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  1. Yes. There's a weird hypocrisy about it now though. It's not like in the 80s where racism was accepted, even expected. Nowadays you've got to pretend that you despise racism, even when you're blatantly racist yourself. Like Katie Hopkins can say refugees should be drowned at sea and call for a "Final Solution" towards Muslims but both her, and the people who agree with her, will deny that it's racism. You need some other justification for your bigotry now. I saw a guy on Facebook yesterday claim that the reason he's so focused on Muslim Grooming Gangs, and not other paedophiles, is because "the others know it's wrong!" How warped is that? The media feeds it too. Stories about hordes of immigrants heading towards the UK to claim ALL the benefits, take ALL the jobs and fuck YOUR sister sells papers and generates social media traffic. That creates division and becomes self-fulfilling. How many terrorist attacks did we have in the UK before all the stories about Muslims being terrorists? It's getting worse, and it'll get worse when Brexit happens. Boris Johnson isn't going to hold his hands up and go "Sorry guys. This is on me". The blame will be placed squarely on those least able to defend themselves.
  2. The sad thing is, I'm not even embarrassed. I've watched, and enjoyed, far worse than The Big Bang Theory. I'm working my way through Glee right now. I gave up about the time they tried to force a romance between him and his sister. That was just lazy as fuck, as well as creepy. Season 4 was amazing though.
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