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    I have found that every bloke I've met who 'banters' like this is a total misogynist and quickly got shot of. My mates and I spend our banter telling each other what losers we are but also how much we want to fuck each other, which I'm sure is much more healthy...
  2. Is the Handsome Rusev name a thing or just UKFFese? I would love him to pop out of a cake in a tiny bow tie and destroy someone. "Hello Coooody!" Sidenote: Spotted that Sammy vs golf cart has made the Dynamite title video, neon explosions and everything. 9 3/4 stars.
  3. Do adverts actually work? Has anyone on here bought anything based on the advert? I buy based on sales, whoops labels, and comparison site searches. Most adverts, especially shit ones, actively turn me away. I've never bought Old Spice despite the fact that random shower guy and Terry Crews make me blow air out of my nose.
  4. Maybe I've been spoiled by Jake Roberts, but it's absolutely a problem if AEW have IRL employed him to talk and Cage has kayfabe employed him to talk, and he can't talk. They're not fixing him in post, like on Smackdown. I get that the pandemic means they've got to find ways to keep the main stars busy while keeping the money feuds off the table, so a certain amount of hotshotting is going to be involved. But turning a good guy commentator with growing beef with a cruiserweight talent into a heel manager going after the heavyweight belt is too whiplash for me. The Fyter Fest bout will no doubt be decent, with Mox working with Cage's space age offence after his worked shoot with Hager and WWE brawl with Brodie. The start has been a damp squib for me so far. I'm sure FTR's ring names are a mix of Nascar heroes and their kids' names. Dax and Cash is catchier than their full ones, even if they sound like side characters in Sonic Chaotix.
  5. "It's hard" "Wrong screw position" "I'm tired"
  6. You can tell there's a lot of dads on this forum.
  7. Watched the full show last night, and yeah, it was a definite comedown from the high of the PPV. I get that it makes sense for the follow-up shows to be a cool-off, setting up the next set of angles and matches, but this did seem thrown-together and low-energy. You cannot have staredowns in lockdown shows if you don't have commentators talking and hyping over it to cover the dead air. Bucks/FTR, Mox/Cage and Tyson/Jericho all had moments that were left feeling awkward because the guys on the desk went quiet, either having nothing prepared to say or waiting for one of the others to chime in. Opener was fine for the most part. Hardy's version switching could have done with snappier cutting. I didn't recognise his attire - it looked more like his Smackdown AJ Styles-like gear before he headed to Impact. The image of early Matt that springs to mind is his home photos with neon tights and massive ski shades, which would have been fun if he'd gone for that and come face-to-face with Janela. If Isaiah Casidy really did get lost when Marq Quen got injured, then I'm disappointed vets like the Bucks and Hardy couldn't pick up the slack, but as an ad hoc face vs face trios match, there wasn't any clear structure to fall back on, I suppose. As I said before, I love the Butcher and Blade's new look. As long as Butcher keeps the monocle for his wrestling, that'll be grand. I hope we get to play "spot the retro T" in Butcher's background appearances. He looked boss in his aviators and "Damn I'm Good" Ole tee on Twitter. FTR (love how they've taken back control of that acronym) need to make that truck their entrance. With a theme and with a live crowd, they'll look the business. I can see them being good foil for most of AEW's tag division, although I'll be interested to see how their mauling style works as the faces they'll inevitably start off as. A solid squash for Cage, but nothing that tells me much about him. Compare this pairing to Jake and Archer when they first arrived, and within a week, there was a reason for them to be together, a clear goal in mind, intrigue and tension. I don't know if there's been anything happening on Dark, but all I've seen from Tazz is some commentary spots, two Technique with Tazz vignettes, and him getting in a grump because Darby brushed off his stuttering attempt at advice. I don't know why he's got it in for Moxley, why he picked Cage, or who Cage even is. At the moment, it's very much a "hey! You recognise these guys, right?" Tazz fluffed his lines AGAIN. If he's going to attempt to pass his catchphrase to Cage, I can't wait for Cage to start threatening to "set the pigeons loose". Cody cut a decent promo, but his insistence that he's just the same as anyone else on the roster, and, in this case, that he wasn't high on the list of people Tony Khan "called" comes across as disingenuous to me considering everyone knows him and the Bucks were the driving forces behind AEW, and he is still an EVP. As far as I am concerned, Cody will always be the AEW establishment, so I think he should avoid referencing how "hard" he's had it and focus on proving himself to the naysayers who doubt his ability. Maybe that's me misinterpreting the content based on my smark knowledge. A lot of filler matches in general. The only pretapes I recall seeing, even less than 24 hours later, were minute-long recaps or picture-in-picture highlights from the PPV. It might have only been three days since the PPV, but being on lockdown with physical distancing restrictions, I'd've hoped they'd be in the routine of keying up lengthier video spots to break up the shows and fill in the runtime without needing to gather everyone together. It felt like a show where they were throwing everyone out there to have matches because they had no content ready. I'm also failing to see the benefit of binning off weeks of recorded material in favour of going live. Main event angle was a letdown. They could've done so much more with the after-effects of the Stampede than just Ortiz being deaf and Sammy carrying a crutch around that he clearly didn't need. Instead, we got prop comedy flattened by the dead crowd. And yes, I agree with the previous posters that legit fighters really seem to struggle with the angle side of things, chatting over everything and burying any potentially cool moments. I also think Tyson has the Bruce Willis problem of going bald early and therefore looking similar to his youthful self many years later. He looks great in sparring videos and standing there posing, but as soon as he walks and moves, you can see his aged flat-footedness and dewy eyes. I'd be amazed if this was building to a match, even a worked boxing match, and if it was, then I really hope Jericho can hold it together. Not great.
