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  1. For weeks, RVD vs Jeff Hardy was the greatest match anyone in my year at school had ever seen. Only watching Raw and Nitro at that point, we'd never heard of him. Then this smug fucker in a tiger singlet strolls out, spin-kicking human crash test dummy Hardy all over the shop, while hot-dogging and high-fiving to the fans when the rest of the Alliance was generic-heeling. It was mental.
  2. Joined the Empire. Debuted in a 6 man wearing 2-foot-long night vision goggles. Called myself White Okada. Won with a Snow Plow.
  3. (ignore quote - it's stuck in the editor for some reason) Anderson peaked a decade ago when he got the "thank you, gaijin" G1 run, when he was physically heftier, working peak indy, and still shooting out invisible ceiling tiles. Since then, he's been coasting and seemingly happily so. He clearly loves hanging out with and working with his mates, but there's nothing you can do with him that you couldn't with a dozen other more interesting characters. I think Gallows looks the business, and would be a great addition to the (my imaginary) AEW super heavyweight hoss division, alongside
  4. It's funny hearing other people had the same split in their households, with me thinking it was REALLY good, and wife finding it annoying and wanting to know what's going on. Paul Bettany Having A Lovely Time is fantastic - him walking up then down the bandstand steps was pure van Dyke. I did laugh at Vision's job in Computational Services, as that's exactly how I feel in my job most days. Some of the jokes are actually really funny, the switch to contemporary filming when reality starts to come apart is genuinely creepy, and Olsen in a sequined one-piece, long gloves and a top hat went s
  5. Yeah, the edict went out well after Hebner had gone from WWE, but I'm sure this was one of his tells when he was at the company.
  6. Pretty sure that was originally Hebner's way of telling the pinnee to kick out. Rather than checking every fall, I'd rather they just refused to count if the victim's shoulders were clearly off the mat. And don't give me any of that "shoulder BLADES" rubbish; if you're practically mid-Spinarooni, you're not being pinned. Be better at wrestling.
  7. I love that poster. Not just the old school WOS community centre show filter, but the pictures. Everyone being deadly serious, and Tana just happy to be there.
  8. Every chance Goldberg has Covid via Glasgow kiss, then.
  9. Fucking hell, that Bret one looked murderous. I enjoy looking back at the debuts of moves, and the difference in the Stunner is really interesting. That desperate scrabbling to hit the move could have been a great thing to revisit when Austin was doing his paranoid bully thing later on, post-heel turn. All it would've taken is someone to counter that leading kick one time to convince Austin his gig was up, and make him obsessed with hitting it any way he could. It could've been a nice twist on the gag that he only had a few moves in his set! That does lead onto a petty annoyance (tha
  10. The Facebook algorithm in my online bubble has dozens of acquaintances sharing "stop the lockdown - suicide callouts are up 50%" posts. Last week, it was "stop the lockdown - it defies human social nature." The week before, it was "stop the lockdown - everyone's ignoring it." At what point does the government make its play for what it wanted all along? Through incompetence or 'happy accident', it feels like more and more public are calling for herd immunity, because they'll be alright. Lockdown and the government's lacklustre implementation of lockdown are being conflated as one and the
  11. Anyone expecting Jay White to rock up anywhere and turn out barnburners is going to be disappointed. That's not what Jay does, nor should it be. Over the past two years, White has developed into the perfect foil for absolutely any opponent, and arguably the best pure heel working today. There have been times when I think he could be considered the heel Okada, in that he can work anyone's match while still being 100% his own style. When he first turned up and got the hot shot, Gedo really gave him a mountain to climb. He was pushed as this machiavellian sociopath, while looking like a baby
  12. Something for the threesome thread. Gauntlet match.
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