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  1. 1. AEW has a good few years of being a compelling product with a style all of its own that sets it apart from post-Attitude era WWE. 2. WWE abandon their nothing-ever-changes booking style and start producing proper storylines with character development and the like. 3. NXT UK tapes a weekly TV show at Brixton Electric with an entirely papered crowd indefinitely (and its good).
  2. Has anyone pointed out that Philip Lee is the 1 in 21 and 1?
  3. Pinc

    AEW All Out

    I thought he looked good at All Out to be honest. It took a while to get used to but fat ageing Axl Rose is a fine look for a heel veteran champ.
  4. Pinc

    AEW All Out

    Also Meltzer says it’s by design, according to his sources in AEW.
  5. Pinc

    AEW All Out

    The presentation of wrestling has been stuck in a rut for years and is well overdue something to move it on in the way that the introduction of a sleazy aesthetic first by ECW and then the WWF did in the late 90s. Experimenting with the Face/Heel divide is probably long overdue, and timely given that most crowds are now smark crowds to some extent and they cheer for whoever they see as credible regardless of Face/Heel alignment.
  6. Why is no one mentioning that you HEAR VADER BREATHING!?
  7. Saw Chris Morris walking up Brixton Hill on my commute about a month ago. Was heading Streatham way.
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