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  1. The new heavyweight champion, David Arquette.
  2. cobra_gordo

    Great pubs

    Dove and Rainbow in Sheffield. Complete shithole in the best possible way, tucked out of the way so doesn't get any footfall unless you know it's there. Good atmosphere, not massively expensive and most importantly THEY DON'T SELL FOOD. They're now owned by a chain though who are going to make it look nice and start doing meals which will instantly make it shit.
  3. I quite liked Cars 3. I've seen all of them more times than I'd care to guess due to my two sons being obsessed with the films when they first came out. The second one is complete dogshit but the third is at least a nice logical twist on the original.
  4. That's pretty much known as one of the roughest pubs in town. It allegedly had a brothel upstairs. Surprised by the thing about your black mates though as they had quite a lot of black customers, in particular the most terrifying drug dealer ever. I'll add The Bag Inn in Rotherham to this, also known as Silverwood Miners Welfare Club. It looks like they may have had a refit but in it's day this was the shithole to end all shitholes. I went in once, around 1998 as a 13 year old as my dad wanted to take me along to their monthly auction night as there was a computer scanner up for sale that he thought I could find use for. When we arrived there was a newish Jag on bricks outside with the windows smashed in- good start. We sat at the back because the old nutters at the front were spitting at each other and were managing to greb at each other across the room. When the auction started it became apparent the lots were a mix of any old shite the sellers had found in their shed that wouldn't be worthy of being sold at a car boot sale and stuff that had been blatantly nicked. Bags of golf balls and ironing boards mixed in amongst video players, tellys and the odd bit of computer gear. We bagged that scanner, which was brand new in an immaculate box for five quid seemingly because none of the other punters there had a fucking clue what it was. The auctioneer was a bit of a cunt too. One woman won a lot and he said "Congratulations, you've won a bundle of {whatever piece of shit she'd bought}, this ironing board and this canoe paddle" and if she didn't take it all she couldn't have what she'd won in the first place. Fuck knows what the beer prices were, £1.20 for Smiths would be a fair guess. And I can only hope they didn't do food.
  5. WWE: Wrestling With Shadow. Former Gladiators star and cocaine aficionado Shadow turns up to an arena off his tits and starts battering folk with an oversize cotton wool bud.
  6. There's some proper dribblers in that comment thread. "No more wrestling for me", "Looks like I won't be watching from 2020"- give over, you don't watch it anyway and only hate watch 30 minute highlight shows on Youtube anyway.
  7. Bowler's parents destitute after bankrolling shitarse
  8. Unlike Trav who I saw wrestle maybe 20 times I only managed to see Lionheart wrestle twice live but this has still hit me just as hard. When I first started discovering Britwres he was one of those perennial names you'd always see in magazines or in end of the year lists so long before I saw him have a match I was already familiar with him. Incredibly talented as face or heel and I loved him as the firm but fair coach on Rogue To Wrestler. He'll be fondly remembered and sorely missed.
  9. I've gone the same. All I was keeping the network for in the end was NXT that I'd sometimes forget to watch and then have three or four to catch up on and the odd WWE 24 or old PPV from 2001 that I've watched a hundred times already and own on DVD. I cancelled it in January and I think all I've watched since is some 'Mania highlights and Firefly Fun House on Youtube.
  10. Pinched off Facebook.
  11. I posted on here a bit back about Quick Change and how it was a film I loved as a kid and in to my early teens and would watch it all the time. I bigged it up to the wife for so many years she eventually caved and we watched it together and I felt embarrassed that it hadn't aged as well as I'd have hoped. Maybe it was the pressure of wanting her to like it but it wasn't as good as I remembered it to be. Might be worth another crack.
  12. Love me some Dr John. I think this is my favourite ever opening credits scene to any film ever and it's made infinitely better by "Right Place Wrong Time".
  13. Bushwackers and Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs The Nasty Boyz and The Mountie (Summerslam 1992). This seems to be missing on the network and Tagged Classic version but it's the opener on my VHS copy so I'm counting it. I bloody love this match. Hot crowd, everybody is over, classic heel work from Mountie, Nastys and Jimmy Hart. Great fun. Taz vs Kurt Angle (Royal Rumble 2000). Everyone is going to use this one aren't they? What a brilliant way to debut somebody and to have your douchebag heel keep his heat whining about the illegal choke at the end. Val Venis vs D-Lo Brown (Summerslam 1998). Not watched this one in years but it always stuck in my memory as a great, fast paced match. Two guys trying their hardest to get over and make it difficult for those following. Bret vs Owen (Wrestlemania 10). Absolute perfection. Lesnar vs Rollins (Wrestlemania 35). The only opportunity to get Lesnar on the card. It's a fairly formulaic match but it's got a nice ending to send the fans home happy on. If it went on last. Which it didn't.
  14. Any metal podcast recommendations, particularly sludge/doom? Subscribed to Doom Tomb but struggling to find anything else that’s not shit.
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