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  1. At least it's not Return Of The King, the Kenny Omega of cinema with it's 5 false endings.
  2. Yeah, I suppose it is. I honestly don't know. Maybe because it's an uncharacteristic finish? I'm not sure, it just seems to build and build in that final scene, has the false finish and cuts to broom lad, it just feels flat to me.
  3. I like Big Show, he always comes across as a genuinely nice bloke so I'll probably give this a go. Like DCW says, it's got a Disney channel vibe and will probably give me something to watch with my kids that they'll enjoy whilst I get to cringe at random wrestling cameos.
  4. I've said it before on here and other places, the lightsaber fight in Snoke's throne room is probably my second favourite lightsaber battle, after Episode I. That scene, the way it's shot, the colours, it's stunning. That scene plus every scene with Mark Hamill are what I cling to when defending The Last Jedi. They're the bits I look forward to getting to in an otherwise average film. That was the last Star Wars I went to a midnight showing for and I walked out of the cinema feeling really flat. I wasn't angry or anything, just really deflated and it was the ending that did it. The battle on the salt planet with the AT-ATs, Luke brushing his shoulder and being a badass and force projecting was all amazing, I didn't even mind Rey being able to lift the rocks after minimal training, tscene that killed my buzz was that kid at the end lifting the broom. It just seemed to suck all the wind out of me. It felt like a post-credits scene from a Marvel film and the fact that it's shot in such a passé way, you don't really even see him move the broom with the force unless you're paying close attention. Oh, and that fucking underground clicking scene, Jesus Christ.
  5. Yeah, that's piss funny. The tiny, disinterested dogs mooching about whilst Jericho screams at a drone along with "That little bastard stole my t-shirt" got proper laughs. I don't need to see this shit infront of an arena full of fans but keep it on Twitter or on Dark and with plenty of involvement from Jericho and it's gold.
  6. Add me to those that walked out of the cinema buzzing after Force Awakens. Me and my Mrs were at the midnight screening and the atmosphere after was amazing, went to work after a few hours sleep, booked half day and fucked off at 12, picked my son up from school and went to see it again. For all of the flaws that can be found in Episode 7 in hindsight and as much as I loved parts of The Last Jedi and The Rise Of Skywalker neither of those two subsequent films made me want to go straight back in to a cinema to watch it again.
  7. I'm the same with mustard. Beef and mustard? Delicious? Mustard with chicken? Banging. Pork and mustard? Yes please. In laws seem convinced that you should only have it with beef which seems mental.
  8. I had a pet python 7 or 8 years ago. Lovely thing it was, probably 6 foot long and as gentle as a puppy until it came to feeding time when the fucking thing would leap at whatever defrosted rodent was hanging from my feeding tongues. Fascinating thing it was. A mate of mine is petrified of snakes and he decided one night, and whilst fully sober, that it might be worth trying to overcome his fear, considering how docile and lovely this snake was from my description. I open the tank doors and my mate is still being cautious and stood at the other side of the room, not taking any chances. I says to him "Look, he's never bitten before, he's lovely" as on cue this fucking snake slingshots itself out of the tank, gob open. I had to catch it mid-air like Brendan Fraser in The Mummy Returns when that lass chucks the black mamba at him.
  9. Are there any episodes of Tail Spin on there? This is a key factor in whether I subscribe or not.
  10. Oh god, as an overall character I totally agree. I make props and costumes as a hobby and from a costume design perspective Boba's suit without question is the coolest of all of them though which will always score brownie points with me, with the big lad (Paz Visla) from The Mandalorian a close second. There's so much detail and story in Boba's outfit, it's a work of art. But as a character, yep, The Mandalorian is a total badass, which probably explains why I've never attempted to make the Boba helmet but there's a Mandalorian helmet sat in the room with me now. And if you think he's cool now, get ready for episode 6.........
  11. He gets absolutely jobbed out in Jedi but he retains plenty of credit due to the mystique from Empire. He also had the coolest figure which helps massively. My favourite bit of his in Jedi is when Leia, disguised as Boushh threatens Jabba with the thermal detonator and he just sort of nods at her in a "Nice one lad" sort of way. Even getting killed off like he does there's still something super cool about Boba, he's the closest character to the Space Western concept for me, he's Clint Eastwood in a helmet with a jetpack.
  12. I made sure to get a full set of the bottles when we visited last year but totally forgot about the beer mats. By all accounts if you ask they'll happily give you a full set too.
  13. My favourite is my Jar Jar Binks mug. It gets used daily and has genuinely wound up some of Dem Fans.
  14. Amazing. "No Chinese" was what got me. Brilliant stuff.
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