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  1. MPDTT


    Good employers create career pathways for employees who don't want to go down the management route - focussed on creating subject matter experts. If the only route to promotion is line management, there will be loads of very talented people who either get frustrated and leave, stagnate or take management roles because it's their only option and a role they are not cut out for.
  2. I think this would make a good cheesy babyface entrance, great for a fan sing along - right from the opening lyrics "sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air, I know I can count on you"....and the anthemic chorus kicks in about 30 seconds in
  3. This really upset me this morning. What a total shock. Just 1 year older than me. Its all too easy to think you are invulnerable, but truth is, it can all end tomorrow. Life is precious. From a professional point of view, he was clearly enjoying himself this year and so many of us have enjoyed his work as the Exhaulted One. That Dog Collar Match with Cody should be a candidate for MOTY. Rest in peace Mr Brodie Lee.
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