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  1. Thank you to everyone for the advice and suggestions over the weekend. I struggled back and forth with what to do the whole time but eventually decided not to accept the offer. The new job would have been much more convenient, and I could have done it without much challenge, but in the end it was all the boring parts of my current job without any of the fun or interesting bits and I think longer term I’d have regretted going more than staying. That surprised me because three months ago I’d have been out of there like a shot - but actually being offered something else made me realise that when it came down to it, I want to be doing something I want to be doing, I guess. Obviously as soon as I let them know I immediately regretted it but I’m the type of person who would have felt like that whichever way I went. I’m going to keep looking for ways out of my current job, but at least now I know it’s not anything else at all I want. And I know I’m good enough to get offers elsewhere which is a plus.
  2. Bah! We’ve been rewatching The West Wing this year and have hit a roadblock in the shape of Joshua Malina’s character Will Bailey. He doesn’t completely ruin the show but he’s extremely hard to care about.
  3. Well, I got offered it. Really don’t know what to do and how it all weighs up for me. Anyone got any tips on how to make difficult decisions?
  4. I had a couple of interviews today. One is going to be a no go even if they offer the job to me - it’s similar levels of commuting hassle for considerably less pay. The other was a second round interview that seemed to go pretty well. They want to do a follow up phone call tomorrow sometime where I believe I’ll find out if it’s a yes or no. But I don’t know what to do if it’s a yes. There are definitely advantages to this job - it’s within walking distance of home, and while it’s less money it’ll actually work out as slightly more when I no longer have to spend on train tickets. It’s a job I could definitely do well, they seem like nice people, it’s similar but different enough that it’d show some variety on my CV, and it’d get me out of my current job which I love at times but which feels properly toxic at others, increasingly so over the past year. However this job won’t have the same level of interest or variety as my current job, and I don’t want to accept it just because it’s been offered. All this will be irrelevant if they don’t want me. I think the pros outweigh the cons but if they offer it I’ll definitely need the weekend to mull it over. That’s allowed, isn’t it?
  5. Danielson and Omega are pretty good at the wrestling, aren’t they? That half hour flew by.
  6. I still can’t help but laugh whenever I see prune juice at the shops.
  7. But I quite like his “enough talk… it’s time… for the main event!” catchphrase. I say it along with him most weeks!
  8. I went to Leeds in 2008, I only made it to the Saturday morning before I gave up. Being in the thick knee high mud was bad enough for two days, I don’t think I’d have survived everything being set on fire as well. And I’d have never managed to hold in a shit until the Monday anyway.
  9. I lurked for a while, reading threads like the UKFF50 and one that’s really stuck in my mind about backyard wrestling. Joined in March 2007 after a few years on the TWC forum. Second year of uni and not sure what I’d do with my life. Flash forward to now and I’m still not sure but the UKFF has been a constant and reassuring presence the whole time. 20 more!
  10. A friend of mine started chatting with me about AEW last weekend. He was up to date with all the happenings and was watching highlights - he had no idea it was on ITV until I told him. He said he was going to start watching Dynamite on the Hub now, but he’d have never known if I hadn’t mentioned it. ITV was my go to for Dynamite until that spell this year when it moved to Fridays and wasn’t appearing on the Hub until the middle of the following week. I signed up to Fite at that point and haven’t gone back - it’s just so much more convenient, though I do miss Schiavone recommending I make a nice cup of tea before the ad breaks.
  11. This sounds like an excellent idea, something properly different. Dolph Ziggler - *sigh of disappointment*
  12. This reminds me of when we went to see Paul Simon and found a place to stand, fairly far back but still able to see everything. Until a woman got up from her nearby picnic chair, took my wife by each arm, and physically moved her along because "I'm here". (She wasn't). Town where I grew up used to do an annual concert with the likes of Jools Holland, Status Quo, that sort of thing. It attracted thousands of people for whom this was the only gig they would go to all year and they just had no idea of the etiquette. Talk at full volume throughout? Sure? Give yourself armspan's distance in every direction so you can do your middle-aged dancing? Absolutely, this show is just for you. I'm sure they all had a lovely time but they were odd evenings.
