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  1. Fucking hell lads Rocky is playing yiz like fiddles.
  2. The boneyard match was some silly shit and it’s a shame if that is the end of Taker.
  3. Lofi Kingston - comes to the ring (slowly) to a rotating assortment of chill hip hop beats.
  4. A graphic comes up at he start saying ‘In Memory of Owen Hart, who accidentally passed away during this broadcast.’ Carny bastards.
  5. John Sitton on the baddies side, Peter Reid his goodie counterpart. Paul Sykes the final boss (who wins).
  6. Well then find the kid and get him booked for Double Or Nothing ffs.
  7. Why the fuck did they leave in that exchange between Taker and Sheamus about black chicks!?
  8. Aye its a hill I’m very glad to die on. Babyface RVD beating heel champ Austin should’ve been the main event of Mania X8. And it should have been framed as the beginning of the Van Dam era like Austin’s victory at Mania 14 was the beginning of his. That was the natural outcome of the invasion storyline, and would’ve meant doing without the sudden Austin face turn the night after Survivor Series ‘01. Which amounted to a retconning of the previous year of storylines, stretched the casual audience’s suspension of disbelief beyond breaking, and is an underacknowledged reason for why so many casual fans switched off in 2001 and never came back. It was the WWE’s Armin Tamzarian moment. Someone on here (sorry I forget who) said recently that Mania X8 and the Rock/Hogan match in particular was the watershed moment at which WWE's narrative thread stopped looking forward and it became a nostalgia show, concentrating more on playing the hits from its past than building its future (with the nWo, red and yellow Hogan and babyface Austin all central to the shows in the coming months). The natural next step in the story they’d been telling since the start of the Attitude era was RVD as the new face of the company and when they bottled it with him they wrecked their own continuity and they’ve never managed to fix it.
  9. Had a ciggy with Robbie Brookside outside a bar on the Albert Dock in Liverpool. Was during the intermission of An Evening With William Regal. I asked him about his name and he said he was mates with Phil Redmond in the 80s who told him that Brookside was going to be massive once it launched, and recommended he adopt it as his name about a year before it first aired. Which blew my mind (and I’ve never done the Googling to check if its right).
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