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  1. "You deserve it you old slut" That video is tremendous.
  2. Looks like Wreck it Ralph.
  3. It was definitely a favour to Corgan. Same with Hole. Pretty sure they stopped using them as soon as Corgan was gone.
  4. It was alright. Was an easy watch the whole way through and the Sam Sylvia character was really good, but I can't say I'm fussed either way if it gets a second season. Having said that I suspect they'll have way more material for a second season now that all of the backstory is out of the way.
  5. Those screenshots are fucking grim. Literally just a group of people standing around in a field, arms folded and hands on hips watching people get mutilated for $50.
  6. Definitely agree on the weekly episodes. Bulk releases are great in many respects but it makes the shows feel almost disposable. An entire season can be over and done with in less than a week without giving anything time to sink in or build anticipation. It's the evolution of crash TV - complete instant gratification.
  7. I genuinely had no fucking idea what was going on in that last episode. Not a single clue. I didn't dislike it, but I'm not sure I liked it either. I came out of it feeling like I hadn't actually watched anything, which was an odd feeling.
  8. Surely they'd just say God created them too? That's their answer for everything else.
  9. Thought Richard Ayoade was miles better on the Crystal Maze than Stephen Merchant was in the one-off last year. Could do without the Z list celebs but fun enough. Is this still being filmed at that Crystal Maze Experience thing? Or have they invested in an actual set now?
  10. I felt like I needed a shower after watching the Hogan documentary. Some seriously scummy people on there. Basically everyone directly related to the case comes across as an utter cunt, on both sides.
  11. Shit lookalike skits, ahoy.
  12. Some indy booked Sandman, New Jack and Justin Credible in a 6 man tag. In 2017. Credible looks like he's wearing a fat suit and New Jack is moving in slow motion. Sandman looks like shit but still better than he probably should all things considered. The match is awful but special mention for the finish with New Jack looking like a pensioner climbing to the top rope.
  13. They've been around for years and I'm amazed their TV advert still airs with a jingle that sounds exactly like Paedos: https://youtu.be/o_02q9cly4M
  14. Sean Mooney of all people is due to start a new podcast soon with Jim Duggan. A bit of an odd combination there.
  15. Steiner looked like a star (of course) but that whole segment seemed totally backwards. Heel getting the surprise pop spot, babyfaces doing the ridiculous overselling and running away, badass heel chasing them out of the building. Hardly makes me want to root for the good guys.