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  1. MPDTT


    I marched in London yesterday and had a great time. Stopped off for a few beers in Trafalgar Square on the way round and managed to find a way round into Parliament Square also. Great atmosphere and really glad I went.
  2. Tell me more highspots -network please
  3. Hahaha! That alone is not saying much! I cancelled the WWE Network over a year ago in favour of NJPW World and haven't looked back! I have no plans to drop either.
  4. Ok. So I'm all sorted with my AEW trip. Fly into Vegas on the 21st and leave on the 26th. Staying at the New York, New York (across the street from the MGM Grand). This will be trip #6 to Vegas for me...my spiritual home if you weeeeeell! Anyway, any other UKFForumers going?
  5. I'm curious, who on this forum actually has a Honorclub subscription apart from @kidzero and I?
  6. Not me.....still up to date with my sub. Can't wait for the G1 Supercard! Such a massive event for ROH and NJPW.
  7. I missed the announcement a few days ago somehow, but Starrcast II is at Caesars Palace.
  8. MPDTT

    NJPW World

    Bought a ticket also.
  9. I'd be surprised if Tye Dillinger and TJP doesn't end up in AEW
  10. Hi All, I know this is a few days old, but have not seen any discussion about it. The HUGE thing for me the the financial backing. If this is true, and its a big if, then Shahid Khan wants into the wrestling business. According to Wikipedia, Khan has a net worth of over $7.0 billion and is the 221st wealthiest person in the world. This would be Ted Turner #2 looking to take on the McMahon empire. It does appear odd to me however, that if someone with those sums of wealth wants into the industry, why would opt to build from scratch? Why not simply go down the M&A route....why not acquire ROH, Impact, or both. Quickest way to building out your roster, expertise, streaming service, tape libraries and fan base. You'd also think that Anthem and Sinclair will be worried about the prospect of AEW - they simply won't be able to compete - they may welcome offers. What facts do we know? Trademarks for All Elite Wrestling, LLC have been filed. The address linked to the trademarks is the address of TIAA Bank Field - the Jacksonville Jaguars home Trademarks for AEW, AEW All Out, All Elite Wrestling, Tuesday Night Dynamite, and AEW Double or Nothing were filed. As were these images: What are the rumours? Jim Ross and Chris Jericho being involved AXS TV as a potential TV partner WWE Reportedly Locking Down Talent Due To possible promotion Loads of other FUD, like WWE talents looking to jump, a union type frame work and offers insurance, discussions with streaming services So what do you think? I can't be impartial, I'd LOVE to see this happen - with or without The Elite! WWE has been shit since WCW died, the talent and the fans deserve better and I still miss Nitro! MPDTT
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