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  1. I don't have a problem with the QT Marshall storyline as such, except that it involves QT Marshall. He's solid in the ring and I'm sure he's a good trainer but he isn't over and he isn't going to get over. This push they are giving him would be better off going to someone else. Cody's horrible promo made it obvious that QT is going to snap next week and take Cody out. That would've been a big rub for Penta last week but it won't make a difference to QT at all. He's a session musician basically. He can play all the right notes but absolutely nobody is paying to see him.
  2. Remember when Cesaro was in the Real Americans and everyone was like “When he ditches Swagger and Zeb, he’s going to be a megastar!!” He won the Andre Battle Royal, split from them, became a “Paul Heyman Guy”and then proceeded to do absolutely fuck all. Meanwhile Swagger and Zeb turned babyface and actually got really over defending the U.S against Rusev. Of course Rusev won decisively and moved on to Cena while Swagger and Zeb just completely disappeared.
  3. It's just plastic patriotism. It's easier to bang on about flags and statues than it is to do anything to improve the country in any way, shape or form. Bit like how it is easier to CLAP for the NHS, and talk about how you appreciate it than give staff a decent pay rise and/or effective PPE. Plus if people are mocking them for flag shagging then they aren't questioning any of the truly awful shit they do. Like Priti Patel's new rules effectively banning Asylum Seekers or Alistair Jack threatening to take the Scottish Government to court over a bill that protects the rights of children in
  4. Another weird quirk about the Nasty Boys thing was that some of their pre-taped promos were with the NWA Tag belts, not the WCW ones. The Blondes held both when the promos were filmed, and Knobbs and Sags had obviously just picked up a pair at random. Of course then WCW left the NWA before the promos aired. So not only were they doing promos as Champions before they won the titles. They were doing it with belts that they never ever won.
  5. Not quite. Backlund DID win the title back but Inoki pulled some classic fuckery. Hisashi Shinma was both New Japan's booker and the WWF's on-screen President and he reversed Backlund's win - because Tiger Jeet Singh interfered - and gave the title back to Inoki. Inoki was obviously too heroic to accept a title in such tainted circumstances so vacated it. Backlund then beat Bobby Duncum for the vacant title, which looked just like a title defense. I'm surprised Ted Dibiase hasn't been mentioned. It has to be the most famous one surely? He had the title for a week or so and was workin
  6. According to Russo that was a big part of the problem. That line legitimately pissed Austin off, to the point that he told them he never ever wanted to work with Jarrett. He had issues with the Jarretts anyway, because of how shit his pay was in Memphis so he took it a lot more personally than it was intended. Two different times. Austin told them never to book him against Jarrett immediately after he returned from WCW in 1997 and did that promo. Russo pitched it again later on, thinking Austin would've calmed down, and he told them to fuck off again.
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