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  1. cobra_gordo

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Meant to type Braun, not sure why I've typed Brock! It was wrestling reality, around the 27:00 minute mark
  2. cobra_gordo

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I watched a 30 minute version this morning. I'd completely forgotten they were in London last night so when Jinder was getting a face reaction I was wondering where they were filming. Chicago? New York? Philly? Nope. Trust England to cheer Jinder fucking Mahall. Sami Zayn promo was great. He's such a brilliant bellend. Also, was that six man tag the main event? I was pottering around this morning doing jobs with it on in the background. Caught the Brock match and then it jumped to the six man tag but it felt like someone had taped a dark match and added it to the end of the video. It was weird seeing something shot just from the hard cam and no commentary. Did I miss something?
  3. cobra_gordo

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    He reminds me a lot of Mr Perfect in that aspect, in that you always knew Perfect was a smug twat and you didn't like him but you couldn't help think he was a great wrestler.
  4. cobra_gordo

    General Movie (Film for snobs) News Thread

    I have every faith it'll be a good film, more than happy for there to be some humour in there, just not liking the overall look but it's just a trailer. I really liked what Robert Rodriguez did with Predators, take the look of that film and Shane Black's writing/direction and I'd be a happy boy.
  5. cobra_gordo

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    European leg of Slayer's final headline tour has been announced this morning. Slayer, Lamb Of God, Anthrax and Obituary. Was expecting we'd get shafted with shit supports but I'm chuffed with that.
  6. cobra_gordo

    General Movie (Film for snobs) News Thread

    Based on that one trailer, I'm not convinced. I fucking love the original but I'm also a fan of the first AVP and Predators but something about that trailer doesn't look right. Like, it's too clean and shiny. I like my Predator films to be dirty and gritty and unpolished.
  7. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Never seen Ellering wrestle before so this is a first for me. Match starts off fairly slow, Road Warriors getting the upper hand and I was getting the feeling it was going to be a fairly dull affair until Animal gets chucked over the top rope and the team of Rotunda, Dr Death and Kevin Sullivan start pasting the shit out of his arm. Great selling by Animal, Williams comes across as a right bastard, some really firey babyface work from Ellering including some lovely dropkicks and some proper hard hitting stuff all round. I even enjoyed JR and Cornette on commentary. Good shouty wrasslin' promo from both teams after the match sets up a rematch further down the line.
  8. Try watching: Road Warriors and Paul Alluring vs Varsity Club | NWA Champ. Wrestling 02-11-89 | NWA World Championship Wrestling | 1989-02-11 This is tonight's viewing, never seen it.
  9. cobra_gordo

    So, this mental Saudi event coming up...

    I was genuinely expecting Lawler to rock up in the Rumble. When he was on the preshow he was showing significant chest under his suit jacket so I was crossing my fingers he'd got his ring gear on underneath to save faffing about changing between the panel and the match. Turns out our Jerry just likes to go shirtless under his jackets.
  10. cobra_gordo

    Infinity Wrestling

    I get what you're saying @air_raid but I don't think it cheapens it if a face goes over the top, if it's done correctly. For me, a traditional cage match should be treated like a last man standing- beat your opponent with in an inch of their life, no interference, no escape until they're essentially down for the 10 count and then go over the top. The heel getting up as the face is halfway up the cage and dragging them back down should be the equivalent of getting up at an 8 count.
  11. cobra_gordo

    Infinity Wrestling

    Time - What do you see? Summerslam 1992, without question. Lee Naylor from my class went to see it live and bragged about it for months. I didn't get to see it until I got it on VHS for Christmas that year along with a load of Hasbros and then proceeded to watch that tape twice a day for a year. I can't imagine what it was like to be there in person. Power -Braun Strowman. Ok, he already kinda is the guy, but I wouldn't piss about wasting time getting him there. He'd be current super face Braun initially, wins the belt off Lesnar at Summerslam and holds it til Mania where he faces Daniel Bryan who's switched brands for some convoluted reason. Batters Bryan around the arena, turns heel in the process and goes in to a proper program with him and eventually drops the belt to him. Reality - I'd put a stop to being able to win cage matches by escaping through the door. Infact, scrap pinfalls and submissions too. It should be over the top or nothing. Mind - Nothing popular gets ran in to the ground by being constantly repeated and done to death. I'm thinking New Day's shtick getting old quickly and what's probably about to happen with Titus Worldslide. Space - A caravan site in Bridlington Soul - Macho Man. Would loved to have seen him come back to WWE, Hall Of Fame headliner, maybe a small Rumble appearance. He could have added so much to the company with his experience, imagine him being involved with the performance centre or NXT?
  12. cobra_gordo

    So, this mental Saudi event coming up...

    Stolen from Botchamania.
  13. cobra_gordo

    So, this mental Saudi event coming up...

    I'm willing to face some live chat wrath for this but Titus tripping and falling under the ring is genuinely the funniest thing I've ever seen. I'm legit in tears from laughing and my chest hurts.
  14. cobra_gordo

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

  15. cobra_gordo

    ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    I'd assume they're going to be going for the Gladiators/ Ninja Warrior audience so that glossy, prime time look matches that target fanbase perfectly. I'd love to see something a bit dingy, a bit less produced too but it doesn't fit ITV's style and there's plenty of that type of wrestling out there. I'm looking forward to giving this a go, could be ideal tea time viewing with the kids.