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Found 3 results

  1. Again, given the discontinuation of the megathread and with boxing's move into the MMA section, thought it would be handy to have a boxing fight discussion thread to sit alongside the general news thread. This can be the place to post about the weekends upcoming fights (this will usually be me) and discuss the outcomes after they happen. It also keeps immediate spoilers out of the general news thread too which is nice if you fall a few days behind. Granted when the big fight nights and PPV's come up, shows can get their own thread but this should be good for the smaller weekly fight night
  2. Somebody mentioned in the "What are you watching on TV?" thread about their thinking of starting a Star Trek Thread, so I thought I'd take the initative and try to get one started? Have a natter about all things Trek. How boring the original motion picture is. Kirk Vs Picard, Voyager not living up to expectations, which timeline is Discovery in etc.
  3. Never noticed it properly discussed on here, so this might end up on its arse, either way, I thought I’d post it. I’m a pretty big follower of Sumo Wrestling and have been for years. Watched it as a youngster on Eurosport, and got my head in to it a bit more when I was in Japan in 2006. I became much more of a fan a couple of years ago and now it’s arguably my main sport passion. We’re currently at day of this months Tournament (Basho) and the results so far are pretty crazy to say the least. The Ozeki who won November’s tournament with a record of 13-2 has yet to win a match t
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