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  1. I remember a hardcore match between Test and Big Boss Man from early 2000 where one of them lowers a garage door on to the throat of the other, but I haven’t seen any evidence it actually happened.
  2. Nowt tops Punk blowing the kiss to Vince in Chicago but some of them run it close. The Daniel Bryan documentaries are going to be great when he’s finished.
  3. Yeah you can find unflattering images of any politician/person. Shouldn’t need pointing out that spreading the false notion that they chose one of those unflattering images to put on the side of their campaign bus is a different thing entirely.
  4. Going back a few pages but this looks very fake (the lines on the coach are visible over her shoulders/torso but not her face, which has been superimposed), and also rather cruel and small minded. Think before sharing.
  5. Love the idea of Survivor Series performance determining each brand’s number of Rumble entrants. Totally solves the motivation problem.
  6. Could be some legs in Punk saying that Triple H has basically been dancing to Punk’s tune in the six years he’s been gone.
  7. I can’t think of anyone I want to see Punk go against on the current roster. My interest could be piqued if they did something creative, but snipey worked shoot comments about dreadful Seth Rollins’ dreadful Twitter use ain’t it.
  8. This is a trivial technicality that in no way makes up for his return being so anticlimactic.
  9. He’s the absolute bollocks isn’t he. Imagine thinking he was boring. Imagine being that fucking wrong.
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