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  1. Werner Herzog has a line in one episode where he says "I would like to see ze baby now" with such wonderful delivery we've been randomly saying it around the house for weeks.
  2. Totally agree with this. Always loved him tagging with Christian as the goofball, weasly heels but never saw much in him as a singles wrestler.
  3. I think that's fair. It's easily the most exciting thing to happen to Star Wars in a long time.
  4. I used to hang around in the same circle Matt Nicholl's (BTMTH's drummer) so I spent a bit of time around him and he used to loiter around my old work with Oli around the time their first full length came out. Tossers, pair of them.
  5. His teeth are really distracting now. As garbage as that film is it's just nice to see Jason Lee from time to time.
  6. Coming To America. I've seen that many clips of it over the years I'm surprised it's taken me til now to watch this in full. One of those films I've put off watching incase it didn't live up to the hype but my god this is marvellous. Genuine belly laughs in at least a dozen places, some brilliant character work from Eddie Murphy but Arsenio Hall steals this for me. Brilliant stuff. Jay And Silent Bob Reboot. I know, I know. Stuck this on because there was nothing else and more than prepared myself for it to be shite, which it is. But it still tugged at the old nostalgic heartstrings of watching Kevin Smith's films twenty+ years ago when I didn't cringe at them. At it's core it's a film about fatherhood dressed up in shit acting and cock jokes.with a genuinely sweet cameo and monologue from Afleck. A Quiet Place. Second time viewing this and somehow felt even more tense. Not sure how the sequel will be in comparison but this is easily one of my favourite modern horrors.
  7. Not seen this weeks yet but I liked how Jericho referenced three factions all recruiting last week. Again, it's something that could be addressed easily enough by saying that all three groups are trying to build a strong position in the early days of the company to establish dominance, that would at least give some reasoning. Without any explanation it just looks like lazy writing.
  8. There used to be a bloke in our technical department called Dikshit Dikshit.
  9. You've got young Obi Wan getting increasingly frustrated too who then goes leathering in to Maul after Qui-Gon gets lasershanked.
  10. That's sort of why I'd say use it as a plot device as and when. If you're faced with an injury just say "Lets look at the rankings and see who is the number one contender". Just trot it out as and when or if you need to use another trick to get someone over or build them up. I think the reason a lot of folk dislike the win/loss records on screen is that it brings in this stat which for legit sports is a talking point but for wrestling makes you say "How has this fella lost 16 times but he's wrestling for the belt"/
  11. Has anybody ever done a points based league in wrestling? Three for a win, 1 for a draw, that sort of thing? There was the Bound For Glory series a few years back but that's the only one that springs to mind. I think it was week one or two of Dynamite there was this ace graphic that showed where everybody ranked that I thought was really cool. I like the idea of JR saying mid-show "Tony, what does that win do for Janella in the table" or whatever and gives a visual idea of who sits where, who is next in line for a title shot and whatnot. It's a plot device that thy can bring in or remove as and when they can be arsed without having a win-loss record plastered all over the screen showing how much everyone loses. Or it could be shit. And to stop Dem from counting up and saying "Suchandsuch is actually in forth but the table says they're third" you count house shows, Dark, any old shite to manipulate the table to suit the booking.
  12. I've got a real soft spot for The Phantom Menace. I was 14 when it came out and loved it in the cinema as it was the first new Star Wars in forever but gradually grew to hate it as we overwatched the VHS. Over time I've grown to appreciate it for what it is, a two hour council meeting with a great lightsaber fight, Duel Of The Fates, droidikas and a great podrace scene. It's got it's flaws but it's decent fun. I'll add that I'm also the proud owner of a Jar Jar Binks mug and will occasionally shout "This is pod racing" when I do some good overtaking in the car so maybe take my opinion with a pinch of salt.
  13. I got the D&D Essentials for Christmas set after weeks of subtle hints to the wife. I keep opening the box and glancing at the rule book but it feels so daunting. I've had a bit of a peruse on Youtube but I'm worse than my kids when it comes to watching long videos on there, I want accessible chunks but even the "Creating a character" videos are 30-45 minutes long and it's taking the fun out of wanting to learn to play. Can anybody point me in the direction for some good online learning material? Failing that I reckon I might learn better just getting a seasoned DM to take me through a few encounters and just using a pre-built character sheet.
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