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  1. MPDTT


    @Guy Bifkin In terms of fairness its right that they have to pool everyone - they can't just pick on the underperformers. They are also entitled to set the selection criteria - as long as they are fair. They probably don't want to offer voluntary redundancy for fear the high performers want it and they are left with the lower rperformers, so doesn't surprise me that that isn't an option. Regardless of the criteria, if you are selected for redundancy, you are entitled to the redundancy payments. Many companies offer enhanced redundancy beyond the statutory minimum. Have you asked in the consultation what those terms look like? On the unfair dismissal point, you'd have a long wait - tribunal back logs are approaching 2 years and that is a long time to go with no income. Plus, any tribunal award for unfair dismissal would be reduced if you took a new role in the meantime. My advice is to try to secure your position through the redundancy process and aim to leave for a new job when you secure one.
  2. MPDTT


    Hi @Vamp, I'm unable to DM you unfortunately, but if you would like to talk, please do message me.
  3. MPDTT


    @Vamp As a mental health first aider, as well as an HR Director, I'm concerned by your situation and am going to DM you.
  4. Normally I watch hour 1 of Dynamite live and the second hour the following evening.....no chance last night - I couldn't switch off. That was incredible from start to finish. The opener was superb, the entrances felt like a massive deal. Silver looked like a star and I'm quite happy for Hangman's big win to be delayed (which I don't think will happen btw). I'd like them to go straight into the Punk /Omega fund the way Hogan went straight into a world title fued with Flair when he jumped to WCW in 1994. Won't happen though....Hangman rightly wins the gold at All Out. Speaking of which, they more or less confirmed CM Punk is coming in. Rampage in 3 weeks time at the United Centre? Alin's promo? That deal is done and will be an absolute game changer. FTR / PP was great until the freak injury. Tanahashi on AEW! Jungle Boy still can't do any wrong. Great Cody / Black segment to hype next weeks main event...... .....then there was the main event - which blew my mind. Absolutely loved it! I never thought you'd see something like that on PPV, never mind free TV! OK, toned down from Gage's usual stuff, but I never thought Jericho would go for all the glass and never thought we would see light tubes on TV. Just a gruesome superb, engaging mess that adds so much to the story of what Jericho will go through to get to MJF. Gage gave a really good account of himself. Just a couple of weeks away from AEW increasing their TV output by 50% and with the run they are on, I can't wait.
  5. MPDTT


    We have a policy of 3. But half days count as half days. I know a few employees choosing to work in the office for half days twice a week, plus 2 full days, with Friday at home. I've also granted permanent home working to a few employees formerly in the London office, but agreed to cut salary as a result - no justification for a London weighting if you're no longer going into London.
  6. Been having a chuckle reading back through a lot of the comments on the first AEW Thread - from initial rumours through to the first Double Or Nothing. Favourite comment being - "MJF is a shit Alberto Del Rio knock off though. Don't see the appeal at all."
  7. MPDTT


    Keith is right - document everything. Memory is a poor custodian of fact. I'd also like to state that if you are clinically diagnosed with depression then you have extra protection under the Equality Act 2010. If your manager is throwing your disability back in your face to discredit you or bully you, consider taking legal advice......you could have a strong claim for disability discrimination under the Equality Act and those claims are uncapped (unlike constructive dismissal claims that are capped at roughly £90k or 1 years pay - whichever is the lower - and usually get settled out of court). It's those uncapped claims that us HR professionals would lose sleep over - they can be VERY costly.
  8. MPDTT


    An anonymous survey that asks for your name and email address........sometimes I really worry about some of the people in my profession! @Vamp - your HR team needs to bring in an independent third party to help resolve such workplace conflict and mediate. Only that could be mutually agreeable between the union and employer. Either side that felt that was not a fair way to go is being wholly unreasonable.
  9. (What's The Story) Morning Glory is 25 Years old. That's just 2 years younger than Sgt Pepper was when Oasis released that album.
  10. Love seeing them back in a full arena. Absolutely great show and the crowd just sent it over the top. I wish Rampage was 2 hours as well, instead of 1, as the roster can easily fill that out. And for all the criticism that AEW signs too many ex-WWE wrestlers, I thought this tweet was pretty interesting:
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