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  1. I agree, but is it too much to ask that I get to see Penta and the Butcher murder him? Really?
  2. A promo just popped up on AEW of Eddie Kingston and the family announcing Allie is back in the fold. Did I miss the angle between them and the Nightmare Family in getting her back, or is this promo it?
  3. Fair fucks to the lad for taking the opportunity to keep working in some fashion while the wider industry is basically on hiatus. Keeps his hand in, gets him under the eyes of the higher-ups, and, as much as a lot of us will bemoan him not satisfying our fantasy booking dreams by getting out there amongst the indies and other TV promotions, there's definitely a skillset the PC imparts on guys that ups the game of those that go through it. I think he'll have a more difficult choice in a few years, provided shows are back on elsewhere, where he'll need to decide whether to stick with the securit
  4. I think of all the items the average person has on them day to day, a mobile phone is one of the most common and easiest to purpose. If I go for a walk, I'll usually just take keys and phone, not my wallet. The app concept is fine, but it's been staggeringly badly developed and implemented, failing to cater for thousands of scenarios and everyday situations. There's a 90% rule in coding; SERCO haven't even catered for 10%. The main other option I can think of is custom wearables, but these need manufacturing and automated data collection instead of manual checking in. Then you start getti
  5. I'm pretty sure this claim has done the rounds a couple of times, so if it is true, even with Covid, they must be getting to the end of that bank. That was coming from the Elite too, who've been consistent through lockdown so, apart from the Page angle, I can't see their storylines have been slowed down all that much. I don't doubt their claim was accurate at one point, but to say you've got a year of angles planned but don't course-correct if something isn't getting over would be foolish. It's not like a drama season where a whole run is in the can before broadcast; it's getting tweaked every
  6. I missed a week (helping myself to all inclusive in Greece in a Covid mask and rubber gloves) but has Miro done any best-manning? Was that arcade cab ringside any other weeks? It looked weird just sitting there socially-distanced from the rest of the world. Something like that is the kind of angle that would've worked better in QT Marshall's garage in early lockdown, when the shows looked like they were on in a pub function room.
  7. The highlight of a pretty blah show was Kingston cackling like a mad man at Moxley winning. Like he couldn't believe his luck. He looks like shit in ring gear, but I love Eddie on the mic. AEW really seems to struggle to live up to the hype of its bigger shows. The best shows always seem to come out of nowhere. Agreed as ever that it was probably due to the emphasis on wrestling minutes rather than angles. Jericho/MJF could've bombed a few times, and I hate it when a performer pulls up the other when they flub lines when if they hadn't, you probably wouldn't have noticed it. But by t
  8. That's true. It's a shame they run with ideas like "I wrestle this guy for 20 minutes. Then I wrestle this for 15. Then this guy for 20. Then this guy for 25 at the PPV" etc, when their best stuff is 5-10 minute angles. Then again, a reduced roster means a degree of airtime filler, plus some acts need the in ring investment to polish them up for long term success, like Jungle Boy.
  9. Me too, a nice call back to the WCW Saturday Night style run of sleeper hits between odd pairings. Shame it's devolved into Cody being heavyweight champ without being heavyweight champ. Rather that than Cody vs indy randoms based on Twitter followers. At least acting like a TV title would define it from the big-show-only World title. AEW are still a bit ropey on their running gimmicks. Why FTR went for 20 mins at a time for their "brush with greatness" instead of 10 which would play much more into heeldom by deliberately stacking the odds in their favour, I don't know.
  10. I'd argue that it's not only the gatling gun of information, but also the disparity between scandal and consequence. Every time there's been clear evidence of wrongdoing, abuse of power, or outright law breaking, you expect the systems in place to kick in. But no. Nothing. Somehow they get brushed aside, ignored, or nullified. It's Russo booking in real life; when the obvious stops happening for no reason other than to swerve the audience or stick to The Plan, soon nobody cares anymore. There's also the dichotomy of both Trump's and Johnson's characters, in that both are presented as blus
  11. And that’s the other run: he’s not doing anything any other president could have done.
  12. I think America needs a moderate, fairly uninspiring candidate though, a safe hand at the tiller for a bit so everyone can calm the fuck down. To have another big personality with powerful beliefs come in right after Trump would be too much of a whiplash and would cause even more unrest, plus it could split the vote even closer because it’s become clear how much people respond to a confident character regardless of content. We had a CEO come in at our work about 4 years ago who was brought it specifically to stop the company going under. To be clear, he had zero credentials in terms of bo
  13. That's a cracking idea. Especially as it has the face team in the postponed Faces vs Team FTW match forced to smash each other up before the big match. It could also be a star making turn for Will. Which means they'll likely do it with Darby Allin.
  14. Yeah, but I thought he cashed in his shot. It feels like I've turned over two pages at once and there's a promo or angle I've missed between Dynamites. Pissing off the champ with stips usually comes before the match, not after.
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