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  1. Lots of stuff to comment on. Re Jimmy Havoc, I have no problem at all with him so far - from what I've seen, he's not being pushed as a hulking hardcase, but a horrible cunt. He's taking mouthfuls of thumb tacks and stapling stuff to people while carrying himself like a swaggering prick. He's the anti Darby Allin, which is aright by me. If Excalibur was any good at commentary, nobody would care about him wearing a mask. Problem is, his shortcomings on the mic mean every other possible peeve gets blown up. It was pointed out by someone earlier that they've essentially got two play by play guys, so you're relying on guy with little TV experience expected to carry a clearly bored veteran to something entertaining, and he's not up to it. A few weeks in, I think AEW bit off more than they could chew, going from a few shows and a YouTube channel to committing to 3 hours of TV a week. They've got the in ring talent, but they're relying on that to fill airtime because either they don't have the content, they don't have the creativity, or they don't want to deviate from the WWE Raw formula. They still insist on dropping really good skits, vignettes and hype videos online, when they should be consolidating all of that for the wider TV audience. I don't recall seeing that great Blue Planet spoof of the Jurassic Express on the main show.
  2. The bits about both of them meeting with and interacting with Vince are subtly brilliant. "Is this the Undertaker?" "Uh... Yeah. Sure. This is the Undertaker." It was a shame they didn't go into detail about the behind the scenes photos they showed of Undi, because I'd love to know how much of whose ideas were in the final terrifying product. I also loved Undi talking about having to fight his work rate instincts to get the character over. There's a lesson there for all the younguns. Imagine a WWE show agented by the old main eventers rather than workhorses like Malenko or goofs with high-placed friends like Road Dogg.
  3. Are you working from home? Even if you're not, I'd recommend keeping to some kind of 'work'-like schedule, e.g. setting an alarm to wake up to and sticking to it, 9am-11am work or something productive until tea break, more work til 12.30pm for an hour break (a podcast or an episode or two of a boxset over lunch) then winding up your morning's projects with some light social media stuff before chilling out for the evening with mates or the family. It's a system I used for both unemployment and rehab to stop the days blurring into one long haze of energy-draining lie-in and pointless web browsing. It can feel strange at first (I put work in inverted commas because it doesn't need to be professional, just something structured and productive/creative, like writing) but it definitely helped stop me tuning out from the world. Also,if you are feeling bleary, get in touch with mates to arrange get togethers at yours - human contact when you're bedridden is a must!
  4. I tried some other forums in the interim, but the lack of proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar was appalling. After two pages on most, I found myself longing for a full stop, or at least a comma to take a breath.
  5. With Cody claiming before the start of AEW's run that they had a year's storylines already planned, I'm kind of hoping Omega's arc is the hyped-up ace failing to meet expectations, complacently assuming after a stellar run on foreign soil that he can swan into titles but coming massively unstuck by his ego and hubris, to eventually reevaluate, reinvent and reverse his fortunes with a steady rise to the main event in the second half of the year. That requires a level of character performance both in ring and out that I wonder if Kenny has the ability or patience for, and if he is booking himself, then I doubt that'll happen, in favour of high energy matches and gimmick entrances at arbitrary points on the card until it's his turn at the top.
  6. This'll be a difficult election for us personally, because I discovered last night that the wife is a staunch Tory because raising the minimum wage at all SURELY means everyone's going to raise their prices to match and stiff us in the middle.
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