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  1. Eddie Guerrero turning heel in 2003 was fucking shit. He was so over as a babyface that it would've taken something really special to get the fans to turn on him. Instead he beat up Tajiri for scratching his car. Nobody gave a fuck. Tajiri was only over because he was Eddie's partner and it was such a comical reason for a turn. Eddie didn't change his character at all either. It was so pointless that I can't remember if they even bothered "officially" turning him back. It was the polar opposite of his turn on Mysterio a few years later, which was brilliant. The last years of WCW are probably an easy target but there was a few really horrible turns there. The Hogan/Flair double turn was probably the worst. It came out of nowhere, made no real sense and it led to Hogan just casually going to back to the babyface character that he'd been shitting on for years.
  2. It's the same as everything else now I'd imagine. Companies are trying to preempt any racism scandals by distancing themselves from dodgy content BEFORE people complain about it. The Mohammed episodes of South Park have been pulled offline as well as the (amazing) Advanced Dungeons and Dragons episode of Community from Netflix, but not Amazon Prime. Hassan was such a horrible character though. Listening to Bruce Prichard talk about it on Something to Wrestle With really hit home how little respect people in wrestling have for the audience. The whole idea was that wrestling fans are all thick racists who would be incensed by American Muslims not wanting to be seen as terrorists. When that didn't get over, they just decided to just strongly imply that he was a terrorist. He was a good promo as well but the character was just race baiting shite. I'm not surprised that they are Benoiting him.
  3. Really? I get that Vince might love his size and look but I can't imagine the guy who famously thinks sneezing is a sign of weakness would have much respect for a guy whose debut was scrapped because he froze. I mean, I've got sympathy for Sullivan having mental issues but Vince just doesn't the seem the most understanding of bosses in that regard. Plus, long term, are they ever going to trust him with a major storyline ever again? I know Prichard's said loads of times on his podcast that personal issues stopped a lot of guys getting pushed, because they didn't know if they'd be able to rely on them. Plus he caused them embarrassment over the horrible comments online and the gay porn videos while barely performing in the ring. I'm just genuinely surprised that they've kept him on while so many others, who were far more valuable really, have gone.
  4. Talking about Lars Sullivan in the AEW thread and it made me wonder how the fuck he's still employed? His main roster call up has been a total disaster. He had a breakdown before his debut, which forced them to scrap his feud with Cena. He got outed both for making horrible comments online AND starring in gay porn videos and he's been out for over a year with an injury. Considering how many people they've gotten rid of lately it seems insane that they've kept him.
  5. That's true. The guy who @'d me seemed to think I was a WWE Fan Boy and accused me of me being a hypocrite because Brock Lesnar showed Terri Runnels his cock or something. It's easy to forget just how fucking ridiculous wrestling fans can be sometimes. Homophobic and racist, and aimed at people in WWE I think. It might not be the best comparison, granted. It was just the first example I could think of where someone has been called out for horrible remarks and nobody really gave a shit about how long ago it was or whether he was joking or not. A more recent example would be the guy that got pulled from Dark for dodgy tweets from years before. Nobody cared. I like Sammy, for the record, and hope this doesn't hurt his career. It's the "everybody needs to accept his apology and move on because I like when he sings along to Judas!!!" shit that I dislike. You can't just order people to like him. If they think he's a creepy cunt, then it's up to him to change their minds.
  6. I didn't mean his punishment from AEW, which seems fair, but a lot of fans seem really really desperate that everybody forgives him and moves on. Some are even acting like he's the victim. I'm reading Big Swole getting shit on Twitter right now just for saying "Sammy was wrong. Period". Total strangers flat out telling her that she's being unreasonable. Christ, some weirdo is even @ing me just for LIKING tweets from people who are still upset about it. I just don't think that would be happening if he wasn't so talented. I mean, was anyone using the "He was young and it was years ago!" defense when Lars Sullivan got outed for making horrible comments on that bodybuilding message board?
  7. Agreed. I like Sammy but I can't help but think he's getting off light reaction-wise just because he's entertaining. I've seen way too many people playing it down, going "Right. Move on" and acting like he's been treated unfairly. I saw one guy going "If I was a wrestler I wouldn't pay any attention to women wrestlers or valets now. It just isn't worth it" as if the outrage was because he'd complimented her hair or something. It was a horrible comment that normalised sexual assault and sexism within the wrestling industry. I'm glad AEW took action against him.
