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  1. Hi. I bought a tablet. A "Venturer" 10.1 incher. Has a wee keyboard and everything. One problem. Power seems to run out very quickly. Any ideas on how to fix it? I quite like it for the keyboard. Wouldn't want to simply not use it. Running Android 10.
  2. What was the deal with Silver Vision losing the WWE DVD contract? Simply outbid by Freemantle? I read a story on here but it can't possibly be true, so I won't repeat it until somebody hits me with me it. Yeah!
  3. They've remade "Candyman"?!?!? Holy Jeebus. Do they have that bit where people are in the police lineup and each one says something like "Give me the money bitch!" or something (after the woman gets jumped)? Always cracks me up. Original was brilliant, even "Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh" had a fair few gory moments. Avoid everything after.
  4. Jim Cornette's debut promo ever in this crazy world of pro wrestling..
  5. I remember Barry basically melting rather than getting older. I genuinely thought Russ Abbott had passed away.
  6. Everybody in this show must be dead now. Mumzie's fave show.
  7. I remember reading that John Challis hated being remembered as being Boycie. He finally came around. Classically trained actor and all that. Very posh.
  8. That's brilliant and probably still true now. "Trish and the Gink sitting next to her".
  9. "Saint and Greavsie" was bloody hilarious. "Aw-rite Saint" was a catchphrase in this house for a few years. Hilarious chemistry between the two with Ian St. John playing the "straight" man to Jimmy's jokiness. RIP Jimmy.
  10. I hope this is still on All4. Meaning to watch it. Ross Kemp was in a lot of stuff before "Eastenders". He was in "Emmerdale" too and even "Birds of a Feather". First thing I think of when I heard the name Ross Kemp is when he was in Glasgow and interviewing some guy who kept his dismembered toe on the TV. Feck Eastenders.
  11. I did notice the "bra and panties" section of the Littlewoods and Kay's catalogues got bigger over the years. Oo-er,
  12. I can't find the actual page on Google, but PM Moo (He's a busy man though). He'll tell you what to do. You can do it via Paypal (or I did). ADDED: I'm definately blind. Here the link on the main page. https://donate.ukff.com/ ADDED AGAIN: Remember when "having a Voice on UKFF Chat" actually meant something?
  13. Wheetabix is awful. It's like eating soggy paper.
  14. nWo and the "Monday Night Wars" seem like 50 years ago.
  15. Yeah, one of the main threads I was tuned into for more. It was brilliant. Some guy getting his mum involved and stuff. Did happen right? 2002 I've been here. Anybody remember the mIRC chat room? That was a must-be place most nights early 2000s. Used to be packed.
  16. Anybody that got a "ham shank" to that pixellated image needs their heads looked at it. Nothing there. She is rather well endowed, but it's shadowed.,,,,unfortunately... ADDED: Anybody else spotted the rise of "porn mags" discarded on the street like it's 1992? It's mental. Clive Sinclair basically invented the "Mobility Scooter" for disabled people. Other people added shit to it, but Clive did the first prototype (with his Electric Car thingy), which kind of moves like a "Mobility Scooter".
  17. What a man Clive Sinclair was. True visionary. RIP my man.
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