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  1. Is it even a real football rivalry if fans are having a "playful jab" though?
  2. A terrific boxer, but another of those fools who still take the Bible literally in the modern era. A small-minded man who should be nowhere near politics.
  3. Didn't see much wrong with what Guardiola said to be honest. That he wants more fans to attend and support the team? I've heard managers of all clubs say that.
  4. When I click on this thread, I want to be able to rest easy in the knowledge that the guys I'm reading about who are being punched in the head are actual professionals.
  5. Can we have like a freakshow, drizzling shits boxing thread for all this guff?
  6. Could see that coming a mile away. There's only so much mileage in seeing older boxers face each other. Mike Tyson was the exception, because he's Mike Tyson. But we knew other companies would dive in to try to make a quick buck.
  7. David

    Gig Etiquette

    Well, if only you'd made that clear from the start. There's nothing more frightening and unsettling than someone going around trying to shake folks hands. Such uncouth behaviour should be left to politicians. And Masons.
  8. Absolutely. It has Davis via boring-as-fuck decision written all over it.
  9. 0-2 and 0-1-1 isn't really what would be called a "losing record" as they're still very early in their MMA careers. So long as they're being matched appropriately, then it's fine. If we were talking guys with 3-12 or 10-34 records then there'd be questions needing asked.
  10. Aren't head guards even worse though? I know they're effective for preventing cuts etc, but with a head guard all your doing is allowing someone like Holyfield to take even more shots to the head. We don't need head guards, we need 60 year old former fighters not getting licensed.
  11. Because it gets people like you and me talking about it. Job done.
  12. He's not seriously looking to face Fury, he's just making sure that people are talking about him today. And it's worked.
  13. Jon Jones is the best example of Dana White being absolutely correct, sadly, in how he runs the UFC. A year or so ago the very idea of Jones moving to heavyweight seemed like something the UFC had to capitalise on. The fans simply wouldn't allow it to not happen. We're now over a year and a half out from Jones last fight, and a year and four months out from the first discussion about money and the Ngannou fight. In September 2021 no one really cares about Jones anymore. He's 34 years old now, and in danger of fading away into the MMA background. No one is clamouring for the Jones/Ngannou fight. In fact, there's a good chance Ngannou doesn't fight for the UFC title again unless he bends the knee and accepts his place. Crazy to think that May 2020 we were looking at the Jones/Ngannou fight as a mega fight, and now no one cares. Dana is 100% correct when he recently said about Ngannou: "Francis is getting advice from people who aren't very fucking bright. Let me put it to you that way. And obviously don't know history. It's pretty simple how this all works."
  14. I've always seen Chubby Brown as part of a weird section of British cultural history. It's not so much a question of how good he was. I find it fascinating to look at his crowd today, as it represents a generation that simply haven't moved on. I guess when he came along in the 70's or whenever there would have been the old fellas hanging on, using the same old routines they'd used back in the day. Happens to every generation. For me, he'll always be part of that old VHS bargain bin Christmas gift era.
  15. I won't be watching this live, and not because I don't want to pay for it. I'm genuinely waiting on one of these events ending in tragedy, and this one seems the most likely thus far. A veteran of 57 fights, who's almost 60 years old and has sounded like he's slurring his words for a few years now, who was denied a license to box in California going up against a vicious striker who's 44 years old and gassed out his nut? I'm fairly certain someone will eventually get badly hurt or even killed in one of these events. And when that happens the whole thing is a bogey. At that point commissions will be have to answer why they allowed it to happen. I'm as much of a fight fan as anyone else, and the rest of this card actually looks okay. Anderson Silva, Tito Ortiz, David Haye? Slightly silly, but fair enough. They're still close enough to their prime to take this kind of risk. Holyfield wasn't licensed in California for a reason. And that reason is why I'll check the result of that fight before tracking the event down online.
  16. Wow, that's responsible. If the CSAC doesn't clear Holyfield there's likely a reason for it. So they just go somewhere else where the rules are more lax?
  17. Looking forward to this. The first fight was no fluke, and it could just be that Lara has his number. I guess we'll see.
  18. That event sold over 1 million PPV's though, did it not? How many UFC fighters deliver those kinds of numbers regularly?
  19. Seeing "smilin' Sam" turn into "stroppy Sam" when the decision was read out was all kinds of fun.
  20. If that's aimed at me, then I did actually. I bought the PPV.
  21. anyone else get the email saying DAZN is being put up from Β£1.99 to Β£7.99?
  22. Because he's an inexperienced fighter, and that's what they tend to do. They get dropped or hit with a standing eight-count and feel the need to "get that back." Come on mate, you've seen enough boxers at his level in fights do exactly that to know how he'd likely have reacted. Chuck in the fact that losing a 10-8 round in an eight round fight is enough to make any boxers arse twitch and you have a totally different fight if that punch from Woodley had been called as a knockdown.
  23. I'm not sure why you're not getting what I'm saying. On his arse, on his feet with a standing count, it would have meant a 10-8 round, which would have changed the perception and gameplan of both fighters. That's just a fact.
  24. What? You don't think a fighter being dropped, knowing he'd then have lost a 10-8 round would affect how he approaches the following rounds? Are you being serious? It being a recognised knockdown means a 10-8 round though, no? That would certainly play into Paul's thinking in an 8 round fight I think. How would he have handled that? Come at Woodley looking for a stoppage? Be more aggressive to try and cement the rounds that followed? How would that have changed things? We don't know. We can't just assume that he gets up, and the fight plays out exactly as it did. That's insane.
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