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  1. Aye. That's a good point. It's not like Patterson was unique either. Jim Barnett managed to be incredibly successful as well. Let's face it, the wrestling business traditionally accepted anybody that would make money. Jimmy Snuka fucking killed a woman and was still getting bookings until shortly before he died. Kanyon's sexuality was an open secret in WCW but he was still a big part of the company. Out of the entire roster, he was the guy they trusted to represent them in Hollywood for Ready to Rumble. Granted, the movie was shit but it was still a massive show of faith him. Same with hi
  2. The Union is fucked already really. Borders in the Irish Sea, borders in Kent, the mad situation with Gibraltar joining Schengen, meaning Brits have less freedom than non-Brits, in a British territory. It's just slowly falling apart. I think it's been inevitable since 2014. The first Scottish Independence referendum really underlined the lack of a positive case for the Union. Their campaign was a mixture of cute catchphrases "Best of Both Worlds!", pictures of Spitfires and Project Fear. I was a fairly staunch Unionist at one point but it was impossible to ignore the complete lack of subs
  3. Fair point. It's worth noting the Boy George shit as well, I suppose, which he flat out said devastated him. And me, actually. I was looking forward to him coming back - from nearly dying - and they did that nonsense. It was the impression that I got from reading his book though, and from people that worked with him in WCW. It just seemed like something he couldn't accept it about himself. He built it up far far bigger than it actually was to anybody else. Like, even when he came out and everybody accepted it, it still wasn't enough for him. He seemed to think that being openly gay should
  4. For me, the car is going over the cliff anyway. Jumping out might hurt but it's going to be a shitload better than taking the entire fall. It's not like it's a choice between independence and the status quo. It's independence vs whatever shit the Tories foist on us next. It's not like Labour are going to get into power anytime soon after all. Personally I've got a lot more faith in the SNP, and certainly Scottish voters than I do the Conservatives. It's not like full EU membership is a necessity anyway. The only reason trade is suffering so badly for the UK outside of the EU is because of
  5. Would it? We've already been EU members for decades after all. There seems to be a confusion between the EU entry requirements and entry into the Eurozone, which are stricter. The Copenhagen criteria just requires that we're a democracy, respect human rights and the EU rules and have a functioning economy. That last one is the only thing that's questionable but I still think we'd qualify for Ascension status, which provides a shit load of benefits, like free movement. They even give candidate states funding to try and get their economy up to scratch. I can't see them doing that for the li
  6. The tragic thing about Kanyon is that his problems really had nothing to do with wrestling. He just couldn't seem to cope with the fact that he was gay. Even after he came out, he pushed it like it was a massive deal - which I'm sure it was to him - and couldn't seem to understand that no one was particularly bothered. I'm sure he took that as homophobia, and a form of rejection, when it was actually the exact opposite. He used to pay women to stay at his house and pretend to be his girlfriend, which is just really sad. Talented guy too. He was one of my favourites in the 90s. Such a
  7. I don't really like that comparison because it's a matter of opinion based on a finished product. Each are valid, even if you totally disagree. Undertaker's comments are about the personal lives of the wrestlers, which is fucking stupid. It'd be like saying Aerosmith should get back on drugs because their music is shit now. But even stupider because the wrestlers not being fuck ups has nothing to do with WWE's current problems. It's entirely down to creative. Returning to the days where the locker room was full of drugged up rapists isn't going to change that at all. That's true.
  8. Sure he would. It's the worst era WWE's ever had creatively but - COVID aside - other companies are doing pretty well. I probably watch more wrestling now than at any other point in my life. That aside, his point is demonstrably bollocks. WWE is so fucked creatively that in the past year we've seen Bray Wyatt burned to death and Rey Mysterio have his eyeball ripped out. That's pure "Fonzie jumping the shark" shit but instead of asking questions about that, Taker is blaming "The Boys" for not being fucked up drug addicts who'll likely be dead by 40. I mean, are you seriously suggestin
  9. Not necessarily. Like everything else in wrestling, you could just stick Eddie Kingston in that role and he'd make it work.
  10. If you'd told me a year ago I'd be this desperate for Hangman to join the Dark Order, I'd have pissed myself laughing. I'm actually more excited about this than him beating Omega at the moment. I'm going to jump out of my chair when it actually happens. They all work so well together that that opening segment was pretty much perfect.....and it had fucking Luthor in it! Hangman and his REAL mates going after Omega and "The Band" should be absolute gold. The only thing I really disliked on the show was Cody's stuff. It's not even BAD exactly just really dull and the story with Shaq doe
  11. Yep. That would almost certainly be their legal argument. By implying that they are still Bullet Club members, Omega and co are causing confusion in the market place and diluting the value of the Bullet Club name. Which is fair enough really. I mean, if you google Bullet Club now, all the news stories are about AEW and Impact. That's not great for NJPW's top heel group. I'd be shocked if a deal hasn't been worked out though. The Elite aren't idiots. If they thought they could get away with using Bullet Club stuff without permission then they would've done it ages ago. That was the whole r
  12. Trump's statement where he complains about being silenced, on the very social media service that he's twice been banned from. I can't wait until all we can get a full account of his behaviour at moments like this. It certainly looks to me like he's only agreed to denounce the violence if he could keep moaning about losing his Twitter. Stories coming out that he's refusing to pay Rudy Giuliani now too.
  13. She teamed with Cena against Santino and Beth Phoenix on a RAW in Toronto as well.
  14. Kevin Federline pinned John Cena. Actually, I'd forgotten all about Kevin Federline.
  15. He's definitely got fuck all self-awareness. It was mad seeing him rant about Nyla Rose embarrassing the business. You'd think he was Lou Thesz or something. He played a porn star.
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