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  1. unfitfinlay

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Jesus. That's just grim to think about. Googling that, I noticed that Martinez has said a wrestler tried to rape her when she was in WWE and both she and Russo have said Divas have told them they'd been raped by wrestlers. That's really fucked up. It's a pretty sobering realisation that most of our heroes have either done really shitty things or just looked the other way and let them happen. Even going back to the ring boys scandal. Fucking hell, a bit off the subject here, but I just read that the reason Cornette and Bolin don't talk anymore is because Cornette hired someone to "murder" Vince Russo?!! Yeah, I suppose "Who would like the honour of representing Mick Foley in a defamation lawsuit?!" doesn't really work.
  2. unfitfinlay

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I never thought about that. That would make a lot of sense. I'm not convinced that she isn't older than she claims to be though. She certainly looks older than 43, but again, even if she is, it doesn't mean that the core of her allegations aren't true. It's the same with the way that she tried to market it, and kind of use it to try and get herself over. It looked odd, and kind of creepy, but it doesn't necessarily mean she's lying about what happened. Has anyone in the business actually talked about the allegations? Everybody was quite happy to talk about Enzo but it doesn't seem like anyone has said a word about this. It's in no way evidence of his guilt but it's surprising that Foley, in particular, hasn't responded or got the lawyers involved. He's tweeted folk from here before to tell them how upset he was that they slagged him off, but he's saying nothing about getting called a nonce? It might be a "if we ignore her then she'll go away" thing, I suppose, and to be fair, it does seem to have worked. Oh, definitely be careful in that regard. From what I've seen their tactic in lawsuits is to just drag things out until the other side runs out of money. You don't want to end up having to spend thousands to fly to Connecticut every month to fight whatever motions they decide to throw at you. I'm surprised nothing really bad ever came out during Linda's political campaigns. I know the Democrats are a bit shit at that stuff but you'd think the Snuka story alone would've been raised.
  3. unfitfinlay

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    X-Pac did the shitting. He's openly talked about it. I'd be interested in those articles. Wrestling has to be one of the only industries where stuff like this just gets ignored. Look at Marty Jannetty's "hilarious" story about the time the WWF crew drugged a woman, sexually assaulted her and shaved her head. Imagine it was a prominent football player who'd told that story and expected people to laugh? Which isn't really a good thing. She's clearly got mental issues and is blatantly lying about some of the specifics - She clearly wasn't underage when she was in ECW, for example, but it doesn't mean that there was no truth to the allegations at all. She might not have been underage but I don't doubt she was treated horrifically.
  4. unfitfinlay

    McMahon Always Wins (Colt Cabana sues CM Punk)

    He hates him now too though. Supposedly he'd told Mercury stuff in confidence that ended up getting back to the office or whatever. Reading that document, I can't see how Punk can really justify this. Cabana only fought the lawsuit because Punk told him he'd be covered. Regardless of whatever else has gone on between them, leaving him with a 200k bill is out of line, especially since all Cabana actually did was try to back Punk up. Cabana's taking the piss with the demand for a million in punitive damages though.
  5. unfitfinlay

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I'd be all right with that. Fans cheering a bad guy is a bit awkward, but you can work with it. Fans booing a babyface is a different story. There's no real way to work with it and, when it's the top babyface, it ends up affecting the entire product. Plus, to be fair, people aren't just booing him because "it's cool". They are booing him because Reigns, as a character, is fucking pathetic. He's the bloke who gets opportunity after opportunity, chokes every single time, then whines about it and acts like he's a victim. What kind of babyface is that? Imagine Austin, Hogan or Cena had been booked that way? The sad thing is Reigns absolutely should be a top babyface. The guy is a fucking star and they are wasting him. Agreed. It's been said before but if he gets so good as a heel that he's cheered again they could always.....turn him back. My big concern is that they don't seem to tell a compelling story these days. There's a good chance that, if they ever do turn him, they'll do it badly and go "Well we've turned him. That'll do. No point putting in any effort or creativity into it". As much I'd love to see a frustrated Reigns finally snapping, kicking people's heads in and basically dominating, he might well end up being booked the same way poor Seth Rollins was during his title run. It's still better than the current situation though.
  6. unfitfinlay

    Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    I think Bischoff's fallen into that odd "Reality is whatever is convenient to me at this moment" bubble that a lot of people in the wrestling industry seem to fall into. One thing I've noticed is that he'll switch between "Meltzer just made shit up. He knew nothing and was just connecting dots. Anybody could do that" to "Everybody was talking to Meltzer" whenever it suits his argument, like when he's being criticised for "working the boys" or for giving Nash the book, which he justifies because he didn't trust anyone else. Same with him slagging off people who have "never worked a day in the business" and then referring to fucking Conrad, of all people, as a "wrestling guy". I like the show though, Conrad in particular. Most shoot stuff I've heard the hosts always seem a bit wary of upsetting the guest and just seems to accept their answers without criticism or comment, no matter how ridiculous it is. Conrad just doesn't seem to give a fuck. It's really quite refreshing to hear him and Bischoff just fucking screaming at each other.. I haven't listened to a lot of the Bruce Prichard stuff but the Mohammed Hassan show was mind-blowing.It's so fucking weird to hear Prichard talk about wrestling fans with such casual disdain and not even realise it. The whole concept basically came down to "Oh we're not narrow minded racists but our fans are. Thick as fuck too!"
  7. unfitfinlay

    First "smart" thoughts

    Thinking about it, it's almost certainly "Hogan is a cock" in the early 90s. I liked him in 1990, when I first started watching, but doubts started when he needed to cheat to beat the Undertaker and then when he helped Flair win the Royal Rumble. The final straw was when he won the title at Wrestlemania 9, fucked off to Japan and shit on the belt. I was a big Bret fan at the time. I'd totally bought into the WWF Magazine spin that him defending against Skinner and Virgil was him "being a fighting Champion", "taking on all challengers" and "bringing credibility to the title". Hogan getting it back felt like a huge step backwards and was the start of me thinking "the big guys are lazy and can't work. The smaller guys are being held down!!" I don't know if it's smarky or just completely idiotic but I also remember thinking Prince Iaukea was better than Rocky Maivia and that Steve Austin looked idiotic with a skinhead and would never be taken seriously as a tough guy.
  8. unfitfinlay

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Storm's got previous for shite tributes doesn't he?
  9. unfitfinlay

    Everybody loves shit neighbours

    I've flipped roles since I moved. I used to live in a bad area and my neighbours were a total nightmare. It was almost a stereotype really: Constant parties that would descend into drunken fights, rubbish piled up all over their garden and/or dumped into mine and what seemed like a million feral kids who just didn't give a fuck. It got to the point where I'd just be sitting in silence, waiting for stuff to get booted at my window. As Astro said, you don't realise how much things affect you until they are over. It wasn't them but there was also an odd area thing where nobody would just say "bye" to each other. They'd walk away from each other, wait until they were half the street away and then yell "RIGHT I'LL SEE YOU LATER EH?!!" at the top of their voices. At 3.AM. Anyway, I've since moved to a far far better neighbourhood where *I'm* apparently the terrible neighbour, at least to one in particular. She just seems to hate me for no real reason. It's all very passive aggressive, of course. She's never said a word to me directly but I get woken up all the time hearing her moan about me through the wall. A few weeks ago, I was talking to another neighbour, who'd parked his car slightly on the pavement, when she came around the corner. I moved out of the way to let her pass and she glared at me and walked on the road instead. I find it more strange than anything else. I'm bloody lovely me.
  10. unfitfinlay

    Comic Book and Superhero movie & TV discussion.

    And I'm struggling to see the connection. Trump being President has nothing to do with this. Disney are a massive Corporation who built their business on appealing to kids. They can't be seen to endorse jokes about paedophilia. It would be absolutely toxic to them. As good as he is, James Gunn simply isn't important enough to justify them taking the hit. It's the same with WWE and Hogan. They don't give two fucks about what he said, they care about how much it could cost them, There's a variety of reasons that Trump is President and "keeps getting away with stuff" but none of it has anything to do with Disney. I'm really not sure why you're trying to force the comparison.
  11. unfitfinlay

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I'm not surprised by that, to be honest. Hogan never really seemed to understand what he did wrong. He focused completely on the "wrong words" he said and totally ignored how fucking ridiculous the context was. His excuse was along the lines of "I grew up with a lot of black kids and I just got used to using that word", which is (a) probably bollocks and (b) totally misses the point. The issue, at least for me, was never "Hogan said "the n-word" it was that he had sex (with his best mate's wife) and then decided to talk about how much he hates black people. As far as I'm aware, he's never actually acknowledged just how fucked up that is. Was he ever actually "removed from the Hall of Fame" though? I thought that they'd just "Benoit'd" him from the website, which included the Hall of Fame page. It's not like they asked for his ring back or anything did they?