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  1. He's also got a gig with BT Sports. Seems a strange sideways move from ESPN.
  2. BigJag

    Virtual Reality

    I've just seen that Beat Saber is available on PSVR. I remember really enjoying the game when I played it at Arcade Club. Has anyone played it on PSVR? Would it be worth investing in a PSVR to play Beat Sabre? I have a PS4.
  3. I've watched a few sim matches. That's interesting. Thr character models are a little glitchy. Nothing major though. Will try out some two player matches later today.
  4. Fire Pro Wrestling World is available for £13.49. On The PS store. I've just loaded it up. Any tips or things I should look out for?
  5. The soundtrack from the recent Netflix tease. Over footage from the Dolf Lundgdren MOTU film. Not sure it quite works. I remember watching this at the Cinema.
  6. I've got similar vouchers from the yahoo bottles for Alton Towers. Would anyone like them? One of the lads at work gets the Sun. I'll see if he has the codes spare.
  7. This is quite bewildering.
  8. BigJag


    The dual mass flywheel was a common issue on the Ford Focus a few years ago. A friend had his changed to a single mass flywheel under warranty. It may be worth checking if you're still covered under the warranty.
  9. Seiko are doing a Sonic watch for the 30th Anniversary. I think it looks pretty cool. https://hypebeast.com/2021/6/sonic-the-hedgehog-joins-seiko-for-30th-anniversary-watch
  10. There's an in ring picture of the Hart brothers. Early on in the Grizzly Smith episode of Dark Side of the Ring. The three of them are wearing a Capitol sweatshirt with a Tokyo suffix. Does anyone know if this design has ever been reproduced?
  11. Bloody hell! Beyond the Mat only touched on what a monster Smith was.
  12. A pre loaded Raspberry Pi off Ebay or similar should do the trick. £120 should get you a decent package that includes pads.
  13. Dualsense? Is that PS4 or PS5?
  14. BigJag


    Jaguar I pace is highly regarded. I've driven the F pace. It was very nice.
  15. Curecently seeing these guys a fair bit.
  16. I've downloaded it. It's a managerial type game. I'm liking it so far.
  17. I thought the A&E show was better this week. It seemed to have more information. Best part of the DSR show was Hellwigs' ex wife, providing her insight. Both shows skip over sections of Warriors' career. There are areas that could have been delved into a bit more. Aswell as his time in Mid-South and WCCW. His relationship with Sting is one area which needed more extrapolation.I'm finding the DSR shows to be a bit of a chore. Aside from the Pillman episode. I think it's largely due to Jerichos' voice over. I find it irritating and overly scripted. Very unnatural.
  18. Does Earth Wars require microtransactions are for progression? Or can you play along and level up without killing your bank account? A colleague told me how her father spent around £6K on Clash of Clans.
  19. What sort of game is Earth Wars? It looks a bit like Command and Conquer. New video going through the history on Rub signs. One of my favourite features on the toys.
  20. BigJag


    Working for the local council street lighting team we have seen how difficult it has been to get even a trial street level EV charging scheme of the ground. The EV infrastructure is woefully inadequate and will struggle to catch up with the manufacturing output of EVs. Especially a concern if you want to travel long distances regularly. You can overcome some of the issues with journey planning. Other than the initial adjustment, you get used to EV driving quite quickly.
  21. Argos will have you covered. Ebuyer is decent. Richer Sounds are good too. John Lewis will price match.
  22. Wasn't he also one of the Hindi language ppv commentators?
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