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  1. This. I've declared my love of Crush many, many times on here. I'd say he's one of my all time favourites. To 8 year old me Kona Crush had badass entrance music, looked like a multi-coloured superhero and did that tongue roll thing and when I started watching WCW in 98 or 99 I thought Kronik were just cool as fuck hosses. Then you watch the matches back and he's proper dogger, especially the WWF 2001 run but I couldn't care less, he just had this aura about him.
  2. For the short spell that I was training we had it drilled in to us how dangerous german suplexes can be. Take one badly and square on the back of your neck/ head.
  3. Holy shit. Integrity and Earth Crisis sets in there aswell.
  4. Ravey- Former homeless grunger takes his first E and gets in to happy hardcore.
  5. That looks sore. My brother (the one who has been trying to coerce me in to starting skateboarding) gave me a board at the weekend and, at a distance, started teaching me how to ollie. I think I managed to get half a centimetre off the ground once but I was chuffed for getting over the mental block of not wanting to get hurt. We're going to coincidentally be at the same skatepark next Friday so I can try it again. I'm going to try and pick up some knee pads and wrist guards in the meantime if anybody has any recommendations.
  6. I'm a big fan of modern reimaginings or alternative film posters. These are a few of my favourites, I think most if not all of these were released through Mondo.
  7. I'm also really intrigued by Cage vs Moxley. I like Cage a lot but he has to be presented properly. Lucha Underground made him look like an absolute murderer with their vignettes of him battering jobbers, something that looked to have influenced Archer's vignette where he destroyed all those backyarders. What does he do for 3 months though to keep the interest in him facing Mox? I'd have assumed, like a lot of others, that Darby would have been the obvious fued, building from him rejecting Tazz's advice and whatnot but surely there's a risk if they go with that between now and All Out that they make Mox look like the side-quest and not the other way round.
  8. Yet again, it's all about Sammy. When I first saw him, with his shit panda head and the "he calls himself The Best Ever" shtick which is not only a shit name but a shit name badly delivered, I thought he had local indy shitarse written all over him. It's brilliant to be so incredibly fucking wrong from time to time. What was the turning point with him? Trying to get Jericho to laugh? Singing his entrance theme? I'm sure all that character stuff came before all the mad bumps and selling.
  9. If they ever did the stampede match again the Cruise Ship Stampede is definitely the direction I'd like to see them go. As for going overboard a load of people tweeted Jericho after the Dynamite episode on the ship complaining that nobody got chucked overboard and he had to point out if they did they'd actually die. If they absolutely insist on doing one again I think the stampede should be used like the early days of hell in a cell, the big blow off to the fued where you have to over-pronounce the name of the match on TV in the build up (HELLLLLLLL..... IN A CELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL). What a match though. The horse, infinite suplexes up the field, jumping off the goal posts, one winged angel off the stands, Hangman and Hagar in the bar, disputing the pin in that tent thing, Judas Effect on the mascot, all great fun. I didn't mind the pool spot because you could see Matt under the water, mugging to the camera. What I didn't like was "They're drowning him!" and "They've left him for dead!" whilst Matt floats face down. No idea when they filmed some of that but could have just done with muting some of the commentary.
  10. I'd love to skate street with a bit of bowl stuff thrown in for good measure. I could never Ollie when I was a skinny, fit teenager so that's a goal. I did a bit more video watching last night, helmet and knee pads are going to be a minimum, possibly even wrist guards.
  11. Somehow mis-read this as Tears Of The Sun and was trying to place Joey Pants as one of Bruce Willis' army tough guys.
  12. Following on from my "I'm old, overweight and thinking of learning to skate" in the confessional thread. I'm 19 and a bit stone with a dodgy left knee, a gut and moobs. Is an 8.25 deck going to be sufficient? What wheels are best for a chubster? Any other tips or tricks for someone who probably isn't as confident as a kid when it comes to what'll happen when I fall off.
  13. Definitely. I see them as a big cornerstone for me. I was listening to a lot of my dad's music (Queen, Sabbath,early Genesis, Zeppelin) as a kid and then 14 year old me heard Nevermind and it all went downhill from there.
  14. Yeah, seems to be one of those metal elitist things, probably because they got bigger than their favourite obscure grunge band but mainly because of how they're a big gateway band for a lot of teenagers discovering heavier music.
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