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  1. I actually think Moxley will go over Danielson in the tournament final and then turn heel by cheating to take the title off Hangman. As was done to him. Then you've got mega heel Mox as champ with both Hangman and Danielson lining up for their shot. Works for me.
  2. A Cody heel turn just in time for him to be Hangman’s first feud as Champion would be great. Would obviously involve ripping up the no-title-shot stip, but that’d only add to the heat.
  3. I think the difference is that Jericho's reinventions all seem proactive. They seem to come from him, because after a while the audience has learned that reinventing himself is what Jericho does. Whereas Rock and Hogan's reinventions tended to be reactive to changes in fan sentiment towards them. The latter is organic and narrative driven, the former is performer driven. It reminds the viewer that the character they're watching is a guy playing a character. All that said - neither approach is necessarily the 'right' one and I don't think Jericho is shite or anything. I just think he's been to the well a few too many times to the point that he's watered himself down. The exception being his current babyface character, which actually came from the crowd loving Le Champion so much that the face turn was warranted.
  4. Not sure this applies to Jericho given he’s been wearing ‘GOAT’ on his gear for years and frequently talks about being among the last to come up through the territories on his podcast. He isn’t a Nash type taking the money. Legacy clearly matters to him for better or worse.
  5. Good post, but on this. I personally feel he’s overdone it with the reinventions to the point it detracts from his legacy. Its hard to even establish what the canonical Jericho character is after a while. And its no good for your suspension of disbelief if you’re frequently reminded that the fictional character you’re watching is actually an actor ‘reinventing’ his shtick. In the same way too many face/heel turns can water a character down, I think Jericho shows the same can be true of gimmick changes. At least if done in the inorganic way that I would argue is Jericho’s trademark.
  6. Its lovely having him back but he definitely needs tweaking to work as a medium-to-long term character eh? I think they'll have a few goes at landing on a babyface character but sooner or later we're going to get Punk as sellout heel. It just makes too much sense for them to never go to that well.
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