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  1. cobra_gordo

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    I bought our tickets purely for Mad Caddies as they're one of my and my wife's favourite bands. Just means that if we're wandering around there's a strong likelihood of finding something decent to listen to.
  2. cobra_gordo

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    Slamdunk announced the Punk In Drublic stage for Slam Dunk. Got my tickets the day they came out and their page was getting bombarded with comments about how shit a lineup it is and that they'll regret moving away from Birmingham. This seems to have shut a few people up. All I need now is Poison The Well to suddenly decide they're playing.
  3. cobra_gordo

    Watching wrestling for the first time

    Aged 5 in 1990. My first memories of wrestling were Hasbros. I'd started playing with the figures in a mates garden long before I saw my first match. I had a Hulk Hogan picture on my bedroom wall without ever seeing him wrestle as he was always winning the Hasbro Royal Rumbles we were putting on. Typical Hogan. First match I remember was something featuring Dusty Rhodes for the sole reason that we share a surname and somebody pointed it out to me. I'd seen some bits and pieces after that and was taken to a holiday camp show but nothing that really stuck out. Christmas 1992 was the start of the addiction though. My own batch of Hasbros, a WCW ring and Summerslam 1992 on VHS. That tape was watched and rewatched within an inch of it's life. I forced my parents to watch it, I'd take it to my grandparents when I stopped over. I still love the 6 man opener. It's campy and over the top but everybody in that match and Jimmy Hart managing the Nastys has their own unique, instantly recognisable character. That's the sort of stuff that hits you in the face as a 7 year old and sticks with you.
  4. cobra_gordo

    Comic Book and Superhero movie & TV discussion.

    Watched Venom over the weekend. Thought it was alright, decent fun. Dialogue is a bit cringey and I still don't like how Venom looks but don't think it deserved the critical pasting it received. Works as an origin story to then set up the sequel and hopefully crossovers.
  5. cobra_gordo

    What happened in 2018?

    Literally having the rocket strapped to him?
  6. cobra_gordo

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Martinez to me is probably going to be best suited in that Big Cass role- big guy tagging with a smaller guy and he can be the hot tag. He's got a good look, can be ok on the mic but the only time I saw him live he looked like he was trying to cosplay Roman Reigns.
  7. cobra_gordo

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    The novelty of seeing the likes Ligero, Mastiff and Joe Connors on the WWE network after watching them wrestle infront of 12 people in places like Cresswell still hasn't worn off. Mastiff doing a smiley promo after his match doesn't sit with me, he needs to be angry, not cuddly.
  8. cobra_gordo

    Christmas Films

    If you need an above average, heart warming Christmas film starring country musicians then you need Angels Sing in your life. Lethal Weapon is the second best Christmas film after Die Hard.
  9. cobra_gordo

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    I'm not a fan, but don't see the need to slag them off all over the internet and make shit memes about them like some knuckledraggers do. I was disappointed when I first heard them because pictures I'd seen of them and their shirt designs got my hopes up they'd be a badass doom band. Folk can like what they like though and I can definitely understand the appeal, metal snobs just like to take any opportunity to get pissed off.
  10. cobra_gordo

    Wrestling things that annoy

    I get annoyed when in a tag team match the faces get the heels in their own submission hold at the same time. Looked especially bad in that mixed tag where Cena and Nikki Bella put Miz and Marysse in submission holds but there was a slight gap so looks super awkward and planned.
  11. cobra_gordo

    Dynamite Kid Passed Away

    Looking forward to Lance Storm's tribute to Dynamite...... Yes, he was a bit of a prick but also incredibly influential. So smooth and fast- someone doing cruiserweight stuff but always looked legit hard as nails. Who's this he's giving a pasting to at 3:47? The dropkick in to the kipup in to the second dropkick makes him look absolutely relentless. R.I.P
  12. cobra_gordo

    The Christmas Avatar thread

    That's spectacular Chokey, cheers.
  13. cobra_gordo

    Your Crimbo Traditions

    We have something at work we call The Twelve Days Of Goutmas. There's only 16 of us in our office and in the run up to Christmas we take it in turns to buy lunch for the rest of the team. It started out friendly enough a few years ago and the guy buying for day one brought in a big selection box of biscuits and some crisps. Day 2 escalated to somebody bringing in four large pizzas from Costco and it mutated from there. My entry that year was some pulled pork I did in the slow cooker. There's plenty of one-upmanship and friendly competition but it's a good laugh. Last years ran every day in the three weeks building up to Christmas and featured kebabs, pizzas, pies, Jamaican food and 3 or 4 KFCs amongst other things. This years started today and we've decided to group up and run it two days a week between now and the Christmas break, to minimise the risk of heart disease or putting on a stone. I've not been feeling that Christmassy up until now but there was such a buzz around this starting everyone is in the spirit now. My lot were first today and went with fish and chips, an option of peas or curry, a buttered breadcake (don't start) on the side and a can of pop of your choice. No Shandy Bass so I opted Irn Bru. Absolute silence for 20 minutes or so whilst everybody tucks in. Bliss.
  14. cobra_gordo

    The Christmas Avatar thread

    Could you make Braun look like he's poking out of some snow like Jack Torrence in The Shining please?
  15. cobra_gordo

    Wanky work emails

    I understood data centre.