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  1. Unless you're Joanne Calderwood. Fucked it up royally she has.
  2. What fucks me off is the way both of them keep banging on about doing what's right for boxing, and for the fans. They'll do what's right for their bank accounts, which is what they've always done.
  3. In this crazy MMA world the safest bet is taking an opportunity as soon as it appears. Missing a fight can result in someone like a Gilbert Burns relegating you to yesterday's news.
  4. There's about as much chance of this happening as there is of Frank Warren stopping calling Chris Eubank Chris Eubanks.
  5. Dude will want to get paid. In this sport the one thing you know is that you have to strike while the iron is hot. If someone else comes in and beats Zabit then they'll springboard to bigger things and bigger pay. Kattar will take the fight if he's offered it.
  6. Yeah, but there's also the added factor that this is female boxing. There's fuck all depth as it is. Complete chumps in the male game at least have a wider variety of potential opponents to pad their records. You're saying she was a world champion as if this was Manny Pacquiao taking on wee Archie Wilson who's fought pro a couple of times and spends his Friday nights in the tavern. Sorry to have to say this, but most female boxing champions aren't up to much. I'm not defending the matchup as a legit fight, I've said it was clearly lopsided. But it's not criminal. This wasn't Tyson vs Scaff, for example. That's some criminal shit right there. But that's fine because Scaff was 13-6 or some shit, right? Even though Scaff had fought guys that I could beat outside a pub in Glasgow on a Friday night. It's fine to look back at the early days of Tyson where he was already recognised as a legit fucking killer in the ring and watch him absolute destroy guys who had no business being in there with him? Because he didn't have a gold belt at the time, right? As I said, if that fight had went a few minutes, or even two rounds no one would have given a fuck. It's only got attention because of the quickness of the stoppage. That's my point, no one notices because they aren't recording record finishes. Come on man, these kinds of fights happen in halls up and down the civilised world. People are losing their shit because it was a "world champion" who was involved, but as I said, it's female boxing. The talent pool is shallow as fuck. The WBC saw fit to grant this secondary title status for fucks sake! That tells you all you need to know! Throw in the pandemic situation and the difficulty in getting fights as well, and you end up with this kind of situation now and then. It's boxing, it's corrupt. Anyone feigning shock or outrage needs to get a grip. Everyone is always looking for someone to blame these days. Well, you want to know who's to blame? The actual fighter and her team as much as anyone. She knew what she was getting into, but she probably figured it was her one chance to shock the sport and become a champion. You take your chances and see how it pans out.
  7. Thing is, like most dudes who accomplish what he has in a sport like the NFL, he's obviously an athlete. Dude is 6'5 and 265lbs. He actually rocked up pre-NFL draft at 281lbs and proceeded to run a 4.79 second 40 yard dash. Those kinds of numbers may not stand out too much in the NFL (although he does have a score that is above-average for guys in his position), but there's few athletes like that in the UFC heavyweight division. He pisses all over most fighters from that perspective. Where he'll sink or swim is in his application and willingness to learn the sport. He has a reputation for lacking in application and attitude, which is what will likely end up costing him in MMA. He self-destructs by being a stupid twat. But yeah, he's an arsehole. Not only has he got a history of domestic violence, but he's never really seemed like he regretted what he did. He went through the motions to do what he had to do in order to move on, but it's not hard to see he isn't really all that sorry. I don't really want him to do good. I'm not rooting for him, but I think looking at him from a physical standpoint he has all the tools needed to make a run.
  8. Not to mention we're in COVID world at the moment. I don't even really look at a card until a few days before the fight now. I'll start checking out the pre-fight videos around Thursday for a Saturday event.
  9. The thing about Hardy is that at this point he's shown he's no mug. The lad can fight, which is what a lot of people hoped wouldn't be the case. He's rough around the edges and needs to work on his game, but he's obviously talented. Everyone thought he was gonna get crushed by Volkov, but it didn't work out that way. Sure, he wasn't really in the fight, but he could still come good. Come on man, how can you mention the possibility of Ngannou vs Blaydes 3 and "pretty interesting" in the same analysis? Imagine that fight for the heavyweight title? Fucking hell.
