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  1. Jumped on the band wagon and made a Wrestling Pub Quiz if anyone's interested. Feel free to give it a go yourself or zoom with your mates, the top score I've heard someone get is 29 so far.
  2. Has anyone player Pro Evolution 2020? Only 4.99 on PlayStation Network at the moment
  3. Is that your wife or some your ex is engaged with?
  4. But it took hours to download and install, the fuckers!
  5. 😧 Double post... I like KitKats.
  6. Can someone tell me the warning signs of diabetes? 😧
  7. I've been through 3 boxes of KitKats (24 per box) - Peanut Butter KitKat Chunky - WhiteChocolate KitKat Chunky - White Chocolate regular KitKat Finished today, I'll leave it a week to see if I can handle this lockdown without a KitKat (or two) a day.
  8. I added FelatioLips, are they even allowed to do that in twitch? 😲
  9. It's going to be the perfect feud for a returning Brad Maddox or Xavier Woods.
  10. Weezenal

    Disney Plus

    Sky announced they're putting on some musicals as well. "Enjoy a series of weekly performances every Thursday night for 6 weeks from leading talent from the nation’s favourite West End Shows, including, &Juliet, SIX, and Mamma Mia. The first performance will take place on Thursday 21st May" https://www.skygroup.sky/en-gb/article/as-lockdown-continues-sky-vip-offers-customers-even-more-activities-and-experiences-to-keep-you-entertained
  11. Wasn't THPS 5 supposed to be terrible? Hopefully not using the same engine.
  12. Weezenal

    Disney Plus

    With Disney Plus due to launch in the UK on Tuesday thought I'd start a topic to see who's getting it and what are you planning to watch first? Please share some hidden gems and recommendations.
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