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  1. I've been watching action films whilst working from home to give me a bit of a distraction. Yesterday I decided to watch four of the Jurassic Park/ World films and watched the fifth this morning. Jurassic Park. It's a masterpiece isn't it? I've probably seen this a legitimate hundred times over the past 27 years. Also the only time that having parents going through a divorce was a positive as I got to see it three times in the cinema as a dinosaur-obsessed 8 year old. It's only flaw is the bit after the t-rex knocks the jeep off that big wall and the drop is suddenly not there any more when Ellie and Muldoon turn up searching for Grant and co. That's it, my one nit-pick of a two hour film. And that score, Jesus, it's perfect, and not just the main two themes that everybody knows. I catch myself humming along to the score more than I say the dialogue. The CGI is so tastefully and sparingly done and used in perfect partnership with the practical effects. Shit, even how it's lit catches my attention in a few scenes. Spielberg's second best film after Jaws. The Lost World: Jurassic Park. I'll always have a soft spot for this. I'll never forget being in the car when they announced in the radio they were making a sequel and after waiting seemingly forever for it come out went to see it on the first day of the school summer holidays.Yes, the San Diego bit descends in to cheesy monster movie territory and there's the awful gymnastics bit but it's made up for by the brilliant raptor attack in the long grass, the clifftop T-rex bit and Pete Postlethwaite being incredible. Not as good as the original but still bloody good fun. Jurassic Park III. I remembered really liking this, I remembered thinking that at points it was better than The Lost World. I was wrong, like, really fucking wrong. The pace at which they get to the dinosaur island can't be knocked, William H Macey is brilliant, as is Sam Neil if only for the sheer irony that his character is only being dragged back at the promise of loads of money. And that's about it. The CGI is fucking abysmal and the practical effects really take a backseat which really spoils it for me. During the initial Spinosaurus attack everything feels like it's sped up, it's like something Harryhausen would have done at times such is the clunkiness, albeit with zero of his charm. The raptors look crap aswell. This is also the obvious point were these films started to make the decision to put bigger and badder dinosaurs in each new film and it just feels like a generic monster film for it. Also this has arguably one of the worst endings to any film ever. Jurassic World. Another fond trip to the cinema to see this with my Mrs and kids but this time with my in-laws and late brother in-law. We were all buzzing as we left. Like The Lost World it's got it's flaws (the ending, lordy) but redeems itself with a few cracking set pieces. It's like The Force Awakens in that it's a bright and colourful rehash of the original and I have no issues with that. Id have happily had this as just two hours of walking around the park looking at stuff, the park looks STUNNING. The Indominous Rex is just the latest roided up over the top villain and again, there's a few great moments (the hunt with the raptors and motorbikes) but it's all building up to another CGI dino-battle and the inevitable T-Rex face turn. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. What's that? Another souped up hybrid dinosaur? Fucks sake. The pattern of the sequels is solidified here- over-the-top monster, a handful of genuinely brilliant set pieces with a load of shit packed in between. The opening is still one of the best sequences in the whole franchise and such a great way to kick the movie off but the convoluted plot of "oh, we built a dinosaur park under a volcano" brings you down to earth pretty quick. Ted Levine is this film's Postlethwaite and steals every scene he's in wheras the two nerdy ones whose names I can't even be arsed to Google try their best to stink the place up. Everything stays pretty flat until the chase in the mansion which I'll admit in the cinema gave me the same buzz as watching the kitchen scene in the original as a kid. I really hope we get full-on dinosaurs taking over cities in the next one.
  2. Enjoyed the show overall. It pretty much felt like an episode of Dynamite but with added palm trees and bikini ladies. -That's probably the most I've enjoyed Private Party. Still flippy but nowhere near as chaotic as they've been previously. They've got great chemistry with P&P. -The Jericho/ Cassidy stuff is so simple but so brilliant, can't wait to see them next week. -I didn't mind the majority of the Tazz thing, especially using the fact that he knows how many times Moxley has been tested to twist it in to him being scared of Cage. Saying how AEW has better testing though, nah, that looked petty as fuck. -Zoned out during the women's match. I've got zero interest unless Britt Baker is involved who is still absolute gold. -Tag titles and TNT title were both ok, nothing special. Hager is really starting to grow on me and I loved Best Friends being dropped off by Trent's mum. Justin Roberts dressed like he was about to join the buffet queue on his holiday in Hawaii was the MVP.
  3. Oh jesus, that has just warmed my entire soul. I jumped straight on here when u heard he'd died because he strikes me as the sort of chap that the UKFF would have a lot of love for. Sidenote, I love the episode with Mel Brooks on The Simosons where he keeps going on about how much he hates Carl Reiner. The thought of those two legends sitting at home eating takeaways is the sort of wholesome content I needed today.
  4. Just finished watching Eurovision. Definitely picks up in the middle, some great cameos too. And I can't stop singing Jaja Ding Dong.
  5. I've finally watched this today, managed to get through the lot in one sitting. Enjoyed every minute of it. Got to echo what others have said, the stuff with Vince is brilliant, the man looks like he's permanently on the edge of tears though. The unseen backstage stuff is fascinating- him and Bearer fucking about when digging graves, chatting to Angle backstage. He comes across as a genuinely lovely bloke. I'll always say that Hogan was the one that got me in to wrestling but Taker was the one that kept me a fan. He was my favourite in that era, my favourite when he came back as The American Badass but he's been slipping down my list of favourites after the Bray match at Mania. After this though, fuck it, he's my favourite of all time.
  6. War Of The Worlds. The Tom Cruise one. I always forget this is Stephen Speilberg until his name flashes up at the end. I've seen this a bunch of times and I still think it's great. The tripods still look ace and its only a couple of scenes where the green screen work has aged badly. It's still as tense as I remember aswell, particularly when they encounter the crowd when driving the car, hiding in the house with crazy Tim Robbins and the bit at the pier. It also features Tom Cruise throwing a sandwich at a window- what's not to like.
  7. I'd go with pretty much what Otto is saying. Have somebody on one of the teams get taken out on the go home show leaving it 5 on 4. You could do skits on the PPV of the disadvantaged team trying to find a replacement for somebody to say they've got it sorted, fuck it, have it be Pritchard out of character. In ring introduction, lights go out, bell rings, bosh, out comes Taker.
  8. Shit, that one stings. Bilbo and Ash in Alien are obviously two roles he's going to be really remembered for but he's fantastic as Cornelius in The Fifth Element.
  9. Dame Vera Lynn has died at 103.
  10. The scene that really dates the whole film is where one of the cool college kids admits to liking pro wrestling without being publically ridiculed.
  11. We went 6th November last year and it was scorching the first 3 days we were there, kids were in the pool until 10 at night and it was still warm and humid then. We then went on a cruise from Port Canaveral for a week and when we got back to Orlando it was quite a bit cooler than those first 3 days. Nowhere near the sort of freezing November weather we get but noticeably cooler than the week before. We're planning on going again in a few years time and we're thinking of going the same week as it seemed like a good balance of decent weather, the parks not being too chaotic on the two weekdays we visited as it's outside of the UK and US school holidays and after the Halloween rush. They also start gearing up for Christmas then which made being in the parks at night even better including seeing them filming some of the Christmas party and turning the Christmas lights on.
  12. I thought Rusev. He was with FCW when it rebranded to NXT in 2012, that could be seen as his official WWE start date? He was on the Crown Jewel card and he was sacked April 2020. Edit: Just checked, he was injured when it rebranded and he didn't appear on NXT until early 2013 so that probably puts that one to bed.
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