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  1. Oldie but a Goldie. Jan Hammer with "Crockett's Theme" from "Miami Vice"..
  2. You look at the FA Cup Final 1995 team and it looks remarkably shit. Barry Horne, Matt Jackson, Andy Hinchcliffe, Graham Stuart etc. Man Utd team looked World Class (c) at the time. You wonder why that's never considered an upset yet Wimbledons was.
  3. I remember ordering this show and the VHS still hasn't arrived. I still hold out hope than this PPV lands on my mat one day. ADDED: I thought Nathan Jones would be the next star as well.
  4. Don't follow Cricket, but freaking "Big" Merv Hughes..
  5. What did old Hillbilly do? I always see this mentioned. Can't find it on Youtube.
  6. Saw Ally McCoist and Ian Durrant come out a really scabby hairdressers in the Barras. I gave them directions to Glasgow Central Station. Sure I made a real impact on their travel day.
  7. Love that they added WCW Saturday Night. A cracker of a Brad Armstrong vs Paul Orndorff grapple-bout openings the first show.
  8. Scott Hall vs Bradshaw would have been brutal at that period of time.
  9. Hope an English team wins it. Didn't this happen in the old UEFA Cup (might have been three teams. Newcastle were in it) and they still, unfortunately, mucked it up?
  10. Warburton and Davie Weir went to Notts Forest. Both of them were getting ready to walk anyway. Two of them were 95% out the door. Might as well save a bit of face by sacking them. Onto a different subject. yesterday Swansea get a penalty in their 3-0 defeat against West Brom. Step up Bersant Celina..
  11. Talking Heads with "Wild Wild Life"..
  12. It's a bit suprising Defoe is always on the bench. I thought he'd be great up here, but he's done the sum total of fuck all so far.
  13. Jimmy Snuka one portaying him as the second coming of Jesus is a bit hard to watch now.
  14. Jan Michael Vincent was alright. He was in some good stuff but his demons got in the way and everything went to shit. He had all the chances in the world.
  15. Unbelievable that. Looks very odd too. Looks like a right creepy sod.
  16. Yeah, Berzerker always looked like he killed people with that move.
  17. Everybody in that new version of "Porridge". Awful. Just awful. Everybody involved in it.
  18. Just dumping the guy out over the top-rope and accepting the count-out victory.
  19. Somebody should get Ole's eyewink in a .GIF. Class.
  20. bAzTNM#1


    Looks fucking ill looking.
  21. Perfectly fine patients that cause absolute chaos on a hospital ward because they want home. No you're not "getting your lawyer" or "getting the boys round to the ward". You'll go home when the doctor decides you do.
  22. Sounds absolutely mental. Like something from the 80s that would never get shown on TV now. I'll be tuning in.
  23. Everybody loves a good movie trailer to get the blood pumping. I'll start off with two of my best. Probably think of more later.. Clint Eastwood - "Pale Rider" to the Channel 4 News music.. and here is "The Mission" with De Niro and Jeremy Irons with a bit of Ennio Morricone sprinkled in there..
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