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  1. Have you contacted your MP? It seems like the kind of thing that they should be involved in. It's illegal to force an employee to do something that they feel is unsafe, which is clearly what they are trying to do in your case. I really don't understand how companies can be so short sighted about this. It's not like we're going to be in lockdown forever, and employees are going to remember how they were treated. It's going to be very hard to retain staff when you've made it clear how little their lives are worth.
  2. Sammy Guevara is winning the tournament surely? He's been a highlight of AEW since it's started and he'd be great with a title. Beating Cody in the semi final would be a great set up for their feud as well, which seems to be inevitable at this point. Actually, there's logical reasons for almost all the babyfaces to want to knock him out.
  3. I was the same actually. Especially since the "Nature Boy" name makes fuck all sense. It actually worked for me though because I thought he was a weedy cunt who didn't belong in the WWF, yet he just kept getting really really lucky. I was raging (at Hogan!) when he won the Rumble.
  4. I think so. As someone else said, they sacked off the Nightmare Collective pretty quick and that was Brandi's idea, with one of Jericho's best mates involved. Same with the original plans for the Dark Order. They obviously had big plans for them when they took out all the top babyfaces, and then quickly backtracked after seeing the reaction to it. They are apparently good mates with Grayson and Uno outside the ring, and they still went "Sorry. You two aren't good enough". Politics really doesn't seem like a big issue. Anyway, as crap as that segment was, I don't think Matt Hardy is beyond saving, even as a top guy. They just need to tweak it so there's far more emphasis on Hardy being mentally unstable and delusional than him actually being 3000 years old and able to teleport. I'd like to think even Hardy is smart enough to realise that it isn't going to work, given the general reaction to it online.
  5. Sorry for your loss Neil. Especially since it's happened in such a cruel way. It's the nightmare scenario for me.
  6. An Italian workmate told me that the way it works over there is that they are limiting the amount of people allowed in a shop at one time, and the Police and the Army are enforcing it. A woman from Bulgaria said it was the same thing over there too. Neither of them could understand why we aren't doing it here yet. It's fucking horrific that I'm actually welcoming a lockdown. People round here just aren't taking things seriously at all. A chippy decided to sell Fish Suppers for £2 so loads of dickheads were queuing all the way up the street. It's not even a GOOD chippy. The frighting thing is how long any lockdown is going to last. I'm not sure I trust *this* Government to relinquish any sort of power, especially when we've still got a no deal Brexit to look forward to.
  7. The hotel I work in shut down today, for at least two months. I'm not sure where that leaves me work-wise. I'm on a salary, and a lot of people are saying we're going to get our full pay, with the hotel paying the extra 20% that the Government won't cover. I'm not convinced but I've got a meeting on Monday where I'll find out for sure. I have, kind of, been offered a job in a Care Home that I used to work in. I've spent the last few days weighing things up but I think I'm only going to go back if I really really need to. I feel like a cunt writing that but, really, as much as I want to help, I know a lot of Chefs who are desperate for a job right now, and I'd rather it went to them. A few boys I work with are planning to find new jobs on top of their existing salary, which just feels a bit wrong to me. Like I'm taking advantage of this horrible situation. I've also had a bizarre falling out with my Aunt about the above. She's insisting that topping up my "free" salary with another job would be fraud and I'd get arrested. I said that it doesn't really matter because I'm not doing it anyway....and she hung up on me. She's in her 60s is diabetic and, so far, has been treating COVID-19 like a joke. I think it might finally be sinking into her just how serious this is going to be, which is a relief I suppose, even if lashing out at me is going to be a bit of a pain.
  8. There's no stigma to simply being a child though. Now if she was talking about how ugly all the kids were, and the Director went "Ooh cut to that ugly wee fucker" in the front row" then Cody would be inviting THAT kid to another show as his guest in attempt to smooth things over. Same as he did the MJF boy. To be honest AEW's production is one of the things that really lets it down. There was a match at Revolution where they just cut to a fan checking his phone for what felt like ages, and for seemingly no reason. It felt like one of those shots WWE cuts to when something happens in a match that they can't show on camera, but nothing bad was actually happening. It does feel like they aren't really used to filming live wrestling, which makes sense I suppose. You've got to think that the most experienced people are all working for WWE.
  9. I agree. There certainly were a lot of moves~!!! but none of them really felt gratuitous. Even something ridiculous like the Indytaker on the ramp was an important part of the storyline. It was sold, by everybody really, as the Bucks trying to seriously injure Page in order to win the match. Why would he shake their hands and be all matey after that? I think my favourite thing about the match was that they just went with the crowd. It felt like Page was *supposed* to be the heel going in but he got such a huge babyface reaction that the Bucks just went "Cool. We're the heels then". Matt Jackson, especially, came across like a right prick, but was subtle enough that it still wasn't a fully fledged heel turn. It leaves a lot of things open for the future. Some disappointing matches (MJF vs Cody, Dustin vs Hager) and dodgy production issues aside it was a cracking show overall. Worth every penny.
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