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  1. What do yous reckon would have happened if the WWF had properly gotten behind RVD as their new top babyface when he was getting monster reactions in 2001? Maybe by having him become the first Undisputed Champion rather than Jericho, and running with him from there? Rock and Austin were both close to being done, and Austin wasn't even a babyface at the time. RVD fell into their lap as a guy the crowd loved so much they had to have him as a face in the otherwise heel Alliance, but after the No Mercy triple threat it was clear they weren't serious about him as a top guy and his reactions cooled from there. A heel Austin putting over a face RVD to make the latter a made man at Mania X8 would have been a much more natural conclusion to the previous year's storylines than the rushed, nigh-on-inexplicable Austin face turn that we got instead.
  2. Would the Saudis really be arsed about Edge?
  3. Ah no film with the Pod Race and the Duel of the Fates could be called boring. It’s clearly flawed but there’s lots of enjoyable set pieces and the world building is great. Roger Ebert gave it the 3.5 out of 4.
  4. Erm, he didn’t win the Rumble.
  5. Yeah Clones is a fucking mess. The other two prequels are actually pretty good, but Clones is all over the place with career worst performances from almost everyone in it.
  6. Pinc

    WWE in 2020

    Fucking hell, no thanks. One show of a sane length would be great ta.
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