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  1. Ah I saw Everton U18s win their league at Craven Cottage in 2011. A young Ross Barkley would've been playing but for a double leg break suffered that year. I don't actually think any of the players on show that day went on to play more than a couple of games for the first team. From Googling him I can see the guy who scored the winner George Waring is now on loan at Carlisle from Stoke. How the mighty have fallen.
  2. It should be in most music fans' top 10 all time songs, though.
  3. So all those bevvies he's been given for free in Charlotte over the years were a work?
  4. Fairytale Arsenal as well in the end, let's not forget.
  5. They do have their own fairly successful Vlogger in Xavier Woods making some waves in that space, so they're not standing completely still there. They could do more to get big moments on Raw and SD to go viral the following day, the way the big talk shows do. Could normal people be coaxed into sharing a clip of Braun Strowman tipping over an ambulance on Facebook? Do they already?
  6. I suppose the closest precedent in WWE is Diesel beating Backlund for the title. Fair bit more than 15 years ago, mind. I assume that was well received at the time? The crowd reaction suggests so.
  7. I've never seen the Dr Heiny skit in full because me Da walked in while it was on and fuck watching that utter madness in his company. I remember ficking to a different channel for ages and checking back to see if it was finished just to see Vince all giddy shouting "oh yeah how's that JR?!" and stuff like that. It seemed to go on for about two weeks.
  8. You know what I hate most about this angle? I bought it. Lapped it right up. Worked like a canary down the mine. The embarrassment I felt when it turned it to be fucking Hornswoggle. I thought it was going to be some massive storyline but nah, it's Hornswoggle and he's McMahon's bastard son. Was that even the same angle, fuck knows, there's been so much shit thrown at the fan (literally and figuratively), that it gets hard to seperate. I thought it had great potential too. It gets forgotten now, but for a while they seemed to pretty clearly be building towards Michael Cole being revealed as i) the anonymous Raw GM (i.e. he hadn't really been reading e-mails from anyone this whole time) and ii) the higher power (or whatever Barrett called it) behind the Nexus. It sounds a bit mad now, but at the time I felt like it could have had serious legs. Using the crowd's genuine antipathy towards Cole, which they pandered to during his entertaining feud with Lawler, to turn him into a latter day Mr McMahon character. It might've made the interminably dull and inconceivably over rated Nexus angle a bit more interesting too. Real shame they didn't resolve that storyline properly. That moment when The Rock went to read one of the GM's e-mails during the Mania 27 main event got a big pop when the crowd momentarily thought Rock was going to reveal that he was the GM. The right reveal would have been great.
  9. Well it is a tiny wrestling based message board that's lost most of its contributors. The FAILING @UKFF.
  10. Possibly my earliest memory of wrestling is Robert Corrigan telling me about the Bushwackers during break and showing me how to do the arm thing. I must've been about 4-5 years old which means it was 91/92. The 'wackers were mad over.
  11. The case for a second referendum is extremely clear and reasonable. I don't want them to go but you can't deny that remaining a part of the UK within the EU was a very different proposition to remaining a part of the UK outside of the EU. The 2014 result was made redundant by the Brexit referendum.
  12. Millennials famously hate Barcelona the whiny cunts.
  13. God would that even be worth the bother? Reigns' music sounds like library music which no other cunt wanted to use (unlike Steve Blackman and the Hardys' old music, which you'd hear pop up on adverts for the snooker and all kinds because they were great). Reigns could really do with an Austin/Disturbed style update to his music with some lyrics on it or something. Keep the main melody for continuity but tart it right up. Put a rapper on it even. Or get Reigns to do it himself like Michaels or Cena.
  14. They would've booed anyone winning the Rumble that year. Wouldn't have made much difference. Let's face it. They'd have cheered Rusev.