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  1. Kaz Hayashi


    Yes mate, Dejima won a summer 99 Basho, got to Ozeki, but dropped off a couple of years later. He went on to become an elder. You mentioned Wakanohana, he actually later became the head of the Japan Sumo Association for a few years. In terms of Mongolians, they still love it man. There’s 6 or 7 in the Makuuchi as we speak, including both Yokozuna who aren’t competing this month.
  2. Kaz Hayashi


    Oh mate don’t worry about that, I went out of my way to try and not promote these like a pod shill, I very much enjoy posting articles on here for what they are, so if people enjoy reading them, I’m happy to keep posting. I’ll do my best to post everything in layman’s terms.
  3. Kaz Hayashi


    Great matches today (day 5). We still have 3 unbeaten, with 5-0. One of which is Meisei. After day 1, I mentioned on the pod that he was my ‘one to watch’ this Basho. He was promoted into the top division in September, he finished with a record of 9-6, he again finished with 9-6 in November and is doing me proud so far. He defeated Tokushoryu today. Takakeisho has finally got a win, making him 1-4. He won the overall November Basho with a record of 13-2 but until today has had a horrid start. If he bounces back and goes of a win streak, he’s still got a chance of staying in Yok
  4. Kaz Hayashi


    For anyone wanting to watch, who haven’t found specific discord chats yet, send me a DM. The general issue we currently have is that the NHK hit YouTube uploads with copyright strikes, and pull them in seconds, which is fair enough. However, it means we can’t watch the tournament as it happens each day if you’re based in the West, there isn’t a legitimate means to watch it. Which is a shame. What’s more odd s that they don’t copyright strikes every day, just every other day. Odd. ... Wow Scotty, that’s mint. But fair enough really. I can see why you made the connection you do.
  5. Kaz Hayashi


    Never noticed it properly discussed on here, so this might end up on its arse, either way, I thought I’d post it. I’m a pretty big follower of Sumo Wrestling and have been for years. Watched it as a youngster on Eurosport, and got my head in to it a bit more when I was in Japan in 2006. I became much more of a fan a couple of years ago and now it’s arguably my main sport passion. We’re currently at day of this months Tournament (Basho) and the results so far are pretty crazy to say the least. The Ozeki who won November’s tournament with a record of 13-2 has yet to win a match t
  6. Heads up, Jonny Candido (brother of Chris) has just released a Chris Candido biography, full of really fun stories, info and shit loads of great pics throughout his life.
  7. All credit to Jannetty there, coming up off his tits, hyping for the hot tag. The crowd were absolutely bang up for it. Really fun match. People love to shit on 94, but are completely unaware of gems like this. Don’t get me wrong, it has its tripe, but 93-95 gets far more ridicule than deserved.
  8. He must’ve drawn her first as a thank you for the pencils.
  9. TIL that people stuck in their ways, can still surprise you. My dad is a good bloke, and comfortable with his life. A big old North Yorkshire man and creature of comfort, who doesn’t wish harm on anyone but is easily influenced by the papers. Out of the blue on the phone he said: “You’ll be pleased to know, I’ve stopped buying the Sun” Me: “Really? get in, nice one” Dad: “Yup, I’m sick of them shiteing on absolutely everything. I’m bloody fed up of being told to be miserable.” Me: “That’s great. What are you going to read on a morning?” Dad: “Nowt lad, your mother
  10. Please can you find out the name and location of the hotel and send me a DM? I want to pass the info on to our CEO. cheers
  11. Now Chella Toys have started their Hasbro style line, which so far officially includes Nick Aldis, Blue Meanie and Ethan Page, it was a matter of time before someone had a punt at the Hasbro style line to compete. Cardona & Myers have released proto pics of their new line, which is also on the Hasbro style. Basically styled from Hasbro series 1 Hogan & Warrior molds. More names to be added apparently. Regardless of how the figures turn out, I honestly can’t speak highly enough about the lads designing the figures. Tippy is the lad doing all of the concept art for Chella and TTD do
  12. Kaz Hayashi


    I’ve just asked my wife what she’d do with 10 egg boxes, my 4 year old piped up with “Dinosaurs at the seaside with their best friends”. crack on.
  13. Really simple mate... Red cabbage, carrot, onion, coriander, green chilli, lime juice, garlic, chipotle and Mayo.
  14. Kaz Hayashi


    Every hour or so, open your window and shout, “Does anybody want an egg? I’ve got some eggs on”.
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