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  1. Phil Collins - "Take Me Home". A deeper song than most people give it credit for..
  2. Any excuse to post the trailer for his 1983 film "G,B,H"..
  3. You'd have to get that guy from "Unarmed and Dangerous".. Guy without the arms.
  4. Scott Hall's tan seems to change as well. Goes from being the bright right tomato AWA look to the brown Razor Ramon look.
  5. Piper looked his best IMO around the time he won the IC Belt. Put a firework up his arse to get him to the gym. From about Royal Rumble 92 to Wrestlemania 8.
  6. Always preferred the saxophone version to the lyrical one. Seemed more faster. ADDED: Should just fling up the World Cup Documentaries. Edward Woodward narrated this one called "Soccer Shoot Out!". World Cup 90 one. Liev Shreiber did World Cup 94.
  7. Mexico 1986 on the BBC used to have the "Aztec Nightmare". Don't know who it was by. Might have been credited to somebody called "Heads". Don't know who that is. ITV had "Aztec Gold" by Silsoe a.k.a Rod Argent & Peter Van Hooke. Two of them seemed to do a lot of ITV intros at the time.. Also used as the "Saint and Greavsie" theme.
  8. Japan 2002 was mental. I remember Brazil vs England kicking off at like 8am but you could still watch a match. USA 94 the matches were through the night. First one I think would have been 11pm. Italia 90 was good for the kick off times. BBC had "Nessum Dorma". ITV had the lovely Rod Argent & Peter Van Hooke "Tutti Al Mondo" as it's theme. Kind of a forgotten World Cup theme.... Love the wee bit of fast drumming at the end of things they used to do.
  9. Yeah exactly. Man City definately put the foot off the gas. What's the point in going for 15 or 20 anyway? You'd end up with a bunch of knackered players, or one does a hamstring by trying a Pele style overhead kick or something. You've got the points and the goal difference, what's the point in knackering yourselfs out?
  10. Just watched the Man City - Watford highlights there. Better not show them to Elto* John or he'll be back to doing lines of Coke off rent-boys backs again. In all seriousness, me and @Ralphy in center defence would put in a better show than they clowns on Saturday. Ben Foster has always been a shit goalkeeper too. I'm not a GK expert, but I know a shit one. He does too many mistakes. Hurelio Gomes used to do it but not more than this clown. Foster has been around the Premiership and got England caps too. Madness. ADDED: * added for legal reasons.
  11. Everybody loves a good movie trailer to get the blood pumping. I'll start off with two of my best. Probably think of more later.. Clint Eastwood - "Pale Rider" to the Channel 4 News music.. and here is "The Mission" with De Niro and Jeremy Irons with a bit of Ennio Morricone sprinkled in there..
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