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  1. I'm sure Scotty said he couldn't have been the driver because he was in the locker room with Rikishi and Grandmaster when the vehicular assault occurred. Foley somehow inferred that the only reason Rikishi could have been at the arena was to run Stone Cold over, because he hadn't debuted on TV yet. But Scotty's alibi can't have been true if Rikishi was behind the wheel. I expected Too Cool to either be heels from the next week or somehow excuse their complicity in the attack, though I concede I may have carried this ennui for 17 years on a misunderstanding.
  2. Given that Foley twigged that Rikishi was the driver because Scotty 2 Hotty gave him a dodgy alibi, did they do anything to explain why Too Cool weren't also heels after the reveal? They must have been complicit, no?
  3. The roster was so stacked back then though, and there was only one PPV a month. You could easily come up with enough combinations to main event three or four years' worth of PPVs with that 2002 roster. Not surprising that there were some stellar TV main events with such a rich cast of characters.
  4. Aye you've misunderstood the question their geez.
  5. Aye Mania's a bit shite these days. The length. The weight of expectation. The huge arena. The nackered crowd. Its hard to do anything that really hits the heights. What would we say was the last great match at WrestleMania? I loved Goldberg/Lesnar this year but I gather it met mixed reviews among people who are wrong about wrestling matches.
  6. I imagine that's the logic. They never got around to doing Cena/Undertaker (after 2003) because the stars never aligned at Mania. No point saving dream matches for shows that never come.
  7. Reigns/Cena at SummerSlam sounds great. Will be refreshing to see a match as big as that on a non-Mania show. Will Cena get his first proper face reaction on a PPV since 2005?
  8. Is Pickford good is he? I've heard praise but barely watched Sunderland last year. I remember years ago when we were all excited about signing the similarly named Jermaine Beckford on a free from Leeds. Me mate had a moment of clarity and said to me "I can't wait until we can just go and buy players you know." Now we can, feels good.
  9. The idea that Lesnar does this in every match is a weirdly prevalent myth. Likewise the idea that he occasionally has these matches because he can't be "arsed" doing anything else. When the booking's called for it he's shown loads of arse for Goldberg and Undertaker. He dominates most of his matches but that's why he's special. That's why Lesnar matches are a big deal. You're mad if you want him to start having competitive 50/50 matches every time he shows up. All that said, I do think that's what's called for with Joe. Could be a star making night for him, even if Lesnar ultimately prevails. Hopefully they don't Ambrose him.
  10. What is the usual Lesnar formula? I can't think of two matches he's had since WrestleMania 30 that were especially similar.
  11. JBL shouting "Elizabeth!" at the first One Night Stand pay per view. I don't know what he was referencing and don't care. JBL was brilliant that night.
  12. I'd love them to do a long term monster/underdog thing between Enzo and Lesnar. They faced off in the Rumble and it'd be great to see Lesnar go out of his way to bully Enzo each time he shows up on Raw, eventually leading to a TV main event for the belt. Imagine the hope spots!
  13. I think this is overlooked both when people talk about the failure of the Austin heel turn and the failure of the Invasion angle. Any big WWF v WCW storyline should have had all the main players in their classic Attitude era personas, at least at first. And Austin was the main player. A big part of the excitement for WWF v WCW was the dream matches babyface Austin could have with Goldberg, Hogan, Sting and the rest. Having him stuck as a chickenshit heel when the storyline began was a massive stick in the spokes. People say they were running out of opponents for him as a face, but in theory they were about to bring in WCW's entire roster. Obviously it didn't work out that way, but babyface Austin against Booker T, DDP and Flair would've been a fine way to pad out the year. And then the nWo arrive. Once the WCW purchase was confirmed they should have shelved plans for a heel Austin. Its mad that no one seems to have clocked this at the time.
  14. Arrows!
  15. Who the fuck are yers all on about?