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  1. Wrestlers sabotaging matches

    Sure, and if you put yourself in Goldberg's shoes and look back at the Regal incident, then you can see it as a frustrated veteran trying to make himself look good at the expense of a naive rookie Superstar. That was my point. The Jericho thing is another example of Goldberg taking himself too seriously. If he thought Jericho was beneath him, when he was over as fuck, then god knows what he must've been thinking of Regal. And, yes, it was a win/win situation. Jericho might not have been a *Top Guy* at that point but a match against him would've had a lot more interest than some of the matches Goldberg did have during his title run. At the very least it would've been a solid match for Nitro at a time when they were burning through money matches at an incredible rate. Jericho was also more than good enough to make Goldberg look like an absolute monster, while helping himself in the process. I can completely understand why Jericho hated Goldberg for dismissing it, and why it was one of the reasons he jumped to the WWF when his contract expired. It's the same reason I understand Austin's hatred of Hogan, and others hating Austin for similar reasons. If you're a talented guy, trying to break through to the next level and someone shoots you down what you believe is a money making idea then of course you are going to resent them.
  2. Wrestlers sabotaging matches

    Regal, for me. I honestly don't understand why he'd lie about it. He's open about everything else he did when he was fucked up and has the ready made excuse of "I was completely off my tits". He's hardly known for his ego either. Besides, it's not even as if the story is really discussed in a way that makes Regal look bad. It's always told in a "Fuck Goldberg. He never paid his dues" kind of way. Goldberg, on the other hand, takes himself very seriously. He famously refused to have anything to do with Jericho, because of his size, even though Jericho had done a great job of building up interest in a match between the two of them. I can believe that he *thinks* Regal was trying to make him look bad. I just don't think that was Regal's intention.
  3. Wrestlers sabotaging matches

    Regal spoke about it on Austin's podcast He was told to have a competitive match but Goldberg froze so he was just trying to walk him through things. I can believe him too. Especially the part about the agent. If WCW's agents were switching finishes and even telling Champions to drop their titles without authorisation then "go six minutes and be competitive" must've felt like fuck all in comparison.
  4. All change to TLC on Sunday..

    I genuinely laughed out loud when he said that Kane hit Braun by accident even as Kane continued to hit him. Are they doing a WCW thing where they don't tell the announcers what's going to happen or is Booker just a bit dim?
  5. What would you take from WCW?

    You're thinking of Michael Buffer. Am I the only one who hated him? I get the idea that he added to the "big time feel" of certain matches but he patently couldn't give a fuck about wrestling. He introduced Bret Hart as Bret Clark once and other times he'd just make shit up in his introductions (Nash is "known the world over as the undisputed Master of the Powerbomb" apparently.) WWE'd be better off (and cheaper) using the Fink.
  6. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    I never phoned in at work but I did miss a fair chunk of college through insomnia. I suffered a fair few concussions in a short space of time, which I stupidly tried to work through, and one of the side effects is that it's totally fucked up my sleep pattern. Some nights I just couldn't sleep, or I'd wake up after two hours and be unable to get back to sleep. I was doing a professional cookery course and I really didn't trust myself working with hot pans, oil etc, on no sleep. Not to mention that I would've fucking destroyed the food, which really wasn't fair to my classmates. The only reason I made it into work was because it was only two days a week and I really needed the money. If you don't need the money, or you've got the sick days to take, then phone in. There's no ethical dilemma if there's actually something wrong with you, and there is. It's not like you're just taking the piss. If you were then you wouldn't even be thinking about it, much less asking for advice about it.
  7. All change to TLC on Sunday..

    I have to agree here. Besides, Angle's coming back, for one night, in a multi-man clusterfuck where he can easily be protected. It's not quite the same as Bryan wanting to come back full time and wrestle the same style of matches that fucked him up in the first place. He'd be as well bitching that Bret got to "wrestle" even though he'd had a stroke. I think a return would be really awkward anyway. He's too flimsy for them to trust in a prominent in-ring role but there's a risk that the audience won't accept anything else. There is a good chance that trying bring him back in a comfortable and safe midcard role would end the same way as the Royal Rumble in 2014 and 2015. Realistically, Bryan should be grateful that WWE are looking out for his health. It's not something that gets said about them a lot.