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  1. Verses the Hardcore Legend Tommy Dreamer
  2. We find the defendant, not guilt.
  3. Fucking hell man, just spotted this. There’s no way she didn’t have 50 heart attacks during that. That is absolutely stomach churning for me. God, if I knew that was to come following a hiking accident, I’d ask to be left in the hill and take my chances.
  4. I think 1, possibly 2 other people might also opt for Kid Chameleon as a top 10 based on previous craic. I’ve banged on about some of my other options in the retro games thread far too much as it is, so they were obvious entries for me. I wonder how many other people will choose Champ Man 97/98. I know a few on here love it, but not sure if they’ve bothered voting.
  5. Correct. In my post I mention a modern day version (sit com) which has typically been the only thing I could find video wise online, until I found that German upload.
  6. If appears she can now open the pan cupboard and I assume she thought it was a primitive/hipster potty. I’ll get her back though, i’m off to buy some eggs.
  7. Exactly this. This apparently means you’re fucking solid or something.
  8. That was wonderful. I want to see a full range of Glazer chocolate adverts now. If that’s what he can come up with for a flake, can’t wait for him to revive the selection box.
  9. The point is because others will find them shit and not worthy of a mention. You’re the one everyone else has blocked aren’t you?
  10. Pre-sky I remember seeing a show called Teen Angel on the Fun Factory. It was a late 80’s show and was set in the 50’s, American diner type environment. There was another one made after it, much more popular and modern times themed. I could only find episodes of that one online. That was until I found this random German version, of course, Teen Engel. I still haven’t found English speaking episodes. In fact I don’t care if I do, I just wanted to confirm I wasn’t making it up. No one else I know had seen it. All I could remember was the intro music.
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