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  1. How do they do it with a series? Is it select episodes or a supercut?
  2. That makes it the best Bad Boys sequel then. I actually got a real kick out of it, one of those it was just the dumb fun I needed kind of film today. Martin Lawrence's plasticine head is hypnotic.
  3. None whatsoever. 100% innocent
  4. No, my kids use them for data all the time as it's cheaper than top-ups and their WhatsApp was originally activated on what's now their voice and SMS SIM. You just set on your phone which is the sim you want to use for data and make sure (data) roaming's enabled on that SIM. Yeah, you'd have to go data crazy to burn up the fair use cap.
  5. Was it the Netflix documentary model of stretching a good 80 minuter to 3 hours? Him being an elite athlete that couldn't stay out of trouble despite the chance of championships and the money on offer is the story. The tight end tandem of Gronkowski and Hernandez was historically good, but he couldn't not kill people
  6. The end of Jedi Fallen Order came out of nowhere. Got the old you can explore the other worlds again for more secrets (that obviously can't help you in the grand finale now) but you can't revisit the final world/level. Jedi combat was great fun and the story is good, just don't expect RDR depth. Pixel perfect wall-running and jumping not so much. For me, the end came just as the story was getting really meaty. CDKeys are knocking out the deluxe XB edition (exclusive lightsaber colour~!) for £27 which is ok value for me.
  7. If you've got a dual SIM phone the prepaid Three Mobile Broadband data only SIMs are cracking value. They work in 70+ countries including the US, but annoyingly not Canada. 24gb that lasts for 24 months or until you run it out costs £40-45 on Amazon depending if they're on offer. One word of warning is do not top them up until they're totally empty as it wipes the prepaid credit!
  8. First draft had me listing associated client counts of access points Vs the number that could realistically achieve acceptable throughout, which was super boring even for me
  9. He's held together with wallpaper paste in A View to a Kill.
  10. How boring an explanation do you want? High-density WiFi is expensive and hard to do. Outdoor high-density WiFi is really expensive and really hard to do. E.g. Having enough WiFi capacity to service 1,000 people in a theatre or conference centre where people are in a relatively fixed position is far easier to do than having enough WiFi capacity to service 1,000 people wherever they may be on a 20 acre site i.e. all 1,000 could be in a 25m square, or they could be evenly dispersed throughout the entire space. The peak requirements of covering say The Hub vs middle of the day requirements probably don't make it cost effective if they're watching the pennies. For 80% of the working day there'd be ~5% utilisation. Providing just about adequate most of the time WiFi is much easier and far cheaper. Also, if they really upped the quality of the WiFi knobbers would only cane all the bandwidth livestreaming in 4k constantly.
  11. There's two options, both same day. You have legacy FastPass where you have to visit the kiosk at the ride, or at least in the land, to collect a FastPass. This is free. Then you have MaxPass which will cost you (currently) $15 a day per person and requires that you have the Disneyland app and a data service on your phone as Disneyland WiFi ain't great. You can't purchase MaxPass until you've scanned your ticket for the day. It lets you pick up a FastPass from the app for either park without physically visiting the attraction but their are hard limits. You can only pick one at a time. You can't pick another until you've used one or ~90 minutes has elapsed. I would say it has questionable value of you don't ropedrop. Ropedropping and MaxPass lets you smash it. https://disneylanddaily.com/a-fastpass-guide-for-disneyland-and-california-adventure/
  12. The Walt Disney Travel Company UK don't do Disneyland! Tickets max out at 5 days so they can't sell a fortnight in the sun packages. Disneyland is far more restrictive (or relaxed) than WDW for booking in advance etc. Even their restaurants only take bookings a few months out, not the 180 days madness you get with World, and they only have 3 official Disney hotels to fill up in Anaheim. You can get an official package via the Disneyland site. You can also purchase tickets as vouchers through Expedia (.co.uk) here. Run it through a cashback site like Quidco and get ~10% back. You print off a voucher that they scan at the turnstiles and give you tickets. 5 day park hoppers in £ worked out cheaper for us even before we took the cashback into consideration. Some of the very closest non-Disney owned hotels wouldn't be my personal choice. They're motels that can charge a bomb because they're literally across the road from the Disneyland gate. If you're looking at hotels on Expedia, check where they are on the map view as some advertised "Disneyland" hotels are a fair distance from the gate! https://disneylanddaily.com/ is good for DL info. Do they still have the weird usage restrictions? Nominate the first park, second day has to be the other park?
  13. If anything too much has been made of the one shot. I couldn't help but look for the joins or wonder how they did something. I reckon the making of documentary will be incredibly interesting. In terms of war films with a gimmick I'm firmly in Dunkirk's camp. However, with that said it's still really worth a watch at the flicks on a big giant screen.
  14. There's a very hard limit on that control if you aren't in a position to refuse a job or if you don't have some money already behind you, e.g. family or spousal support. Even if you end up as a working class made good, you're not getting as much as those from the "right" background. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/social-mobility-in-great-britain-state-of-the-nation-2018-to-2019
  15. Sunday trading legislation didn't come in until the summer of 1994.
  16. Just watched it with my son and really enjoyed it. Amusing edit on the FWA chat when after a chunk of it they cut to Robbie Brookside who just says (paraphrased) they were trying to be a British flavour of ECW. Also, my son pointed out that ZSJ really likes blinking and then I couldn't help but notice it. 5 stars.
  17. Even worse for me is that some airlines won't let you pre-select a standard seat with their cheapest fares. It's not even an option to pay for the privilege, the cheapest fare is purely assigned at check-in or up to 24 hours ahead.
  18. Little Women May have seen my favourite film of 2020 already. I didn't mind the way it altered the structure of the book to make it more filmic. Gorgeous.
  19. @HarmonicGenerator The Walt Disney Family museum is in San Francisco if you haven't had enough Disney after Celebration and Disneyland
  20. John Wayne and Long Beach airports are closer to Disneyland/Anaheim, but don't have direct flights from the UK. However, you may find they're an easier option for the flight to San Francisco. John Wayne is less than half the distance. Even at 4am with no traffic Disneyland to LAX was a good hour. I can't recommend anywhere @Monkee as we stayed next door to Disneyland, but it is a fair distance from LA itself.
  21. The bit with the teeth should pry out with a little flat blade screwdriver and bend so that it can be hung on a hook.
  22. Yes, it very much looked like Damon getting screwed over by Wiig and the hilarious consequences of this in the cinema trailers. Then it turns out that was only the first third of the film.
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