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  1. All the talk seems to be that that's where they're going. I'm the same as you, don't remember them having great chemistry 15 years ago and doubt that's changed. I think Kurt could do with someone more fluid than a 50 year old H to keep the match moving, and he always gelled more with workers like that in the past. AJ would be perfect stylistically, though I don't know how you get there storyline wise.
  2. But that was the heel doing the attempted murderizing.
  3. Matt Hardy throws a nice punch these days. Always did like, but they've got nice and weighty as he's chubbed up with age.
  4. Trump Jr met with a Russian lawyer on the 9th of June last year (soon after Trump Senior received the Republican nomination). E-mails seen by the New York Times (and now tweeted by Trump Junior himself) show that he attended this meeting as he was promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton; a fact that Trump Jr initially denied when the New York Times first reported the meeting over the weekend. Further - the e-mails show that Trump Jr was told that the information was "part of Russia and it's Government's support for Mr Trump." The e-mails also refer to the lawyer as "a Russian Government attorney." Trump Jr says the attorney had no useful information, and she has denied any link to the Kremlin. That may be beside the point though - if Trump Jr met with someone he thought was acting on behalf of the Russian government with the intent of soliciting damaging information on Clinton then that arguably shows intent to collude with a foreign power. I'm not a legal expert, and from Googling around I can't get a clear view on whether or not that is a crime. That should come out over the next few days. There is no direct link to the Comey thing, other than the fact that Comey was leading the investigation into possible Trump campaign collusion with Russia before he was fired by Trump.
  5. This is a parody Glen. Read the articles first.
  6. Is there a shout that Rooney was the best 18 year old ever? Or at least since Pele? The impact he had at Euro 2004 followed by his debut hat trick for United (which made him the youngest ever to score a CL hat trick) is astonishing for one so young.
  7. Saha and Gibbo had their moments. Couldn't be said to be 'good' signings in the full sense of the phrase though. For all the money we've spent we're still not looking like a top 4 side to me, but I could see us being back in contention for the 5th place trophy. We've finished there plenty of times the last 10-15 years. Most recently in Bobby M's first season.
  8. To be fair Howard was shite. Before Schneiderlin I'm struggling to think of a good signing we've made from United since Kanchelskis. And don't say Phil fucking Neville either.
  9. Echo reckon we're trying to get Rooney down to £150k. I'd love him to come back. What's the point of footy if you're not up for fairy tales like this. I went all gooey at Duncan's testimonial when he came on for the last 5 minutes and so did 99% of the ground. Seeing nackered old man Rooney (he was 29 at the time like) in an Everton kit when I'd only ever seen precocious brass bothering Rooney (18 at the time) wearing it before got me more emotional than I'd expected it to. Think it was something to do with me own mortality, you don't get those years back lads. They're gone, and so will the rest of us be soon enough. So yeah I'd have him back.
  10. There was no better way of proving you were a gullible moron in school than saying you thought the Undertaker had always been the same fella. Would be like saying you thought OJ was innocent now. There was a bit more shades of grey when it came to whether Undertaker and Kane were the same bloke. Yeah Kane didn't have any tattoos on his arms and they regularly appeared on screen together, but Taker might've been wearing sleaves and they could've used mirrors.
  11. Brock's post UFC run in WWE is incredible. Shits all over his boring run-scared-from-Eddie-Guerrero stint between 02 and 04.
  12. I'm sure Scotty said he couldn't have been the driver because he was in the locker room with Rikishi and Grandmaster when the vehicular assault occurred. Foley somehow inferred that the only reason Rikishi could have been at the arena was to run Stone Cold over, because he hadn't debuted on TV yet. But Scotty's alibi can't have been true if Rikishi was behind the wheel. I expected Too Cool to either be heels from the next week or somehow excuse their complicity in the attack, though I concede I may have carried this ennui for 17 years on a misunderstanding.
  13. Given that Foley twigged that Rikishi was the driver because Scotty 2 Hotty gave him a dodgy alibi, did they do anything to explain why Too Cool weren't also heels after the reveal? They must have been complicit, no?
  14. The roster was so stacked back then though, and there was only one PPV a month. You could easily come up with enough combinations to main event three or four years' worth of PPVs with that 2002 roster. Not surprising that there were some stellar TV main events with such a rich cast of characters.