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  1. Goldberg in the booth just reeks of second-rate UFC product. He's also the drizzling shits.
  2. The bad news keeps on rolling in with reports that Maycee Barber suffered a complete tear of her ACL at the weekend. That's 9 months to a year out, so we'll probably not see her for over a year. Poor sod.
  3. Dos Anjos vs Chiesa is a bit of a dream match for me as a grappling geek. I've always liked Chiesa, and this will be a real test of his abilities. Unless they both decide to stand and trade terrible boxing for three rounds.
  4. So, now that McGregor-mania is over for the time being, it's back to regular business. I actually like this card better than the one from last weekend in all honesty. Arnold Allen is now facing Nick Lentz it seems, which is a proper test of where Allen is at the moment. I like the look of the lad, so it'll be interesting to see how he gets on.
  5. The whole crux of this little back & forth was someone taking umbrage at me referring to Conor as "very good." I've stated my reasoning for thinking that he's "very good" as opposed to elite. To rise above the "very good" standard I need a fighter to be a great all-round MMA fighter or someone who's strongest facet is so sublime that it pretty much factors into every fight they take part in. Like Khabib or Usman with their grappling for example. Otherwise an elite fighter for me is someone like a Tony Ferguson, who's cutting you up on the feet and tying you in knots on the floor, or Mighty Mouse who's outstanding in all aspects of the game. The elite level is rarified airspace. Few fighters rise to that level, and even fewer make it to the legendary all-time great status. I mentioned that I put Conor in the Nate Diaz type of bracket, where his one outstanding skill is very effective in certain types of match ups. That, for what its worth, is where I place probably 99% of fighters. I have no doubt that had McGregor not had a curated pathway to where he is today he'd have won some, and lost some. He'd be very good.
  6. I would expect an elite-level striker to give Khabib a few problems on the feet though. Remember when Iaquinta was seeing a bit of success and everyone was losing their shit over how Conor and the "big left hand" would get on? I mean, if mid-level, rudimentary Al Iaquinta could score some points on the feet surely McGregor would give Khabib fits in that department? He may not win, with Khabib getting him to ground eventually, but there was one fighter who got dropped in that fight from a punch, and it wasn't who everyone thought it would be. Again, strip away the bullshit and look at the facts. Diaz is decent, but he's not elite level by any stretch. He came into the McGregor fight on a 2-3 record. Diaz is entertaining, but there's a very clear blueprint as to how you beat him, and it usually results in him dropping a decision then moaning like fuck about how you didn't stand in front of him and let him hit you. Conor implemented it in their second fight, and well done to him. I actually consider McGregor to be a similar level of fighter as Nate. Mendes was a very good win, I'll give him that. There were circumstances that played into the fight, and Mendes looked as though he was basically in shape for one round of fighting. He knew he wasn't ready (he's said as much recently), but when you get that kind of offer you don't say no. You take the money and you do what you can. But for Conor you can only beat what's in front of you, so fair play. Conor did well in that first round to survive the wrestling, but it essentially came down to him being in better shape. Mendes was fucked by round two. It says a lot about how Conor has been matched that we need to go way back to 2015 to see him matched against someone with proper wrestling chops who isn't named Khabib. I doubt it's a coincidence that he was never really matched against those types of fighters. Even the Mendes fight was kind of stacked in his favour with Chad being nowhere near fight shape and fucked after one round. Styles make fights, and putting a striker in there with a grappler is going to result in problems for the striker maybe 8 times out of 10. Again, I don't blame the UFC or Conor for making the fights they did. You obviously want to avoid the chance of defeat as best you can, especially when you're talking about your golden goose. It's the nature of the game, I get it, but at the same time I'm not going to include McGregor in the discussion when it comes to comparing fighters who've had to run the gauntlet of competitors of all types on their way to the top. It simply isn't fair to do that. I'm not really talking about the wrestling game against Khabib, I'm more talking about how his elite-level striking never really factored in whatsoever. Where was the big left hand? You know, the one that was going to put Mayweather to sleep? As I mentioned, we all saw Al Iaquinta give Khabib problems, remember? I recall talk about how Khabib was robotic on the feet, how his striking was bog-standard at best? He has to get the takedown otherwise he's likely getting clipped with McGregor's insane power? I heard a lot about how Conor had a real chance after seeing how Al fared on the feet. If Khabib had trouble with someone like Iaquinta, he'd be in serious trouble if he even tried to stand with someone as elite as McGregor. Yet stand with him for a decent chunk of the fight he did, and It actually ended up with Conor getting clipped and dropped. Khabib was never in trouble. I keep saying it, I'm not saying McGregor is a chump. He's not. He's a very good MMA level boxer with decent footwork and excellent timing. At 145lbs you could add size to those attributes as well. On his day he could give most fighters trouble, and beat them as well. but those fighters don't include the proper top of the tree competitors. He's simply not good enough to beat a Khabib, or an Usman. Or even a Ferguson or a Woodley. He hasn't got the skillset to beat that level of fighter. He's just not at that level. For me he's fought two guys that I'd consider proper elite fighters. He caught Aldo brilliantly with that opening shot, and all the credit to him for that. Against Kahbib not only was his wrestling not good enough (as expected, and much like everyone else Khabib has fought) but his striking amounted to fuck all as well.
