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  1. Just back to my room at MGM, what a night!! Incredible show, especially Dustin v Cody and The Bucks v Lucha Bros. The place went bananas when Jon Moxley debuted. How did JR do on commentary?
  2. Incredible match. Cody is so underrated.
  3. I think these predictions are not far fetched. And All In was the event of the year....
  4. Breaking news - In a bar with Jimmy Havoc. Having a blast!
  5. He confirmed 'itv', he didn't say which itv channel however. He did take the time to emphasise to the audience that the AEW tv deal in the UK is far better than WWEs and credited Tony Kahn for that. They also confirmed - Double or Nothing will be an annual event on Memorial Day weekend in Vegas, - the Pac situation is not as reported, still hopeful he will join full time - that there will limit the number of titles (and mocked the 24/7 title) - that there are actually 22 competitors in the Casino Battle Royale - The discussions with Tony and planning for AEW started prior to All In - Tony Kahn paid for Jericho to be flown in for that show - Matt Jackson's first meeting with Tony Kahn was in August in London, which I assume must have been on the Honor Reunited tour. - TNT was the plan from the start apparently That's what I can remember off the top of my head.....
  6. I'd post photos if I could figure out how!!
  7. Now drinking at the bar in Caesars with Adam Page and his girlfriend. He's back on the sauce now he's not got a match!!!!
  8. No word of a lie, I just had to help CIMA and the Chinese guys find their rooms. Good deed done....
  9. Just met Nick Jackson in the MGM casino, genuinely a nice guy. Stoked.
  10. I can't see Jericho going over.....if be shocked if they went for the screwy finish to their first show and I don't think Jericho wins clean.
  11. Sorry - didn't see it had already been posted. Nice atmosphere in the MGM Grand today- lots of fans inside drinking and gambling because it's raining outside.
  12. I'm all messed up, sorry. It's mid day in Vegas...
  13. Announcement on world championship later today 3pm eastern
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