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  1. EDIT: Removed, didn't want to spoil it for anyone that's yet to see it.
  2. I haven't been able to do a fault free run yet
  3. Wilford Brimley died yesterday at the age of 85, which he's looked since he was in Cocoon 35 years ago.
  4. Regular chocolate, mint, and I think there was a toffee one.
  5. That's odd because Wilt Chamberlain was legit over 7ft tall.
  6. Not a patch on the Burger King shirt it's riffing on though is it. So shocked was he at scoring a goal he's forgotten to do it
  7. Libraries now officially included with regard to the face covering extension.
  8. Given how we've plowed on with milestones regardless before, the figures must be quite sobering for Johnson to pump the brakes. To give them some credit, at least they've done so.
  9. An open plan shower in the living room is a new one to me.
  10. Good to see we're setting up the "second wave came from Europe" narrative nice and early.
  11. Friends have just returned to the UK to live and there was no follow up on their "quarantine" or even a text or phonecall to ask them to pinky promise that they'd been quarantining. #worldbeating
  12. Turns out I can't stan the novel as what I'd actually read (well, listened to via Audible) was Moran's actual memoir (How to be a Woman). How to Build a Girl is still yet to be played. (I'm assuming that "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu was grabbed as a freebie as that's also in my unplayed stack.)
  13. I never made it all the way through the first time round (original airing), I just dived to the end to see how it finished by buying the feature length VHS. I was always under the impression that Seven featured so prominently because the silver booby jumpsuit was keeping the lights on. It's not vintage, but I'm not finding it as much of a slog to get through as the first few seasons. This could also be because I'm aware I've broken the back of it 😄
  14. How to Build a Girl Based on Caitlin Moran's semi-autobiographical novel of the same name. Beanie Feldstein plays Johanna which was "problematic" as I quite fancy Beanie but she was playing a younger teenager in this even though she's in her late 20s. I think this has gone straight to Amazon due to not being able to get in cinemas now Another fine turn in a coming of age film by Beanie. Probably not as good as Booksmart in terms of BFCOAF (Beanie Feldstein Coming of Age Films) but I am coming at this from an "I've already read the book before I knew it was being turned into a film" wanker perspective so maybe I'm being unduly harsh. Extra points must be awarded to Beanie for keeping up with the accent.
  15. Voyager breaks the by the third season it gets really good rule of the 90s Star Trek series, but by season four I've started to actively enjoy it. Now into season five and I'm sure it will be plain sailing all the way back to the Alpha Quadrant.
  16. Given that there's almost no enforcement of quarantine currently, people just wouldn't say anything and come straight back into work.
  17. I'm planning on sleeping through.
  18. Probably shouldn't have watched that with my daughter hanging about. Looks like we're going to Corrour on the Caledonian Sleeper next year.
  19. Already got the book of that on order which should be waiting for me when I get home.
  20. Plex should run as a media server type application with the drive hooked up to the laptop, you can then use your phone/tablet etc as a remote. How well that would work depends on how fast your laptop is, how good the networking in your house is, and what else you're doing on it. If you're running gene sequences on it then I probably wouldn't use it run Plex. Actually... I'm sure PS4 can act as DLNA (plays content off a network) media player (PS3 definitely could) so you could just share the media library of the laptop/devices connected to the laptop with windows media player. Whack PS4 DLNA and Window Media Player library streaming into Google and it should pretty quickly become obvious if it's supported. Otherwise you might need something else.
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