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  1. Kurt Angle was wearing tiny cowboy hats, drinking milk and singing about being a sexy boy in segments and then murdering folk in matches- silly and scary don't have to be mutually exclusive. The balance of goofball and legit hard bastard, whilst tricky, can be done if the guy behind the gimmick is charismatic and talented enough. Big E is definitely up to the job.
  2. I found a shop recently selling these, not WWF ones mind but the same style. Was still a massive nostalgia kick. We used to get Transformers ones and generic dinosaurs and monsters.
  3. Just seen this on Facebook. Someone appears to be chopping onions.
  4. Got to echo what Rick said, just wrestlers that as soon as you saw them you were a fan. They looked like badasses, they had spikes, rode motorbikes, kicked the shit out of folk and had awesome looking Hasbros. I'd be stunned if they didn't win over a lot of people in the same way.
  5. Jackie Stallone has died aged 98. Let's have a look at her best bits.
  6. He's also fantastic as Man Painting Tiny Soldiers Whilst Talking To Robert De Niro And Jean Reno in Ronin.
  7. This is what I'm getting at. There's not many that could pull it off. This is what I find so bizarre about Tom Cruise. As weird as he is off screen he's a gem as soon as he gets infront of a camera.
  8. Edge Of Tomorrow. Is there a better babyface in cinema than Tom Cruise? He shows so much emotion in this film, he's just so sympathetic. He's way funnier than he gets credit for too. Think this was my third viewing and I'd totally forgotten Bill Paxton was in it who is equally fantastic. World War Z. I've tried to watch this a few times and have somehow never managed to make it past the bit where they get to the tower block early on. Loved it. Brad Pitt in infuriatingly handsome.
  9. Really liked the Jericho/ Hagar vs Private Party match. Jericho getting the win but letting PP look strong after. How about Ortiz launching the sledgehammer and getting it stuck in the windscreen again.
  10. You know I didn't say suit right? I said jeans and a shirt. Suits haven't reached the north but our ability to read what we're referencing before mis-quoting has.
  11. I'm half surprised he wasn't wearing one of Jericho's shirts.
  12. I don't think they can but the "Tony Khan has booked ______ for next week" stuff has been increasing which, at least to me, feels like he wants to be more prominent on the show. I wouldn't start moaning for the sake of it if he suddenly decided to become a character on the show, where my concern is is that we get the same old authority figure routine that has been done to death for years. The point i was making was that I wouldn't have known who he was if he'd walked in to me in the street. He was dressed for the beach. If you're going to start appearing on screen as owner/producer, p
  13. Really liked the Bucks turning up, acting like dicks and superkicking the ref and then the camera following them to the back and past FTR, thought that was really cool. What I didn't find remotely cool was Tony Khan, who I wouldn't have recognised had commentary not pointed it out, sat at gorilla in his shorts and t-shirt like a fan that had somehow wandered backstage. I've no desire to see him as an on-screen personality or authority/commissioner figure but for fucks sake, just sitting there like a mug and not reacting when the Bucks chuck a wad of cash in your face and disrespect you makes y
  14. Yeah, I loved that little touch. And when he sneaks in to the cabin with the woman, the bloke steering looks down and everybody has vanished. The Nurse Ratched thing is what inspired us to watch it. Id have to agree, don't know why she needs an origin story. A spin-off sequel would have made more sense with the aftermath of everything that happens but would have been equally unnecessary.
  15. I'd be happy if the only sound coming out of Justin Roberts mouth at the beginning of each episode is a faint mumble as somebody holds a chloroform soaked rag over his gob and replaces him with any other announcer. I'd take Michael "I talk over every fucker's entrance giving stupid facts for no reason and now you can't hear their music" Buffer over Justin Roberts.
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