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  1. It’s currently got a 502 Bad Gateway. I’ll keep trying!
  2. Oh, I know, I get that. You don't hype it as "uninterrupted" and then have it go uninterrupted. What I meant was them making a big deal of him always being interrupted, when just over a week ago he managed three songs without a single interruption.
  3. So Elias’ big plan for WrestleMania is to do a concert uninterrupted. Didn’t he manage that three times at Fastlane?
  4. On that point, what’s the best short Triple H match? All the ones generally considered his best - Jack at the Rumble, HBK at Summerslam, the original series with Dave - were all longer matches. Can he do an effective Lesnar-Goldberg split or does he ‘need’ that extra time?
  5. Due to some English Literature timetabling weirdness at uni, I ended up studying Frankenstein on three separate occasions. I think by the third time I was just circling “begone”, “wretch” and “countenance” which all turn up a lot. I also developed a theory that the Captain in the frame narrative - the pretence you’re talking about, @BomberPat - is an unreliable narrator and made the entire rest of it up as a way to keep himself entertained on a long sea voyage. There’s no evidence for Victor and the Creature beyond what this guy tells his sister in the letters...
  6. Maybe some of the matches will be short? I know that goes against trend but I’d be fine having lots of matches and a few of them being 5-10 minutes as opposed to 10 or 12 half hour long segments for fewer matches.
  7. I used to live down the street from the woman who composed the music for Bagpuss.
  8. The cat's a 'she'. I'm sure I heard a character refer to her as 'she', anyway!
  9. We’ve watched New Girl up to the last season, but didn’t realise when it reappeared on E4 earlier this year / late last year / whenever it was. When it turns up on Prime is it worth watching for completion’s sake or does it continue the downward spiral of quality?
  10. I read the Fitz trilogy by Robin Hobb, they were okay but not really my kind of fantasy series. Too many elements I found dissatisfying to have gone on to any of her other work. I'm currently trying to slog my way through Dune as my commute read, which I'm finding hard going, and The City of Mirrors (third book in the Passage trilogy by Justin Cronin) as bedtime book, which is great but it's so long since I read the second one I can't really remember much of who's who. Last book I loved reading was this: I've loved the subject since I can remember and this is a fantastic read that takes in the whole Mesozoic era. I've read criticism that he can go a little "aren't my mad paleontologist friends the BEST", which is kind of true but his enthusiasm and passion for the subject shines through. I don't read many science books but I'll go back to this one time and again. If you ever loved dinosaurs - read it!
  11. Which is why I'm remaining convinced Brock is winning. He's not dropping the belt to an afterthought. Kofi for the title!
  12. Another week of cruisers going all out in the ring and nobody in the crowd giving a shit. It’s a shame. So Buddy Murphy’s opponent for Mania is either going to be Cedric (which we’ve seen already at Super Showdown with a great result) or Nese (which kind of has a story since they’ve had a loose alliance recently-ish but I don’t recall WWE crowds ever really caring about Nese). Either way I’m not sure it’s their best use of Murphy but at the same time I struggle to think of anyone on 205 who’d be a better fit for him and give him a better chance of being on the main card.
  13. On this point, I remember in Jericho's second book he noted that Vince was always banging on about how brilliant Bobo Brazil was. I don't know whether Vince as WWF promoter overlapped with Brazil much, but I wonder if he'd have made him Champion given the chance. Fastlane happened. Thought Rey and Andrade were brilliant, Nia was awful, skipped through Becky vs Charlotte and wasn't hugely into the Kofi thing or the main event. Though I did feel it was setting up a fair amount for WrestleMania. Shane-Miz, Styles-Orton, Kofi-Bryan, and a big old Women's Tag Title match with loads of teams all seemed to be being foretold to me.
  14. Wrestle Me has reached WrestleMania X-Seven. They have also found the ‘Can You Take The Heat’ cookbook. It’s good stuff!
  15. I really enjoyed Captain Marvel, thought it had a few great hero moments that made me excited to see her fight Thanos in Endgame. My other half however... she hated it and felt really disappointed. Basically the criticisms Pitcos mentioned in the other film thread. She really wanted to like it but was just bored, sadly. She did agree with me that the Stan Lee tribute was lovely and the legacy effects (that’s what they call them in the credits) were amazing on Samuel L Jackson, at least.
  16. Nah, I think they’ll lose them back to Shane and Miz on Sunday, who’ll then fall out while being champions and wrestle each other at Mania as Tag champs like Eddie and Rey at 21.
  17. It’s a pity that in all the years they’ve been there, their only WrestleMania Match has been that short triple threat match last year. Can’t see them getting on the main card this year either.
  18. I spotted that too. Is that allowed? Can’t think of a time I’ve seen it happen before.
  19. Ooh, yeah that probably is a factor. So the SW Hotel is just Florida, not California?
  20. How long do the aficionados among you recommend waiting before going to Galaxy’s Edge? It is the one and only thing that will convince my other half to set foot in a theme park and for my part, after reading the EW report on it, I’d happily spend my entire life there. Obviously the first few months will be crazy busy but how long is that initial hype likely to last?
  21. Don't get your hopes up, I suspect the rumoured Asuka vs Lacey Evans match might still be a thing that will happen.
  22. Another PPV has gone and snuck up on us. Fastlane is on Sunday! Card is currently looking like: Bryan vs Owens for the WWE Title Flair vs Lynch in a 'Charlotte can't lose but Becky must win to get her Mania match' match The Shield vs McIntyre, Corbin and Lashley Boss N' Hug Connection vs Jax & Tamina for the Women's Tag titles Usos vs Miz & Shane for the SmackDown Tag titles Asuka vs Mandy Rose for the SmackDown Women's title Revival vs Black & Ricochet vs Gable & Roode for the Raw Tag titles and Mysterio vs Andrade is on the pre-show. Three separate tag title matches on the same show has to be a record, hasn't it? You'd have to assume some pieces are being put into place for WrestleMania here. They may or may not follow up on Kofi losing his title opportunity, we might get some developments in the Shield match, and presumably Miz and Shane will have a falling out at some point so why not here. Also Lynch and Flair's all about Mania. Lots of big names without a match on the card so far though - Orton, Joe, Hardys, Styles, Rousey, Balor etc. Pre-show should be a cracker anyway.
  23. If they do it like Balor vs. Corbin at Summerslam, and send Baron out there for Roman to destroy in short order, I'm all for that. Roman gets a good pop for the destruction, Corbin gets squashed, it doesn't last a geological age, and everybody's happy.
  24. The correct answer. Astro asked for 'actors who ruin your telly' and this is absolutely Gervais in everything he has ever been in, or will ever be in. Never was the US Office worse than in the two minutes he cameo'd in it. He will sap my enjoyment from anything no matter how much I'm otherwise entertained by it.
  25. Further to my first post in this thread, today I discovered I still know all the words to Rollin’ by Limp Bizkit, and I can guarantee that’s solely because it was Taker’s entrance music in 2001.
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