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  1. I loved Quick Change as a kid and in to my teens. One of those films I'd stick on at night and fall asleep with on in the background. Harped on about it for years to my Mrs until she eventually agreed to watch it. I mean, Bill Murray, Randy Quaid and Geena Davis in a crime caper featuring clowns- what's not to like. Everything apparently. About 5 minutes in I realised that it's not aged well, it's nowhere near as funny and clever as I remembered it being and felt a right twat for going on about how great it was.
  2. I've watched the trailer a few times now and I'm ridiculously excited for it. I loved TFA, I loved elements of TLJ but get more disappointed with the film as a whole on repeat viewings. The Palpatine laugh has sent me over the edge. Christmas can't get here quick enough.
  3. Surprised Alex Shane didn't try and flog him a wristband at the end there.
  4. Bret looks pretty good to me. Still looks like a badass, just an older version who's been through his fair share of shit.
  5. Crush- colourful Hawaiian face version and later on in Kronik. Seems to get a lot of stick, particularly in the latter, but I love big Bryan. Just a big lummox, squeezing people's heads as a tropical superhuman and chucking them around in the late 90's dressed like the town goth.
  6. My grandad was one of those that loved the wrestling in the seventies and eighties but didn't like that American muck but he loved 90's cruiserweights. We'd take tapes round when we'd stop at my grandparents house on a Friday night or watch WCW when it was on Channel 5. He'd be bored shitless chuntering when the big lads were on but would be on the edge of his seat when the likes of Mysterio, Kidman and the lucha guys were flying round the ring. My Mrs hates WWE but weirdly loves Britwres and going to shows. The sight of Martin Kirby's thighs does strange things to that woman.
  7. Fuck megathreads. Or do we need a Superhero trailer thread aswell? Joker trailer looks great. Few folk kicking off online that we shouldn't see a nice side to the Joker but that trailer doesn't give that much away. Hopefully he snaps fairly early on and the rest of the movie is him being a horrible bastard. Pheonix seems perfect for this, he's got the laugh dead on too.
  8. Vince and Heenan were great together. The Summerslam '92 commentary is great, Vince is over the top and mental, Bobby is hilarious and a bit of a dick at times. I think I prefer that pairing to Monsoon and Heenan.
  9. This is understatedly badass. That pulsating riff at the beginning, there's something quite ominous about it but it still gets the blood pumping. Also generally signifies that a bloke with a big fuck off snake was about to sort somebody out which is about as badass as it gets.
  10. There's some proper mouth breathers commenting on the Facebook post- "That's good means I can go to bed early", "So it's basically our final toilet break before bed then?", "It just keeps getting worse. This could possibly be the worst Wrestlemania ever", "WWE pandering to the main stream begging for it to pay attention". Yes, it's not quite as perfect as if it was just Ronda and Becky but jesus, this does have the potential to be a great match and it's a first for WWE, why the fuck can't we just have nice things without these dribblers having to moan about it?
  11. And chucked in as part of their tag team/ stable so they don't have their individual name on some record that nobody really cares about.
  12. Hart Foundation just announced as being inducted in to the HOF. Shame it's just Bret and Anvil and not Owen, Pilman and Bulldog. A year too late to get what would have potentially been a great acceptance speech from Anvil too.
  13. Had a good weekend for movies. Watched The Dirt. I've never read the book but those stories have been told and retold in some many interviews by the band and those that were around them at the time that it all felt really familiar. Got to agree with @SuperBacon that Iwan Rheon as Mick Mars and Machine Gun Kelly as Tommy Lee were the best things about it. Finally got round to watching Train To Busan aswell. Holy shit, such a great movie, kicking myself I hadn't watched it sooner. Well written, great characters, good special effects- it just breezed by. Genuine emotional responses from me and the Mrs for certain death scenes aswell. Will definitely watch again. Lego Movie 2 was enjoyable enough. I was nodding off so wasn't paying as much attention as I'd have liked to but liked what I saw, just not quite to the extent that I loved the first one and Lego Batman. Few good gags and references thrown in there. Kids assured me it was excellent. Happy Death Day 2U. Absolutely loved the first one and this is more the same. Seems to have been shat on by some for revealing too much about how the events of the first came about but I wasn't bothered. These films are tongue-in-cheek enough for it to work. Easily as good as the first. Will also get repeat viewings. The Kid Who Would Be King was a fun, traditional kids adventure film. Good performances from all involved including crazy old Patrick Stewart. Alita Battle Angel. Dogshit.
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