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  1. cobra_gordo

    The (mostly bad) films of Kevin Smith

    I’d completely forgotten Zack And Miri Make A Porno was one of his. It’s on Netflix and we needed something stupid and easy to watch so stuck it on. As soon as I saw Scott Mosier as producer I twigged. Feels totally different to his other films, probably due to the cast because it just feels like Apatow 2.0. He said after he saw Seth Rogan in 40 Year Old Virgin he wanted to put him in something, used Elizabeth Banks aswell and by the time this was made Knocked Up had come out so it feels more like those movies than anything else he’s done before or since. It’s decent fun, only the second time I’ve seen it and plenty of funny bits. Basically Apatow with Smith’s dialogue.
  2. cobra_gordo

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

    It's nice to see something a bit different. Also, Kofi has been there ages, is a solid hand and entertaining so it's not that difficult for a crowd to want to support him getting a push when he's actually made to stand out and to look good. It's what they do now that's important. They need to keep some buzz about him, keep him floating around a similar level so if he's not in your Mania main event plans, have him as someone you can slot in there that doesn't look like he has fuck all chance of winning. Him vs Bryan at Mania could be great and that crowd would go apeshit if he won.
  3. cobra_gordo

    Was Will Smith ever any good?

  4. cobra_gordo

    The (mostly bad) films of Kevin Smith

    I quite like Jersey Girl. Seems to get shat on but it's Afleck being Afleck, George Carlin is typically great and J Lo is only in it for 2 minutes so doesn't get to be on screen long enough to be terrible. Good soundtrack too and a great cameo from everyone's favourite Will Smith.
  5. cobra_gordo

    Lock up your daughters, Ricc1PW is on the prowl!

    So what you're suggesting is Ricc needs to go back in to the sandwich shop for an update, wearing a morph suit with his foot long BLT (big long ting) smuggled in the front?
  6. cobra_gordo

    Regional Dialect Quiz

    Mine basically came up with Sheffield in massive letters which is pretty much spot on.
  7. cobra_gordo

    Romance angles

    Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan was quite fun, interweaved with the Aces and Eights storyline with that great segment where at the wedding Taz takes off his suit jacket to reveal the Aces and Eights vest underneath and Bully ultimately turning heel. Sadly that faction went a bit shit but we got Bully Ray's great "Do you know who I am" run out of it. Would have loved to have seen him get a solo run with that character when they returned to WWE.
  8. cobra_gordo

    Disney and Other Theme Parks aka PB's fairgrounds for young girls

    Sorry, that £1300 was for 5 of us.
  9. cobra_gordo

    The Gaming thread - anything but video games

    How did you get on with this Rey? I'm tempted, I like the fact there's no assembly on the minis in the 2nd Edition but still nice and paintable. How's it play? I'm fancying that or Star Wars Legion but from what I've heard Legion isn't even a complete game.
  10. cobra_gordo

    Disney and Other Theme Parks aka PB's fairgrounds for young girls

    We've booked for Florida in November. Disney cruise for a week with a 2 full days before and 1 after on idrive. Thinking of getting Universal passes for those three days as we'll be Disneyd out on the big boat ride. Clocks in about £1300 which feels horrendous for three days but we'd love to see the Potter and Jurassic Park stuff and try Volcano Bay. Any good tips for travel to and from Port Canaveral would also be welcomed.
  11. cobra_gordo

    Romance angles

    Spike and Molly is definitely the best one. I've always liked the Angle and Steph "just good friends" storyline, if only for the horrendous kiss, the awkwardness after and Triple H wanting to murder Kurt.
  12. cobra_gordo


    I'm not sure about this. I know guys who have been to good artists and for a first tattoo had an entire sleeve lined out in a six hour session. Everybody is different. If you want a massive portrait doing as your first and only, why not?
  13. cobra_gordo

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    Slam Dunk have announced the last few bands today and are saying this is the final announcement but there may be one or two surprises left. They've said the two heavy stages will be staggered so there's no clashes but I think the gloves will be off for the other stages. Aslong as I get to see Mad Caddies, NFG and NOFX I'll be happy.
  14. cobra_gordo

    Was Will Smith ever any good?

    Wild Wild West is decent fun, sort of film that I'd watch it if it's on but won't go out of my way to see. I don't mind Bad Boys 2 either but it does drag.
  15. cobra_gordo

    The Perfect Sitcom Episode

    Pheonix Nights, season 2 episode 2 with the family fun day is incredible. Some many brilliantly quotable bits. The Inbetweeners, season 2 episode 1- "The Field Trip" is pretty much perfect.