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  1. When Wardlow takes Ogogo's gut punch and is the first NOT to drop, I, a grown 38 year old man, may get pregnant via the TV screen. No problem with factionising the roster. Everywhere has cliques and groups. It's the sixth form common room vibe. You know in any angle who's got whose back, but you can have them off doing their own things. I'm imagining Miro obliterating Kip after getting the win, but Best Friends making the save, not to have him join their group of energetic slackers, but just to tie up that feud once and for all so Miro can move on without actually murdering Sabian.
  2. He's going to lash him to within an inch of his life, and then... he's going to have him.
  3. This is a great point and one I wish AEW would make more of. Apart from the two skits they showed of the two hanging out on a night out (culminating in a fight in a petrol station and the awesome right hook-cock punch combo), I don't recall seeing them up to anything. Showing that a redneck caricature of a Real Man can still be friends with and fight alongside a Flaming Moltress should be a great hook, but after the initial teaming up, they seem to have had more filler singles matches than gimmick-cementing tags.
  4. I slate Zack Snyder for not editing things down but at least he dumps the whole thing out as one package rather than stretching things even thinner and trying to call it a series. There's a really solid 2-3 hour made-for-streaming movie in Falcon and Winter Soldier, but it's buried somewhere in a 6 hour run time. Apart from the opening fight which was really quality, the most bonkers part of this episode was that the opening recap played scenes out of broadcast order and everything made SO much more sense. This show should've been Zemo breaking himself out of prison after seeing Walker given t
  5. That Pixies theme tune really does bring the Best Friends gimmick together, doesn't it? As soon as it came on and they all came strolling out in jeans and trainers, I was back in a beer garden on a Saturday evening at the Alex 20 years ago. Statlander's new look is great, much better than the dots and stripes rubbish. Bits of Zuko, V, and Species in there, which if that's all deliberate, is pretty inspired. Nice to see a weird gimmick that everyone on screen gets into, unlike WWE where they'd have her booping randoms then having everyone stand staring at her in confusion and disgust as she wal
  6. Regardless of how well they're doing business-wise, WWE are 25 years deep in the "RAW is a free PPV every week" mentality, except now it's a free "PPV" every Friday too, plus an extra long proper one every 3-4 weeks on top of that. No wonder everything's played out. They're so busy giving people what they think they want, they don't bother taking the time to make them want it.
  7. This was the first Dynamite I actually turned off halfway through. The moment I saw "Sting Speaks next..." I blurted out "oh, for fuck's sake" and switched off. Is there a pattern to which shows are taped and which are live? The difference in quality is ridiculous. The amount of dead air, missed spots, awkward editing, and duff promo lines isn't worth it.
  8. With those three at the top of the card, I might give AJPW a go. The last time I knew anything about Go was about 15 years ago when he was being touted as the next Kobashi, but the fact he stuck in young boy black trunks for so long made him fade into the background for me. Isn't Kaz Hayashi still rattling around with them too? The chickens are coming home to roost big time in NJPW. Years of sacrificing everyone to build the monolith of Kazuchika Okada has meant that all their feuds are played out and their stars are off the boil. Naito should have won the big one two/three years ago, but
  9. The bars, cafes and restaurants sprung up because that's where the business was, not the other way around. We've already had hundreds of independent businesses like that adapt via home deliveries and revised opening hours. Those that don't adapt will and should fail; that's capitalism at its core.
  10. *ignore quote (bloody editor) Is Cody gaslighting us? "I'm the most self-aware. In fact, I'm the best at self-awareness. Yes, I have obnoxious pyro. Yes, I have my own special entrance. But it's because I'm aware I'm special, because of who my dad was. And it's all to THANK you, the fans, for allowing me to do this!" I kind of get what he was going for, in trying to not name QT, but all it does is confirm the heel's accusation. By ignoring him, even after the fact, you're confirming that you're ignoring him. It's the face baiting the heel, which would sit better if it was done with
  11. Whats the story here? Who has opened a new school?
  12. I wish I could find the clip now, but it's still not as bad/brilliant as the time Big Kev disguised himself by wearing a baseball cap.
  13. One takeaway I have from this is that I've discovered Wikipedia has a page for Left-wing publications in the UK, but not Right-wing publications in the UK. In journalism, it's one thing to present all the details and emphasise which ones you regard as more important. It's another to disregard those other details entirely without choosing or being able to offer an explanation why. What the BBC has done in not showing the front page of the Mirror in that clip is deliberate deflection. It's an extension of the old adage about good speechifying being mostly what you look like, some how y
  14. I don't know what version of Falcon and the Winter Soldier you're watching, but Mackie's the only thing holding this slog together. We're persevering because we're MCU completists, but this show cookie cutter and tonally all over the place. Bad buddy cop movie, socio-political commentary, MCU-lite - it has scenes and lines in totally different styles and tones banging into each other, without the incident, intrigue or wit to paper over the joins. What's worse is that, for a show promoted on addressing race and symbolism, they've given Mackie absolutely nothing to work with. Hell, the
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