competing for the same audience to a certain degree, when AEW are on weekly TV and putting on regular events. But yes, WWE is absolutely in a funk right now.
  5. I see what you're saying, but again that is comparing an episode of Raw, which much like SG is not necessarily going to have a large destination event appeal, to (potentially) AEW's biggest show of the year. Yes the WWE product is unappealing, and in a slump, no-one is denying that, but you can make a much fairer comparison to say Summerslam vs All Out. If Summerslam in Toronto is half empty then the point holds up, but I don't think Stomping Grounds is a fair metric for the stated comparison.
  6. This is a silly comparison to make. AEW are a hot new promotion who have had one show and major momentum. They have sold out their second big show, with people are flying in from all over the place in addition to local fans. It's a destination event, ala Wrestlemania (albeit on a smaler scale). WWE are putting on a PPV every month, and Stomping Grounds is a "B" level PPV at best, no-one is travelling for that, so they are appealing primarily to the local market. I'm not suggesting WWE have a hot product currently, but comparing All Out and Stomping Grounds might as well be apples vs oranges.
  7. I love Ibushi and I think he's incredible, but that spot was about as idiotic a thing as I've seen in wrestling. Could have easily broken his neck, and for a mid-match spot that wasn't even the finish. Although the resultant head injury/damage was weaved into the match it easily could have been done just as effectively without risking his life and/or career. Lets not glorify something so needlessly dangerous.
  8. I was in Tokyo in January 2016 (sadly we arrived a week after WK that year, long story) and I saw BC shirts pretty frequently. They had loads of them in Tower Records, and the NJPW shop in Suidobashi was about 50% Bullet Club merch. I have to presume that's a decent indicator they were doing reasonably well on that front in Japan, even if not on the same level as internationally.
  9. Might have to go back and give that a re-watch. Axel is an odd one, so many wrestlers rave about how good he is, and he was The Rock's training partner when he did his comeback in 2012/13, but something never seemed to click for him.
  10. Was that the match where he pinned one of his opponents who was in a figure four? I remember thinking that was a very clever finish for a triple threat.
  11. Nonsense, if he hadn't passed away he was going to be a world champion later in 1999 and feud with Christopher Daniels, after he was revealed as The Undertaker's Higher Power. Sky Text told me so.
  12. mim731


    So after years of agonising about it I finally got my Jushin Thunder Liger tattoo yesterday. Very pleased.
  13. Just watched the Ronda Rousey 24, good lord she's a big miss for them currently. So much star power and a proper star which so much of the WWE roster is not. I appreciate she's off to have a family, but if she ever comes back it should be a massively big deal.
  14. Basically sponge cake with pink icing, they're surprisingly nice.
  15. He looks like he aged a decade since Wrestlemania.
  16. Good for you @UK Kat Von D always nice to hear people being happy, especially in this thread when sometimes it's more challenging moments being discussed. Enjoy the mud!
  17. It's not the whole Ocean Center they're using is it? I assumed that was where they were having the CEO games conference and they just had a little set up like last year with Omega et al? Or is this a much bigger show?
  18. Fixtures are out today for next season, and it includes a winter break, which I'm surprised to see. Structured so teams have a week off with staggered games over two weekends https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48620218 Quite happy with that. Certainly makes sense in a year when there's a major international competition in the summer.
  19. Congrats @Gus Mears that new job sounds absolutely ace!
  20. I'm 100% up for that. I can't think of anyone else they could have take the belt off Kofi without it seeming like an anti-climax or a massively unpopular decision at this stage.
  21. See, if I had faith in WWE to work on a longer term story, you could go down that road with Big E beating Lesnar and eventually Woods trying and failing to emulate his friends in winning the big one. After failing, he could see himself as the weak link and then you can go in a multitude of directions, be it the jealous heel turn or his never-say-die quest to be on the same level at E and Kofi.
  22. Quoted, just in case it happens. For the record, I can't see it. I think it's Madrid or something on that level or he'll stay put.
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