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  1. We were once walking up the seafront at Skegness about10 years ago, eldest daughter would have been 4 and her and my Mrs had this cute made up gibberish language they used to speak at each other. Daughter is skipping up the beach past this old couple, speaking this gibberish to her mum and the old lady turns to her husband and says "Look at that little French girl".
  2. There's a lad at my son's school called TJ and that doesn't stand for anything either.
  3. Is it worth picking up the new D&D Essentials set? I'm an absolute novice but it's something I've wanted to try for ages. Looks like it's got a load of good stuff included but would appreciate the opinion of any seasoned players as if it's good value for money.
  4. Nice to see Metallica's "Load" at the top of that list. It's always been my favourite, just a great bluesy southern metal record.
  5. This pretty much sums up my feelings on Now You See Me. I was really excited when it first came out and I saw the trailer but it turned out to be at best a bit of a mess, if at least enjoyable and kept afloat by a strong cast. I've seen it a few times because my eldest loves it for some ridiculous reason and the Ruffolo reveal never fails to baffle me. Some of the set pieces and chases are good but not enough to redeem the glaring issues that have already been pointed out. And the second one is absolute dogshit.
  6. Nice one, cheers. I'd have never though of doing that in a million years. Although for 5 of us and with the exchange rate it's looking like we'd be better off just buying the 14 day one from the UK site after all.
  7. Is there a way of booking single day tickets for WDW in advance? We're going to Orlando in November but only for a couple of days either side of a Disney cruise so we don't need the 14 day super mega park tickets that Attraction Tickets are so intent on flogging me. I managed to find the day ticket costs somewhere but I can't get the tickets for the life of me. Any ideas?
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