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  1. G1 he was a gun. G2 he became the tank, due to “gun toys are bad”. The jet was a Bay thing right? He’s also been a truck. The NERF Gun Megatron is something I’d like to track down.
  2. New MLW season starts tonight.
  3. It is strange that these 3rd party efforts are seemingly allowed. I have read that a few places have been raided and shut down. I guess as most of these companies are based in the orient. Hasbro/Takara don't have the power to have them shut down. The design skill and ingenuity shown by the people that make these is of a very high level. They have progressed from just producing direct copies of Hasbro/Takara designs. There's a good chance that some prominent designers are involved. That may also explain why It's allowed to carry on.
  4. Another version of ST Commander. Which is a 3rd party iteration of Prime influenced by a GI Joe vehicle. There's three versions. One in conventional Prime colours. Another in Army camouflage. And now this version which I guess, is in some way linked to Monkey, from the Monkey Magic series. Whilst Googling the images below. A bunch of other variations came up. I'm not sure if they were digibashes or actual recolours. There's one that could easily be a Magnus. Harking back to the original G1 Magnus toy being a white Prime. That camouflage version is incredible. If I ever come across one in a shop. It'll be added to my small collection very quickly.
  5. Has the Network switched up its rolling output. I've noticed that they are showing more older stuff recently.
  6. How's the multiplayer element working with the Switch? Can it recreate a similar experience to the Wii? A lot of gaming today seems to be a singular experience. Even with online play. It tends to be people playing in their own room. The group experience is lacking. There was that R/C car Mario kart effort last year. Has anyone tried it?
  7. This upcoming system looks to have some potential. If they manage to avoid going head to head with Sony and Microsoft they could fill the void that the Wii left. The controller looks to be a cool piece of kit. Argos have it listed at just under £250. Possibly just that little bit too expensive. The Wii came out at under £200, right?
  8. I've recently watched Black Widow and can echo the above points. Definitely enjoyed it more than I was expecting to. A fun film with impressive action.
  9. Awesome intro on this. Would also double as a Roman Reigns theme. As his hair came undone during the recent altercation with Lesnar.
  10. Pleasantly surprised by What If. I liked the rotoscope esque animation style of Episode 1. Looking forward to watching the rest.
  11. https://www.universalbeijingresort.com/index.php/en/ThemeLands/Transformer Universal Studios in Beijing are putting some effort into their Transformers attraction. It looks to havectaken influence from not only the Bayverse but also the IDW comic continuity.
  12. Olympic Gold Medalist signs for WWE.
  13. Watched Snake Eyes today. Enjoyed it despite what seemed to me, a retconned origin story. I'm familiar with the Gi Joe stories that were the back up strip of UK Transformers comics.Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow were/are my favourite characters. Since then. I also liked the way they handled the two characters in the earlier GI Joe movies. The actors are quite weak in this latest film. Nobody really stands out and holds the film together. Shame really. I was expecting a bit more. Worth a watch.
  14. Wow! I completely missed this one. It's based on the recent Earthrise Scorponok right? Detailing looks fantastic.
  15. I must have missed the Black Zarak announcement. What's the story there? In a bit of sad news.
  16. I never need an excuse to watch Arrival from Cybertron again. Haslab announced a crowd funded Star Sabre last week. That's a character who is not that well known in the West. But massively popular in the East. Not massively expensive at £179.99. I kind of wish that I'd got myself a Unicron when Haslab offered him on a similar scheme, at £600. I'm sure he now goes for silly money on the resell market. Will Hasbro ever release the Unicron mold at retail?
  17. Good description. I may stick with it a bit longer. It doesn't follow the opponent per episode formula. This show has more of a what a crazy life MODOK has theme. A bit like Curb.
  18. There was a hype music video for an England Cricket tour or something. That was played on Sky One and no doubt the other Sky Channels. Very patriotic and historic. I hate cricket but thought that this music video was great. Used to watch all the WWF syndicated shows on it. We didn't have Satellite TV. I'd go over to my aunts and watch with my uncle. Who's still a fan to this day. He finds it difficult to nabigate the plethora of channels that are available now. He was very pleased when I put a on YouTube WWF compilation the other day. Is the channel going to be completely deleted or just renamed?
  19. Aren't Jax and Bliss real life bffs. If the rumours about Flair killing the Bliss feud are true. Maybe the way the match went was the fallout from that. It was very strange.
  20. There's some sort of European Arcade manufacturer show happening in Barcelona at the moment. Sega are there.
  21. Yep. That's a very good description. I may stick it out for a couple more episodes. I'm not quite sure what the premise is. They don't seem to have gone with an opponent for MODOK in each show. It's more of a Curb Your Enthusiasm style of show. Where the viewer is watching the daily happenings in the world of MODOK.
  22. Has anyone been watching this? Looks like it could be fun.
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