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  1. Anyone here seen Rebuilding Paradise? They are doing a few showings of it in a cinema near me and I'm quite tempted by it. It's about the California wildfires ripping apart a small town and follows them trying to rebuild. The trailer looks like it packs an emotional punch.
  2. It was Back Story. Didn't realise that he's done others.
  3. I gotten through a lot of audiobooks at the start of the year as my ADD brain can struggle to keep focus when I read a physical book. One audiobook that stuck out was David Mitchell's audiobook. It's like a 10 hour Peep Show monologue. Highly recommended to anyone who's a fan of him or his style of comedy in general.
  4. Shawn Stasiak vs Stan Stasiak Shawn Spears vs Samir Singh Sim Snuka Open Challenge Yeah, this game ain't fun for me.
  5. Fight Club. I still think it's a brilliant layered film that takes down toxic masculinity and greed, but the amount of guys who I've seen miss the point completely and see Tyler Durden as some sort of folk hero drives me right up the wall.
  6. Has anyone had luck applying for the tests? I've come down with a cold and a temperature in the last few days, but have been told the service is busy every time I try to apply for one. I don't feel too bad and it could just be a common cold, but I'm still wary about going back to work. I work in a supermarket so it's entirely possible that I could of picked it up there.
  7. I agree. When he gave a shit, he reminded me of Stan Hansen. When I was having a Terry Funk binge a few months back, I came across this match and it's probably the best TV match WWE put out in 1998. Bradshaw's a total beast.
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