  7. We thought the same about Khabib when he faced him as well. Iaquinta is tough as nails, and if Conor hadn't managed to put him away early doors and Al had gotten into that mental pressure game he as who knows what would have happened? I'm simply pointing out that Conor hasn't had to run the gauntlet of fighters that most top guys need to before they hit the heights. A two-weight world champion who defended neither belt it must be said. That's a factor for me I'm afraid. If you honestly see him as just a level below the likes of Jon Jones and GSP then fair enough, but I think you're still a bit drunk on the weekends action. Come back and tell me the same if he faces Masvidal next, or Khabib again, and those fights go as expected.
  8. The truth is, it's impossible to judge him as a fighter in the same way we would, say, a Jon Jones or Anderson Silva, because he's not tread the same path as a normal fighter. He's essentially an attraction rather than a proper MMA fighter. He is afforded the ability to pick & choose who he fights, at what weight, and when. And that's fine, but we can't assess his record or achievements alongside other fighters who have travelled the more traditional road. That's why I say that he really doesn't need the title fights or even the guys in the top 3 or 5 of whichever division he decides to rock up into next. He could fight another 4 or 5 guys at the same level of Cowboy Cerrone over the next year or two and still come away with a fortune and would still be incredibly popular. That's not a slight on him by the way, that's just how it is. If he goes on a tear in 2020 and faces Gaethje, for example, and after winning that he faces the winner of Khabib vs Tony and wins that, then goes on to defend the title a few times then things would change for sure, but as it is he's an attraction fighter who has fought three times since 2016, and has beaten (admittedly very impressively) a Cowboy Cerrone who was riding a two-fight losing streak heading into the fight, and who's never really managed to hit the heights. The win for him was never in doubt really against Cowboy, and we all knew that, yet here we are drinking the Kool Aid after he wins as expected, buying into the hype. Now he's suddenly back in the mix and the doubts about him have been swept away. Not for me. Cerrone crumbles in fights like this, he always has. McGregor is a very good striker with a middling to mediocre ground game (I'm not buying what Danis says about him being all that on the ground, it's a load of bullshit. I know guys who've grappled with him and they've said he's blue belt level at best in any other gym.) He's tightened up on some of his defensive game as far as wrestling goes, but let's not forget that he got fucking smashed by Khabib in their fight. Absolutely handled and even dropped. Where was the "big left hand" in that fight? Where was the sublime striking? Fucking hell, we saw Al Iaquinta have some success against Khabib on the feet not that long ago, surely someone with Conor's amazeballs striking would have seen some form of tangible success? Nope, nothing. Why? Because he was up against an elite fighter. Not because he "wasn't ready" as his fanboys are claiming. He just isn't good enough at that level when he's facing guys who are his own size. At 145lbs he got away with it because he was huge for the weight, but at lightweight he's run into problems, which is natural considering his lopsided skillset. All the talking, all the hype, and all the bullshitting in the world doesn't matter if you can't deliver. There's a ceiling on what he can do in the cage. Simple as that. He's not elite. You strip away all the emperors new clothes and he's a very good MMA level boxer with decent footwork and excellent timing who has, like most British and Irish fighters, a sub-standard ground game. There's no shame in that. He's not a chump by any stretch, and he's exciting to watch, but let's not get swept up in the bullshit.
