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  1. Sadly true. I was in a meeting this week about future plans, and the person leading the meeting finished by saying that "Boris is doing his best for us"... I think part of my brain shut down, I couldn't even react.
  2. Thought that was a really weak show, apart from Hangman’s amazing stage dive and Hirsch-Ford which was much more decent than I’d expected. At a push, Matt Sydal’s tights were cool. Moxley and Rhodes both looked terrible going toe to toe with nobody jobbers. Top Flight and Private Party shouldn’t have been in there against each other for so much of their match. You could have swapped this week’s Sting/Allin/Taz segment with any of the previous two months’ worth and I wouldn’t have noticed, they all feel like the same thing. A lot more not-good than good for me this week.
  3. I think they did attempt it with him. Not to that level, and maybe not to the level of the big WWE names, but as someone who never watched WCW or ECW, RVD and Booker T were treated as several levels above every other new face in the Alliance and I saw them as the two worth caring about in that group.
  4. I didn't recognise the name but just Googled, and she was Danielle Rousseau on Lost. She was fantastic as that character, underused but a really memorable performance.
  5. I've been watching gifs of the move and can't work it out either @Shy Dad. Then again, it's been 15 years since the first time I saw PAC do the Red/Black Arrow, and I still haven't wrapped my head around how he does it. I think it's the very final bit of the move that's surprising - back first, but head backwards so there's no way to check the landing - a bit like a Coffin Drop in that way. It didn't look as smooth as the rest of the move but it certainly had impact, more so than a Starship Pain or a Spiral Tap usually does. It's nice that wrestlers are still able to come up with bra
  6. We all know advertisers love wrestling, and jump at the chance to use wrestlers in ads for their products. I'm sure anyone who got the WWF Magazine in the early 2000s remembers Kurt Angle and his Got Milk full-pagers, but I don't think anything could top this Sprite commercial featuring Sting that I saw for the first time today: Can anyone do better?
  7. Watched Wolfwalkers this afternoon and it was gorgeous and moving and brilliant, as well as further confirming my opinion of Oliver Cromwell as a massive dick. 2 for 2 for me with Cartoon Saloon and superb films now. Will be on the lookout for Song of the Sea and The Breadwinner now.
  8. EDIT: didn't mean to post anything here. YAY AWARDS
  9. It always surprises me that the Dudleys never appeared in a Rumble during their main WWE run - you got Bubba as a surprise guest in 2015 and that was it. No D-Von. Scott Hall always seemed to get his own match at the Rumble too, always struck me as odd that they never put him in the Rumble itself.
  10. A good year to be Hangman Page! Well done and thank you @Onyx2 for all the work done to put this together again.
  11. I can fully believe it being a commentary thing, but I could swear (as a regular viewer of WWF Metal) that either they were announced as Rajah and Bajah, or that Singh referred to them as such. The latest video I can find of them on YouTube is the week after the 2001 Rumble, they're fully into the gimmick now, but don't have the names. I don't think this was their last appearance though, I'm sure I remember them facing Rikishi & Haku at some point after this. Anyway, enjoy Tazz at his most culturally sensitive. Side-note, Tiger Ali Singh's music is ... actually a
  12. I can't be having the new President talked about in the Trump thread. Wonderful speech by Biden at the Inauguration. Just nice to hear a Presidential speech that makes sense. "Make America ... once again a leading force for good in the world" was an excellent touch. Bring on the Springsteen appearance, and hopefully a better four years in this thread than in the other one.
  13. I wouldn't though, because both those reigns were in the dying days of the Big Gold Belt, not the WWE Title, and also both those reigns came before the 2013 Rumble, so he'd already peaked two years beforehand rather than reaching that level subsequently. No leniency for Ziggler. EDIT: I just checked and actually his second reign was in spring 2013 so it did come after this. Oops. Still doesn't count, though.
  14. I'm rewatching the 2013 Rumble in the background this afternoon. I'm at a point where the ring has Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler in it. Fascinating to look at it compared to eight years later, with two of those guys having risen to WWE Champion, two becoming top stars and arguably biggest names in another company they helped create... and Dolph Ziggler is in exactly the same position.
  15. Fantastic @tiger_rick. Look forward to these stats every year. A good afternoon of reading is ahead of me - thank you!
  16. Kicking things off with @Supremo being the first UKFFer to openly post about being part of WWE Thunderdome:
  17. It seems so obvious now I think about it, but I don't think it ever fully clicked with me that super babyface Kurt Angle beating heel Austin for the title in September 2001 was connected to 9/11 and what was happening in America at the time. He'd been pursuing the title since August, so maybe that's why I didn't realise, but of course he's who you go with on top at that moment in time and give the family-celebrating-in-the-ring show closing moment to.
  18. I actually gave Edge-Orton a bit of a pass on this because the match gave us a little bit of a look behind the scenes at the Performance Centre. If they'd done the match in the WWE Archive it'd have been a five star classic. I can't even remember the Swamp match happening...
  19. Alexa’s A Moment Of Bliss? Grotty pervy filthy filth. I really enjoyed PAC vs Kingston this week, and the main event felt like a main event. The rest of the show had its ebbs and flows but there was still enough decent stuff. I found the New Year’s Resolution segment better than a lot of recent IC stuff, and I liked The Waiting Room until Cargill showed up and it all got a bit messy. Appreciated that it wasn’t just “the ring, but with a couple of chairs” and they had an actual set for it. Not so keen on the Taylor/Miro stuff, Private Party, FTR feeling uninspiring and Kenny Omega con
  20. https://squaredcirclegazette.podbean.com/e/scg-radio-58-the-most-hated-world-title-reigns-ever/ should get you there.
  21. I think that was #58, The Most Hated World Title Reigns Ever. But the Shane Douglas content (which Liam's rendition of might be my favourite SCG moment ever) was originally a brilliant @PowerButchipost on here, rather than one of Ian's.
  22. I went with WrestleMania because I got rid of the Network after it, and never bothered with MITB or Extreme Rules. I don't doubt they might have been worse - but I think WrestleMania has that "could have been" attached to it. It's the one that would have been in a stadium full of fans, but then couldn't be. I think that affects my view of it because something like Lynch vs Bazsler or McIntyre vs Lesnar with an audience could have been great and just weren't. Then again, MITB and Extreme Rules were meant to be in the empty arena so there's no excuse for them being so bad by comparison.
  23. They're not going to get a 2/3 majority in the Senate this time, are they? If only 10 Republican Congresspeople voted for it, I can't imagine a third of Republican Senators will.
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