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  1. My dad loved a bit of Kronik. My mum wanted a bit of Big Kev and Real Estate Steve.
  2. I appreciate what Toyota has tried to do. Successfully or not, she's tried to protect a part of her legacy. She can probably see the spot-heavy way wrestling is going, and doesn't want her invention to become just another move, like the DDT, figure four, or neckbreaker, for example.
  3. I totally agree but then there are a couple of important things that come to mind. Austin and Rock were established for years by this point, and familiarity counts for a lot in wrestling. I've seen shows where trainees come out and work a solid chain match that dies, and then names come out and work less, with more daylight, and have the crowd onside. The youngsters can't be blamed for trying to stick in the crowd's mind with a memorable move or three. The days of old where Rick Rude's first year of TV matches were him working headlocks into an international for 8 minutes are long gone. The simple storytelling of that WM match is more reliant on pacing and positioning, which I love and appreciate now I'm older. But I wonder how much of the spottier style is mandated. For a while, Seth Rollins' curb stomp was banned because higher-ups didn't want kids copying it. Well, it's a damn sight easier to copy a straight punch. So maybe the drive towards video game movesets is a deliberate attempt to make things safer. Another observation is how unique and distinctive every move both guys make. I worry that today's style of training is reducing the individuality of even basic moves, so we end up with a Mortal Kombat situation where guys are only defined by their special moves. Tl,dr: everything's too polished, everything's the same, it were better in ma day, blah blah blah.
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