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  1. Is he getting worked? He just lost a high stakes match to the EVPs, losing his top ranking, and now he's treated as nowhere near the title match, as per the stip. The DO entrance was out of this world. Just magnificent business, from the note perfect VT to the spotlights and the purple bandannas. "Doc Dangly Gallows." Callis' thighs rivalling the mighty Ginola's. Everyone got a chance to shine, even if the middle went a bit dead. Ending makes sense in terms of the match, in that it ended up being Page versus all his old friends, so all he could do was cling on for as long as he could. The inference is still that, one-on-one, he'll have Kenny's number. These guys seem smart to the visual language of wrestling. We all know the cue that Page is winning, and it's called Main Event Trunks. The main event was, in my opinion, the best blood and guts spectacle AEW have put on. As much as the takeaway is the stunt spots, the match itself was a class in crowd work and building up each one. Gage prowling around the ring between every spot, hyping up the crowd and threatening what he's going to do, was pure wresting 101, regardless of the match type. Even the switcheroo of the real and gimmicked pizza cutters was smartly done. In terms of any ratings or sponsorship issues, playing devil's advocate, they did advertise the match a week beforehand, with Gage brandishing his pizza cutter prominently as the show went to black, so it wasn't sudden or irresponsible; there was time to field concerns or complaints from brass. I don't know what the various broadcast streams are (I watch via nefarious means, aaarr), but this match is definitely NOT going on any pre-watershed showings (unless it already has, in which case, well, fuck). I do agree with a lot of people here, and I think I mentioned it after last week, we definitely need a break from this sort of match for a couple of weeks at least.
  2. I might start responding to emails with "Thanks for reaching round" and see if it takes off.
  3. IMO they'd be pissing money away if they brought Punk in. At least Bryan has proven he can still go in the ring, has turned his hand to serious angles and goofy feelgood stuff on a dime ("I'm gonna toss so many guys off!"), has remained a distinct style that actually intrigues both in terms of the wrestling itself and the character interplay, and has actual experience to impart to up and comers. Punk hasn't wrestled in 7 years, and when he did hit it big, it was a lightning in a bottle moment of being the right guy in the right place at the right time. He somehow managed to parlay his superior attitude from his best work as an evangelical heel into an evangelical Indie (tm) face, while being just as goofy and routine as the regime he was supposedly opposed to. He may have been an pioneer of that and the current style, but if he turns up now, beyond an initial pop, everything he does is done better by everyone else. Using the pipe bomb and Summer of Punk as reason to get excited about Punk in 2021 is nonsense.
  4. Even better, have him come in and hype the match, bigging up that winning the title means this is what he'd get to do, then have Miro beat him handily. What better way to send the message that AEW is NOT the place for ex WWE stars to come and 'play', than to have someone espousing that be beaten by a guy wasted by WWE and languished in lower/midcard purgatory who came in to AEW, completely reinvented himself, is focused on proving he's the best, not riding on past achievements to cheerily work through his bucket list? A harsh reduction, I know, but a meaty AEW-centric angle that's much more intriguing than having a guy do ten counts with kicks against a conveyor belt of faces.
  5. Just sessioned the first part of Revelations this morning. Really good stuff. I'm no big fan of the original - Thundercats was the thing in our household, and although we had a couple of MOTU toys when we were little, it was just because they looked cool rather than us knowing who they were. This show was good fun in that I think it brought in all the old characters, of which I was amazed how many I actually knew so they must be buried deep in my brain somewhere, but launched them into something new. For that reason, I can see why some old fans might not be on board, but each episode got me emotional at some point, Man At Arms is an unmitigated badass, and Henry Rollins worshipping the Holy Sprocket gets a thumbs up from me. God bless the incels though.
  6. I'd love that. Use QT being a dick to get his charges into some fun little feuds. QT's clearly going to find an excuse to dump loads of protein shakes all over Big Tone again, leading to Wight making the save but Ogogo cold-cocking the giant. OK, it might mean Show has to take a few weeks off Elevation, but it'll be worth it for a fun gimmick match/angle down the line to put the shine back on Ogogo.
  7. Poor Trips, though, if this is all going to come down on him. You die a hero or live long enough to become the villain. He builds a brand that a niche of fans love, based on tidying up some of the best independent talent in the current wrestling scene. Then one by one, he sees every one that he had faith in shunted onto the main show conveyor belt with no hook and buried in hours of 'content creation'. I'm not suggesting HHH is some kind of dedicated mentor with a deep artistic vision, but the last few years has clearly demonstrated that whatever they're training guys to do in development is NOT preparing them for the main roster. Whatever brief he had when he was given NXT to work on, it isn't in line with the requirements of the business up top, and it's selling the PC talent short. It's no good building to 30-40 minutes 'epics' if your guys are only going to have 5-10 minutes to get over. This is an observation based on no checking of timings, current personnel or anything else, but it's starting to feel like Bloom and Regal were the guys to get that level of talent ready, as in ready for the bottom of the main card, and quality output has been in steady decline since HBK took the reins.
