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  1. That's the way. I'll pre-empt the dab with a squeeze (not a shake) to get the last drops out, then it's dab and done. Unless you get one of those moments where you think it's all finished then there's a bit more, then it's finished but no, a bit more, then it must be done and there's still a final gasp, Boromir in Lord of the Rings style.
  2. edit: my post had a second coming too
  3. Never got a tag run with Shawn Michaels like his dad did, either.
  4. I don't remember it at all, but I won't go and seek it out because the image in my head of a Sugababe singing Triple H's old entrance music is too good to replace with truth.
  5. I think the fact that people call him Boris is important and means quite a lot of dick. Referring to someone on a first name basis has associations of connection and friendliness that rarely, if ever, happen with politicians. Even in your post above you referred to David Cameron and Theresa May, not David and Theresa, and you said Gove not Michael. That level of disconnect doesn’t exist for many people with Johnson - he’s Boris, you know Boris, ho ho, good old Boris. It’s too late to change a lot of people doing it now it’s so firmly entrenched but it absolutely contributes towards him getting
  6. The 2-on-3 match with Evolution vs. Rock n' Sock at Mania XX is the only time I can think of.
  7. Genuine question - did his WWE comeback a couple of years ago make any difference to ratings or media attention or anything? I can't remember it being as impactful as I'd have expected considering it was right around Avengers Endgame.
  8. Congrats @Glenryck Pilchards! Top 10 in the Women’s match, my highest ever placing I think. My 46th place in the Men’s match is more my usual standard, but I’m happy with a final result in the top half of the table (just). Thanks for all the work Glenryck!
  9. I remember her brief run in NXT, she was so emblematic of the idea of "Divas" that the Full Sail crowd hated her, which made for a brilliant atmosphere when she took on fan-favourite Bayley for the Women's Title and the crowd were terrified that They were going to have her win the belt.
  10. “Stop that sexy TIE Fighter!” His character’s name, according to the Rogue One visual dictionary, is Farns Monsbee. According to Wookieepedia, “Farnaby initially turned down the role of Blue Five after being offered it over the phone by a producer, as he was in the middle of writing the film Paddington 2. However, after his writing partner, Paul King, told him to take the role despite their deadline, Farnaby accepted and filmed his X-wing cockpit scenes on a gimbal with a large screen around him. Farnaby is uncertain why he was chosen for the role but has stated that the makers of Ro
  11. I know that, but when you’re in a business where you get to choose your own name, why wouldn’t you want to be unique?
  12. Hangman Page & Christian Cage vs Ethan Page & Brian Cage, winners get the rights to use the surnames Page and Cage respectively. I know we criticise WWE for going Bubba Poon on most of their new signings but at least it avoids scenarios like this.
  13. This one’s doing the rounds again.
  14. Penta did his stupid hand thing four times in his match with Trent. Trent immediately took advantage and hit him with something three out of those four times. Stop doing the stupid hand thing.
  15. What keeps me watching? At this point, honestly I’d say it’s convenience more than anything. Until I got rid of it last year, the fact I had the Network and could watch NXT on a Thursday and PPVs on a Monday was enough. Didn’t have to have Sky Sports, didn’t have to set the recorder for 1am, didn’t have to battle through forty pop ups for a DailyMotion video of the show. Then along came Dynamite, even more conveniently available* on a Saturday morning on the ITV Hub. No subscription fee, just click and watch as part of the weekend routine. Dynamite’s the only thing I watch regular
  16. I don't think I ever thought of it as a legit sport or contest, it was a TV show / thing with action figures, just like Gladiators or Star Wars or Power Rangers. Whether it was 'real' or not didn't matter, just whether it was fun / that guy looked cool or not. Once I got back into wrestling in a big way in 2000, it was the same story as a lot above - parents telling me it's all fake to try and stop me watching that rubbish. I was well aware and the idea of matches being pre-determined didn't affect my enjoyment at all, but I think I did do the overly defensive "yes, but look at this Ladde
  17. Add me to the list of people who'd forgotten about Mojo. The kind of guy they'd start to do something with for a week or two, then realise it was Mojo, and drop him right back down. The Hype Bros team with Ryder was about as good as he ever got - a reunion in Impact wouldn't be the worst thing, except maybe for viewers.
  18. Proper shame about Joe being cut, I assumed the commentary job was a decision to wind him down from in-ring stuff and give WWE a way to keep him around forever, and he was good at it too. For somebody who I never thought would make it to WWE, he had a decent run - he was a key part of NXT at its peak, had a decent showing in a Royal Rumble, held a couple of titles, got on the card of a WrestleMania, main evented PPVs with Lesnar. I know we shouldn’t want everyone who gets released from WWE to end up in AEW but I want Joe there. They should grab the Iiconics too, but only as a duo.
  19. Kicking things off with @Supremo being the first UKFFer to openly post about being part of WWE Thunderdome:
  20. Read this article on Rolling Stone the other day. Included the full thing below. He's certainly an odd one, is Teddy. I remember him and Juvi being one of the first matches I saw from TNA, and being amazed by his Shooting Star Press, and then when they showed the Scramble Cage match from ROH… I can't see him ever, ever making it to WWE, but reading the below, what an unusual chap he seems to be… never knew about his brother, either. (article link: http://www.rollingstone.com/sports/features/the-rise-and-fall-of-wrestlings-weed-dealing-cat-breeding-phenom-20160323)
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