  9. I don't think to be honest, I think we've been fair on his abilities for the most part. And it's not a case of picking on him in particular, it's just the kind of game he has. Other fighters with a real strength in one area face similar issues, but the difference between them and Conor is that most of them have to run the gamut of fighters before getting to the top. If McGregor had been forced to run the gauntlet of the likes of Jim Miller, Nick Lentz, Al Iaquinta, Kevin Lee and so on there's virtually no way he'd have blasted through all of them. He wouldn't have lost to all of them, but there would certainly have been a few decision losses in there, and maybe even a submission loss or two. In this era especially, it's incredibly rare for a striker to be able to come through the crowd unbeaten when they have no real ground game to speak of. McGregor, purely as a fighter, would have run into some problems against those types of fighters, as all pure strikers eventually do. It cannot be denied that his drawing power has afforded him an easier path to the top fighters and title shots than fighters who don't draw as much. In reality he has as much right to a rematch with Khabib as Dustin Poirier does. In fact, Poirier probably has a stronger claim than McGregor does. Before losing to Khabib Dustin put away Max Holloway, Eddie Alvarez, Justin Gaethje, Anthony Pettis and Jim Miller. But McGregor doesn't have to face those potential threats, he gets shifted to the front of the line because he draws eyeballs. As for the Mayweather fight, Conor lasted as long as Floyd wanted him to. The fight wasn't competitive, and Floyd was essentially playing with him, giving the fans a show for their money. He could have went in there and handled McGregor like he did Tenshin Nasukawa if he'd felt like it.
  10. Details are sketchy on the Whittaker situation, but I did hear that he's seemingly donating an organ to a family member, so make of that what you will.
  11. The ideal situation would be Ferguson beating Khabib quite convincingly, then going on to defend the title against the winner of a Conor/Poirier or Conor/Gaethje bout. Although if McG is serious about 170lbs there's a whole raft of fights there for him, albeit most of them seem pretty unwinnable. Masvidal is probably the most winnable fight for him, and even then that's a bit of a stretch. Outwith that fight you're entering Woodley, Usman and Covington territory, and I don't see Conor doing much against any of those guys.
  12. He's very good, especially when he's matched well against someone who's style fits with his. It's nights like last night that make me wonder why both he and the UFC seem hellbent on pursuing fights that are not good matches for him. It makes no sense. He's popular enough without a title belt around his waist. A Masvidal fight would be the smart move next, surely? If they decide to pursue the Khabib rematch it doesn't really matter how good he looked against Cerrone, because he's likely going to get dealt with reasonably easily again.
  13. Think it's because Moraes lost to Cejudo in June last year, but aye, giving Jose the fight is a bit strange.
  14. I don't know if she's accepted the job, but yeah, that's her. She had already handed her notice in at her work, but video footage of her stopping a shoplifter caught Dana's attention for some mental reason.
  15. Normally I'd be shitting all over a fight like that, but with Costa injured (I think) there really isn't anyone else out there who's an outstanding candidate, so why not go with the Romero bout? As long as Costa faces the winner I have no issues with it.
  16. Another thing that has to be questioned surely is his claims that he's making $80 million for this bout. Not a fucking chance. He claimed that he made, what? A shade over Β£40 million for the Khabib fight. I doubt that number to be honest, but there's no way he's making $80 million to fight Donald Cerrone.
  17. I'd assumed he meant that he bought 15 pairs in the last 12 months, no? If he's actually gone through that amount of shoes then questions need to be asked.
  18. Remember Paul Kelly? The Liverpool-born fighter who came into the UFC in 2008, going 5-5 before being released in 2012? He fought the likes of Cowboy Cerrone, Pat Healy, Jacob Volkmann, Denis Siver and Marcus Davis. Well, he's making a comeback to MMA at the age of 35 after being absent from the sport since 2013. The reason? He was jailed for 13 years for heroin trafficking, and was released last year.
