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  1. This is my annual post into the ether for them to cast Jon Hamm.
  2. I feel terrible that my tin ear mishears the line in Ember's intro as "Ember is the fat one", because she's scrummy, like Nidia if she did squats. Competition angles bore me though. When two opponents can't put each other away without a long history and poor quality vignettes like that faceoff at training, it looks to me they're both as bad as each other rather than elevating each other. Lorcan's a head case, fun but stuff like twatting opponents can't look good for him to the higher-ups. I imagine Burch being Burch would have given him the all clear to lay it in a bit, but busting people open two matches in a row isn't good. In my fantasy booking mind, this could be an angle, where he's deliberately trying to cave people's faces in so they're ugly like him, like an angry version of Broken Cody (they really should've made more of his bare knees making his kneedrops absolutely killer). But unless you actually start taking guys off the shows to sell it, it'll just end up being forgotten, even if it's midcard waffle. Drew is sexy. Dain is big. Good stuff. I now want to see the two of them tagging in the next Dusty Cup. Fucking imagine.
  3. I'd argue that any attempt at "the rub" is pointless unless the recipient is already either really, really good or already a megastar in the fans' eyes. The two best examples of the rub that spring to my mind are Bret Vs Austin and Sting Vs Flair, both of which feature guys who weren't expected to win, but were still well beyond needing to be carried. Plus both had clear face/heel dynamics (even if they did switch mid-match *spoilers?*), whereas Angle is getting cheers regardless of who he's up against, and the veteran loser raising the young victor's hand is never as impactful or long-lasting as it needs to be. HHH fancied himself as a star maker for years, but the closest he got was Batista, who arguably was a star due to booking and charisma before he faced finally Hunter. In fact, by the time they did meet, it was pretty much a formality.
  4. Even Feige has said repeatedly that Infinity War will be the end of the current Avengers. I've no doubt the current crop will pop in and out once IW is done, but the idea of everyone being polished off isn't new. This is the genius/madness of Marvel's marketing now. Everything could or couldn't be a spoiler. There were even people highlighted Holland hiding his gloves under his arms in the IW behind-the-scenes skit they produced, as if Marvel vetted/scripted that deliberately.
  5. From the sounds of things, Marvel's turned in another blinder with Spider-Man Homecoming. Loved Holland's Parker and Spidey, the comic relief looks actually funny, and Keaton's bringing full bastard. I'm looking forward to checking this out this week sometime. On the flipside, the Inhumans trailer has been roundly slated. To me, it looked rushed, flat, and dreary. Also looks like a waste of IMAX if all it does is give everything a fish eye lens look. I know little to nothing about the Inhumans, only reading up on them when they started turning up in SHIELD as emergency special effects, but this doesn't look good. The reactions are more fun than the trailer. The more obscure the property, the more hardcore the fanboy.
  6. Wow. Turns out I've been living a lie all these years. In an Off-Topic Misconceptions/TIL revelation, European Man turns out to have been a misheard lyric from This Is It. Rest easy, DM.
  7. Dannii Minoque in the video to European Man the first thing to have little Cave reaching for his club. Posh Spice got on there purely because, for a short time, you HAD to fancy a Spice Girl. Also, 90s dance-pixie Saffron from Republica. Just found out she's 49, but still in fine fettle.
  8. I don't assume they'll be hominid or grey-like, but certainly any attempt at communication would show a parity of development within our understanding of physics, if not using the same base elements. Having said that, regarding your comment about ants, I'm sure I heard a myth/assertion that corn covers more of the planet than humans, and therefore crop circles were aliens waging war on the dominant Earth species, so... yeah. There's that.
  9. Depressingly true. Even I admit that if aliens did visit, as much as I would tell you now I would welcome it and how life-affirming I would see it, the likely truth is that I would still be sceptical and treat it as a hoax. I would need to experience, possibly even go to and return from their home with independent evidence that I had indeed left Earth and the Solar system, before I would properly buy in.
  10. Any alien race will have the same problem to overcome as anyone today attempting to convert hardcore religious fundamentalists away from their literal interpretations of scriptures. The only way to do this is to have the fundamentalists confirm exactly what proof would be required for them to switch, so it becomes less confrontational and more explorative. Thing is, the vast majority of the time, you'll probably find this evidence would then be provided, only for the believers to decry it as faked or inconclusive, the same as Flat Earthers and climate change deniers. In terms of an overall idea of a god-like entity or force, I'm fine with that (I personally find the idea of a being with human characteristics very limited, convenient, and dangerous), and it wouldn't surprise me if aliens did have a similar "safety net" for the limits of their scientific explorations.
  11. The usual. Liberals will rejoice and take to social media to declare how they greet their new alien friends with open arms, probably putting a green filter on their profile pics as a show of solidarity. Meanwhile, very loud conservatives across the world will be up in arms, literally, demanding a consolidation and expansion of our nuclear weapons capacities. Survivalists continue to sit in the hills, eating beans and somehow stockpiling ammo. The East accuses the West of collusion. People go about their daily lives, while a tiny minority wonder when the next paradigm shift will come. The aliens hang around for 3 weeks, then it all gets quietly forgotten when The X Factor starts again.
  12. That sort of thing is fine if the two guys actually look like they're trying to go for something rather than tumbling around each other for rolls. That tap on the back as he runs past you in clotheslining range? Fuck off. It's entertaining for that sort of spotfest, but in terms of believability and storytelling, it's mostly bobbins. I think any trainee who thinks that's good wrestling worth aspiring to should watch Jake Roberts' WWF debut, particularly the moment when the jobber nips up after a shoulder tackle. Bosh.
  13. It's an injustice that the religious connections of the acts are publicised so heavily but the public denunciations aren't (or don't seem to be - talking from my own experience, of course). And even if they were, you have the other issue of warped proportionality - one idiot representing himself carrying out an act of violence versus one spokesman for a community of millions still appears on screen as one man versus one man.
  14. Goes to show how much this is broadcast. I like to think I'm fairly well up on news, but I don't recall this being highlighted. I'll keep my eyes out.
  15. A lot of vocal people, on the internet and in real-life, seem to be looking for a reason to get up in arms, which only clouds things, and it's made even worse by deliberate prodding by some parts of the media. I'm too inclined to think there's a ton of Photoshop happening, but if half the headlines that have come out are accurate, there's some ludicrously hypocritical stuff being touted. Discussing a difficult subject is not condoning it. Playing devil's advocate is not condoning it. But until people sit the fuck down and talk about these things, it'll constantly be tit for tat, back and forth. I don't know the structure of the Muslim community, but is there a senior figure or council that can officially identify terrorist acts purportedly carried out in the name of Allah as anti-Muslim and publically separate themselves from the violence? Or would that in itself cause another raft of problems?