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  1. Ha! Yes, absolutely. Her and the bloody Nightsisters. I have to plough through the daily rewards, maybe get four more Enfys Nest shards if I’m lucky. When it comes to the events to unlock the remaining characters, the various arenas, and guild raids, there’s just no progress anymore. I know what I’m aiming for - I want to collect all the characters - part of me knows that’ll never happen but the rest of me keeps logging in every day regardless.
  2. I’m the same with Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Thoroughly unrewarding but I’m compelled to do the daily grind on it, probably mostly out of habit at this stage.
  3. This was my #4. @Onyx2 - I don't like open world, I don't like online, I don't like FPS, I like what I like! And I think I justified my reasons while also knowing there's no bloody chance most of them are making the final list.
  4. I've got a few games in my list that are probably widely regarded as Not Good, but I love 'em, so they're in!
  5. My two answers for this are almost always X-Pac and Ken Shamrock. If either of them had come along a decade (or two, Christ I’m old) later, X-Pac with his ‘99 level of overness and Shamrock with his legit aura, they’d definitely have been champions.
  6. This is exciting - haven’t given this subject much thought in ages, but I bet it’s changed a lot from 10 years ago. I very rarely play games now because there’s just not the time - I’ll not be nominating RDR2 for that reason - so I think my choices will end up being either games I have a lot of nostalgia for irrespective of objective quality, or recent games I actually found the time to complete. Edit: My initial list is 28. Time for some whittling down... edit again: down to 14... nearly there... and done! Sorry Tetris, you didn’t make the cut this time.
  7. I thought I’d heard of Dragunov before, but couldn’t think why. Just realised Dragunov is a character in Tekken. They don’t look anything like each other
  8. Even in the past few years with my interest in the main roster at a low, I always looked forward to NXT. But the past few months even they've hit a real rut. The guys across all shows that I look forward to watching, I'm not fussed about anymore. No matter which WWE show I watch my finger's always hovering over the 'skip ahead 30 seconds' button. So I'm with you. I also have no idea who some of the champions are. It's the Raw tag titles which have me stumped. I think it might be Ryder and Hawkins still, but I can't honestly remember seeing or hearing anything about them since WrestleMania, apart from them both being in the big battle royal last week. But they didn't have their belts then. No idea.
  9. Solo's definitely not at the level of Rogue One, but I can't say I noticed any major tonal shifts while watching it. I enjoy it and I like it, and I think it's a good film, but I don't know if it's a good prequel necessarily - fun as it is, it doesn't really add to your understanding or appreciation of Han as a character. Still lots to enjoy though - some great aliens and droids, a great Paul Bettany villain, and Donald Glover being three reasons to give it a go.
  10. Always used to be sausage roll, now I'd go for the vegan sausage roll if they have them there. Empire biscuit if I'm feeling decadent. On the very rare occasion they have their bbq pulled chicken roll, that's a must-have. I'd normally get two because I don't know when I'll next see them again.
  11. Imagine making a film now, setting it in colonial India, and making the Indian people the villains. Is a film properly a prequel if it does nothing to set up the films set after it? As the posts above have shown, watching Temple of Doom has no bearing on how you perceive Raiders. Nothing Indy does in Temple makes you look at what he does in Raiders any differently. The opening setpiece of Last Crusade is, I'd argue, the only true prequel in the Indy films as it informs the character you've seen in the other instalments. I know it's splitting hairs going 'it's a film set before the other films with one of the same characters, but it's not really a prequel', especially as I can't think of any other examples.
  12. Great main event this week. Felt like a main event too - those six are the definite stars of the brand right now. I could get interested in Wolfe playing the agent of chaos behind the formal, refined Imperium as well.
  13. That would make Vince and Shane the first father and son to both be WWE Champion so that’s definitely happening.
  14. It would be very sneaky of Brock to tease cashing in on Rollins week after week, month after month, and then just rock up on Smackers one night and actually cash in on a completely unsuspecting, guard-down Kofi.
  15. I just assumed the wedding stuff would lead to nothing, but imagine the fun you could have with a wedding and the 24/7 title. Drake getting distracted during his vows and running off to try and pin Truth, etc. Could be really good. Or it will just never be spoken of again.
  16. WWDITS is the first thing I’ve seen Natasia Demetriou in and I think I might love her so will give this sketch show a go and hope I like it!
  17. Here’s mine. Some of them I can understand but I’ve no clue why triathlons and open water swimming have come into it.
  18. He was happy to have that shocker with Lesnar at WMXX be his ‘last match’ for over a decade. This one was not good but I don’t know why he’d suddenly be fussed about his standing and reputation in-ring. And the WWE fans turned on him and started booing him when he was having that incredible babyface run a couple of years ago because he beat Kevin Owens, he owes them nothing either.
  19. New Orleans R&B pianist Dr John at age 77.
  20. I’ve got Malcolm III of Scotland, who was not from here (or England at all) but died in battle here. So I’m declaring this whole thing broken.
  21. I’ll quite often pick a film to watch knowing it has a famously terrible reputation, usually because of that reputation. Things like Gods Of Egypt, The Great Wall, Grown Ups, that kind of stuff. I can’t get my head around Rob Lowe In The North though. What in the world happened to result in that being a thing.
  22. What happened with Scorpio in WWE in the middle of the last decade? I remember hearing they’d re-signed him in 2005/6 but he never seemed to get beyond the Deep South developmental. Was he there as a ‘work with the rookies’ type or were there plans to use him?
  23. In 205 Live’s defence, I haven’t seen last week’s as I’ve been on holiday, so about half their regular viewership was missing on last week’s figures.
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