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  1. The Suicide Squad- Thoroughly enjoyed this and was belly laughing in parts. The big starfish villain from the trailer is pretty ridiculous but other than that I had a good time and I'm looking forward to seeing it again. Jungle Cruise- It was ok. Overly long to the point that our 9 year old just walked out of the room fed up before the half way point. Very Indiana Jones in places, highlighted with the score, with bits of The Mummy and the Jumanji sequels thrown in for good measure but nowhere near as good as any of them. Jack Whitehall was harmless enough, Big Dwayne busting out the dad jokes and Emily Blunt being typically great. Jesse Plemmons was easily the highlight though.
  2. The VVitch- Been meaning to watch this for a while as I like my folk horror. It was alright, not a lot happened and most of the dialogue was really mumbly so there were bits I had no clue what was happening. The last ten minutes or so were strong but not enough to make up for the rest of it.
  3. There's one lad at work that insists on using my full first name (Jonathan) instead of what I refer to myself as (Jon), even though I use Jon in my signature on all emails and 150+ other staff members call me Jon. The only people that call me Jonathan are my nan, my mum when I'm getting a bollocking and this prick.
  4. See, I don't mind the logic of Gage being the second. Unless I've missed something and it's a case of "if Jericho loses any of the matches, game over" then sending a nutter like Gage in as match two makes sense from MJF's point of view, try and dispatch him early doors. I do hope the fifth is something special though.
  5. After Joey Jordinson's death yesterday I just found out that ZZ Top bass player Dusty Hill has passed away in his sleep. Don't think my heart can take much more this week. ZZ Top were one of the few bands I still needed to see live, looks like that's not happening. Gutted. One of my favourite bands and one of the coolest fuckers ever.
  6. By the time the self-titled came out I was already heavily in to Korn, Metallica, Deftones, RATM and a few others but that record felt like levelling up. All my mates were gobsmacked by it, it's just so fucking intense. That snare drum, Jesus. And alllllllllllll the double kick. It was around that time I started playing in bands and even though Korn were always my idols we'd always try and incorporate some of Slipknot's mad double kick and intensity in to the songs we were writing. Iowa is a different beast. Where the self-titled is very in-you-face-vicious I'd say Iowa is more menacing. Me and my brother were at HMV the second it opened on release dy and got our free patch. I've still got that somewhere. I think I wore my Slipknot hoodie for a month straight at one point in college til being forcibly told to wash it. Probably tied with "Everything Ends" as my favourite on that album.
  7. Just look at how much fun he's having here. Fuck. My FB news feed is currently a lot of very gutted blokes in their 30s.
  8. Holy shit https://metalinjection.net/news/former-slipknot-drummer-joey-jordison-has-passed-away Can't quite process that one. Saw him play a couple of times in Slipknot and that time he stepped in for Lars Ulrich at Download and double kicked the fuck out of some Black Album songs.
  9. I wouldn't even say they have to burn through them if they're interacting with other top guys, it's nice to have top guys gently circling each other and not rushing in to things. AEW have been really good at slow burn stories up to this point, call backs to teased fueds and tensions and not rushing in to stuff for the sake of it. I think they'll handle both guys well.
  10. And then wallop him with the GTS, Dark Order run him out of the ring, set up Punk versus Hangman and we all tug ourselves in to oblivion.
  11. I have a couple of times. Think it cost about a tenner in supplies to set up but a bag of sushi rice goes a long way. It also depends on how fancy you want to get with your fish or fillings. It's fairly straightforward, the biggest nightmare I had was actually cutting the sushi in to pieces once it's rolled out. If I ever try it again I'll have to experiment with some better knives to get a cleaner cut.
  12. They need the rights to "Cult Of Personality" because the second that hits for the first time everyone in attendance's head will explode. I always enjoyed Punk, he can talk, had decent matches and had one of my favourite Rumble stints ever, if he's coming in he's going to shift a lot of tickets and PPV buys.
  13. I'm assuming this is in response to me saying this?: "The fans are invested and want to show their support and there's something very genuine to it unlike the Thunderdome nobheads WWE has." Being a nobhead has nothing to do with what you enjoy, just if you're a nobhead or not, which some of those fuckmooks on the Thunderdome are. And it's not even the ones being deliberately offensive, some are just as bad as Brock Lesnar Cunt, Clown Cunt and Is Always Front Row At The PPV With Long Hair Cunt, just morons desperate to get themselves on telly for 2 minutes. They're a distraction from the product, whereas the AEW crowd add to it as they actually seem to give a shit about what's happening infront of them, not if they're constantly on camera. Great set of lads.
  14. I genuinely thought I'd picked the wrong episode when he walked out and did that again. Just a fantastic way to spend a couple of hours. As cliched as it is to say, that crowd felt like an Attitude Era WWF crowd with how hot they were for everybody and all the signs. The fans are invested and want to show their support and there's something very genuine to it unlike the Thunderdome nobheads WWE has. The Ricky Starks reaction being a perfect example. Not much else to add that everyone else hasn't covered already but I'm still hyped for where Omega/ Page continues to go. What a fantastic rollercoaster of simple storytelling. Just seeing Jade Cargill on that Rampage trailer excites me for the inevitable match between her and Britt Baker. And Darby Allin is just a brilliantly mental motherfucker.
  15. You need to go to Doomlines in Sheffield. Joe from Kurokuma and a couple of other good guys promote as Holy Spider and put some awesome gigs on but that's their big yearly event. They've booked us on a few things but we played Doomlines in 2019 when The Body headlined and it was a ridiculously good day.
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