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  1. MPDTT


    Tough situation. Unless you've been there a long time or the ordinary redundancy pay is being enhanced, redundancy pay really isn't that much, £544 per year served until you get over a certain age. It's easier to find a job when you're in one, than when you're not, so perhaps think of this as an opportunity to find a new job before you are made redundant
  2. RIP, just absolutely horrendous. It brings back those awful memories of Jo Cox. Set political differences aside - these tragic events are just terrible for our democracy
  3. I saw Jonathan Pie at the Bloomsbury Theatre last week - second time I've seen him live. Great fun.
  4. MPDTT


    I take a different view. Of course every company is different, but we all work with different budget constraints, labour turnover challenges and different roles will be business critical to the organisations success. That means that company's will have some roles and functions that they will be prepared to pay over the market rate for to attract and retain, while there will be other roles that they are prepared to pay under the market rate for an accept higher turnover or accept that they may need to counter offer on a case by case basis. My company is no different, and I have certain departments where we pay very generously and others where we do ongoing candidate sourcing as we accept higher turnover as we are not competitive on the salaries front, but I'm also open to counter offers if I can eye ball the job offer and it makes sense to do so. I've heard so many recruitment consultants use that argument - don't accept a counter offer, they didn't value enough in the first place.........but they only play that card as they don't want you to turn down the new role and lose them commission. I've personally done this once myself in 2014 - gone back to my employer with a job offer in hand and let them make me an offer to stay - got a 20% pay rise and promotion out of it and I had zero regrets. I wouldn't take it personally - your compensation package is always a negotiation and these scenarios give you leverage - so let it play out, it's just business.
  5. MPDTT


    People even sign contracts and then back out before starting.......happens all the time.
  6. Omega Danielson was absolutely amazing! And the noise and visuals of that venue were outstanding. Delighted that match went on first! I only watched that live and will check out the rest this evening. I guess we know our Full Gear main event...
  7. MPDTT


    @patiirc bringing in an external HR Agency will come at significant cost, more than a Settlement Agreement would to make the situation go away, which tells me there is more to this than you know. This feels like it’s going nuclear, you don’t have a full view of the facts and have been dragged into this against your will. You are relatively senior and given you have 2 years service, have employment protection. As such, I recommend forgetting ACAS and shelling out to consult an employment lawyer and potentially have them act for you. Check your home insurance policy to see if it includes legal cover for employment disputes.
  8. MPDTT


    Very odd. The Chief Executive Officer doesn't raise a grievance against more junior employees! They may host a formal investigation and if there is a case to answer, then formal disciplinary action. Ive never heard of the scenario you describe. If there was an investigation, they may interview as a part of that, but can't compell you to raise a grievance. Sounds like this CEO wants this guy gone, but doesn't want to get his cheque book out and do it via a Settlement Agreement, so instead is trying to throw as much mud as possible and see what sticks.
  9. Yes - its absolutely dreadful. Young MPDTT was right.
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