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  1. ...and in Joker. At least he doesn't own his back catalogue and get paid for it. I'd forgotten all about Green Jelly but now remember I paid actual money for their album 333 on cassette. A terrible decision.
  2. If my chopper was yellow I'd be straight down the doctors.
  3. I have a memory of the Bossman v Duggan match from the 1990 Rumble where a frustrated Bossman shouts at the ref "1-2-fucking-3". My memory has been shown to be abysmal recently, so feel free to double check this.
  4. According to Wikipedia, Dr Orchid replaced Mrs White in 2016.
  5. Yes, I'll hold my hand up here. I was confusing Mero's tournament victory of the previous year with the one after after Stone Cold's injury. As you were.
  6. Can I flip this topic around to a time when the booking should have been changed on the fly and wasn't? Summerslam '97 - Once it's obvious that something has gone seriously wrong with Owen's piledriver on Austin and he couldn't carry on, Owen should just have covered Austin for the win. The pin makes Own look like a chump! The resulting tournament was OK IIRC, but an Owen Hart title run would have been fun at that time and he could've dropped the belt to Mero a month later.
  7. Some of this is in English but it highlights what's going on in Myanmar at the moment. It was awkward for me having a mohican in Lancashire years back, so I can only imagine what it's like being a punk under a totalitarian regime.
  8. Yes she can. As Allie she was positioned as a smiley babyface in the early days of Dynamite/Dark before being blindsided by Awesome Kong. Then she came back as The Bunny.
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