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  1. Just finished watching Fight for the Falen - what a weekend of Wrestling with the 2 G1 shows and FFTF! I loved this show - up until the main event - which left me flat. All four men worked hard, but The Bucks are at their best in a fast paced match and this one just didn't seem to get out of first gear. The crowd seemed quiet for it also. But the closing promo was excellent. The venue looked great, as everyone has said. Great to see Bea Priestley finally debut Loved the 6 man opener - and Jimmy Havoc looked good in this one in my view. Shawn Spears looked like a star Luchasaurus looked like a star and The Dark Order going over was the right call - Marko Stunt's involvement wasn't needed Adam page and Kip Sabian was good and Kip came off well, despite losing I thought the work to build Hangman / Jeriicho was well done Brandi / Allie was shit SCU v Lucha Brothers was fantastic Kenny Omega / Cima was my MOTN and told a great story. I like the long matches and hope they are here to stay - 6 matches going over 15 minutes gives the talent to go out and show what they can do and tell a good story. I'm surprised they have no more events until All Out - one more show in between could keep momentum going - its a long gap.
  2. Like the above. Stars jumping from one major promotion to another. Nash / Hall to WCW, Jericho to WWF, Big Show showing up on WWF, Rick Rude to WCW when on a taped Raw on the other side, Luger at the first Nitro........
  3. MPDTT

    NJPW World

    Just searched Google for exactly this and it brought be back to the UKFF. Very useful for the G1. Thanks @JNLister
  4. MPDTT

    NJPW World

    Good idea. This the first G1 I'm aiming to watch from start to finish too.
  5. MPDTT

    NJPW World

    I agree. All the tag matches were ok - nothing stood out apart from the Cobb / Ishii confrontation. I went to bed after Kenya/Ibushi so need to watch Tana v Okada, but Ospreay v Archer was superb and ZSJ v Sanada was great also. Overall, a pretty good show (may up my view after watching the main event).
  6. There have been so many incredible matches this year. My favourite being Dustin v Cody. But what a six months! Tanahashi v Omega, Scurll v Aldis, Ospreay v Shingo, Young Bucks v Lucha Bros, Ibushi v Naito (twice), Ospreay v Dragon Lee, Gargano v Cole all stand out. I'd say moment of the year to date for me is Will Ospreay winning BOSJ. Biggest let down is the whole PAC shambles and the cancelling of the Adam Page match Wrestler of the year to date is Will Ospreay, who is just on a different level
  7. MPDTT

    NJPW World

    Switchblade for the win.
  8. Can't wait. I'm in Belgium for a family reunion so I doubt I'll watch it live.
  9. MPDTT

    Crypto Currency

    Yeah, that was on ICOs, which was fucking stupid. Savedroid, Hycon, Shopin and Quarkchain. All lost me heaps. I've done reasonably well trading thereafter. I do find it fun. But it is a form of gambling and you should only put in what you can afford to lose. My portfolio was worth ~$3500 earlier this year and it's worth $5300 today, so it's been more fun this year!
  10. MPDTT

    Crypto Currency

    Wow, that's deep. We have an off-topic forum to discuss non wrestling stuff. I chose to share a couple of things that were of interest to me. The Singapore posting got me some good tourism recommendations and the crypto thing is a lot of fun and I believe we are now in a bull market again and making money is much easier.
  11. MPDTT


    @Brewster McCloud thanks for the recommendation. Best satay I had in Singapore. http://imgur.com/a/f7FG8vN
  12. MPDTT

    Crypto Currency

    All of which is true. Waste far too much time trading Crypto on Binance. I just got back from Singapore on Business and yes, I was at Double or Nothing. Not sure what I have to gain from making stuff up. But OK.
  13. Tory remainer. It's a tough spot to be in....I resigned my membership of the party after the referendum result. Voted Lib Dem at every opportunity since, purely over Brexit.
  14. MPDTT

    Crypto Currency

    Free Monday night Crypto analysis for anyone interested. About to go live.
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