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  1. One of the few who can look back on his life and genuinely say he enjoyed himself. Not a bad innings for a sweater wearing hedonist!
  2. Google says the move was associated with Karl Gotch hence the name, but he didn't invent it. But this blog says he did invent it but invented it in Japan. https://www.dodwrestlepod.com/post/the-history-of-the-german-suplex#:~:text=Karl Gotch%2C a Belgian wrestler,50's being a no-go. Take your pick....
  3. Definitely not the 1st week the video game has been ringside. I missed a couple of weeks back but I don't think we've had the stag do yet.
  4. @HarmonicGenerator Yes. I have a Sky box and it's on the ITV Hub there.
  5. Supremely ironic that a man who played a large role in changing the perception of comic books as entertainment for kids moaning about superhero films not being aimed at kids.
  6. @Keith Houchen I promise I am not a banned shitarse with a new account.
  7. I have been lurking for many a year, Keith.
  8. I seem to remember that at least one half of this duo is a bit of a UKFF hate figure but I do like this a lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoqlYGuZGVM
  9. I bet Bret is just dying to turn all of these ratings into a pack of Top Trumps
  10. A quick search brings up tales of phantom pings being sent by Google & Apple. Apparently there is a specific message in the app if you need to isolate. It's just another level of confusion we could all do without.
  11. This happened to me also. The hypochondria kicked in sharpish.
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