  13. Here's the Observer list of 'Most Overrated' award winners from 1980 onwards. 1980 Mr. Wrestling II 1981 Pedro Morales 1982, 1983 Bob Backlund 1984 Big John Studd 1985, 1986, Hulk Hogan 1987, 1988 Dusty Rhodes 1989, 1990, 1991 The Ultimate Warrior 1992 Erik Watts 1993 Sid Vicious 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, Hulk Hogan 1999, 2000 Kevin Nash 2001 The Undertaker 2002, 2003, 2004, Triple H 2005 Jeff Jarrett 2006 Batista 2007 The Great Khali 2008 Vladimir Kozlov 2009 Triple H 2010 Kane 2011 Crimson 2012 Ryback 2013 Randy Orton 2014, 2015 Kane 2016 Roman Reigns 2017 Jinder Mahal 2018, 2019 Baron Corbin 2020 Bray Wyatt. Of those, there are a few I think would qualify as "criticised as overrated to such an extent that they became underrated". Batista in 2006 might have not been at his best in-ring (especially since he vacated the title at the start of the year and disappeared for a while) but his star power is definitely undervalued - they'd love someone on his level right now. Roman Reigns in 2016 is another one - that's the year he had some cracking matches with AJ Styles for one thing. That's a good case of being called overrated so much he became underrated. Possibly even Hogan... I didn't watch masses of him in the 90s but a five-year unbroken stretch of being considered overrated, he must have done some decent stuff within that.
  14. It's a shame the new Steiner isn't going to be acknowledged as a Steiner, but if it means the NXT Random Name Generator is making a comeback, it's not all bad. We could be heading for a return to the glory days of Lucky Cannon and Eli Cottonwood and Michael McGillicutty.
  15. I hope they follow up on it by giving Big E a decent run as Champion. Similar big happy title wins in the recent past (Kofi, Bianca) have fizzled out pretty quickly when it became apparent they didn't have anything in mind past the "moment".
  16. Hawkeye trailer is great. I kind of wish this one had been a film - the kind of tone they seem to be establishing is going to be tougher to maintain over a series.
  17. PAC is great. Great match with Andrade made this episode worth watching.
  18. I only knew him from that song he did in the 90s which got him on Top of the Pops. I assume this is as mainstream as he’s ever been:
  19. Summer of ‘99 in the cinema for me was Phantom Menace and The Mummy. I was aware of The Matrix being this really cool ‘best film of the summer’ hit but didn’t see the first one until around the time Reloaded came out - I remember the hype for that second one much more clearly. I saw the first one, liked but didn’t love it, but liked it enough to watch Reloaded at the cinema. That put me off seeing Revolutions until years after the fact. I have no strong feelings about a fourth one either way... I don’t recall much about the third, but didn’t it all get wrapped up neatly?
  20. They did Omega vs PAC vs Orange Cassidy for the belt at the last PPV, it was a midcard match so no huge deal compared to the above suggestion but it has been done.
  21. Not at all - if anything it made the Walls look stronger than it has in years. The way MJF screamed after landing off the top rope clutching his back, I thought he’d properly injured it. They set it up so when the hold was locked in, he had to tap, but not because he was giving up, if that made sense. It was tap or risk permanent damage.
  22. Really sad news. Excellent in The Wire, a highlight of Boardwalk Empire. RIP.
  23. Very good show. Seemed quite dominated by former WWE types, but if anyone was watching that and was new to AEW they would at least see homegrown guys looking the equal of the likes of Miro, Jericho and Punk. (Apart from QT Marshall of course) Hope the Kingston result leads to him winning the title in New York. Cage match was a lot of fun, Penta looked terrifying with the torn mask and the blood everywhere. I wonder how his daughters felt getting their dad’s blood all over their faces. Jericho and MJF got me by the end, superb selling of the lower back dropping breadcrumbs for the second finish. I liked Punk’s look with the tights. He and Darby worked well together. Good match. The ending was some pretty impressive stuff. I’m not fussed by Adam Cole but he fits right in with the Elite. And then Danielson! Thrilling. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if the Elite were backing away up the ramp, up the ramp, up the ramp… and then Hangman Page’s music hit and he turned up too. They’d finally be outnumbered, their time at the top over. There’s still time for that another day…
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