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  1. I think the biggest problem was that they changed creative teams mid way through. It was great until Prichard left. I've always thought that the original plan was for it to be Bischoff and/or Jarrett's way back into TNA, and that they'd unmask when Aces and Eights won the match that gave their members "Free Access" (or whatever). There was a lot of foreshadowing that Joseph Parks would be involved as well but instead we got D-Von and things just fell apart after that. They really should've kept some of the guys masked as well. Mike Knoxx is great in the ring but it was embarrassing listening to Mike Tenay try and sell him as a superstar when he got unmasked. He had far more upside as a mysterious masked biker than an ex-WWE jobber.
  2. TN-EH? Discussion Thread.

    Wow. That is just dripping with bullshit. She just completely ignores that the video shows her releasing the hold THEN reapplying it and the "she walked out under her own power" and "she wasn't sitting down" seems to just ignore the fact that it was a fucking arm injury. Besides surely if you were told you'd injured someone, you'd actually go up and ask if they were okay? She seems to have a right case of the "Bret Harts" as well. Totally up her own arse. Imagine dedicating a letter to your wrestling character. Fucking hell.
  3. UKFF Questions Thread V2

    Is that not Brakkus at the back? He looks bigger than either Holly or Billy Gunn.
  4. Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Fuck sake. Posted by accident. It's a different job than it looks though isn't it? Foley should've been a natural at it but he couldn't deal with being yelled at in the headset. I could see Christian struggling in the same way.
  5. Random Thoughts III.

    I could be wrong but I think it was a case of them going "Hey there's a spot as an announcer on ECW. Do you want it or do you do want to hang about in developmental hoping we eventually call you up as a wrestler?" and then he just sort of stuck with it. At this stage, I'd imagine the money, schedule and employee benefits are probably far too good to give up to get back in the ring. But, yeah, that was a terrible finisher. It reminded me a bit of the ZigZag, which is also shite.
  6. Southpaw Regional Wrestling Is Back

    What's "edgy" about it? It's an affectionate parody of the cheesy low-budget wrestling shows from the 80s that a lot them grew up watching. It's funny. I can't see how an Attitude Era one would even work. It was a completely different time, not to mention production style.
  7. Random Thoughts III.

    Well, yeah. What I mean is that the set up for the Styles Cash involves getting someone up in a power bomb position, which is a far more impressive looking move, and then lowering them down and giving them a better chance to counter just so you can do Your Move, It's one thing when it's against a jobber, or if Styles is an arrogant heel, but it's the same practically every time. It takes me right out of the match. It's just not a good enough move to make up for the awkwardness of it. Yes. I'm not sure if the leg over the head is supposed to be like a neckbreaker or something but it doesn't look like it does anything. Take it away and, aye, it's just flipping someone over while holding their arm. Was that the weird forward facing DDT? I think that was called Dirty Deeds as well. Still better than the Overdrive though. At least I can understand the concept of that move, even if it was a bit weird looking.
  8. Random Thoughts III.

    I feel the same way about the Styles Clash. It's always felt unnatural. If you were legitimately trying to win the match you'd just powerbomb the guy rather than carefully hooking his arms with your legs and dropping him perfectly flat. The winner is the Overdrive/Play of the Day/Playmaker though. What even is it? How is it supposed to hurt?
  9. Game of Thrones - Season SEVEN (No book wankers)

    I think they've been a bit irrelevant this season to be honest. Somewhat inconvenient too. I've loved this season but it does feel a bit off that nobody is calling Jon an oathbreaker for leaving, especially the people who have no idea that he died. Cersei of all people made a big deal about how much she trusted his word in the last episode. It's the same with Sam to a lesser extent. He just turned up at Winterfell because he felt like it, even though he's a sworn brother of the Night's Watch who is actively disobeying an order, etc. It's not a massive thing, like, but it does feel a bit....awkward and like you said, they've served their purpose. Almost all the known characters have left or died. It's really only Dolorous Edd and a bunch of cannon fodder left now. Anyway, I thought that was a great finale' and an excellent season overall. I'm a nitpicking arsehole but even I don't really care when the show is so good.
  10. TN-EH? Discussion Thread.

    Yeah, I really can't see how anybody can defend her. She deliberately injured somebody that she has no prior heat with, who was co-operating with her, and who was on loan from another company. That's not even bullying. It's just fucking nuts. If AAA don't sack her then what message does it send to GFW about how safe their talent is there? I'm not saying it'd be acceptable if she'd done this to some nameless AAA jobber who'd sat in her seat or something but the fact she did it to someone with reasonable political connections, just because she could, means she'd do it to anybody. Trust is well and truly gone there.