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  1. The thing is, it wasn't JUST Andre's size and look that made him feel so special. It was his entire presentation. They'd move him round different territories to stop the mystique wearing off, they had wee tricks to make him look taller in interview segments and he very very rarely lost. They even set up the wee rings at Wrestlemania 3 solely to hide the fact that Andre could hardly walk. It doesn't matter how impressive someone looks nowadays. If they are on TV every week, doing in ring interviews, posting pictures of their lunch on Twitter and selling shout outs on Cameo then people are
  2. I genuinely think we're fucked. I am anyway. The Tories response to the virus has been a joke since the beginning but, coming out of lockdown has probably been the worst of the entire ordeal. Firstly, case numbers were around the same level when they lifted restrictions as they were when we went into lockdown, which is insane. They not only did still did it but they tried to put pressure on the devolved Governments to follow suit, and encouraged people to travel the country. Aside from that, it's only been about two weeks since they were bribing folk to go to restaurants and trying
  3. I'm uncomfortable with those groups too. Worse though are the folk who stream protests to get accused/convicted paedophiles moved from the area. There's been loads of that round here recently, including one where the accused was completely innocent. Because the guy streaming was more concerned with views and shares than whether the guy had actually done anything. It must be horrible for the Police. They can't force people to leave their homes, especially if they haven't even been charged, or have served their time. They end up just taking the cunt away until everyone fucks off and then br
  4. Sorry to read this Shy Dad. Hope things improve for you. I agree with Nostalgia Nonce about setting up a zoom room or something. The last thing you need right now is isolation, even though I'm sure your brain is telling you the opposite.
  5. To be clear, all I'm saying is that I don't think it was FTR that convinced Hangman to cost the Bucks the title shot. It was Kenny. Here's the interview segment with FTR and Page and Omega from before the PPV. Look at Omega's body language when Dax is demanding Hangman tell everybody who put him up to it? Look at his reaction to Dax saying "It wasn't us" and the look on his face when he says "It was you". He practically sighs in relief. I might well be overanalysing it, like, but Omega seems the type to do wee things like that for a reason. I hope this is the direction they go in any
  6. Oh sure, I get that. Lesnar obviously has more name value and sheer talent than those guys. He'd obviously create more of a buzz and draw more than anyone on the roster. That's unarguable. He'd also cost a shit load more money though and AEW would have to ask themselves if all that extra buzz would be worth it, when they've got far cheaper options to run with, who'll be more value long term. After all, as I said, we saw big stars go to Impact and not make the slightest difference to their bottom line, and they were far more established than AEW is. Are enough people even aware of AEW's ex
  7. I agree with this. Kenny was just a bit too understanding of Hangman costing the Buck's a title shot and getting kicked out of the Elite. I don't think he even questioned it at all did he? Besides I think it suits both their characters far more than "FTR did it". I wouldn't have the Bucks forgive Hangman though. That's something you can leave bubbling away in the background and revisit when you need to. There's no need to wrap it up. Just have Kenny, Page and The Bucks all hate each other.
  8. I don't see a particular upside to Lesnar going to AEW either. He's a bigger star than they've currently got, sure, but as we've seen with Impact, that doesn't necessarily translate to an increase in ratings or PPV buys. Likewise, the idea that whoever beats him will instantly become a made man has been disproven in WWE as well. It's been well over a year since I've followed RAW or Smackdown but, one of the key things that made me tune out, was that it constantly felt like "The Lesnar show." He was so far above everybody else that, even when he lost, you knew it was only a matter of time
  9. The Hardy thing was a mess. For starters, the stipulation was pointless. Did anyone really believe Hardy was going to leave AEW? Did even one person buy the PPV because of it? I’d be very surprised. Yet they decided to put his health - and Sammy’s for that matter - at risk because of a stipulation that nobody really cared about. Fuck off. Stop the match, make sure he’s all right and then figure out a way to bring him back down the road. It’s not like it’s an actual rule or anything. It’s their show. Stick him under a mask or something.
  10. Same. I hate to say it but I've noticed a good bit of arrogance up here regarding the virus. People are acting like the reason we've done "better" than England is because we are so much more, intelligent and sensible. It's bollocks. Granted our leadership has been a hundred times better but the truth is that we got the virus later so it had less time to spread before the UK-wide lockdown. I've also seen morons use the low case numbers - a result of lockdown - as evidence that we never needed to go into lockdown in the first place. I think another country-wide lockdown is inevita
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