  8. Based purely on an Insta vid posted by AEW (will be watching the show later tonight), I love the new look. Hipster dicks is a much more interesting look than pleather fetishist, and the retro vibe fits in well with FTR's old school style. The group photos are going to look like they're going to drop the hottest metalcore reunion album of 2017 (appropriate considering Butcher's background).
  9. The turning point for me was watching Jericho beaming at him from the stage as Sammy belted himself hoarse soloing "Judas in my Mind". A proper look of a proud dad saying "That's my boy!". Sammy was already on the up at this point, but this was the moment I officially bought in on Guevara.
  10. If he's in his 40s in a physical job, is it possibly just age? I've been lifting weights for over 20 years now, and in the past year have had to be very careful overloading my hips and elbows, not because of injuries or impingements but just how much longer recovery takes. I've caught these things early, adjusted my technique on lifts and general activities, and thrown the usual supps at myself - cod liver oil, glucosamine, chondroitin - to lube up my joints. I've also identified those foods that I didn't agree with, which may have been adding to any inflammation, and cut out or reduced them. These measures sorted me out within a month or so. But that's my gym rat analysis; I'm sure the doc will tell him what's really what!
  11. As much as I loved loved loved the Stadium Stampede match, I absolutely do NOT want it to become an annual, or even recurring thing. It seemed like the product of a perfect storm of situations. The Elite and Inner Circle both contained characters and creative minds to make it work, and the empty arena gave them the production options to be able to make it happen. The match absolutely would not have worked if there had been a crowd - can you imagine the number of oiks who'd try to get on camera? Going annual would also push them straight into WWE's trap of shoehorning feuds into match scenarios rather than the other way around. Mad to think when so many people applaud AEW for doing something different from the opposition that so many would immediately ask that they do the same as the opposition. If they can somehow develop it, they simply must put the Stadium Stampede as a match option in whatever game they're doing. And if then can afford to book a cruise ship specifically for a match, with NO crowd, then, storyline and characters permitting, I'd be interested to see what they do with it. But this has to be one and done for now. If they want an annual event, Blood and Guts, if it is War Games as we suspect, will be the way to go. As a random extra thought, if Hangman turns up on Dynamite this week, it'll be a mistake. He's rode in, helps his mates in their time of need, but he should definitely ride off into the sunset (or walk off into the woods) again. Not only is there no point while lockdown is still up, but also having him as a lone gunman type would add to his Stone Cold aura of being the guy you get in to sort shit out. A proper cowboy superman.
  12. They've announced an Inner Circle "Pep Rally" for Wednesday. Which hopefully means a still-white-painted Jericho trying to cheer up a wheelchair bound Ortiz, still-freezing-somehow Santana, full-body-cast Sammy and bit-more-grumpy Hager. That's going to be gold.
  13. Feels like an unfortunate evolution. No DQ means you can sit outside and wait for the others to finish their spots without worrying about stuff like count outs or other psychology.