  10. How did they convince the commission and the promotion to allow the fight? The WBC had approved the fight for a secondary title from what I heard. Andy Foster in California is no mug, Ebb. He's admitted that in hindsight the fight wasn't a good idea, but heading in, there was no real issue. Did he expect Adkins to win? No, but he assumed it would be more competitive based off both fighters records, and the fact the WBC were happy to sling a title (albeit secondary) on the line. Let's be honest here, if this fight had went two rounds instead of the insanely early stoppage I doubt anyone would have cared. The crazy thing is, if it had went longer it could have potentially been even worse for Adkins. But don't kid yourself, matchups with fighters who have records like this happen frequently. In fact, I'd argue that Joe Joyce spending three rounds hammering on a chump like Michael Wallisch was even more dangerous. Sure, he's got a decent record on first glance, but he's spent most of his career fighting nobodies. He went in to face Joyce 1-3 in his last 4 and got slapped around for three rounds taking a prolonged beating. Yes, the women's fight was a lopsided match up, but it's far from criminal. It happens all the time.
  11. To be fair, it was explained that she'd only fought eight professional rounds. I don't think it's a criminal matchup by any stretch. Not as though it's a tried and tested heavy-hitter going in against someone who's 4-16-2 or some shit.
  12. Hardy needs to get a fucking grip. Referees are human, they make mistakes like the rest of us. This constant vilification of refs and judges is just going to make people not want to do the job. Herb is generally one of the best out there. He had an off-night. Hardy's had a few of them when he was fighting.
  13. If it's Jones vs Craig, I have to root for my countryman all the way.
  14. Main event is worth a watch, co-main possibly, and the Agazarm fight for those who are fans of the grappling scene.
  15. At 27 years old I don't think I'm ready to write Darren Till off entirely. It's hardly as if he got completely mugged off by Boring Bob, he looked like he belonged in there. There's even an argument for him winning the fight I think, it was a really close decision. None of them hold a candle to the MMA submission master Paul Craig. What a fucking guy.
  16. Anyone hear the interview with Woodley where he mentions that he came into the fight with nerve damage in his leg? Not an excuse for the loss as he said, but it was definitely a factor. Seems as if he ain't going anywhere either. He's talking Covington.
  17. Nah, just a basic rundown of who's fighting will suffice. What you've done in this thread is ample.
  18. We're not just discussing the MMA career of Jorge Masvidal though, are we? In much the same way as the Conor thread isn't just about who he fights in the cage. You talk about these guys needing characters and being more interesting outside of their in-cage skills, so this is what you get, especially when a fighter uses his platform to make his political views known.
  19. They're all worthy of their own threads in my opinion. The giant mega-thread is why I ended up missing many of them. In fact, you seem to be the resident Bellator dude, so I nominate you to make sure these threads happen and idiots like me don't miss good fight cards! 😁
  20. Take umbrage with? No, because he's a fighter, not a politician. I didn't really expect him to be an enlightened, engaging source of societal discussion, so I'm neither here nor there on what he said. As I've said to @Carbomb often enough, if I only cheered for or even watched fighters I agree with politically I'd be watching maybe three UFC cards a year!
  21. That's what we all thought when Creed came back to face Drago though, wasn't it? And we all know how that turned out.
  22. Okay, let's give it a go then, shall we? I'll kick things off with a fight that is often overlooked when discussions about scoring take place. March 3rd 2012, UFC on FX: Alves vs Kampmann. The 4-man tournament to determine a Flyweight champion began on this night, with the fight between Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson and Ian "Uncle Creepy" McCall. The judges and those responsible for tallying up the points fucked up big-time here, declaring the fight a win for Mighty Mouse when it should actually have been a draw and an elimination round implemented. Had that result been read correctly, would McCall have won the fight in the elimination round? Flyweight history would have been changed. Either McCall or Joseph Benavidez would have been crowned the inaugural champion. So, for those who can play along, watch that fight between McCall and Johnson and score it for yourself. Take notes as you see fit, and most importantly, try to explain why you scored a certain round for a certain fighter, so we can compare what we're seeing differently in the fights. Let's do it and post the results by Thursday 30th July.
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