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  1. I don't particularly follow Fozzy but I know non-wrestling fans who listen to them, which is enough to give them credibility in my eyes. Judas is a good album as well. I'd say it's a stupid statement anyway though, since it implies that Jericho NEEDS to do anything. He's not pouring over Fozzy's album sales going "Shit. I'm going to have to get back in the ring". He can afford to do whatever the fuck he likes.
  2. They are straight into the denial already. Focusing entirely on "The Police said he did nothing wrong driving to Durham" and ignoring the part where they said he DID break the law going to the Castle. It's all a PR exercise to them. They just don't give a fuck.
  3. XPW is a surprisingly good shout, when I think about it. A wrestling company whose business model was to legitimise and increase sales of extreme porn is pretty fucking dark. I'm sure at least one wrestler has said that they offered to pay him with sex instead of cash as well. Then there's the whole Messiah incident, the ECW fight, the bizarre attempt to move to Philadelphia and the prison time. I actually hope that they leave Sunny alone. It feels a bit cruel to do a documentary about how she USED to be one of the most beautiful women in the world and how shitty her life is now. She'd take part as well, which is even sadder.
  4. The arrogance really is incredible. He's admitted all the allegations against him, including the ones that the Government has denied - which means that THEY lied - Yet he's still insisting he did nothing wrong and MPs are still fucking defending him. You just know that the Tweets saying "That was a reasonable explanation" and "We need to move on" were pre-prepared and would've been tweeted even if he'd just said "I don't answer to you fucking plebs. Fuck you". Which, honestly, would've been far less insulting than "I drove 30 miles to test my eyesight" and "Why would I bother some neighbour when my niece has offered?" - because she's 260 miles away and it's illegal to travel you absolute dickhead!! I can't believe he had the balls to attack the media for covering the story as well. "It's not my fault that my behaviour sets a bad example! It's yours for telling people about it!" Just unbelievable arrogance.
  5. Absolutely. It's gone well beyond just Cummings now. I don't see how Johnson, Hancock and Suella Braverman, in particular, can credibly do their jobs after this. Why should I obey restrictions when the Prime Minister, the Health Secretary and the Attorney General have all effectively said it's optional? In fact why should I obey any laws at all? There's not much that can make me angry but I'm genuinely seething with rage over this. It's the sheer fucking arrogance more than anything else. If he'd held his hands up and said "I panicked. I'm sorry", paid a token fine and Johnson had said something vague like "We've both agreed that it would be best for Dominic to step back for the time being" then it would've blown over. Instead they are insisting that he did nothing wrong because they think we are all fucking morons. They've got bots on Twitter claiming that his kid is autistic and that's why they HAD to take him 260 miles from his home and normal routine. It might be true but they've also said that they didn't actually need any help with childcare so it's not even relevant.
  6. Unfortunately not. It's a notice period. They are still under contract for the 90 days, same as normal. WWE just chooses not to use them. Contractually, Rusev is just as possible as Roman Reigns. Obviously they implement it differently to when Bagwell and Raven got the option in the early 2000s. It still might happen of course. If there was ever a time that WWE is going to be flexible about things it's now. After all, it's not like the released talent can work Indies, Japan or Mexico like normal. It wouldn't shock me if WWE just tells them to take the money if they can get it. That's the key part for me. For all the ex-WWE talent that they've brought in, they've mainly used them to work with,and put over their own guys. Jericho alone has done a superb job elevating everybody from the Inner Circle to Suge D. Even Brodie Lee, whose gimmick really isn't working, has only taken the role of Evil Uno and Stu Grayson, who weren't over anyway. He's still giving Silver, Reynolds and now 10 a reason to be on the shows. As long as they keep using guys like that then I'm not really fussed about who they bring in. A perverse part of me thinks it'd be hilarious if they put the Revival in the Dark Order just so Mr Brodie can do nothing with them. They won't though, obviously.
  7. Oh sure. Pretty much confirmed when he grabbed the microphone after match and told everyone wrestling is fake and he'd easily beat Tenta in a real fight, despite having just shown that he couldn't. A dickhead who doesn't like you is still someone who doesn't like you though. Is there anyone who dislikes Jimmy Hart? I know Lawler took a promo personally in Memphis but that's about it. For a guy as closely associated with Hogan as he was, he never really seemed to get any heat for it. He was in WCW until the very end which, for a guy who was largely hired just to help out Hogan, is pretty amazing really.
