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  1. The hard reset of Austin as a face the night after Survivor Series hurt him more than the original heel turn. If he'd remained heel for a while longer and teased the face turn so that people were desperate for it (and, more importantly, until there was a logical reason for it to happen in the storylines); he could've had one last big 'Old Stone Cold' run before he hung them up. Like a final redemption for the character before he retired. Instead he was damaged goods for the rest of his career. You can't just turn on a dime like that and retcon the previous year of storylines without breaking the audience's suspension of disbelief. That was the turn I really didn't buy.
  2. How dare you compare a part of the world with such a heinous record of human rights offences with the Saudis.
  3. Totally. They’re kidding themselves if they think that cringey nonsense is a fitting last hurrah.
  4. The idea that Taker, his wife and his daughter live in that little shed has creased me.
  5. Aye I think that's where I am. I'm the biggest Brock fan in the world but I couldn't have given a fuck about his match at Mania this year because it came immediately after my suspension of disbelief had been immolated by the Firefly Funhouse. It's fine like, I had a bloody good run as a fan. And I always loved how Cena's weird top-babyface-who-everyone-hates character broke the fourth wall. His character eating itself in the Funhouse was a good way for me to go out as a fan.
  6. It blows my suspension of disbelief for the rest of it though. The whole narrative of the shows stops making sense if some of the matches take place in a parallel cinematic universe. They can’t really be separated.
  7. All this movie stuff is drawing my wrestling fandom to a close. The thing that’s so intriguing about wrestling is that it’s a fake athletic contest taking place in the real word (i.e. in front of a real audience). If it just becomes fake fights in a fake world I might as well go and watch Dragonball Z or something.
  8. Pinc

    Midcard pops

    I remember this! Sandman was great. Even at that point years after his peak. Such a characterful performer. Would've loved a Sandman-as-GM run around that time.
  9. Pinc

    Midcard pops

    One of the best moments of the 2010s, that. Still reckon they should’ve just have him win it.
  10. Fair points. Although my memory of the storyline is that it ran pretty cold after the first night when they invaded. I've never heard an American fan bemoan Wade Barrett as a particular missed opportunity. It's only British fans who ever seem to say that. The real missed opportunity around that time was actually Michael Cole, whose heel persona was one of the best things on the shows in 2010. He could've emerged as a new Mr McMahon type figure if they'd revealed that he was both the anonymous Raw GM and the Nexus's 'higher power' figure, which Barrett referred to cryptically once or twice.
  11. None of the Nexus lads had any business being in a main event programme at the time, and most of them never would have. WWE have messed up loads of should-have-been stars in the last twenty years, but I don’t think the Nexus lads belong in that category. The one exception being Skip Sheffield on a technicality - as he should’ve been much more than he was as Ryback.
  12. ‘What a silly thread, if you like them of course they had something going for them.’ /is reminded of Amish Roadkill. ’Och aye, loved the useless cunt.’
  13. Fucking hell lads Rocky is playing yiz like fiddles.
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