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  1. Glastonbury as well. His myth really exploded beyond Liverpool after his Wikipedia page went up in 2007. Before then I'd say most kids in Liverpool genuinely thought he was a fictional character.
  2. Was going to mention this one. Also that 'Super' S that everyone used to draw. Vice did an article about how its origins appear to be untraceable: link. Purple Aki possibly belongs in this thread too. Not an exaggeration to say he's one of the most famous people in Liverpool and the surrounding areas and has been since the 80s, despite him very very rarely being acknowledged in print media and there initially being no internet via which to spread the tale.
  3. We have a Richard Creamer in the office.
  4. I think they're trying to establish a blood feud between Seth and Brock to mirror the one they spent 5 years trying to establish between Roman and Brock, so they can go full circle and have the main event of next year's Mania be a triple threat between the three of them. Five years on from the last time that happened.
  5. Fancy backing that up with some argument? I think it’s a brilliant match and well in the conversation for best ever.
  6. Is Neville the worst name they've ever given someone? It's going to follow him round for the rest of his career.
  7. Your use of a negative and then a positive clause there is brekaing my brain but Kenny Omega would get a big reaction if he came out in the Rumble. At least as big as AJ’s. Cody too.
  8. It seemed unquestionable at the time that Rock and Austin would both have singles matches at Mania, but I wonder whether in hindsight they'd consider doing the Austin/Rock v nWo handicap match at Mania, and save Hogan/Rock and Hogan/Austin for SummerSlam and Survivor Series that year. If Hogan's in a tag at Mania then maybe the crowd wouldn't have turned him face in the same way, and the nWo would likely have persisted at least into the summer with the original three members. Also maybe Austin wouldn't have grown as frustrated with creative in the summer of 02 if he knew he'd be doing box office with Hogan later in the year, and so maybe Austin's in-ring career would've been extended by another year or two. Mad to think how different those years could've been if they'd been a little more strategic with the book.
  9. Not at all. People want consistent (not necessarily realistic) selling that contributes to their suspension of disbelief while watching wrestling. Alternating between no selling and then making one very specific piece of selling the centre piece of all their matches does the opposite. You shouldn't notice good selling.
  10. Aye I’ve been upvoting you wherever I see you make that point Rick. Title opportunities are the only stakes that matches ever seem to have, and as a result of their over reliance on them it now feels like there are dozens of title belts. Was watching SummerSlam ‘99 last night and thought about how simple the hierarchy of about 5-6 belts was from lower card up to the World title and how much more explicable the shows felt as a result. Now I genuinely don’t think I could name all the active titles in the company without looking them up. Makes the kind of hierarchical story telling that wrestling lends itself so well to really difficult to do.
  11. Storylines don't seem to happen in WWE anymore. Rivalries and stuff happen, and you can occasionally trace them through a set of linear plot points. But it's very rare that it's anything other than a heel attacking a babyface unprovoked followed by a series of matches and rematchs, and even rarer that it entails anything that could be called character development. The moments where characters do seem to develop seem all to be partly accidental (e.g. the unexpected Face reaction to Becky Lynch turning on Charlotte last year) or at least initially driven by the wrestlers themselves on social media (Drake Maverick and his 24/7 title chase). More puzzling is that all of this seems to have been an intentional direction taken by the company - in part to help them expand into non-English speaking markets, and also to give fans the feeling that they can dip in and out over any given 12-month cycle and not feel lost. If no one's character ever develops, if nothing more complicated than Heel A attacks Face B ever takes place, then the viewer can keep coming back year on year for Mania season without any barriers to re-entry, the logic seems to go. Another reason for it, in WWE if not elsewhere, seems to lie in the toxic attitude towards the product held by an apparent majority of the fans who attend the shows; most of whom appear to be hardcores at this point who seem to feel that actually reacting to the intended narrative of the show is akin to the company outsmarting them. And who only get invested in a story when they're convinced that they're supporting an underdog who the company wouldn't push without their vocal intervention - as in the cases of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Becky Lynch and Kofi over the last few(ish) years. You saw this when the company had Lesnar win the Money in the Bank briefcase. With both world titles held by underdog babyfaces it opens up loads of potential for fresh situations and a complete change to the dynamic of Lesnar's character. But the reaction in places like r/SquaredCircle (which sadly I think is fairly representative of 'proper' wrestling fans in 2019) was close to totally negative and unwilling to engage. And again the only bit that's gotten traction with live crowds is Lesnar adlibbing the Brock Party stuff, I suppose because the fans can feel like their reaction made it happen and they haven't been fooled into following a story by the writers (imagine!). So do you miss storylines? Do you think they still happen and I'm just not seeing them? Do you have other suggestions for why they're seem to be dying out in WWE? Discuss.
  12. Seth is absolutely dreadful and I like seeing him flounder. Would be great if the smarky fans properly turned on him. You can feel it building.
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