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  1. Oh no. I'm not suggesting they actually WANT a nutjob. The idea is that they'll really want Sunak but aren't naïve but their membership, particularly after the influx of UKIP/BNP folk in recent years. I think they'll make sure to eliminate anybody else that's remotely credible and put him against a relatively obscure weirdo like Christopher Chope, who'll then win. Sort of like the evil, racist version of the Labour leadership election where they were all "Ha! Corbyn's running. What a joke! Surely our members won't vote for a left wing candidate?" That's a good point. Johnson needs to satisfy the Tory MPs but, in America, the GOP need to satisfy Trump. They are well aware that a Trump endorsement in the Primaries could be the difference between them keeping their nomination or not. That's why so many of them continue to back him even after he set a fucking mob on them.
  2. I don't know. For all the comparisons between them, Trump is far more savvy than Johnson is and his supporters are far far more passionate. He's largely managed to wash his hands, and deflect, from the really "bad" stuff (lockdowns, for example) while Johnson has nowhere to deflect things onto. His main strategy now just seems to be pretending that the MASSIVE FUCKING PROBLEMS the UK is facing aren't actually problems at all. That's only going to last for so long before they become impossible to ignore. We're facing the worst winter in living memory with 50k COVID cases a day and the very real prospect of food shortages. I can definitely see the Tories wanting to get ahead of it to try and minimise the amount of shit that gets on them. The big question, of course, is who replaces him? My brother has a theory that it'll come down to Sunak and some utter nutjob from the backbenches.....and the nutjob will win because the Tory Party is full of racists. It seems totally plausible to me.
  3. Wasn't there a really blatant exemption in the rules for any family that had a child under one, which conveniently included the Johnsons? I'm actually more surprised it's only coming out now. Not to go all conspiracy theorist but I wonder if some important folk have decided that it's time for him to go, much like they did with Hancock. Cummings has flat out said that there was a plan to get rid of Johnson in January, after using him to get Brexit through. That's "done" now and, if they get rid of him, they can try and put the blame for that, and the damning COVID report, entirely on him.
  4. Moxley's slow burn heel turn is awesome. Just the subtly of having him be more aggressive against people the audience actually likes. I'm looking forward to his inevitable feud with Kingston, with the roles reversed from last time. It almost makes me want to see the two of them in the final, though Danielson vs Moxley is probably the right move . Miro continues to be amazing. I was wondering how he'd do the "God's Favourite Champion" gimmick after losing the title but I wasn't expecting him to flat out turn on God. It's a measure of how good he is that he can make something that sounds so stupid work so well. Loved that he's incorporated the weak neck stuff into it as well. It's hard to believe WWE missed the boat on this guy. Him vs Hangman for the title is going to be incredible. I enjoyed the FTR and Lucha Brothers stuff. I had a feeling we'd get a swerve and it'd people we know under masks. I really liked Punk calling it out as well. It was really unexpected and obviously threw the rest of the commentators off. John Silver pointing at Adam Cole and calling him "Budge!" had me pissing myself. As did the spot where him and Reynolds kissed Cole. Love when they incorporate BTE stuff into the main shows like that. I can't say I cared much for the Cody stuff, which is a shame because I am enjoying the story overall, but it's a good example of how good AEW is. The rest of the show is so good that even when something doesn't hit, it's really not a big deal.
  5. I feel like I'm repeating myself here but losing him for a couple of months isn't handicapping the product at all. The roster is loaded and pretty much anyone can take time off for whatever reason, whether that's to spend time with their newborn son, tour with their band or fulfil a career long dream. Again, Hangman just took two months off and the promotion didn't miss a beat. Whether you think it's smart business or not, it's clearly how Khan sees it. Going by your logic how does AEW dedicating their TV time to promoting NJPW, Impact and NWA shows, titles and wrestlers help their bottom line?
  6. But, again, he clearly doesn't see NJPW as competition, otherwise he wouldn't have made an effort to feature their wrestlers and promote their shows on his TV. He's flat out said that he sees the benefits in everybody working together. Jericho was even on the WWE Network not that long ago. I went nuts for Suzuki coming out in AEW, which I would never have done if I hadn't started watching NJPW because of Moxley. Similarly I wouldn't have know who Jay White, El Phantasmo or FinJuice were when they turned up in Impact. In fact I wouldn't even be watching Impact if AEW hadn't spotlighted it. That's two promotions full of wrestlers that I now recognise because companies are working together. Surely that's good for AEW and wrestling as a whole? Even you disagree about that then surely it's better than the alternative? Which is Danielson fucking off when his contract expires and doing the G1 then. He's said he really wants to do it and he's not the kind of guy to let anything get in the way of his ambitions. Isn't it better to just.....let him? Get the good will from NJPW, and the fans and from Danielson himself, rather than losing him all-together in a few years? As I said, the AEW roster is fucking loaded. Danielson's great but he's not 1980s Hulk Hogan or 1998 Steve Austin and carrying the promotion on his own. They will easily be able to manage without him and probably even incorporate it into their storylines. It won't hurt them in the slightest.