  8. AEW do a pretty good job putting together balanced cards with the right mix of results. I'd be amazed if Eddie loses in NYC. Obviously you always want your faves to win, but booking-wise, It feels much more likely that he gets the raucous feel-good win so there can be an upset or high-profile heel win elsewhere on the card. Sting vs OC is the greatest thing the Stinger's done in years. AEW have got little moments and feuds built on subtleties and characters dead on. On this show, you had a blow-off to a feud built on a punch, and in the run-up, a fun mid-match "What if...?" skit played out based solely on two guys looking a bit serious all the time. How OC kept a straight face when Sting pounded his chest, I'll never know. Loved the rollercoaster of the Andrade vs Death Triangle segment. PAC must feel like he's being attacked from all sides. First Eddie tries to drive a wedge between them all, and still maintains him and Penta are best friends, and now Andrade is trying to woo his lucha buddies away. I've no idea what happened in the middle of Baker vs Rose, but Nyla limply rolling out of covers and landing awkwardly seemed like she got knocked silly at some point or got blown up/panicked. It was no surprise that the reactions and quality picked up in the final stretch with character work. Nyla is frustratingly not as strong as she should be, and the way her opponents always seem to take the powerbomb on their lower back makes me wince. Page vs Elite was an okay rehash but felt kind of off. The Good Brothers seemed to react to their buddy Omega's music hitting as if it were any other run-in by an enemy. Then Callis very loudly called them all the "Olite". Then Page came out and all was well again. I'd've made more of John Silver busting out moves after his injury, but hey ho. Spears is a perfectly solid non-threatening villain. I enjoyed the stip and they did well, but despite the weapon shots, Shawn's natural goofiness and clowning just took the dramatic edge off. For an angle involving a sustained assault on an already-busted arm, Jericho could do with selling that thing once in a while. I've never seen a Gage match, but he looks like the missing link got cholo'ed up, so that's good. I get that AEW have a 90s/2000s vibe so the ECW-esque match mix is good, but having Jericho vs Gage just a week after Mox vs Archer seems a bit much. Really enjoyed Mox vs Archer. Mox put in such a shift and the crowd were so on board with Lance that I'd forgotten Archer's middling stop-start face run entirely once he hit motherfucking Mox with another motherfucker. I actually thought the fork spots were really well done. Archers bin-lid punch made me laugh out loud, and I really liked the tease and execution of the chairs spot. Finish was a standard TV stunt spot, but I like that the commentators emphasise that, with barbed wire, it's not just the pain, but the fact you get tangled up in it that stops you getting up. Hopefully now Mox has a couple of weeks off, and Archer gets to do a side thing with the IWGP US belt, rebuilding his rep.
  9. It's no surprise McAfee does whatever the fuck he wants. It's part and parcel of WWE's and the McMahons' massive inferiority complex. They HATE wrestling, they hate wrestlers, and they hate anyone who wants to be a wrestler. They hold their own employees in utter contempt. So if you come with an attitude like you can take or leave them, suddenly they can't do enough for you. In the shorts story, there's no way Vince had ever seen the LeBron pic before, and his response reeked of face-saving. Pat's the future, he gives zero fucks, but a roster of guys like that terrifies Vince.
  10. Ageing raver giving it one last hurrah in the ring? Gotta be this for me:
  11. Exactly. And come voting time, all will be forgotten. If an opposition party try to draw the Tories on their murderous performance, that party will be accused of not having policies of their own by Tory supporters. If they don't, they'll be accused of skirting the key issues by their own supporters.
  12. The stakes are wins and losses, leading to rankings and championships. The inference is always that the higher the ranking, the better the pay. It goes without saying. In fact, I think emphasising that the wrestlers get a hefty wedge for winning anyhow undercuts the hook of merch. If I buy a Hangman shirt, it's to show my support for Hangman, in a kayfabe sense. Two types of wrestlers make big money - champions and fan favourites. It's a subtlety that I'm probably alone in feeling, but the idea that faces are after the same thing as heels - raw material success - instead of fighting for a cause like saving their friends or standing up against villains doesn't sit right. Sure, Hangman had a Big Money match vs Matt Hardy, but even then, he immediately gave almost all of it to local causes as well as treating himself and the DO to a massive lawnmower. So stop telling me he should just want a fat bank account.
  13. I wish he'd stop bringing up money, as well. I understand he might be trying to emphasise the importance of wins in that 'legit sport' way. But in wrestling, the drama is in the interpersonal or athletic conflict. There's something sour about trying to push that your babyfaces should be more interested in getting cold hard cash any way they can, than seeking retribution/catharsis for whatever emotional journey they've been on.
  14. Omega and Page in the match, not crossing paths until the finish, when Page goes to Buckshot legal man Kenny, but CALLIS pushes him out of the way and eats it. The Bucks double-Superkick Page, and Kenny gets the pin on Page.
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