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  1. As much as his star has plummeted since what should have been his Mania send off years ago, all it would take for me to get back on board with Taker would be a new look. One of the main frustrations of his special appearance runs is he seems in denial about what he looks like or can do. Then again, that might be dictated by on high, either Vince who likely wouldn't recognise him if he didn't look like the Taker he can remember from 5 years ago, or the Saudis who want their e-fed PPVs to look just so. Ditch the hair dye or buzz it entirely. Bin the Ronseal. Get a fitted tunic top with shoulders like just pre Ministry for in-ring gear. Pattern up your pleather trousers so at least they look special instead of just being there to hide the industrial strength knee braces. And maybe, just maybe, closet the Tombstone, or at least work into it from a top rope cut off so you don't have to haul the lump up yourself.
  2. CavemanLynn

    Chippy Tea

    Just bellowed the question across the house, and got the genuine reply from the wife "Four." Between her going through carbs and me eating three animals for every one you don't, I'm amazed there's any food left for yous.
  3. Those Sting vs Vader bouts are an absolute joy. You can totally see why Flair maintained that Sting with the Stamford machine behind him would've taken over the world. One of my favourite things about the feud was the fact that they paired Sting with Vader to "stiffen him up", basically make him better at the main event brawls that were their bread and butter gate. Can you imagine anything like that happening today?
  4. Defending the whip off the ropes is the wrestling shit hill I will die on, all while lamenting the fact no one knows how to use it anymore. You drag the guy into the ropes to knock him off balance, catching him with a strike or throw as he tries to catch his footing and is less able to defend himself. You don't stand there 8 feet away from him in the middle of the ring waiting for him to reach you. It's a classic case of modern wrestlers knowing the manoeuvre but not understanding it. That's why Bret's buckle bump was so good. It worked with his gasping-for-breath selling, so it always looked like he was too fucked to stop himself. If anything, getting whipped into the corner and staying there is dumber. Either take it in the chest or sell the post in the back, don't hang around for your opponent, if he's not followed you in.
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