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  1. Going up against the top tier Marvel would've been ridiculous, but WCW vs XMen could've been decent, albeit you'd probably have to swerve the ending and have them band together at the end to beat some terrifying planet-eating Big Bad mashup of Eric Bischoff and Galactus.
  2. He's got a face that looks like it's been side-swiped by a mallet and is too sadz to realise it. Like he took a slow-motion right hook from Brad Pitt's pikey and the wind changed.
  3. Where would it have gone though? I think the Beeb Beeb Ceeb would have looked own their nose at it somewhat. I can't find a listing for a standard Channel 4 schedule in 1988.
  4. It's the security of having something close to an impartial observer involved in the show, too. Anything that breaks the wrestling bubble by having outside eyes in and around the workings of an average show means that there's a stronger chance of taboos being broken. Some might see it as window dressing, placation, or purely symbolic, but it's all part and parcel of the opening up of the business to the outside world, and reducing the risk of any kind of abuse in the future.
  5. I'd say it's definitely expected, based on the years I was involved. It's disgraceful that anyone should be expected to put their body on the line for free. One worker mate of mine was stunned when he got a rumble spot at a Dixon show. Strolled out, stayed out of trouble, and got eliminated, then got paid more for that 5 minutes than he had in total for his previous 5 indie bookings.
  6. The best thing Brandi has done in AEW was walk out with tears in her eyes during the Cody-MJF whipping segment. She comes across well in announcements regarding the business and PR side of things. That's where she should stay; not everyone needs to be an on-screen character.
  7. That's going to be one of the eye-opening things for a lot of lesser promoters - actual overheads, that do cut into your margins. You know, like a business. For a two-hour show, take £75 per hour as your medic cost (£150), and say you have 10 performers, including refs and announcers, on the shows, getting £75 each. That's £900. Ring hire and venue hire at £400 each, to bring it to £1700. Now you have performers, a venue, equipment, and medical support to run a basic show. Round up to £2000 for extras like music. If you charge £10 a pop, that means you have to draw 200 to break even. That's not world-beating numbers, but probably a damn sight more than many budget for.
  8. Only the worst managers mean that literally (and there are a lot of them). What they should mean is, based on your experience on the 'front line', what options do we have right now to fix this. Then again, I know a lot of 'lifers' who then get up in arms about it not being their job to fix things, but refuse or resist new procedures put forward by management because they weren't 'consulted'. Sorry, bit off topic. The perils of working from home. On topic, I had no idea about that WFM tax relief. No doubt the phrase "required to work from home" is key - my place of work strongly advised working from home from the off, and have reduced office space to assume a percentage of staff being off-site, but I don't think there's technically an absolute requirement that those who work from home do. I'd also imagine a department or member of staff officially employed on flexible working, splitting time between home and office, also wouldn't qualify. Which is a shame - £6 a week for me and the wife would cover our electric every month!
  9. And if a promoter hasn't factored that in, they haven't done their due diligence and haven't catered for the comfort and privacy of the talent they're making money off. There'll be no more mates-of-mates tinpots shacking up in beer gardens. Yes, it's basically optional, but it's about talent knowing their worth, and refusing to accept conditions that wouldn't be permitted in other professions.
  10. He should have done that and kept the beard. Then they could've run an angle where Joey Janela falls into a vat of ooze and emerges as SUPER JOEY like Big Sexy in Ninja Turtles 2.
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