  14. Loved this show. Ladder match was exactly the kind of storyline-free stunt fest I expected from this opener, and, much like the rest of the show, it contained plenty of character moments that put this a cut above the typical indy spot fest. SCU were great together. Jimmy in a bloodied suit is much better than his pleather swimsuit and gives him plenty of places to stash props on himself and keep him from having to actually work - the shot of that threesome looked very good. Cassidy doing absolutely no prep and just doing literally what people told him to do was genuinely hilarious. Luchasaurus sadly isn't improving. Cage makes sense for AEW's midcard style. I like the idea of having Tazz as a reason for Cage to bust out some gnarly new suplex every match. As for Tazz himself, I think he's useless and offers nothing. His ECW prime was 30 years ago, and every time he opens his mouth, he wrecks any idea of legitimacy - for a guy touted as a technical wrestling mastermind, he constantly loses track, fumbles his lines, and provides zero insight beyond what we can see with our own eyes. He does a good scowly face, but that's it. And they need to bin off voice overs in entrance music, especially with shitty puns. Cody vs Archer was decent but a bit too long. That turnbuckle Gopro shot of Archer was fucking amazing. Archer's ring work has been solid for years, but his camera awareness in this match was incredible - no wasted movement, every opportunity used to look psychopathic and sadistic. I liked the charges using the other's manager's signature moves. Agreed that both Roberts and Arn looked past it. As much as I love the old bastards, they need to stay on the mic and away from the ring. Jake's expressions were great, but both of their timing seemed off. It's also pretty clear JR is an ego signing for Cody. It's no coincidence JR perks up during the classic-style match of Dusty's kid. But christ, JR is absolutely torpedoing a lot of the rest of the show. He clearly doesn't care for the bulk of AEW's style, and comes across as surly, grumpy, or amateurish. There are times he genuinely seems to forget basic words, and that he's meant to be adding to the presentation and not watching as a spectator. There's a time, a place, and a character to emphasise when they haven't hooked a leg on a pin, but he gets up in arms about it with EVERYONE. His comment after the Stampede match about it not being wrestling like we know it was, at best, a sign of confusion, at worst sabotage. He seems to suck the professionalism out of Big Tone too. Get rid. Also, a Stinger Splash? Hmmm? MJF continues to have holiday camp matches and be great at them. Love the partnership with Wardlow - I hadn't seen the case for the ring before (Sidenote - I loved Wardlow's one handed supercasual choke on Marko last Dynamite). Also a great showing by Jungle Boy, whose probably the best white heat babyface they have. Consistent selling and great fire,with the right finish for what was essentially a filler. Speaking of great filler, hats off to Spears. I've said it before, but this guy has taken the current situation by the horns in a big way. A quality midcard gobshites, arrogant, cheesy, and perfect for taking a feelgood ass kicking. SSN on Dynamite is a fun unique way of giving him relevance and a distinct presence on shows, and this was a great start for him. His comment about his suit, his slow turn to the camera after the fake out, change in tone when demanding the count, and then his expressions and selling moving from one self-deprecating gag to the next. An excellent surprise entrance for Dustin too, and good fun rattling off his signatures before the win. Skipped the superfluous women's match, but enjoyed what I saw of Shida vs Rose. No doubt a last minute change of booking, well-meaning but accidentally tainted by Jr's ham-fisted commentary. Like an earlier poster, the first women's match I didn't feel the need to skip parts of. Shida's celebration was heartwarming and heartbreaking - she seemed genuinely made up but mournful; you would be forgiving for thinking she was friends with Hana. A nice tribute to Hana Kimura. I don't know if WWE have or will do anything similar, but this acknowledgement of wrestling outside AEW actually makes the company look bigger and better. They acknowledge that others exist, which makes it a big deal when wrestlers from there choose to work for them. It also connects AEW to the wider wrestling audience, which I like. Mox vs Brodie was a solid WWE Brawl, which was always sits well as something distinct on AEW's shows. Brodie still looked awkward at times. But, and this is really weird But, how much better did he look once he pulled his straps down? He's a massive bloke but unfortunately a bit pear shaped, which his trousers and singlet attire only emphasises. Once the straps came down though, his slight middle aged spread was hidden and his upper chest and arms looked much bigger. The DDP look is definitely the way to go. A borderline babyface finish for him, but keeps him strong in the eyes of the Dark Order. I love Mox's sweaty postmatch promos to camera. Short, sweet, and another cool way to fill the dead air of empty arena shows. I want to watch the Stampede again. And again and again. A genuine MOTY candidate, and it was barely even a match. It was a 45 minute series of skits, spots, and payoffs, and it was glorious. I know they're the heels, but the Inner Circle looked SO MUCH COOLER than the Elite in their matching football gear. Ortiz trying to fit his helmet on. It also made the Elite look even more like geeks than normal. Fuck me I hate the Bucks. They're on a team with a middle aged guy in a goth coat, and another in leather chaps, and still manage to look like twerps in their tassels and headbands. On the flip side, Kenny actually looked pretty cool knowing about Page when the rest of the Elite didn't, and their toast at the bar was the first time they've really clicked as a tag team for me. And Page though. What a man. The entrance. The chase. That bar room brawl. Hilarious, but totally in character. Not a wink or nudge in sight. Just great little moments played for maximum effect. Be still, my heart. I didn't find the pool spot distasteful; knowing the previous Hardy Compound shenanigans, i knew where things were going to go without making the instant connection to recent events. I was also strangely heartened to know that Matt Hardy can hold his breath for 346 seconds, so I knew he was never in any danger. Popped hard for V1. Jericho vs the mascot. Jericho vs the ref. Jericho vs paint. All magic. Nothing to say about Sammy that hasn't already been said. He's a megastar. Everyone came out of this match looking great. I'm hoping for a breakup of this feud for now into either separate feuds or something else entirely for a bit, then wait for lockdown to ease up ready for a reunion for Blood and Guts.
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