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  1. I haven't watched too much but you can select the sport you want to watch rather than general coverage so it shouldn't change.
  2. Yes it's increasingly unlikely Vince will ever die.
  3. It's a bit like including youth team or reserves league wins with Premiership league wins, so NXT shouldn't really be included.
  4. My gateway drug to EWR.
  5. I was so disappointed with this film, such a waste of a great cast. As you say not much actually happens.
  6. Transformers: The Movie coming to 4K https://filmhounds.co.uk/2021/07/the-transformers-the-movie-is-coming-to-4k-ultra-hd-blu-ray-in-october/
  7. You can play non-X|S games straight from an external hard drive.
  8. Weezenal

    The Trumps!

    Probably none of them. He'd definitely do a runner to Mexico as there's no wall.
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