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  1. Fuck me, that was special. I vaguely remember it, but possibly from one of those TV compilation programs.
  2. Not trying to steer this in to general Public Information vids, but ‘Apaches‘ (on the farm) is the one that still causes nightmares. There’s a compilation vid on YouTube that’s called “all the deaths” in relation to Apaches. It’s always been grim, but after becoming a dad, it makes me physically shudder in fear.
  3. Michael Scott from the U.S office. Following the last episode of the Office, 10 years after it had aired and people already oblivious as to who he is, but due to his lack of self awareness, he acts exactly how you expect he would. Maybe some occasional cameos from old cast too.
  4. Easily done man. We had a narrow escape compared to you though. He was a student and had a final warning about attendance and submission dates, I had a written warning from work. I phoned my boss on the Monday morning, just as we had just reached the January transfer market in season 3. I put on a fake cough, pulled the inevitable sickie and then text my house mate... “I’m staying home, I’m staying home, I’m staying, champ mans turning on”.... in the style of 3 Lions. But I sent it to my boss instead.
  5. A few years back, one of my mates moved in to my house and rented a room off us for about 6 months. That 6 months basically consisted of Rheinbacher, Clancy's spicy peanuts and Champ Manager 98/99 on a daily basis. It was the best 2 stone I ever put on.
  6. Yeah that came to mind just now actually mate. I also think some kind of chorizo dish could possibly work too.
  7. I’ve just made this jalapeño corn bread. With onions, garlic, feta, cumin, Cajun pepper & sour cream. A friend sent me the recipe last night. Can’t wait to eat it, but not sure what to have with it. Maybe some Texas/BBQ style pit beans and smoked sausages, that would probs go well.
  8. Instead of posting loads and clogging the thread up, it made sense for me to share several of our recent episodes in one post. Episode 4 - Nation of Isolation. We’re joined by YouTube human Ashens, as he and his faction of television personalities (suggested by the public) invade and battle with random wrestlers (chosen at random with the WWE Encyclopedia). Ashens must answer wrestling trivia in order to defeat his opponents and reign supreme, with the help of the entirety of Kenya. https://soundcloud.com/bbgwpod/4-ashens-of-kenya Episode 3 - For The Love Of Wrestling Radio. As Ted DiBiase, IRS & Tatanka will be joining us at FTLOW, we thought it was worth taking a deep dive in to the Million $ Corporation, starting with Teds injury in Japan, up to him leaving for WCW and all members in between. https://soundcloud.com/bbgwpod/million-corporation-ftlow-3 BBG Interviews... Royce Isaacs from the NWA joins Chris for a chat about his career to date and his time so far with the NWA. https://soundcloud.com/bbgwpod/interview-with-royce-isaccs And obviously feel free to check out the rest of our shows at BBGWrestling.com We upload between 5 - 7 episodes per week, for our different wrestling playlists. Cheers
  9. But didn’t HHH, Steph, Vince and others sell stock last year too? Isn’t it just an annual thing the top brass do to appease other stockholders and to avoid suggestions of insider trading? I thought (possibly incorrectly) that this was just normal.
  10. WWE fire Ryder & Hawkins. 2 weeks later, WWE are planning to launch a TV show in which a team of 2 people go looking for rare, retro WWE merchandise. Those 2 people being HHH & Steph. It surely has to be a piss take 🤣
  11. Believe it or not, this Steph figure belonged to a wrestling fan.
  12. This one’s for @Silky Kisser and any others who want to chat about skating. Whether you’re a lapsed skater/BMXer and want to get back in to it, whether you have fond memories of the Tony Hawks & Dave Mirra / Matt Hoffman games, or whether you’re in to in-line skating, feel free to post about it. ........ I bloody loved going skating. Must have started around early-mid 90’s and like lots of kids had a board with a squared off tail and a soap bar. Some kids in my street played on there’s in the summer, over the couple of years they were in to the turtles, but ended up forever locked in the shed, much like their turtles figures once the next fad hit. I couldn't though, I bloody loved my skateboard. I used to take it everywhere, for years and years until it but the dust. It was around 1996 (I was about 12) I was given a proper skateboard by a family friend who had family in the US, so always came back with amazing shit. That’s when I started to find out about the real, propercworld of skating. By the time Tony Hawks came out on the PS1 and the scene became pretty big, I was about 16-17 and was pretty good at skating. There ended up being around 6 of us in our group who properly put the effort and time in, another 2 or 3 who carried decks around, barely skated and just used them to knock joints up on. Then we ventured out of the town, and found others with similar mind frames. Our lot were more hip hop fans than anything else, where as the Spenny lads were more punk & Nu Metal, but we all guot on canny. Always going to be he case when there’s a common enemy being daft cunts in trackies wanting to cause bother with you. We were all a canny good standard in fairness. One lad was really tall, had massive legs and could Ollie fucking huge. We used to stack our boards up horizontally and see what he could clear, 6 was his total, fucking 6... monster. By the time I’d packed it in I was nailing switch 180 flips as my show piece, however, the boss of the group was getting hardflips and 360’s for fun... Nose Manuels and kick flipping out, he was immense. No idea if any photos exist from back then as camera phones weren’t really about, but as I shared in the getting old thread, here’s me pissing about in the back yard from only 3 years ago before knee surgery and here’s one of grandad on his 90th (as posted in the getting old thread).
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