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  1. It's been mandatory in Scotland since last Thursday I think. Still seen people not wearing them, but at least they made it a rule before the pubs opened again.
  2. Simmons is in it more than Gallagher, he’s got his own subplot tied to the main one (without giving too much away). An excellent white suit and hat combo as well. Gallagher is peripheral but he does have one absolutely brilliant moment you might not see coming.
  3. Maybe this is why I wanted that Samoa Joe match - this must have been around that same time!
  4. Watched Palm Springs tonight. If you like time loop stories, this is a very good time loop story. Strikes the right tone all the way through, has some beautiful shots, and Cristin Milioti is excellent. If you have the ability to see stuff that’s on Hulu in the US, I recommend it.
  5. In about 2005 I really fancied seeing Samoa Joe vs. Memphis era Kamala. Must have been around the time of the Necro Butcher and Kobashi matches and I got to thinking about the least indyriffic opponents possible for him (that, and classic Memphis must been on the Wrestling Channel).
  6. Really enjoyed the eight man tag match this week. Nice to have the Lucha Bros back. Question about the Jericho-Cassidy match. At one point, Jericho hit a back elbow that looked exactly like the Judas Effect, but they called it a back elbow, and it must have been because Cassidy almost immediately dodged the Lionsault and hit a Michinoku Driver. But a few minutes later, Jericho hit an identical looking back elbow that also looked exactly like the Judas Effect, and this time it was the Judas Effect because they said it was and it kept Orange down for the 3. Did I miss the difference between those two back elbows?
  7. I love Hamilton and Les Mis. I really like Matilda and even though it’s Lloyd Webber, I do like Phantom of the Opera. I like what Julie Taymor did with The Lion King. Oh, and Book Of Mormon and Little Shop Of Horrors as well. There are quite a few musicals I like, but I wouldn’t say I liked musicals because there are equally as many I find unbearable. I don’t know what side of the argument this puts me on.
  8. I don’t watch NXT much anymore, but looked up this week’s main event mainly because I haven’t missed a title change since PAC won it. Standard NXT style match (I don’t know why Adam Cole continues to look so shocked when people kick out of his big moves; it happens in every single match) but Keith Lee is a good choice for champion. Hopefully they can find some of that momentum he had around Survivor Series last year. Wonder if now all the titles are off UE whether now is finally the time to move them off NXT. After Cole’s recovered from that hideous neck bump off the clothesline of course.
  9. I’d have thought the past few months would have been a perfect time for such a thing - no crowd to react the ‘wrong’ way, no worry about burning out said crowd or boring them with loads of pre-tapes to set up rebooted stuff, no pressure to be live in front of thousands, etc. If they didn’t do it then, no chance they’ll do it when they’re back and can get away with bare minimum because people are just happy to get out and watch live entertainment again.
  10. Where can I find this deep dive?
  11. Here’s one from our window the other week
  12. I enjoyed the first few episodes as much as I’ve enjoyed Westworld since the start of season 1, but it lost me by the end and I don’t have a clue what happened in the last couple of episodes. I used to listen to a Westworld theories podcast that explained things to me but they’ve stopped doing that so I remain baffled.
  13. That One Night Only poster is fantastic. I know it’s just rectangular photos of the wrestlers appearing but there’s something great about it.
  14. The book’s a pretty miserable read too. Great book but not uplifting in the slightest - thought the film did a really good job with the material. I watched The American President on Netflix this afternoon. Fittingly it’s like a feature length pilot for The West Wing, but it also has Michael J Fox in it so let’s say it was also a bit of a Spin City test run. I like The West Wing so I knew I’d be in safe ground with this and I wasn’t disappointed. Got me thinking about Rob Reiner as a director too - this one’s a few years out from his golden period but what a run of films he had. Spinal Tap, Stand By Me, Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally, and Misery in a six year period. That’s a damn good set of films.
  15. I enjoyed that episode. Good matches, good commentary, just about all good actually. ITV didn’t mention this puppy battle royal but I’m fully in favour of it being the main event, next week and every week. What kind of JR puppy hating monsters are you lot criticising puppies having a battle royal. One had better be asleep in the corner like he was Orange Cassidy.
  16. I may have watched Hamilton multiple times yesterday. It’s one of my favourite, favourite things.
  17. I’ve lived in Edinburgh for a couple of years and would be keen to know the best places to get a good chippy tea here.
  18. It might have been True Lies, basing it off the fact such a cutout appears in Captain Marvel, but that would have maybe had Jamie Lee Curtis on it too. Last Action Hero?
  19. Been enjoying Staged on iPlayer this week, Michael Sheen is having good fun playing a version of himself, and episode 3 has a good and unexpected guest star.
  20. Our local video shop always seemed to have an abundance of Police Academies 4 onwards, but never any of the first three. I loved that little shop though, their videos all had a fun Sgt Peppers Hollywood stars style covers on them when you took them out, but not on the shelves of course. Distinctly remember getting freaked out by the tape of Seven on the shelf there when I was about 8.
  21. I honestly had no idea it was still going. I gave up around the time they were stuck on a spaceship. Season ... 5?
  22. I’ve struggled with the Gallery: Mandalorian stuff ... there’s a strong self-congratulatory feeling in the round table stuff, and the acting one seemed to just devolve into them all telling each other how great they are, which I didn’t find especially illuminating. Dave Filoni’s defence of the prequels in the second episode was wonderful though.
  23. Plus the fact they already did that when Kofi went solo last year!
  24. I didn’t realise that Fyter Fest was taking over Dynamite for two weeks, that’s exciting, some matches I’d quite like to see on those cards. I assume that means it will still be on ITV Hub?
  25. Ziggler was challenging for a world title in early 2011. He’s doing the same thing nine and a half years later and his position or status on the card hasn’t really changed in that time. Hogan’s whole WCW career can fit in that nine and a half year gap. Stone Cold’s entire WWE career. Batista’s entire first run. Shawn Michaels’ whole post-retirement run. Edge’s retirement itself for that matter, the guy who was beating Ziggler in those title matches in 2011. I thought their Rumble ‘11 match was great but since then it’s been nearly a decade of stagnation for Dolph. I fully expect he’ll be doing the same thing five years from now.
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