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  1. It's better than that, although the jokes are much funnier if you're familiar with the cartoon.
  2. A fairly empty screening so I didn't look too dodgy. It is a cracker. Neither a gritty reboot, and whilst it lovingly prods at some of the twee-ness of the cartoon, nor is it a full on parody or piss take. I actually think my son who was a Dora fanatic as a youngster would get a huge kick out of it with some of the self-referential stuff. And having endured back to back viewings of Dora and Diego with both of my kids the belly laugh I got from... made it all worthwhile. Isabela Moner has been great in both this and Instant Family this year and mom jeans Eva Longoria was a welcome bonus.
  3. I'm sure that 95% of the gags are in the trailers. It does stretch the "they don't know that they're sex toys" gag but the running time stops it from snapping (like a banjo string). I though it was alright and a decent chuckle, but not a patch on some of the recent coming of age films.
  4. I missed seeing it last night, but am off to see it tomorrow morning whilst trying not to look like a wrongun.
  5. The DS9 documentary is out to rent or purchase on various streaming platforms including Amazon. It should be on iTunes too. https://www.amazon.co.uk/What-We-Left-Behind-Looking/dp/B07W5SRWDR
  6. It was also $1 hotdog night at the Bluejays game. Cheap meat vs Roman Reigns.
  7. johnnyboy


    I love Taco Bell, just a shame that there's only about half a dozen of them across the country at the minute. Lucky buggers in Chelmsford have both a Taco Bell and a Dunkin' Donuts
  8. Attendance for Smackdown was awful in Toronto. My kids got there to be told that their section (along with most of the top deck) was closed and had to visit a desk for new tickets. They were given lower bowl tickets opposite the hard camera in an arena that was maybe a third full as the hard cam side of the lower bowl was also largely tarped. Fun show though.
  9. I blame swipe typing. This was 2015, so it could well be masked now.
  10. I'm not a massive Potter fan, and I thought that Kings Cross was really good (down to having English beers at the confessions stand in the station) but I could visibly see the show building as I approached Hogwarts and this was head on, not craning my neck round the side or anything. Massively disappointing.
  11. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge I love you to Batuu and back. (Spoilers) Firstly, I need to preface this by saying that we went in a moderately magical window. Most annual pass holders were blocked out of Disneyland, non-Star Wars fans were scared off by the possibility of huge Star Wars crowds, but Star Wars fans were also staying away because it's not finished. It's not that magical for Cast Members (CMs) though, as they've had their hours cut. The concept is a little unusual. You're not in Disneyland, you're on Batuu. The CMs are not meant to break character as they're residents of Batuu: They'll direct you "off-world" if you ask for directions to Fantasyland and they'll tell you to use one of the "portals." Buy something in the shop and they'll tell you it's x galactic credits (the credit spookily has a 1:1 relationship with the US dollar). Pop into the restaurant and grab some Fried Endorian Tip-yip (chicken, mash, and space gravy~!). It's very much a love it or hate it. We loved it, but I can understand those that dislike it for it not feeling very... Disney. Theming is insane, and you could genuinely believe that you're somewhere else and get completely lost in it. There isn't the jaunty Disney musical loop playing along and it's really difficult to see the outside world (i.e. the rest of Disneyland) when you're standing in Batuu. Oga's Cantina is the premium non-building a droid or lightsaber option (2 drink maximum, after 45 minutes you're turfed out). Despite their desire to turn over the clientele we didn't feel particularly rushed as 45 minutes for the drinks we were having was plenty and we got DJ-R3X spinning some Cantina Band on the decks. Merchandise is a little muddled. You're only meant to be able to buy items that reference the created world or are from within the Star Wars universe, e.g. a pin with "Batuu" or "Black Spire Outpost" is available in the marketplace, but if you want something with "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge" on you need to buy that in Tomorrowland or a pin shop on Main Street. However, this attention to detail is a little lost when they stick your pin in a regular Disneyland carrier bag. Smuggler's Run is great, but flawed. It's interactive Star Tours in the Millennium Falcon rather than a StarSpeeder 1000. Ride enjoyment is affected greatly by the role you're given and the rest of your crew. There's a left and right spot each for pilot, gunner, and engineer. Right pilot is clearly the best as they get to "punch it." Gunner is largely repeatedly pressing fire, but you get to look out of the cockpit window. Engineer sees you having less chance to look out of the cockpit as you're glued to your console balancing the shield and powering shit up. Pilot and engineer are the most interactive, gunner (especially on auto-targetting) is just tapping one button. If you get a crew who are into it, and are also vaguely competent, then you'll have a great ride. If you've got a pilot who wants to take selfies more than fly the ship then you're going to have a really bumpy ride. The cast member loading the ship will give you a card with your role on and you may be able to swap within your group if someone's up for it. The queue moves almost constantly. We did it after dark so that we weren't out in the sun, but with a 55 minute wait most of it is under cover and there are an absolute shed load of Easter Eggs to spot in the queue area. Single-rider at the end of the day also saw us on in under 5 minutes, which was nice. Currently the Resistance area of Batuu is empty and that won't change until they get Rise of the Resistance working (December for World and Jan 2020 for Land) as there's nothing to pull people there apart from two Resistance themed merch carts and some static *-Wing craft.
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    Cereal Chat

    Tucked into a nice bowl of Bran Flakes this morning to reset the body clock.
  13. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Got treated to this in leather reclining armchairs and got a massive kick out of it. Difficult to discuss the plot without giving too much away, but Leo and Brad look like they're having a ton of fun.
  14. It could be an abberation, or maybe they're listening. Enough people have come dressed as chairs this weekend to what should be a hot wrestling town so you'd hope they realise they've been messing up. Pyro~!, a (by recent standards) tight show, and great fun had by all. I was dreading sitting through a 6 hour slog, but it really flew by. Also, Goldberg! @Statto were you wearing a Norwich shirt? My son saw someone in one, but lost sight once the crowd dispersed through the doors.
  15. A lad in my office is only about 18 months older than my son. I'm literally old enough to be his dad.
  16. I don't believe that this one is going to put many miles on the clock. They might not even need a shower afterwards.
  17. Also, Hobbs and Shaw drinking game: a finger every time someone says... You'll be dead by morning. I wouldn't dread it, just take extra snacks. I'd liken it to Bad Boys 2 where you think everything's all sorted, then there's a whole extra film bolted on the end.
  18. Yeah, by about an hour. Laughably OTT action, which I was expecting, but what I thought was approaching the end felt fresh. Then I looked at my watch and realised that there was another hour+ to go. The F&F tie in felt entirely superfluous. People would still flock to a Rock and Stath film even without the promise of doughnuts in a supermarket car park.
  19. I've met some crackers from here over the years that have become lifelong friends. There's definitely an air of magic about this place as one of the least shit corners of the internet.
  20. Forza 6 isn't, plus not everyone has GamePass.
  21. Looking forward to it purely as me and the lad are going to it. Brock F5ing Rollins into dust and Asuka and Kairi being victorious will do me.
  22. Why would you say such hurtful things? I'm going to sleep with my Grosse Pointe Blank DVD under my pillow now to settle me down.
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