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  1. I mean, I've been against Tony Khan involvement from the start, my mention of him stopping the match was more in response to @RedRooster's suggestion. Neither guy has to go in to the main event scene straight away. Miro could have the best part of 6 months as TNT champion, battering everybody. You've got a Kip feud in there already until the inevitable Darby rematch, after that, move Miro in to the world title picture.
  2. A ref or Tony Khan stoppage makes Miro look like a monster and gives Darby something to be pissed off about and an angle for a rematch as he's somebody that never quits. I'd love to see Miro pick him up after the match and fake a show of respect before having him continue to kick the ever living shit out of Darby.
  3. Matt Morgan was the first name I thought of when I saw the thread title. He was over like rover in TNA for a cup of coffee, had a great look especially when he was doing the silver cape thing and was capable of delivering firey babyface promos. Just a shame he was a bit on the boring side in-ring.
  4. Someone I know just posted this unironically. I genuinely thought it was going to be a meme with a joke twist but nope,
  5. Watched it this afternoon. Just a fantasticly fun film, batshit crazy in the best possible way. There were so many points I shouted HOLY FUCK out loud and I had to rewind a few seconds to watch it again I was starting to annoy the wife. Can't wait to watch it again.
  6. How many of the 35 wrestlers appearing would feature in the Shitarse 50 if it was still a thing?
  7. I think they thought they were doing picture in picture. I doubt Jericho would have asked the crowd if they could see the cards or asked them to cheer after the break if he thought they were on camera.
  8. Senor Spudface: Kaptain Kartoffelnkopf:
  9. Metal-archives.com have changed all bands profile pictures to cats for April fools. The ones for Iced Earth and Burzum are winning for me so far.
  10. Shatner gets in solely based on this.
  11. Party Cannon not getting to have their proper logo on the poster is reason to not buy a ticket.
  12. RVD just announced as the next inductee.
  13. Highspots have got a bunch of old WCW ring canvases for sale if anybody has got a spare two grand kicking about. https://www.highspots.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=HS&Category_Code=Memorabilia&Product_Code=&Search=&Per_Page=20&Sort_By=price_desc
  14. Matt Morgan, no stay with me, was over like rover in TNA around 2011 for about 5 minutes. He looked the absolute business for a short while, had a great look and was cutting some good promos before descending back to being shit again.
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