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  1. I wrote that on my birthday when I was hammered. That was poor form and I apologise.
  2. I listen to James O'Brian each day. He's brilliant, but he's not going around telling everyone who disagrees with him to fuck off! He wants the debate and is damn good at it.
  3. How sad. 1. I voted Lib Dem and am not a Tory member. I voted to remain in 2016, I voted Lib Dem in 2017, I voted Lib Dem in 2019. 2. As a Jew who lost 2 grandparents in Auschwitz and sees the Labour party and the Corbynism movement as the biggest threat I've ever known in my lifetime, I'm absolutely delighted that Labour have been wiped out. Perhaps you want to reflect on the fact that the silent majority remains silent time and time again until election day and then votes Tory because the left continuously like to berate anyone that voices views that differ to their own. I never throw personal insults, I never belittle anyone and I never swear at people for their different views. I passionately believe his country needs a strong opposition for a healthy democracy to function, but if Momentum and Len McCluskey's influence on the Labour party isn't curtailed then I worry that Boris and the Tories will have free reign for a generation - and we've seen time and time again through history that governments that don't have credible opposition become complacent, corrupt and stale. One more thing - some of the comments on this forum over the last few weeks about Rachel Riley have been absolutely disgusting and those who made them should hang their heads in shame. She's awesome.
  4. I voted Lib Dem. My preferred outcome was no conservative majority, no labour majority, labour + SNP no majority. Lib Dems = king makes.
  5. So unfortunately Brexit is unstoppable. At least we will be a low tax, low regulation and open immigration country under Boris. I wanted a hung parliament, but that aside this is the best result. Boris's majority means he doesn't have to pander to the extremes of his party and the size of Labours defeat means they will hopefully realise that Socialism is dead and revert to New Labour and become a credible opposition again.
  6. Thanks for the Policies, Not People link. Here's me:
  7. Made me chuckle. The problem is the looney left is unelectable. Boris can do what he wants. If Labour throw out Momentum, dump Corbyn, McDonald and all those on the hard left and had a centrist leader and manifesto, they'd romp home. Their ideology is dead. It hasn't won a UK election since the 70s and never will again. I'd vote for whoeever it took to keep Corbyn out of Downing street and I've come to terms with the fact that I may have to accept Brexit as it's a lot less frightening than Comrade Corbyn and that awful manifesto of his.
  8. Just horrible. I work in Moorgate and travel in and out of London Bridge daily. I'm glad the police didn't fuck about and the extraordinary courage by members of the public was quite something.
  9. I've not watched the Moxley v Omega match back yet, but I loved it live. Such a polarising match - like marmite.
  10. Well Full Gear was the best thing since sliced bread.....I had a great time in Washington DC, but Baltimore is an utter dive....also met someone else there who said they were on this forum - some bloke from Leeds who's name escapes me.
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