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  1. I was at SeaWorld a couple of weeks ago and we spent more time in Sesame Street land than looking at animals. This was also totally for my and my wife's benefit having grown up with Sesame Street, our kids couldn't have cared less. We spent ages in there, taking all the details in, watching the parade and posing with characters and infront of street signs. The thing that really got me was the sight of Big Bird. Yes, it's just a bloke in a costume but floods of childhood emotion and memories washed over me, it was bizarre, I was so giddy. Spinney was such a massive part of bringing that character to life.
  2. I don't normally watch Good Morning Britain but stuck it on this morning and watched all that shit unfold live, with the minder telling the journo to fuck off, man-handling him out of the way with a press officer in the back ground orchestrating all the shots they wanted, all with King Twat Piers Morgan chuntering in the background. Marvellous car crash telly.
  3. cobra_gordo

    WWE HOF 2020

    If Koko B Ware can get in hopefully me patiently waiting every year for Steve Blackman to be inducted isn't in vain.
  4. If the forum ever goes down permanently at least we'll have had archangel Akorah.
  5. A brilliant moment in our office at work earlier where a group of five of us were calmly discussing the election, who we were voting for and why with some good, structured arguments from all involved to back up their choices. A sixth bloke who had been sat quietly at his desk stands up and the following ensues: Bloke: "I'm not voting Tory but I can't vote for Labour because Corbyn is a fucking Marxist." Me, putting the worm on the fishing hook: "Bloke, what IS a Marxist?" Bloke: "Well..... it's.. it's errrm...... What do you think about the lib dems wanting another referendum?" Me: "No, what's a Marxist. You've said that's the reason you won't vote labour, do you know what one is?" Bloke: No. And that seems to be a bit of a recurring theme, folk just parroting shit they've been told or just repeating party slogans. We've had another fella in who has said he's voting Conservative and backed this up by just repeating "Well Johnson is Getting Brexit Done isn't he" and "The Lib Dems are ignoring The Will Of The People". Fucks sake.
  6. 1.6m watching and one of the two shows contributing to that number would be classed as that company's C show. That's an insane number.
  7. This is my biggest gripe. Not sure if they're scared of booking some of the mid-card tweeners as proper heels or what but I've found it confusing at times and it has led to a couple of flat reactions from the crowd. Good example is Pentagon attacking Daniels before their tag tournament match, a classic heel move meaning he's unable to compete. Scorpio Sky then becomes a super face as a result which is great and he's now genuinely someone I want to see pushed to the moon but Lucha Bros still come out to face pops, are still super over and continue to work the crowd like good guys would, despite wrestling a heelish style. Daniels finally returns weeks later, sneak attacks Pentagon from under a disguise to get his revenge but it's forgotten in seconds. If they'd built a clear story, that SCU are the disadvantaged faces and Lucha Bros are bastards, Daniels getting his revenge could have got a huge reaction but it just felt flat and didn't warrant any sort of selling from the commentary other than a "Oooh, it's Daniels" from Excalibur. Similar thing with Proud and Powerful. Along with Jericho and the infinitely punchable Sammy G they're perfectly hateable heels, apart from when they're wrestling at Full Gear against the Bucks where they were coming off as the unfortunate, plucky faces at times. They had refs decisions going against them, tags being disallowed, being a man down due to Ortiz being thrown over the barrier and struggling for the hot tag. All stuff that screams underdog face team. In fairness the balance did shift towards a regular heel/face dynamic towards the end when Matt Jackson was selling his shin. Is there a miscommunication between the bookers and the wrestlers? Is it inexperience on the bookers part? Are they just wanting to please everybody by not having a clear heel/face dynamic outside of the main eventers? It's jarring.
  8. The main reason I'd like to see a Punk return is just for the pop when that music hits. Rick's Corbin idea would be class though or have them have a heel come out to "Cult Of Personality" for the real deal to appear behind them in the entrance way. Might reduce the reaction though. We all know that realistically if it happens they'll spoil their own surprise with some "AS ANNOUNCED EARLIER ON ESPN" Twitter post or something.
