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  1. Isn't the point of a cage to keep the heel's cohorts out so the heroic face can beat him fair and square, plus give him a bit of a nasty metal-assisted kicking without breaking the rules? Crowd-popping dive from the heel and a face fleeing instead of winning the pinfall. I get the whole idea of "caged SAniTY" but that should've been a post-victory angle. Really limp sendoff for Dillinger, a LA Luger-Yoko. Why are so many of the developing talent so limp as faces? Aside from Bayley, it feels like only heels get personalities. Liv and Aaliyah are bland as they come, but I hope they're working with more experienced opponents off TV because everything's still a bit stilted and telegraphed. Andrade needs more dynamic pyro but him vs Drew sounds tasty. Hopefully it doesn't go technical and degenerates into Almas slapping the shit out of him followed by Drew chucking him about the place.
  2. Looks awesome, and it'll be great fun, but something wasn't clicking. Then I realised it was trying to be Guardians of the Galaxy, and we've already got that. Still, looking forward to blind ronin Heimdall and Space Hulk. Regardless, it'll shit on The Dark World.
  3. Dash Wilder hurling himself across the ring to cut off a run-in is a better spot than anything Ricochet or Ospreay have yet to come up with.
  4. By the end of Beth's speech, I think I was in love with her. Just a lovely, funny, beautiful woman. Great to hear her thanking names you wouldn't realise helped so much. Rick Rude Junior is a charismatic sumbitch. Perfect commemorative speech. Got the gimmick out of the way early to pay tribute to the man. Wonderful. Rock'n'Rolls were doddery. Gibson looked like a shaven Bill Bailey. Cornette was loud. APA might've been entertaining themselves and the boys but I found JBL obnoxious and Simmons bland and disjointed. Sadly, Kurt's speech left me cold. A load of prop moments with too much dead time and telling everyone how great he was. The gold nugget in there though was his advice about character moments over work rate (ironic considering his post-ECW serious wrestler attitude). I hope the current and future generation took note. MVP, both of the night and in life, was DDP. An absolute hero in every sense. Genuine but charismatic, funny but honest, determined but humble. It saddens me that stories from before WWE was the only game in town, when guys could call their own matches and try out crazy shit, are going to be fewer and further between. The Dusty and Savage impressions were sublime. DDP 4 LIFE.
  5. Having not seen much WWE since the Rumble, this was solid but unmemorable. AJ vs Shane was fun, livened up by AJ's emoting and putting himself at the mercy of his boss. Exactly what I expected it to be. Charlotte really is leagues beyond the rest of the ladies. They've not managed to capture the magic of their NXT work, but her character work has progressed immensely and puts her way above the Indy move tennis the other girls are still stuck in. Tag Ladder match was great fun, and the Hardyz did really well beyond the nostalgia pop. I don't follow Total Divas, and I know the whole match was to build to the angle, but after that hype reel, was I really supposed to be rooting for John Cena? The besotted, successful married couple calls him out for his commitments phobia, and he acts evasive, oily and literally hits the husband below the belt? Nah mate. Miz lapped up the adoration and rightly so before the inevitable. Holy gawd, Maryse... Around about here is where I started to flag. The whole of HHH-Rollins should've been the last 6 minutes of a wild angry brawl, where face Rollins goes toe to toe with his former mentor, literally beating him to the punch at every turn with his athleticism and wits, until HHH finally has no choice but to take out the knee. That should not have been the whole match. Another bad call by Trips, similar to vs Orton. I did like Rollins fire entrance though, but it needed proper pyro and flames when the graphics reached the ring. Skipped the women's match after the entrances. Main event was bittersweet but logical. The aura of the Taker has been gone for a while. This was the swansong for the man behind the gimmick. Age has clearly caught up with him, and he overreached here. Sadly, it felt like Roman could have been anyone here. It didn't feel like the win added anything in terms of Roman's story - it was just a stat to add to his bio. My interest really picked up after the Tombstone botch, because I thought that meant a Tombstone was on the way. I can only imagine the reaction to Roman putting Taker away with a Tombstone, figuratively ending the character for good. But alas, no. Whether the botch spooked them, I don't know, so instead it was spear-pause-spear-pause-spear-pin. Oh yeah, I forgot Bray vs Randy happened. They just couldn't commit to a full on hokey ending. Something mental like Randy losing to Sister Abigail and falling into her skeletal shrieking mouth in the middle of the ring and disappearing. Nope, just gifs because reasons. Had a grin on the whole of Brock vs Goldberg. Nothing but special moves, because why would Godzilla and King Kong bother with anything else? Built on their months of story and wrapped it all up in an exciting smashup. Presentation of the Brock win was weird though, like he was a conquering hero fighting the good fight. Er, what? I guess Goldberg gives a farewell speech at Raw tonight and we say goodbye to one of the highlights of the last year.
