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  1. Punk's UFC debut doubled the number of buys for UFC 203, such that he appears to be the biggest UFC draw ever outside of McGregor, Rousey and Lesnar. He's a proper star with mainstream cache. This isn't just a bunch of indie fans fapping over a hot month in 2011. He's a needle mover.
  2. I'll give you both £50 if you'll work a 4 hour shift at me arld fella's pub.
  3. So Definitely Maybe is already over the Pepper line?
  4. The Summer of Punk was one of those moments when the fantasy booking pervs were right. Punk should've been working Indy shows and showing up on camera phone footage crashing WWE events with the 'real' belt for at least a few months before returning to Raw. And when he did return - it should've been because he'd got a load of concessions off a desperate Vince in exchange for a title defence, rather than just because. Instead he did that one great bit of business with Rey and Triple H at Comic-Con and that was pretty much it. Back on Raw within two weeks was it? Completely going back on everything the character had said before MITB and knackering the angle. Still, I don't think the original promo has aged badly like some have said. It was the good kind of shooty nonsense which strengthened the story/characters rather than detracting from them. And the contract signing with Vince was even better. And then tearing the house down with Cena in Chicago. Its one of the best months any character ever had in WWE and could've been a bridge to a whole new kind of story telling for them. I was reminded of it when I saw all the buzz that Logan Paul/Mayweather caper generated via camera phone footage last month. There's no reason contemporary WWE couldn't use the same tactics and Summer of Punk should've been the beginning.
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