  8. That was him having a problem with Arn rather than the other way around. He was pissed off at being replaced in the Main Event of Uncensored '97 - because no one bothered telling him - and felt Arn disrespected him in his promo about it. I listened to Arn talk about it on his podcast recently and he was apologetic, liked Tenta and said he'd never meant any offense. He DID have a match in Japan that turned into a shoot though. Didn't Tenta used to post on here? It was before my time but I remember people talking about it.
  9. He seems like a typical stroke victim to be honest. I don't think it's deliberate or he's doing it for any real goal. It's just that his emotions really are all over the place. Probably the strangest thing in that clip is him somehow blaming the bulk of the screwjob on Jerry Brisco and Triple H, as if Earl Hebner, Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon only had minor parts in the entire thing. I'm sure if he got asked the same question on a different day, he'd have a different answer. I haven't watched the Montreal episode but do they touch on the bizarre relationship between the Harts and the McMahons? Vince really fucked them over by agreeing to buy Stampede, shutting it down for a year and then refusing to pay for it. Despite that they've always shown him nothing but loyalty in return. I read an interview with Davey Boy from just a few days before he died and he said that the main reason he didn't join WCW in 1996 was because of pressure from the Harts. Bret would constantly hassle him about it on the road and Stu and Helen, who he was living with at the time, wouldn't pass on any messages from Bischoff. He basically stayed with the WWF to get an easy life. It always struck me as a strange situation. Aye. All the "Martha is erasing Owen's legacy" is such manipulative bollocks. WWE own the matches and can do what they want with them. They can even put him in the Hall of Fame if they want. All her involvement would really do is absolve WWE for their part in his death. It's completely understandable why she wants nothing to do with that.
  10. I'm not a Doctor but it sounds to me like that's your illness talking. Realistically, what can you do to them that's worse than cutting them out of your life with no explanation? Personally, the worst breakdown I ever had was at least partially caused by someone I cared about doing exactly that. It's a vicious circle really. You feel like a cunt, so you push your friends away and then you use the fact that you've got no friends as another reason to feel bad about yourself. When I was at my worst my mates would invite me out places, I'd turn them down and then use the fact that I never went anywhere as evidence that no one really cared about me. Or I'd add stupid little justifications like "Well Jimmy invites me out all the time but that's only because he's bored. He doesn't really like me". I came very close to quitting my job "because I was shite at it and they'd be better off without me", even though I'd won employee of the month like two months before. In short, you're ill. You can't really trust your judgement about yourself. Cutting yourself off from the people who really know, and care about you, is a bad idea. They are exactly the people you need right now, even if you can't be physically close to them. I don't really have any advice but I'm in pretty much the same boat. I'm a Chef on furlough. My life normally revolves around working and going to work (because I don't drive and public transport is shit) and I've got fairly rigid schedule as a result. I NEED to go to sleep at a certain time, for example, because I'll be fucking everybody over if I oversleep and miss my bus. All in all, I'd probably get about an hour a day to myself. Now I've got loads of time and I just can't seem to be motivated to do anything. There's loads of stuff I want to do before I go back to work but I've got no sense of urgency for it. It's become far too easy to just say "Ach, I'll do it tomorrow". Even something as simple as making a leek and potato soup, which I do all the time at work, is suddenly feeling like a massive job that I can't really be arsed with. I'm conscious that I should be using this time productively but just can't seem to get started.
  11. The financial part jumped out at me as well. Fucking hell. You'd think her fiance was struggling at a minimum wage job and not one of WWE's top guys for the best part of a decade. I looked up Cornette's thoughts on Punk walking out......to do absolutely nothing and he was all for it. Said he wished he could afford to do the same thing. Bit of a double standard there. It's hilarious that the people defending him are doing the "Cornette's the best. He's got all you marks talking about him!" bit even though stupid shit like this is the reason that no one will hire him. It'd also be scarily close to the sort of nonsense that he's spent years ripping on Vince Russo for.
  12. It would totally shit on the new title though, and Cody too. In fact, I'm not sure how Cody could even accept it like it given his character so far. It's hardly "Doing The Work" if you win a title by getting your head kicked in is it? You'd be essentially turning him heel, but in a very very weak way. Dustin throwing the towel in is the way to go for me. It would put over Archer without hurting Cody and give you loads of interesting options going forward.
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