  8. I disagree. I think that's ignoring the root of the problem, which is the business itself. Wrestling is always going to attract vulnerable people, particularly kids, and as a result, it's also going to attract people looking to exploit and abuse them. Especially since there is shit like "hazing", "respecting the veterans", "protecting the business" and "It's just wrestling" for them to hide behind. If nothing fundamental changes then all that'll happen is that the abusers will be more secretive, insular, and pick their targets more carefully. That poor girl who trained at FWA only accepted being groped by grown men because so many of them did it that it became normal. If a dodgy Promoter/Trainer only ever books his equally dodgy mates then how do you stop stuff like that? That's not even getting into the stuff that, while horrible, isn't technically illegal. As unlikely as it sounds, I think the only way to really change things is if the Government steps in and actually regulates things. They really need to. Is there any other "industry" in the country where someone can hire a hall, stick up a few flyers and immediately be trusted with access to children?
  9. He wasn't though was he? He was trying to point out that, in her debut, she nearly beat the World Champion. How on earth does that hurt her at all? Or make her feel less impressive? The only thing that made it awkward was J.R cutting him off and laughing, which obviously threw Excalibur off. If he really had a problem with the timing, why not work through it like any other "botch" and then talk about it after the show? Or even during the advert break. I mean, it's fairly likely that Excalibur's been told to say things like that after the "Butcher and The Blade!!" thing. It's been said before but the three man booth isn't working and, of the three, I'd get rid of JR. He's a far better commentator than Excalibur, when he cares, but it's obvious that he doesn't want to be there at the moment. Excalibur is going to learn a lot more from Tony Schiavone without sad sack Ross weighing them down. That aside, that was my favourite segment of the show. Anna Jay losing - after the video package for her - and then leaving with the Dark Order, was a really interesting twist and got everybody involved over. Not something I've ever thought about a segment involving the Dark Order before.
  10. They weren't broadcasting Live Events though were they? And they certainly weren't pushing them the way that AEW pushes Dark. Did you like Excalibur's infamous "That's Butcher and The Blade! That's Butcher and the Blade!" call? that he got slated for, because that's basically what he's getting criticised for NOT doing here.
  11. And then people would, quite rightly, criticise them for not being prepared, not knowing the product and burying Dark by flat out ignoring it's existence. They DO want people to watch it don't they? Otherwise what's the point in doing it?
  12. Absolutely this. It might not be as severe as the other allegations but it's still really predatory behaviour. The nature of their relationship, as well as the age difference, is going to make it much much harder for the girl to say no. Which is the point, I suppose.
  13. I'm only part way through the document now but that's only part of the allegations. Basically they are accused of lying about their business dealings in the Middle East (and North Africa) to mislead investors. They delayed informing investors that they'd lost a lucrative TV deal there and actually said they were in negotiations to renew it. When they finally had to announce it, they claimed that they'd been negotiating with the Saudi's for a new deal and that they already "had an agreement in principle" when in actually they were miles apart. The "hostage" situation is just cited as evidence that the WWE's relationship with the Saudi's was actually deteriorating at the time. I haven't gotten through it all but there's a lot of other dodgy stuff they are accusing them of, including claiming that attendance in the US was increasing (on a chart that clearly shows that it wasn't) and them including people who got the Network for free as part of their TV package in their figures for "Network subscribers".
  14. Massive. I don't know why everybody is focusing on the "wrestlers being held hostage" part when WWE is being accused of stock market manipulation AND insider trading. The U.S doesn't fuck about with that stuff. It's why WWE couldn't fully commit to angles like "Trump has bought RAW" and "Vince is dead" because, even though everybody knew it was a work, it could still have been seen as manipulating the price of their stock. Regardless of the monetary damage, if these allegations are proven then there will definitely be a criminal trial and they'll be very lucky if everybody avoids prison, including Vince himself. They specifically accuse him of insider trading in there and, if the numbers cited in there are true, he's going to be hard pressed to deny it. Pretending to be in negotiations for a TV deal when you aren't is bad enough but selling millions of dollars worth of stock RIGHT before you have to come clean....? Bet Trump'd pardon him though.
  15. Isn't that what usually happens? Like Subway make the financial decision to start using Turkey Bacon in some locations, in order to appeal to more customers, and it gets turned into "Muslims force Subway to ban Bacon!!!!!!" The most depressing thing about this - aside from the people who've been murdered obviously - is that it's really exposed how thick some people are, including a few of my closest friends. I've lost count about the amount of times I've seen "WHAT ABOUT WHITE CHICKS EH? SHOULD WE BAN THAT?!!!!!" over the last few days, as if it's an untouchable cinematic classic that the world couldn't possibly live without. Even this morning, one my best mates was using the fact that there's been some online threats towards a statue of John Knox as "clear evidence" that BLM is a globalist conspiracy theory to get rid of Trump and "put the brakes on" Brexit. As if we hadn't already left the EU and as if Trump hasn't played a massive part in the protests blowing up as much as they have. He, and a few others, also seem to have this notion that the reason that there's loads of footage of Police brutality towards protesters, and very little in return, is because "it fits the narrative". It's basically arguing that the lack of evidence to support their viewpoint is evidence in itself. Which is fucking stupid obviously.
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