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  1. God yes I really hate how out of touch Trump was. Never mentioned Billie Eilish once. Totally his worst characteristic.
  2. This is the one. Have insurgent, fresh new babyface RVD win the Rumble and beat heel WWF Champ Austin at Mania X8 to become your new top babyface. Maybe have Austin retire afterward to give RVD the maximum bragging rights. Can always bring Austin back for a special attraction with Rock at Mania 19, which was the only thing of substance he did after X8 anyway.
  3. And the MAGA lads were angry about completely made up rubbish (ranging from 'Trump won' to 'the Democrats are satanic paedophiles') whereas BLM were protesting against the very real murder of a very real person and the associated centuries of very real systemic racism. I'm days late to the 'both sides' debate but its exhausting seeing it everywhere these days. This is how extremism is normalised - by reacting to every extreme right wing event by saying 'well the left are just bad, why can't we meet in the middle.' We will sleepwalk into some kind of dangerous neo-authoritarianism if we ke
  4. When I first saw on the news that Trump supporters were storming the Capitol Building I didn't initially hear that they'd managed to evacuate all of the Congress members to a secure location. So when they started talking about shots being fired on the Senate floor my stomach turned and I had to go for a walk with the anxiety of thinking they might be killing politicians. It really doesn't bear thinking about if they'd been successful.
  5. Presumably he'll go to Parler. But Google Store just kicked Parler off and Apple have given them 24 hours to introduce a moderation policy (i.e. to stop being Parler) or they're kicking them too.
  6. Got through about 45 minutes. Jericho is a fucking moron. Like if Joe Rogan was relieved of 50 IQ points, putting him well into negative digits.
  7. Aye a draw would’ve been a fair result for them yesterday but there was a weird inevitability to us getting a goal from somewhere. It wasn’t even that we were creating many chances. They look like goners.
  8. As a child I thought the Conservatives were actually the Conservatories. And that the nickname ‘the Tories’ was an abbreviation of the latter.
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