  19. David


    "Debunk" you? It's not a conspiracy theory, it's fact. This terrible shit happened, there's evidence of it all over the place. That's a rather strange thing to say. Well, a few people seem to have been unclear what you meant. I just added to the discussion with some background story. Not quite sure why that's annoyed you so much to be honest. What? My post on that particular point made it clear as day that Nestle had bribed medical companies in order to have them push their agenda. Did my mention of them funding research, office refurbishments and so on pass you by? That's clearly bribery. Was it because I didn't use the exact word you wanted me to use? Come on man. Are you stoned now? Is that why you're making a big deal out of what is essentially nothing? I just added some extra info on the subject matter. Nothing else. I certainly didn't defend Nestle, as you insinuated. Anyway, this has gone on way longer than I anticipated. Time to move on.
  20. David


    At no point did I say that anything they did "was okay." You need to put aside your urge to be morally superior and read what I'm actually writing. I'm not claiming Nestle are anything other than in the wrong here, I'm simply adding some context and a little bit of backstory. Nothing more. Saying "Nestle kills babies" with no explanation isn't really adding to the topic, is it? I'm just taking the facts as they were presented and helping to provide some idea of what actually happened for those who don't know. Nestle is a horrific company. That comes across even with some context added, so calm down.
  21. Yeah, Gaethje likely wouldn't be the type to take any prisoners. He'd be hinting at those accusations all night long most likely.
  22. What disappointed me even more was that Cowboy was actively shouting the reporter down as well. I expect it from the mouthbreathers who attend these events with a few pints in them, but Cerrone? Fucking hell dude, just sit there and keep fucking quiet. You've already crawled far enough up McGregor's arse throughout the presser without telling a reporter that he's wrong to ask about serious sexual assault accusations.
  23. Having seen the presser I'm pretty sure McGregor wins. It sounds mental, but you can usually tell how Cerrone will do if you watch him in the build up to a fight. When he was facing Alexander Hernandez he had a swagger to him, a quiet confidence that he was going to "put this kid in his place," and it was the same with Mike Perry. He had a quiet confidence about him. If, however, he goes into a fight looking like he's just happy to be there, and spends his time doffing his cap to his opponent and talks about how he's going to have fun, how great his opponent is and so on, it's pretty much a sign he's going to get dropped and beaten. He was like that against T-Ferg, Gaethje, Till, Lawler and Masvidal. I still stand by the opinion that he intentionally blew his nose against Ferguson to get that stoppage. He's had 50 fucking fights, he knows not to be doing that, and his smiling and happily accepting behaviour after the fight told its own story. He knew he was getting fucked up and he wanted out.
  24. Towering over someone isn't just about being taller, Ebb. He was simply a much bigger man. Go back and watch the fight. Cerrone was in trouble from the first bell due to Tills' size. Also, the phrase was used by more than a few MMA sites in their fight reports on the night. Maybe you want to fire off a few emails and correct them as well? As I said previously, McGregor's shots won't carry anywhere near the same power as Till's did on that night. From the off it was clear that Cowboy, a smaller welterweight as you acknowledge, was in big trouble going up against someone who weighed not far off 190lbs on the night of the fight. Are the styles similar? A bit, but the main contributing factor to Cerrone's issues that night was the fact he went up against a guy who was fucking huge in comparison. Till was able to swarm Cerrone due to his overbearing size and the power differential. This fight is the opposite. McGregor is actually the smaller man in there, both in height and body type. Cerrone fills out more easily at 170lbs than McGregor does. He looks less jacked and more athletic because of his body type. Can McGregor win the fight? Absolutely. In fact, I think he does, because Cerrone is a mid-level fighter no matter which division he's in, and I don't think he's as mentally strong as he tries to come across. It's also worth noting that "the big left hand" we all hear about wasn't big enough to put away Nate in two fights, or to put away Khabib either. And despite the belief it was going to send Mayweather to the canvas that never quite happened either. Take away the Aldo KO and it's not like we're talking about a guy who has one-punch KO power in his left hand. He's accurate more than anything else, and puts people away with a selection of shots. The "big left hand" shite is possibly the biggest load of bollocks doing the rounds in MMA today.
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