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  1. Tully Blanchard looked like he was carved out of fucking granite at the end. The arms on that man. Genuinely didn't think it was going to be him under the mask and hat.
  2. The Kenny Omega entrance was fantastically ridiculous. The dancing sweeping brush girls was maybe a bit much but it fit, especially with how quick the match was, the arrogance was justified. My favourite bit by miles was Justin Roberts listing all of Omega's plaudits like he's Daenerys Targaryen.
  3. From the video title I thought she was going to be so preoccupied talking to the camera whilst eating spicy wings she bit one of her fingers off.
  4. Yeah, the system doesn't go any higher than 10 sadly.
  5. Bret's system needs a fourth category- draw. Because Steve Blackman is a 10 look, 10 for work and a 5 for promos but other than inspiring me and my brother to smack each other with kitchen utensils he didn't draw a penny.
  6. Hustle's class. I've only seen him at HOPE but he was their champion for ages and is a fantastic piece of shit heel but he was cool enough that my kids were cheering for him, the fucking smarks. He's always done a lot of cool stuff with video editing in his promos and reinvents himself a lot. Would love to see him get noticed off the back of this.
  7. Same here, also "Waaaan tee" whenever I'm confirming if someone wants a cuppa. We use S.I.L.L.Y.C.O.W far too often aswell.
  8. Nobody I've ever discussed that Two Ronnies sketch with has ever seen it. There's something really subtly evil about his character in the clip I posted though. There's so many great Bill Hader clips though, he's brilliant.
  9. This is my favourite ever Two Ronnies sketch. It's criminally unknown but gets regularly quoted in our house. Ronnie Barker is typically smooth as silk with the word play stuff here. More evidence that Bill Hader is a genius.
  10. "Can I have a 13p mix please?". I fondly remember me and my younger brother once buying a quids worth of those silver balls you put on top of cakes from the corner shop. This was back when they were like tiny jawbreakers and not the soft, rice krispy textured ones you get now. Fuck knows why the local shop was selling them in amongst the midget gems and wine gums but we had to buy some so we'd completed what they had on offer, like when you've gone through the usuals at McDonalds so you try the Veggie Deluxe. Probably a good reason as to why my teeth are knackered as an adult.
  11. Holy shit. Eddie Van Halen. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tmz.com/2020/10/06/eddie-van-halen-dead-dies-cancer-65/
  12. Cape Fear (1991). It's probably been 20 years since I last watched this but I had fond memories and was in the mood for a tense thriller. Hyped it up to the Mrs aswell, like a mug. It's still got it's moments, the handcuff scene is still harrowing, and Juliette Lewis' performance is particularly great. It's really long though and some scenes just seem to go on forever unnecessarily. The editing is weird too, some scenes just jump from one to another really harshly which was getting fairly distracting by the half way point. I still mostly enjoyed it but the wife hated it.
  13. I rewatched these again recently. 1 is still great fun and 2 builds on that by making the deaths more creative. 3 and 4 are fairly missable but 5 felt like things were back on track. Let out a "HOLY SHIT" as the ending was becoming more obvious. It's a close call for me whether I prefer the first Die Hard or Die Hard With A Vengeance. Vengeance is just a romp from start to finish. Sat and watched it with my two boys who normally can't be arsed to sit through a film unless we're at the cinema but they were captivated throughout. We watched Die Hard 4.0 the day after which is also
  14. Kurt Angle was wearing tiny cowboy hats, drinking milk and singing about being a sexy boy in segments and then murdering folk in matches- silly and scary don't have to be mutually exclusive. The balance of goofball and legit hard bastard, whilst tricky, can be done if the guy behind the gimmick is charismatic and talented enough. Big E is definitely up to the job.
  15. I found a shop recently selling these, not WWF ones mind but the same style. Was still a massive nostalgia kick. We used to get Transformers ones and generic dinosaurs and monsters.
  16. Just seen this on Facebook. Someone appears to be chopping onions.
  17. Got to echo what Rick said, just wrestlers that as soon as you saw them you were a fan. They looked like badasses, they had spikes, rode motorbikes, kicked the shit out of folk and had awesome looking Hasbros. I'd be stunned if they didn't win over a lot of people in the same way.
  18. Marty Jannetty posted this earlier today before promptly deleting it. Someone snagged this screenshot before he did.
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