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  1. Tomorrow marks the day the majority go back to normality and the Christmas period is considered officially over. And as a result marks a time the majority start to think about eating better, getting fit, joining a gym and such and such. So I thought this would be a good time to get this thread running for this year and get discussion and any questions anyone wanted to ask going on the subject. The version of this thread from last year seemed to be very well received and helped a few people in various ways and that should certainly continue. Well done to NEWM on his transformation last year by the way (don't think I commented in the last thread). A great example that other commitments shouldn't hold you back or be an excuse. I think a lot of things in here will end up being simply repeated from last year, but ho hum that's the way it goes with this sort of thing. So, don't be shy - are you looking to improve your health and fitness in 2014? Do you have any specific goals in mind you're looking to achieve? Do you have any idea how you intend to or how you can achieve said goals? I'll start by just throwing this comment out there - The key to fat loss and the body you desire isn't to calorie count, but with hormone optimization.
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