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  1. Partly inspired by Gus' bravery, and partly because I'm a hungry fat bastard, I ate two scotch eggs on the train home yesterday.
  2. cobra_gordo

    Chippy Tea

    Fishcake, chips drenched in salt and vinegar and a breadcake buttered within an inch of it's life. My preferred meal of choice at 2am after leaving whatever shitty rock club I'd been frequenting was a double fishcake sarnie.
  3. cobra_gordo

    Confusion in Wrestling

    Why Hulk Hogan was allowed to just randomly volunteer for title matches because some other lad gets salt chucked in his eyes and loses.
  4. cobra_gordo

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    My band Swamp Coffin have made it on the list of bands to vote for to play the next Doom vs Stoner festival in Sheffield. It's cheap of me, I know, but if some of you lot wouldn't mind voting for us to play it'd be much appreciated. Only takes a few minutes and closes this Thursday at 8pm. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/dvs4vote If you're in to doom/stoner/sludge/Kylie Minogue, our two track demo is up at swampcoffin.bandcamp.com
  5. cobra_gordo

    RIP Jim Neidhart

    I've got it, was going to watch the bits I wasn't familiar with as I've seen Austin/ Owen and Bret/ Taker a few times but ended up watching the rest of the show because of Anvil passing. Like you say, absolute peak of that story, they're getting booed all over the shop but they're all still cool as fuck.
  6. cobra_gordo

    Summerslam match review thread - 2018 edition

    1997. Not a show I'm massively familiar with outside the main, Austin getting paralyzed by Owen and Bulldog/ Shamrock. Just done a quick google and it's got L.O.D against the Godwins so might give that a crack.
  7. cobra_gordo

    First "smart" thoughts

    Beyond The Mat was the turning point for me. I knew it was all a work by that point but that video turned me into a conspiracy theorist at the time that maybe it was all a fix and that it was a coincidence that cameras were rolling when the screwjob happened. That led to me looking at work rate more and going all "Hogan can't wrestle". Having access to the internet at school around the time that meant I was spending most of my lunch breaks looking on newz sites, e-fedding and trying to get round the schools security settings to look at tits.
  8. cobra_gordo

    Summerslam match review thread - 2018 edition

    I'll have a go.
  9. cobra_gordo

    2018 Coil-Shuffling Thread

    I was at the Rotherham game, felt like a real privilege to be there for that.
  10. cobra_gordo

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    Thought Little Evil was good aswell.
  11. cobra_gordo

    Memorabilia that never existed but you really wanted

    @John Matrix There's a playable board game of Jumanji out at the moment. Saw it in Smyths recently. No idea if it's any good or if it actually unleashes jungle animals in to your house or not.
  12. cobra_gordo

    Sega Mega Drive vs Super Nintendo: 16 Bit WarGames

    I'm a Mega Drive kid. When I finally got one, having been dealing with the 13 minute load times of my Amstrad CPC464, it was like being dragged in to the next century.The graphics, the sound, everything was mind-blowing. I played SNES at friends houses at the time and I regularly play old console games at a mates these days and there's still something about SNES I don't like, think it's a combination of the control pad and the sound. I'm way happier playing with three buttons on Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat than I am 4 buttons for some reason. 5. The Lion King. Along with Mega Games 1 this was the first game we owned on Mega Drive. Just a good, solid platform game that looks beautiful with a good soundtrack. Just pips Aladdin. 4. Micro Machines Micro Machines was mental. Two additional ports on the game cartridge so you could play with four players. It was lightning quick and you were constantly falling off the track but the multi player element meant it got a lot of use in our house as there was no having to take it in lives like you would with other games. 3. Street Racer I bloody love Street Racer. Totally different to other racers, every character had a couple of cool abilities but we always played as Helmut or the dude on the magic carpet. The rumble and football modes added some good twists when you got fed up of track racing. 2. X-Men Just gets in ahead of Streets Of Rage 2 and Turtles for side scrolling fighting games. The co-op mode was good fun, especially if you worked properly as a team and one of you was Wolverine and could heal the other character. 1. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. I'd been mesmerised by the first Mortal Kombat when it first came out in the arcade. 2 is arguably the best of the series but the Ultimate version of 3, with the extra characters and some of the new finishers clinches the top spot for me. That and my fucking Nan of all people bought it me for Christmas 1995. Notable mentions to Chuck Rock, Ren and Stimpy, FIFA 95, Mega Bomberman Bubsy and that Taz game
  13. cobra_gordo

    The UKFF's FAVOURITE Pay Per View

    Can't believe nobody has said Summerslam 1992 yet. Loads of nostalgia for me because it was the first tape I ever owned, having got it for Christmas '92 and watched it constantly. The six man tag opener is great fun and it's a shame it gets cut off the Network/ tagged classic version. Michaels/ Martell is brilliant and with a fun stip, the greatest of all time, Crush, squashes the fuck out of Repo Man, L.O.D vs Money Inc is a great tag match and I've always loved the Undertaker vs Kamala match for the entrance, Kamala's face after the sit up and Taker stalking him back up the aisle. You've got a classic in Bret vs Bulldog but I think the WWF title match before it between Macho Man and Ultimate Warrior is even better. I had so much emotional investment in that at the time and Flair and Perfect play their parts beautifully. It's a show I can always stick on when I can't think of what else to watch.
  14. cobra_gordo

    Wrestler Names For Sale

    Toto Annihilation- Missed the rains down in Africa so went to Oz and took everybody else to Hell. One reacharound.
  15. cobra_gordo

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Heyman is incredible in that interview. He's been guilty of being a bit repetitive when he's called on to carry Lesnar's feuds with various opponents on his own but my god, who do they have that's a better talker than he is? I'd love to see him team up with a heel Reigns, the tease at the end makes me think that won't be happening sadly. The only thing that ruins that video for me is Renee. She's great hosting the pre-shows or whatever but her acting compared to Heyman's there took me out of it a bit, especially at the end when she's doing the standard "interviewer stares off in to the middle distance after the guest walks off" bit. Wish they'd have given that segment to Graves, I reckon he'd have nailed it.