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  1. That F4W article doesn't explicitly say that this would mean a move back to a Pay-Per-View model for individual events. I think they may have been using the term 'PPV' colloquially to just mean 'big monthly show'. I expect they'll still all be on the network at no extra charge.
  2. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    This isn't completely unheard of. Tim Howard did it for Everton about 6 or 7 years ago. Against Bolton IIRC. I'm sure there are other Prem-era examples too.
  3. The guy

    If Miz had his current hair instead of his silly hair around the time of his Mania main event he'd have been fine. Such awful, awful hair.
  4. The guy

    Aye he's turned up to two Hall of Fame red carpets bladdered hasn't he? May be that he's his own worst enemy. Shame though.
  5. The guy

    This version of Ambrose - when both he and his barnet were still motivated and his ring attire made him appear more muscular than he actually was - was clearly The Guy. I think they initially saw it too, given that he was originally positioned as the leader of The Shield before they transitioned to Roman at the end of their run. He was probably still salvageable as The Guy right up to the Lesnar match at Mania 32. If he had won any of his marquee matches in Q1 of that year - the Royal Rumble, the triple threat with Reigns and Lesnar, the title match with Triple H at Roadblock and the Lesnar match - he'd have been a made man. But he failed again and again, his motivation sapping from him as he went until he ended up all scatter brained and weirdly grey on Austin's podcast. They missed an open goal with Ambrose.
  6. I choose to believe that rumour that he sleeps right through Wednesday and stays up the rest of the week and no one will convince me otherwise.
  7. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    As if he wasn't already the Rick Rude of the Prem.
  8. Biggest Matches In Wrestling?

    Batista hasn't crossed over that much has he? I don't think Batista/Rock would be a bigger deal than Lesnar/Rock, even to a mainstream audience.