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  1. It hasn't always been like this though. The shows are much more immersive if they're internally consistent. Its just laziness. If they want special shaky cam footage just for Retribution have Retribution upload it to social, the main shows can play it the following week saying it was circulating online. Just a little bit of thought to preserve the viewer's suspension of disbelief. Literally all fictional TV has to think about internal consistency.
  2. Na Brock walked into UFC and became their heavyweight champion, after already effectively being a superworker within pro wrestling. He has a credibility in both worlds that will probably never be matched by anyone. Sure booking big hosses strong will get them over, but Lesnar is a really special case.
  3. Lesnar going to AEW to do jobs for their cruiserweight jabrones to prompt Vince to up his offer lest he completely job himself out would be great.
  4. If Vince didn’t write that promo I’m Handsome Jimmy Valiant.
  5. It was always just snarky, smarky nit-picking. Heenan's line was fine. Perfectly in keeping with character. If anything it added to the moment because you were mentally like '*eye roll*... Heenan having a go at Hogan without warrant again... oh fuck!'
  6. What do people think about Everton signing James Rodriguez then (Telegraph saying its a done deal as of last night)? Its basically the player-equivalent of hiring Carlo Ancelotti as Everton manager in 2020. The pros and cons as I see it are: Pros: talented player, apparently cut-price, has worked with Ancelotti before, something to prove, statement signing (i.e. may keep Richarlison a year longer), one of the most famous sportspeople on the planet. Cons: 29 years old, will he be motivated, possibly the Colombian Theo Walcott, wages presumably sky-high. I think taking him while h
  7. They’d all bend over backwards to bring him in, come on now. The bigger impediment to Brock thriving in AEW would be the lack of legitimate heavyweights in their main event scene. Some of Brock’s best work tends to come against smaller guys but not sure the booking works without at least the threat of a Strowman/Joe/Reigns/Goldberg type.
  8. Watching the end of SummerSlam it occured that the biggest thing that could happen in wrestling in 2020 is an inter-promotional angle between Reigns and Moxley.
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