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  1. I thought the top picture was super maths wiz Hannah Fry.
  2. The Baltimore Ravens love a bit of kwesh.
  3. Jimmy Greaves has gone at 81. The embodiment of a natural goalscorer.
  4. Not now in our dotage Baz, but in our adolescent days when no one could get depraved grot beamed into the palm of their hands 24/7. That's why distribution of Kays catalogues tailed off once the internet became popular.
  5. I had some ciabatta for tea, that's how tough I am. It was very nice.
  6. Given the last few years I don't even think that an Undead Thatcher would be that surprising.
  7. Sir Clive Sinclair, populariser of home computing, has died at 81. I hope that Horace is taking him skiing up in heaven. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/sep/16/home-computing-pioneer-sir-clive-sinclair-dies-aged-81
  8. Not so sure, there's always time for Novak to get his membership forms in.
  9. So from the coverage it's clear that Tim Henman won the women's US Open this year.
  10. johnnyboy

    Joe Biden

    There's already a Biden thread
  11. Went to Dublin on the ferry once. It rained, everything was shut, and the ferry was delayed so much going that the return journey begun almost as soon as we'd disembarked.
  12. johnnyboy

    Chippy Tea

    Disappointed that the old boy hadn't provided a picture to rate in the article. You don't get to that age tolerating poor colour on your chips.
  13. That is an absolute treat.
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