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  1. This weeks episode of ICW Fight Club (filmed at the o2 Academy, Liverpool) is now on our facebook and youtube pages for free. If you have some friends that have maybe never seen an episode of ICW Fight Club the get them to give this a watch. Thanks. #ICWFightClub YouTube: ​Facebook:
  2. ICW: FIGHT CLUB - SUNDAY 15th JANUARY 2017 The Garage, Glasgow City Center Tickets on sale now at and (also on sale in store under Central Station bridge) Joe Coffey vs. Bram Chris Renfrew vs. Stevie Boy Xavier Joe Hendry vs. Lionheart DCT w/Coach Trip vs. Davey Blaze w/The Wee Man Zero-G No.1 Contender Match (Tournament Final) Lewis Girvan vs. Andy Wild No.1 Contenders Match (Womens Championship) *Winner faces Kay Lee Ray at ICW: 6th Annual Square Go Sammii Jayne vs. Debbie Sharpe vs. Kasey vs. Session Moth Martina Kid Fite vs. Charlie Sterling Iestyn Rees vs. Jackie Polo James Scott vs. Christopher Saynt Also confirmed: Jack Jester and ICW Zero-G Champion Kenny Williams Free entry to the Cathouse Rock Club after the show with your ICW ticket stub (or proof of purchase).
  3. The books for over a year ago get done around now so the figures your looking at on that page are from around 3 years ago and doesn't show turnover. ICW does make money but has things that constantly need to be paid, travel, our offices, new cameras, canvases, wages of full time staff, performers wages ect. We run huge venues that cost a good chunk of money to hire and we can't just throw a ring up in the middle of a room so then we need to pay for sound and lighting, tech crews ect. We are also a legit company so 20% of what we bring in goes to the taxman. ICW behind the scenes is run well and pays for itself to grow and move forward. A growing company must consume cash to continue growth.
  4. Hey guys, At shows if someone lets the venue know they have a disability they will accommodate them. Its my first time dealing with the SECC but I do know they always hold so many tickets for disabled folk and the carer gets in free with them and that there is also a specific area that's elevated as well for people that might need it. But its the SECC itself that deals with these things and we work within the rules they set. As for the event it will be standing but there are 4 massive screens abover the ring and a huge titantron style screen at the entranceway. The ring will also be elevated.
  5. Haha, dont worry mate. The fact that u even knew who the fuck I was is cool.
  6. If that's true it's a) very dumb and b) weird since they did it for the England shows on the documentary. And yeah, welcome to ICW fans. I said that I no longer flyer for shows myself as we have a promotions company called Triple G Music that handle our promotion. Have no memory of ever saying I was above flyering. I was handing out flyers in Newcastle on Saturday night during the afterparty in fact. We are always striving to improve the view at ICW while at the same time not losing the feeling of a ICW event which I feel is important. The ring will be raised much higher, there will be a ridiculous amount of screens and im having meeting about the layour to have some stands at the back of the room on 3 sides. Also its not been a wall of silence, ive been working non stop for 2 weeks and I had a hangover yesterday. Sorry for the delay letting you know. When I have more info I can confirm itll be confirmed on the ICW facebook and twitter. Mega happy with the pre sale so far for the show, its already our biggest opening day of ticket sales to date and its only 3pm.
  7. This Sunday at the O2 Academy Newcastle ICW: Helter Skelter Tickets on sale NOW at and (also on sale at the O2 Academy box office and website) Doors Open: 7pm Bell Time: 7.30pm Card for the event: ICW Heavyweight Championship Jack Jester © vs. Damian O'Connor vs. Liam Thomson w/Carmel ICW Tag Team Championship Chris Renfrew & B.T. Gunn vs. Paul London and Brian Kendrick ICW Zero-G Championship Kenny Williams © vs. 'Party' Marty Scurll Joe Coffey vs. Noam Dar Wolfgang vs. Johnny Moss Rampage Brown vs. Kid Fite Mark Coffey vs. Stevie Boy
  8. This event sold out around two weeks ago, afew more matches have been added:
  9. Paul London talks about Kid Fite, ICW, ball shaving techniques, 'Battle Orgies' and much more!
  10. LATEST EPISODE 'ICW WORLDWIDE' Season 2 Episode 11 Mikey Whiplash Vs. Grado III ICW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match The Bucky Boys Vs. The Sumerian Death Squad Vs. The New Age Kliq Previous episodes in Season 2 of 'ICW Worldwide' Season 2 Episode 1 30 minute Iron Man Match James Scott Vs. Joe Coffey Season 2 Episode 2 ICW Heavyweight Championship Jack Jester Vs. Fergal Devitt Jackie Polo Vs. Andy Wild Season 2 Episode 3 The 3rd Annual SQUARE GO! Season 2 Episode 4 Fight Club Vs. Joe Hendry & Kenny Williams Jackie Polo Vs. Noam Dar Season 2 Episode 5 Lionheart Vs. Mark Coffey ICW Heavyweight Championship Jack Jester Vs. James Scott Vs. Joe Coffey Season 2 Episode 6 - INSANE FIGHT CLUB SPECIAL Sabu Vs. Jack Jester Mikey Whiplash Vs. David 'Yum Yum' Devlin Edinburgh Street Fight The New Age Kliq Vs. Wolfgang & The Bucky Boys Season 2 Episode 7 Grado Vs. Colt Cabana Season 2 Episode 8 ICW Tag Team Championships The Coffey Brothers Vs. Fight Club Vs. The New Age Kliq Vs. The Bucky Boys Season 2 Episode 9 Joe Coffey Vs. Brian Kendrick Season 2 Episode 10 Kid Fite Vs. Paul London ICW Zero-G Championship Mark Coffey Vs. Fergal Devitt Remember if you enjoy to show to click subscribe on our YouTube page. New content added every week. Now contains over 300 hours of free ICW content!
  11. Only 50 tickets remaining for this event on May 4th. Just had a full page ad for it in this months Metal Hammer magazine.
  12. Click here to watch the first BBC Scotland advert
  13. Yes mate it was me Grado and Jester that were in the building that day.
  14. Our documentary which was filmed over several months for BBC Scotland will now be shown throughout the entire UK on March 11 at 10.35pm (Northern Ireland and Wales I think it will be 11pm). Very happy that the bosses at television centre considered the documentary good enough to get bumped up from regional to nationwide. for more info and some clips check out the BBC page for Insane Fight Club
  15. We will find out soon enough guys, March 11 has been announced today for our documentary which was meant to be for BBC Scotland only but the bosses in London have decided it will instead now air across the entire UK on BBC One.