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  1. Temple Of Doom was a bit like Return Of The Jedi for me as a kid, the one I had the easiest access to and saw the most so for years thought it was the best one. With Indy the best one is The Last Crusade though, can't think of another film I could just put on at any time and just be filled with joy.
  2. Aliens, T2 and Crocodile Dundee 2 are the holy trinity of sequels.
  3. Do I need to have seen the previous six films in the Se7en franchise?
  4. Brian Cage never looked cooler and more of a badass than he did here The dude has an amazing look, he's athletic and can do mad moves for a bloke his size, he's just got the charisma and personality of a ham sandwich and is a shit face. He's got permanently smarmy smirk that would make him ideal as that dickhead jock bully heel if he had the ability to back it up with promos or even facial expresisons. Stick him under a mask like Matanza in Lucha Underground or fuck him off to ROH.
  5. Thing is, it's exactly what we want because it's logical storytelling. We've had our disappointment already with Hangman, anybody other than him being the Joker just wouldn't have worked. I'm proper excited typing this. Absolute goosebumps with him and Moxley trading strikes, not even exaggerating that I instantly got Rock/ Austin "My Way" vibes. Has Page ever looked so much like a main eventer? He looked like a fucking megastar in there.
  6. I did have that thought but with the recent chat that Danielson vs Omega 2 needing to happen next I'm just desperate for Page to come back and not lose momentum and win the big one asap.
  7. Thinking about Hangman, does it have to be a one on one match against Omega for his victory to really mean something? Because all I can imagine is a triple threat including Danielson where Page still wins and it's making me giddy.
  8. See, I think there's worth in Marko but I don't think he works in Jurassic Express. I honestly think he would be amazing as a tiny bully who is only cocky because he's got a massive mate who does he dirty work for him. Someone like Abyss doing the Joseph Parks gimmick springs to mind, someone who's a big lad but clearly impressionable, vulnerable and unpopular but has fallen in with the bully as his only mate. Christ, the redemption arc for the bodyguard writes itself, like when Kamala was a massive babyface because he was being taken advantage of.
  9. Shameless self promotion. We launched pre-orders for our debut full length yesterday along with this video. If you like shouty sludge metal in the vein of Crowbar, Primitive Man and Iron Monkey you may enjoy. Also if you just want to help us get the views up that's equally appreciated. Pretty chuffed with the video considering it was filmed under a pub, with fuck all budget and then I edited it on a mobile. I'm the fat one on the left.
  10. I'd love to know what sort of numbers that highlight show does and specifically how many of those are casuals or started off as casuals. A mate of mine has got really in to WWE despite never liking wrestling previously because that show fitted in nicely with his weekend viewing with the kids after Match Of The Day. Him and his daughter have got really invested to the point they're up for going to live events and he's telling me what happened that week when I see him which is really nice to see.
  11. I'm genuinely not sure why I haven't bought these two yet.
  12. Will Chris Pratt do a mildly racist Italian accent? Will he do Bob Hoskins' voice? Will he just sound exactly like Chris Pratt? Bepe DiMarco to voice Luigi.
  13. Laughed out loud at that. That opener was just superb wasn't it. The scrambling about trying to get hold in after the time limit had gone was a cool little touch instead of them just standing up and that being that. I've looked on the AEW shop and can't find it yet but the bloke on the front row's NY subway style shirt was fantastic.
  14. Always wished someone would make a shirt of a homeless, satanic Taron Edgerton in his role as Eddie The Eagle? Well wish no more. Bonus points for it having the words Black Member on the front. omar.jpg
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