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  1. Is not paying talent even THAT accepted in the wrestling business? I get that it happens but I've rarely seen it spoken about with anything less than disgust, at least in the modern era. The only exception that comes to mind would be New Japan's Young Boys, which is pretty much the definition of an apprenticeship, and has a pretty good success rate as far as I'm aware. It's certainly not something that's exclusive to wrestling. I went to see my mate kickbox once and he got paid fuck all for it, despite being in the Main Event, and there being a really good crowd there. That was after being in training for nearly a year as well, because the fight kept getting postponed. That's some proper shithousery there. Actually, I know loads of Chefs who've worked for free as well, myself included. That's just life in general isn't it? Over the years, I can count on one hand how many former co-workers I've kept in regular contact with and even that's mostly through social media or is work related. Doesn't mean that I dislike them or anything. It just is what it is.
  2. It's been brought up before but I hate all the hazing, "paying your dues" shit. It was one thing when kayfabe was a thing and there was a very real fear that letting even one "outsider" in could bring down the whole industry. Now it's just dickheads trying to feel important, while starring in adverts about how bullying is wrong.. Imagine starting a job at a multi-billion dollar company and having your property vandalised, or even being assaulted, because some of your co-workers have decided that you "don't belong". It would never fucking happen. Yet, it's not only accepted in WWE, it was basically endorsed by the company, certainly in the past. It's even worse when you consider that it's basically a no win situation for the new person - If you stand up for yourself then you are being disrespectful, if you don't then you're a pussy.
  3. It was supposed to be awkward surely? The whole point of that segment was that Rose was expecting the big celebration folk usually get when they win titles, but everybody is just fucking terrified of her. That's why Leva Bates looked so confused about why no one else was clapping. Good show overall. That Britt Baker promo is the biggest surprise of 2020 so far for me. She's been my least favourite thing in wrestling for months but that was actually pretty good. It was also nice to see them using the vignettes with Pac and Allin, the sit down interview with Santana, etc, to move storylines along rather than just relying on matches, backstage segments and Being the Elite to move things along. Pac, in particular, looked like an absolute star and he didn't even need to wrestle.
  4. Were they ALL like that? I've seen it happen when someone has been making, like, 200 sandwiches and haven't been paying attention when finishing them but it's normally only a couple and I've never seen them actually go out to customers. If it's a deliberate choice then, aye, it's fucking stupid. What's the point even using two different kinds of bread if you aren't even going to give people a choice between them? It's just being awkward for the sake of it.
  5. The only rule I've got is never pour soup over the rest of your food like it's a sauce. I've seen a bunch of folk do it in the staff canteen at work and it's.....just fucking weird. Not even tomato soup either. We're talking Leek and Potato or Cauliflower and Broccoli poured all over stuff like breaded cod or pork loin. Other than that, and folk being cunts about allergies, then I'm really not bothered.
  6. That's the thing that bugs me about Cornette. He's a MASSIVE fucking hypocrite. He spent years crucifying Russo in shoot interviews. Just absolutely destroying him, as a writer and as a person. Then when Russo got re-hired by TNA.........Cornette just fell in line and meekly did what he was told. At one point, he was even claiming that their differences were always professional and they were actually good friends. TNA then fired Cornette and he immediately went right back to the old "Russo is the anti-christ, I hate that motherfucker, I'll kill him. Buy my new shoot interview". If anyone else had done that, Cornette would be ripping them to shreds. I will say that Russo's trolling of Cornette during that period in TNA was his best work since Survivor Series 1998. Shit TV, granted, but Cornette being the on screen authority figure having to "book" the kind of shit that he legitimately despises was simply masterful trolling. He still never quit though.
  7. Nah. Cornette threatened to shoot him. Lesnar did an angle with Cornette's wife, who asked him to protect her, which he didn't. She shouted at him, he called her a bitch and Cornette said "I won't fight you. I'll shoot you". The most insane thing I've read about Cornette is that he (apparently) hired a hitman to "take care" of Vince Russo, joyfully told Kenny Bolin about it, and then went nuts when Bolin warned Russo. I mean, I'm not a fan of Russo's booking either but fucking hell....
  8. A big part of what's killed Havoc for me is that AEW also has Joey Janela, Darby Allin and, to an extent, Jon Moxley doing the "unbalanced psycho who'll do anything to win" gimmick and all three are doing it far far better than Havoc is. He needs something else to set him apart but it doesn't seem like he's GOT anything else. He's 100% reliant on the "Ooh. Look how crazy I am" stuff getting him over and it just isn't particularly interesting. I mean, why should I give a shit about Jimmy Havoc playing with knives, and TALKING about how he'd totally, really, honestly, use them mate, when you've got Moxley and the Inner Circle stabbing each other in the fucking eyes?
  9. I love friendships that go across the face/heel divide. Like when babyface Sting was teaming with Luger, even though Lex was in the Dungeon of Doom, or when Mikey Whipwreck joined Raven's Nest, even though he hated Raven, because Cactus Jack was his idol and he felt obligated to support him. It felt realistic - certainly more than "well, thanks for all the years of friendship but I guess I need to hate you now". It's a great way to build tension too, because you are constantly expecting a turn. Most recently MJF and Cody had a few great moments where, despite being the biggest dickhead in the world, I actually started to believe that MJF really was Cody's friend. And THEN he turned. Awesome. I suppose the opposite is true too. Some of my favourite parts of wrestling have been when people who DON'T like each other have to team up against a common threat. Like Michaels and Austin when they'd save each other from the Hart Foundation, and then start fighting themselves. I'm also a fan of makeshift tag teams. Especially if one guy has to start the match with no partner and then someone unexpected comes in at the last minute to take the hot tag. I actually can't think of a time when that hasn't been good, though I'm sure it has happened.
  10. Agreed. It'd be even worse in this case, since it wouldn't be Cody "getting one over the evil boss". He IS the boss and he'd be going back on his own word, which is really shitty booking for a babyface. He'll get another title shot eventually but it needs more build up and a lot more motivation than "well we needed SOMEONE to challenge for it!"
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