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  1. Yeah I haven't watched it yet either. Bullshit really that Dustin has seemingly nabbed a get out of jail card.
  2. Yeah that is just awful. First time I had heard about Dustin being involved which is hugely disappointing.
  3. It would be lovely if everyone stopped using Flair in any sort of capacity. That is how you punish someone like Flair, just let him slip into obscurity. However this is wrestling and he will still be getting used regular after this no doubt.
  4. This is fantastic. What a colossal tit he sounds.
  5. Blimey I am glad I have never had to endure half the shit mentioned in here. Tall people, angry faces, pinchers. The gigging world is a dangerous.
  6. Baba O'Riley: I love the intro to this much more than the song.
  7. Are you the same poster who made another shit thread the other day?
  8. More likely leading to Hangman returning to bring his mates back together.
  9. This should be a banning offence. Horrifying.
  10. MJF bores me to tears, Miz lite. Is this an unpopular opinion? Do most people like him?
  11. I love how Eddie went full Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman when he was cutting his promo on Miro. Lovely stuff.
  12. So not Ultimo then, that's a shame.
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