  7. That's the thing with the Forbidden Door stuff though. None of the companies see each other as competitors any more. They all seem quite happy to work together, share talent and make everybody involved seem more special. AEW has actively promoted NJPW and NWA shows recently, which would've been unthinkable in the past. It makes sense too. This isn't the Monday Night Wars, where you could only watch one show, They are easily accessible. The more eyes they put on the companies they are working with, the bigger the pool of recognisable talent they have to draw from. I wouldn't have known who Suzuki was if Moxley hadn't worked for NJPW, for example. As great as Danielson is, the AEW roster is so deep that I think they could easily manage without him. I also think Tony Khan is the kind of boss who would let him do it, just because it's his dream. They gave Hangman two months off on paternity leave, at a time when he was over as fuck. I could totally see him agreeing to this, if he hasn't already.
  8. Aye. I think Jericho deserves a lot of credit for his contributions to AEW. As the biggest, and highest paid star, he really set the tone from the beginning. If he'd had an attitude and tried to protect his spot, as many many others would've done, it'd be a very different company today. Jericho forming a stable with the bloke with the Panda hat, jobbing to Orange Cassidy and having a feud with Suge D, makes it hard for anyone else to try and politic. Come to think of it, I'm sure Tony Khan gave a lot of credit to Jericho and Schiavone for saving the company when the pandemic hit. They spent days recording commentary for those Florida shows, without which they wouldn't have been able to meet their deal with TNT. I can't think of many top guys who would've even turned up, much less to do commentary or went "We've only got 30% of or roster available? Fine. I'll just feud with one of the local guys from the crowd".
  9. It's how he got into it, apparently. He was one of the AWA Midwest Tag Team Champions and made belts for him and his partner. They were so much better than the standard at the time that the World Tag Champions refused to even wear their belts to their ring for a Champions vs Champions match. I read an article about him just a few days ago, I'll try and find it again. Definitely someone who's contributions have been over-looked. His designs, especially in the WWF, were iconic and still feel like the REAL title belts to me even now.
  10. I agree. There's storyline motivation too. Kenny kicked Cole out of Bullet Club and, as I will keep insisting until they actually say otherwise, Kenny was the one who convinced Hangman to cost the Bucks their title shot last year. Page even teased saying it not that long ago, during that segment where he wanted to "clear something up", the week after The Bucks did the same thing to him. Fuck knows what you do with Omega though. The Superkliq are far better as heels but, a storyline like that isn't exactly going to turn Kenny babyface. Maybe just have them injure him and give him some time off?
  11. It's so blatant too. Cameron was fucking useless as well but at least he had the illusion of competence. This lot struggle to get through even a single interview without sounding clueless, elitist or simply lying cunts. I mean, what do you say about a Government that's currently trying to sink the trade agreement that their entire election campaign was based on? This is very true. People are determined to be on the winning side even if that "winning" means fucking massive power bills, food shortages and no petrol.
  12. Good idea for a thread. A lot of the times, to me, he comes off like a typical bored millionaire who is looking for......something to give his life some meaning. That ranges from his music career, sacking off WWE to have a go in Japan/AEW all the way to his "asking questions" about COVID and his backing of Trump. Really, he's the perfect target for shit like QANON and MAGA. He's a rich public figure who can do pretty much anything he wants with zero consequences. I think he WANTS to believe too, because it feeds his ego. It lets him say "I'm a wrestler but I'm also really smart. I know things that YOU don't know." It also gives him an excuse for his piss-poor acting career, which, coincidentally enough, appears to be what QANON was founded for. Does it make him a bad person? Fuck knows. I think he THINKS he's doing the right thing, but I'll admit that I could be biased because I enjoy his in-ring work. I will say that he has very little self-awareness. He tells some "hilarious" stories in his books that make him come across like a right dickhead. There's nothing Dark Side of The Ring bad, but it's enough to make you think "I'd hate you if I met you". On screen, aye, I'd safely put him in the Second Tier, under the tippy top guys. He always felt like one of the top guys but never quite The Guy for me.
  13. Absolutely. That’s why, at times, the Scottish Edition will have a radically different opinion than the rest of the U.K. I think it was 2015 they backed the SNP - because they were “holding the Tories to account” - while the English edition backed the Tories to “Stop the SNP!!” I’d imagine the Welsh and Northern Ireland editions are the same. They just work out which way the wind is blowing and then act like they are responsible for it.
  14. It's also worth mentioning that Cameron's campaign to remain was just fucking shit. Firstly he was the wrong person to lead it, given he'd been using the EU as a scapegoat for his failures and he went down the "Project Fear" route as if telling British folk that they are entirely dependent on foreigners was going to work out well. He came off like such a patronising wanker that I seriously considered voting Leave just to spite him. I didn't, but I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people did. Realistically, there is a lot of blame to go around though. Even Blair and Brown were doing the "Ooh. It's all the immigrants fault but we can't do anything about them because of the EU" shite. Yep. Which is how we ended up in the bizarre situation in 2019 where JEREMY CORBYN, a career long Eurosceptic, was considered a Remainer, because he disagreed with Boris Johnson, who only decided to lead the Leave campaign on a whim. It's become almost a religious thing. Everybody thinks that THEIR idea of Brexit is the proper one, and the one everybody else really voted for. Any other interpretation isn't "really" Brexit and is a betrayal of the vote. Unfortunately, the cunts with the power, and the loudest voices in the media, are the ones with control.
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