  6. Despite his look, he's still working the same tech-heavy floppy-armed style he was before he was obese. He hasn't altered his look to his work or his work to his look. If he wants to eat like a pig and chain wrestle for hours, he can go back to any Indy wrestling school and not gas out in an NXT ring.
  7. Fucking hell. What cretin plans six movies ahead? I bet they could take the arc and do it in three. Saw Life last night. A good b-movie with an a-list cast and a big budget. I wasn't bored, but spent hours afterwards picking holes in it. Everyone's typecast, and the alien's final form is a bit meh, but the early set pieces are good and the tension ramps up well. Really liked the ending, proving it's nice to get just what you expect once in a while. I'm pretty sure it's destined for the same status as Relic and Hollow Man.
  8. Agreed and Dawn of the Dead is a cracking remake. That's the problem. He does good versions of other people's existing work. Creating something good from scratch, he's bobbins.
  9. By all means, record on the phone, but edit on a computer. You'll need a title/intro track and no doubt other effects and music to seque between segments and edits. Don't rely on your interviewee being stunningly charismatic and giving you nothing but uneditable gold. Cut out the waffle smoothly, begin and end well, and it'll come off much more professional.
  10. Body4life. Weights then swimming.
  11. Don't you need a subject, an agenda, a microphone and a PC before you start thinking about apps? Or have I misunderstood the OP?
  12. Therein lies the realisation I've had about the DCEU. It's not marketed for me. It's aimed at the video game generation and JL diehards that will watch and put money down just because it's Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman/whoever. Nothing about the trailer appeals to me. The palette is dark and dull. The action is disjointed and the choreography nonexistent. The effects are naff. The slow-motion is gratuitous. The dialogue is stilted and cliched. I even think Affleck's "I'm rich" should be a snappy, knowing zinger from the character, but even he sounds bored by it. They'll be a ton of people who'll make this a financial success and convince the studio they're on the right track, but as long as people go just for the sizzle and Gal Gadot doing a slo-mo Pantene advert in cosplay, there's no incentive to make these good films. But that's me talking from the perspective of a casual geek with strong opinions on who/what Batman, Supes etc are/should be and a Film Studies degree, so my critical thinking is probably dulling my enjoyment.
  13. Daredevil suffers from being overshadowed by other characters in his own series, namely Kingpin and Punisher. The second season also needed to brighten up its fight scenes so we could actually see what was going on. And yeah, fucking ninjas. They've laid their stall out letting everyone know The Defenders will have an Eastern villain, but fuck me, so many ninjas.
  14. The first half Luke Cage was ace. Mahershala Ali was a stunning villain. It slumped in the second half because of the shoehorned family ties in the replacement big bad, but I thought the social issues aspects were well done. A segment with Luke encountering two cops is really topical without being wink-wink. Jessica Jones is the other way around. First half is fairly slow going while they set everything up, but once the villain turns up, it just explodes into a brilliant and terrifying psychological thriller, with commentary on modern masculinity and a really strong female lead.
  15. Zack Snyder's sticking with his usual formula which isn't for me. I assume the effects aren't finished, but Cyborg looks terrible. He's a head floating behind a screensaver like he's sticking his head through one of those photo boards at the seafront. They're trying to make Aquaman the cool one, but it's the middle-aged tech nerd version of cool that Snyder knows, so it's greyed out outfits, scowling, and Seventies slang. That trailer's lots of flash and sizzle, but I couldn't tell you what is happening or why, and because of that I don't know why I should care about all the Star Wars Pears flying around.