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  1. Pay your bounties off as you go if you fancy a quiet life.
  2. I think I said at the time something along the lines of it being the best superhero film of the year even including Infinity War. It is just about perfect and is an actual comic book film.
  3. I was looking forward to it, but it isn't on locally and I'd get back from the single daily showing after midnight. Boooo-urns. ------- The Curse of La Llorona Set in The Conjuring-verse (only really to establish that spooky things happen so it's essentially a standalone film) it's just about alright with plenty of jump scares, but the central monster curse premise just wasn't that strong. My enjoyment of it was enhanced somewhat by the poor girl behind me almost shatting herself at every bump in the night. If you don't take someone with you who will jump at every monster pop-up then adjust your scorecards appropriately.
  4. johnnyboy

    Chippy Tea

    I think the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle.
  5. Some of the Endgame merch is killing me for spoilers, and not even entirely trivial ones. If you're a Lego VIP don't open any mailings even if you really want that exclusive Tony Stark minifig if you spend £85. Also, Funko Pop have a fairly spoilerific range of Endgame figures so be warned if you're wandering the aisles of HMV or somewhere. They're at least on a par with the play size from Infinity War 😞
  6. It's about a presidential candidate meeting up with an old friend who is now a journalist. Looks like a rom-com from the trailers.
  7. I'm not sure if that was a Star Trek episode or an Eve Online Twitch stream. All a bit chaotic at times. Now, let us never mention it again. Bring on Picard!
  8. Greta Try seeing the film without watching the trailer first as the trailer gives away far too much. With that said, it was cracking. Good performances from the two leading ladies and as it's a Neil Jordan you get a smattering of Stephen Rea too. Suspense~!
  9. The MSP probably all have artificial hips by now though.
  10. Yeah, we should have gone to Shazam which I would gladly have watched again. Hellboy was pretty damn bad, easily the worst thing I've seen in the cinema this year so far (I did have to check that Holmes and Watson was seen in 2018 as that would win most years). A bit like Goldblum and JWFK, what you saw in the trailer of machine gunning Big Mo was what was in the film. With that said, a solid hour of Big Mo gunning people down couldn't have saved this. A few daft laughs at swears and a monster with a Scouse accent but that's all you get. I wasn't a mega fan of the del Toro/Perlman Hellboy movies but they're infinitely better unless there's something in this for fans of the comic books that I just don't see. If you like gore then there is a ton of that to the point that I was surprised that it was a 15 and the SFX are fairly decent.
  11. If you're the Disney end of Orlando then it's a 150 mile round trip so an Uber won't be cheap. Even non-surge that's going to be ~$100 each way.
  12. It was definitely on Now TV when I got up at 8am and watched it.
  13. The trailer has machine gun Big Mo in it. That swung my son wanting to go and see it.
  14. Are you a Country fan Colin? It probably skews a fair few stars higher if you're balls deep into the Nashville Scene or BritCoun (that's a totally made up term by the way) as you can play that's such and such playing themselves or that's hmmm doing a cameo as a lowly brrr and that's a real concert series, not something just made up for the film. Jessie Buckley is cracking and is good on the soundtrack doing the singing too. The Sisters Brothers What a mission to see this. One showing a day at 9pm in a cinema 25 miles away. I don't think there's any middle ground with John C, he's either in crackers or irredeemable shit. Luckily on this occasion it was definitely the former. Loved the, often literal, darkness and the playing off each other that the brothers did. There's often the "featuring" or the classic "and" but I'm sure it said "with the participation of..." in the credits. Is that film talk for they did it for free?
  15. "Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot" as the curtains close. I'm also planning a pre-taped beyond the grave performance for during the ceremony.
  16. It wouldn't play for me in Firefox with Adblock and that, but was ok in Edge straight off their site.
  17. The Rise of Skywalker FAP FAP FAP FAP Also, why can't it be December?
  18. Eighth Grade Follows a young teenager as she steps up between middle and high school. Really well observed for the most part and it sounded pretty authentic. However, if you have a young teenage daughter you'll probably want to put your head in an oven. Although it's written and directed by Bo Burnham don't go in expecting an all out comedy, there's certainly more depth than the trailer suggests.
  19. Watched it with the lad on Saturday morning and overall enjoyed it for what it was, but we both decided that NXT is where finishers go to die. It is on the cusp of totally overdoing it, but for me it just gets away with it down to running length and number of matches. I can't hear "War Raiders" without wanting to chomp on suspiciously cheap savoury snacks. Good luck to their knees with all that high impact stuff. Dream is amazing, almost an anachronism with the quality of his gimmick and character work. I'm absolutely on board the Velveteen Express. They even managed to rehab Johnny Wrestling (and I still dig his comic book ring gear) which was fairly impressive, made somewhat easier by Ciampa being unfortunately out of the picture.
  20. Rampage Skyscraper remains my favourite Rock and tall buildings film released last year. The monsters looked decent and it was only 1hr 40 or so.
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