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  1. I don't even bother having it on series link, it was too much effort deleting every week.
  2. AEW figures on Smyth's. You're looking at £40 for both The Bucks! https://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/toys/action-figures-and-playsets/all-elite-wrestling/c/SM06010199
  3. Anyone got an OLED TV? I'm looking into getting one but hearing about screen burn and slight lag for gaming on the one I'm looking at.
  4. The Last of Us II is out today. I only played the first one the end of last year and thought it was great, so this is the first game I've pre-ordered in years. I think I finished the first I'm about 15 hours which is probably the perfect length for a game that isn't open world now days so hoping for something similar. Who's getting it?
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