  9. The whole holiday was firsts for us, first time in the USA, first cruise so had the potential to be really overwhelming. If you do cruise I'd say not to be tempted by a 3 or 4 nighter unless it's something like New York to Florida just because you're only getting in to the swing of thing by day two or three. My wife and 14 year old were massively seasick the first night as Port Canaveral is notortiously choppy. They gave them seasick tablets for free at guest services but they're the drowsy kind so they were ruined well in to the second day. If that had been a 3 night cruise we'd have been screwed. I couldn't recommend Disney for cruises enough though. As it's family orientated it's way more entertainment based than some that friends of ours have been on. There's no casino or hardcore drinks packages and instead you get a couple of theatres with some good stage shows, a cinema and massive kids clubs. Also an interactive game featuring The Muppets.
  10. Got back from Orlando a couple of weeks ago, first time over there and didn't disappoint. Galaxy's Edge is everything I wanted it to be, the market is stunning, the attention to detail is ridiculous and I could have looked at the Millenium Falcon for hours. Probably spent half the day just in there. Cried like a baby on the walk in to Baatu as I could hear the Force Theme being played from Star Tours and was just emotionally overwhelmed. Smugglers Run is great fun, as was hinted previously it has the potential to be infuriating for some riders and was exemplified perfectly by the random that ended up in our group of five who spent the whole ride screaming instructions at my children. This was made better by my 7 and 11 year olds being the pilots and nosediving the Falcon in to the ground early on. Such a fun simulator though, wish I'd had time to go on a second time, the wait was around 55 minutes so not unbearable. Managed to squeeze in Magic Kingdom for my wife's birthday and her turn to cry like a child, made even worse by having lunch at Tony's in full view of the parade when a woman came over and said she'd like to pay for our meal using her Disney Dining credits as she had 60 left and was leaving to fly home to Ireland later that day. Queue much sobbing. We only managed two days in the parks and then travelled to Port Canaveral for a 7 night Carribean cruise on the Disney Fantasy which was the main part of the holiday and an absolutely world class experience followed by a day at SeaWorld after we got back to Orlando before flying home. Kids are already begging to go back, hopefully we can squeeze more parks in this time but would definitely cruise with Disney again, just couldn't do enough for us as a family and just pushes that Disney customer service in to overdrive.
  11. It was a combination of things but the absolute start of it was seeing a picture of Hulk Hogan at the local summer fair. It was in a blue frame and was a hook-a-duck prize. I had no idea who it was but I had to have it. This would have been 1990 so old Terry was in his pomp, midway through tearing his shirt off. From then I discovered my mate Lee was massively into it and we'd play with the figures at his house. I think I'd seen a grand total of two matches before the Great Christmas Of 1992 when I got that years Summerslam on VHS and a boatload of figures. That tape was worn beyond recognition in the end. I'd spend hours looking at the inside cover which showed all the other available videos and fell in love with the image of Liz from Summerslam 1988 based on a thumbnail sized picture.
  12. Second this. Enamel pins are really popular at the moment, I have a bunch on my jacket. I'd have two or three of those in a heartbeat as badges over the prints.
  13. I had a slice of Crème Brulee cheesecake on holiday that,despite probably taking 18 months off my life due to the sugar content, was proabably one of the nicest things I've ever eaten.
  14. The Butcher and The Blade!?! Holy shit. Andy Williams is a beast of a man who I've been a fan of for years. He juggles wrasslin with playing guitar in a successful, world-touring metal band so a lot like Jericho but without the scarf and better music.
  15. I've always had a soft spot for him, partly because we have the same surname so for the last 25 years whenever anyone has wanted to clarify the spelling it's always "As in Gary Rhodes?". 59 is so sad.
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