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  1. Surprised at the number of 'money is already a problem so its actually fine to make the problem much worse' takes in here.
  2. It must count for something that if Moxley showed up in WWE in 2021 he’d likely be treated as a bigger deal than he ever was before. Certainly he’d get a marquee WrestleMania match the following year. Which he never really had as Ambrose outside of the damp squib Lesnar match. There are qualitative elements to stardom as well as quantitative. Otherwise this thread would just be one post with every wrestler listed in descending order of their social media reach.
  3. Rob Van Dam should’ve been the new Stone Cold beginning immediately after the Invasion but they had too many big beasts from WCW still to come in plus lads like Jericho, Triple H, Angle who they seemed to think were owed a crack at being ‘the guy’ for helping them win the war. He had a good career and was certainly a big star at times but he should’ve been the face of wrestling for most of the noughties. He was basically Daniel Bryan before social media existed to allow fans to co-ordinate ‘hijackings’ of the show.
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