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    Isn't that just a consequence of being in business? A big scandal in any industry will affect everybody involved in it. Whether that be cunts putting horsemeat in frozen burgers, banks fucking over investors or wrestling trainers molesting their trainees. I'm sure a lot of good causes lost out because Savile was exposed. That doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about it. If anything the threat of a scandal affecting the entire UK scene should motivate people to sort it out. If you hear rumours that somebody is a wrong 'un then report it. If the Police aren't interested then that's on them. You'd have done your part and the prospect of a Police visit might at least encourage Promoters to get the proper background checks carried out. Whether anything shows up or not isn't all that important. It's a risk assessment. It just shows that you've done all you could reasonably be expected to do. The other thing I don't get is why people continued to work for, and with, these cunts if the rumours were so rife. If your career and a few bookings are so important to you that you'd work for a nonce then I'm not going to shed any tears for you if it eventually bites you in the arse.