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  1. And as a supplementary question, why the fuck would you come on here and joke about it if you'd been accused of that? What a fucking weapon.
  2. After 5 years of working for a shithouse firm building racking and displays and whatnot in branches of B and Q, I've managed to escape. Fiancé's dad got me a foot in the door with a housebuilding firm as logistics manager and three months later I'm moving up to assistant site manager and getting put through some professional qualifications. First job I've ever had with any kind of prospects. I'm loving it so far, but I'm also so far out of my depth that James Cameron keeps going past in his little submarine.
  3. Not sure if this has been done before, I couldn't find another thread like it and don't recall seeing one. Anyway, I know there's a few folks on here that like cooking, so why not have a thread to share pics/tales of your wondrous culinary escapades. I'll kick things off with tonight's creation, inspired by watching Man vs Food on Dave this morning. It's Stromboli, essentially a saucy calzone. The filling is layers of mozzarella, homemade spicy pizza sauce, chorizo, salami and parma ham with some chopped onions and peppers. It's entirely fucking stupid and ridiculous but it looked like fun on the telly so I thought I'd give it a crack. Admittedly, it looks ropey as all hell here. It tastes awesome though. Stuffed.
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