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  1. I'd have said +9. -2 x -4 is +8, plus 1 is 9.
  2. What time does it all kick off over here? Pre-show 10-12 and the main show at 12? Or am I am hour out?
  3. I didn't conveniently leave it out, it was irrelevant. If your car gets nicked does someone say, "Well, if you hadn't had a car in the first place!"? Your house got burgled? "Well, if you didn't have a roof over your head in the first place."No but if someone got their house robbed and it was because they left a spare key under the doormat, I would lose a fair bit of sympathy for them.
  4. I still listen to the Pollock/Ting shows but I can't stand the rest of the gang. Agnew and Lavranski are the drizzling shits.Oh god yeah. The LAW show itself is fucking unbearable. Lavranski in particular is awful.
  5. I still listen to it and enjoy it. They are starting to run a bit dry on interesting shows to review it feels but they're both so likeable and play off each other so well that it makes up for it. I listen to their Raw and Smackdown shows too for the same reason, despite watching neither.
  6. Two totally separate companies - Anthem and Sinclair. Anthem own the Fight Network which I think airs ROH in the States, but that's the only connection.
  7. He's talking about accepting, not presenting. It's usually just family that accept isn't it? Did he have any kids?
  8. TIL. Genuinely never heard the term before.
  9. What the fuck is a snapback?
  10. It's incredible that nobody has even come close to replicating the quality of Arn's spinebuster. People always mention guys like Triple H and Bobby Roode but to me theirs look like shit in comparison.
  11. I read somewhere that Matt Morgan was teasing some sort of comeback this week. Can't be a coincidence.
  12. Excellent! Was already looking forward to it but even moreso after reading all the positive reviews in here.
  13. How expensive is Amsterdam? Looking to go for a few nights in the summer with the girlfriend. Can get flights/hotel at reasonable enough prices, but no idea what it's like in terms of spending money?
  14. Fuck, that scene of Vince hugging Shane in the latest 24 documentary had me bawling like a baby! Must be getting soft.
  15. Kira was such an annoying character. Haven't watched DS9 in years but I remember hating her for pretty much the entire run. Her and Sisko's son - everyone else was fairly sound.