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  1. bAzTNM#1

    25 Years Deep: Favourite Moments

    I loved old sour Jim Brown doing commentary on the first few UFC. Like he knows shit about it all. Loved the whole sleaziness of the first couple too. It was like an 80s martial arts film. "Bloodsport" coming to life. KUMITE! KUMITE!
  2. bAzTNM#1

    When it’s Good it’s Fucking Great.

    If somebody at Turner \ Time Warner and Hogan heard that 'Taker could be available, they'd have stumped up the money.
  3. bAzTNM#1

    When it’s Good it’s Fucking Great.

    He was doing this character or he was fucking off to WCW to try it according to Bruce Pritchard. Might have gave them a shot in the arm for a few PPVs.
  4. bAzTNM#1

    When it’s Good it’s Fucking Great.

    For old schoolers like myself, it would have to be when Jake Roberts stuck his snake on Randy Savage....Everythings right, from the black glove, to the slow walk, to the slagging off interview. Brilliance..
  5. bAzTNM#1

    Survivor Series Memories

    Undertaker wanted as far away from the "dead" character as he could. He wasn't supposed to go back to "Dead Man" Undertaker according to Bruce Pritchard. Warriors vs The Perfect Team at Survivor Series 1990. Give them another ten minutes and that match would have been great, rather than piss average.
  6. bAzTNM#1

    Films with the most surreal cast

    One I was coming in with. I seen it in my local CeX and had to have it.
  7. bAzTNM#1

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    I'd have hoped to have seen some better domestic results. Beating Celtic a few times would be good. He stands the fuck up for his players and the club though. I don't know. A mixed view. Maybe next season you will get a real good view of what he's been doing.
  8. bAzTNM#1

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Leipzig a top European team!?!? I'd say managing to score three away against Spartak Moscow (but still losing) after being out in the wilderness for six years is probably the best performance. No disrespect to Celtic, but Celtic should be getting out that group easier. As you say, it seems to be a struggle.
  9. bAzTNM#1

    Random Thoughts III.

    Hogan had funny hair too when he was taking out Muhammad Hassan at that Wrestlemania he saved Eugene. Kept on adjusting it.
  10. Jack Lemmon is bloody immense in that 80s drama film "Missing". Brilliant film. Really sad though. Vangelis does the music for it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missing_(1982_film) Jack Lemmon was up for an Oscar for it. Didn't win it unfortunately.
  11. bAzTNM#1

    Happy Birthday RALPHY

    Ralphus! Happy Birthday there! A gent.
  12. bAzTNM#1

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    US team are shit at the moment. It'll be a game that England can hammer somebody after a series of indifferent results.
  13. bAzTNM#1

    Post An Unpopular Opinion

    He did a few other things other than Queen. Here is with a band called "The Immortals" doing the soundtrack to the film "Biggles" in 1986. "No Turning Back". Just seems to be a guy that likes being in the background.
  14. bAzTNM#1

    Post An Unpopular Opinion

    "A Kind of Magic" here. But is that the "Highlander" soundtrack or a Queen album?
  15. bAzTNM#1

    Post An Unpopular Opinion

    Freddie Mercury was a bit overrated. Brian May needs to get more credit.
  16. bAzTNM#1

    UKFF Questions Thread V2

    Did any animals of any kind appear on WWF/E TV again after Jack Tunney banned the big, fuck off King Cobra in 1991? Was that an actual WWF law that was stuck to? I've got a weird feeling Jake was back in 1996 though. Can anybody help? Thanks!
  17. bAzTNM#1

    Films with the most surreal cast

    Sad how Patrick Bergin's career went downhill. "Sleeping With The Enemy" is one of the best chillers of the 90s (and best soundtrack IMO).
  18. Here we go again. Clocks go back tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 2am. Means we get an hour extra sleep or whatever. Ice will be back because it's like the Ice on Fire..
  19. bAzTNM#1

    The Song Of The Day Thread

    Sadly departed Phil Lynott (from "Thin Lizzy") with "Yellow Pearl". Used as the "Top of the Pops" theme for a while before he died..
  20. bAzTNM#1

    Shit sports punditry and commentary

    I loved Ray Wilkins as a commentator. A big void was left when he sadly passed away.
  21. Spoliler for the Queen film..
  22. bAzTNM#1

    Films with the most surreal cast

    "A Shot At Glory" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Shot_at_Glory Scottish film starring.. Michael Keaton Robert Duvall Brian Cox Ally McCoist (in a prominent role. No cameo. A full on part) Owen Coyle Cole Hauser Didier Agathe (Ex-Celtic) Mark Knopfler doing the soundtrack.