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  1. I got over-excited after seeing all the adverts and watched American Animals last night. Fantastic film. Had no idea what to expect going in and wasn't disappointed.
  2. I'm more surprised they haven't added the word "match" after Royal Rumble which they seem to have done for the last few years despite it being clunky as fuck.
  3. Jericho will play all the gigs he can get during a pandemic. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_aRoAqiIxTs0/SvMmfSp--zI/AAAAAAAABO4/VTpoF5nxDEI/s1600/fozzy+played+my+jr+prom+%231.jpg Edit: Picture won't embed but it's the "Fozzy played my junior prom" one.
  4. I can't seem to get spoiler tags to work but if you're referring to the bit I think you are then yeah, absolutely jaw dropping.
  5. After Hogan initially drew me in, Taker was the first wrestler that I ever said was my favourite. It's undeniable that there was something special there but it was the act as a whole that got me. The giant ginger lad in his grey boots and gloves wouldn't have been half as magical to me without the music, the entrance and Paul Bearer. 7 year old me was captivated though, Summerslam 92 was worn out from me rewatching his match with Kamala, the slow stalking with a few flashes of flamboyance. When I got back in to wresting as a teenager after a few years off it was Taker that I wanted to see
  6. Me and the Mrs watched all of It's A Sin across Friday and Saturday and I can honestly say I can't remember the last time a show got to me as much as it did. Both of us ended up dreaming about it and it stuck with us for the past couple of days. It's a fantastic series, incredibly sad but still very funny at times. Keely Hawes is great but Olly Alexander steals it.
  7. Looks like the other half of a tag team featuring Fed off First Dates.
  8. This post from the Twitter thread just reminded me that I convinced my mum to watch Goodfellas for the first time ever a couple of days ago based solely on me referencing this scene and it piquing her interest. She set aside her afternoon and absolutely loved it. I don't think I've ever been as proud. I also managed to get her to watch Inglorious Basterds after she watched The Sound Of Music at our house on Christmas day and was saying how tense the escape from the convent is. I stuck the first scene from Inglorious on after and she watched it with her gob wide open. It's one of my favour
  9. I think I prefer this other one they're doing, if only because of the front pocket print. Could have probably used a better image for the back than what looks like two blokes having a chat.
  10. The fact that a song called How I Got Over exists and hasn't been used by some smarmy heel is a disgrace. Famous B in Lucha Underground would have fot this theme like a glove.
  11. I dont know what game I'd use these in but I need them. D&D party? Ted as a wizard, Dougal as the apprentice and Jack as cleric. Mrs Doyle- fighter.
  12. Narrator: I'll get these no good Indians as sure as my favourite book is Homer's voice: Magazine!
  13. As much as I hate Hall and The Rock's selling of the stunner, seeing Santino sell it with the salute always makes me smile and it at least fits his daft character. Shane McMahon always seemed to take the move well, Angles looks good and Foley sells it like a gunshot to the head.
  14. Pleasantville. I remember watching this when it first came out on a video rental as a teenager and just being gobsmacked. I watched it a few times since then but probably haven't seen it in ten years. I still love it. The beginning is a bit cheesy and the ending feels pretty sudden but everything inside Pleasantville itself is marvellous. William H Macey, Joan Allen and Jeff Daniels are tremendous. Even Paul Walker is good in this, particularly at portraying how losing your virginity would somehow make you crap at basketball.
  15. As great as I though The Invisible Man was, 1917 probably tips it for me as my film of the year. When it came out I'd just about finished my first viewing of it (nefarious sources), in absolute pieces and with tiers in my eyes from the shot towards the end of the soldiers going over the top, when my Mrs came downstairs and asked if I'd mind watching it again. We restarted it and I ended up bawling my eyes out in the same place. Just a beautifully shot film that probably tipped me over the scale emotionally because of how much my late grandad would have loved it. Palm Springs gets my comed
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