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  1. Love the fact that a so called buyer reviewed it and claimed "This watch gives me confidence". Anyone with the cash to splash on a watch like this, doesn't do it for confidence!
  2. I'd be too scared to put it on for even a moment!
  3. $669,680.44 for this Tourbillon! And thats 45% off! And to top it off, its as ugly as sin! https://www.jomashop.com/jacob-co-watch-at80030bdubbbala.html?utm_source=googleproduct&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=googleproductsearch&pt_source=googleads&pt_medium=cpc&pt_campaign=(ROI)+Dynamic+Remarketing+Cart+Abandoners&gclid=CjwKCAjwkdL6BRAREiwA-kiczL1aGi9ICI0U1HlAtd-T1LnkvY4iOq-3N_AZk09zGwg37Z8lpewomRoCz3QQAvD_BwE
  4. Wrestlemania 6: Vince screaming "It's champion Vs champion, it's title for title, it's the ultimate challenge, it's Wrestlemania!" That was enough!
  5. Under 2 years, you are right. As I said in the 'work' thread, the Government will want people back in their places of work, so are unlikely to put more power in the hands of employees in this regard. Further, I believe employers will easily be able to reject flexible working applications from people wanting to work permanently at home (if they so choose) - using the 'detrimental impact on quality' or 'detrimental impact on performance' justifications allowed under the ACAS code. If you have under 2 years service and you feel you are being discriminated against due to a protected characte
  6. You are right. In the same article, it states: "To be halfway up the 1 per cent pecking order and make the 99.5th percentile required an income of £236,625." So it does indeed become very steep thereafter.
  7. I appreciate its a big number.....I just thought the top 1% would earn something like £500k+
  8. Today I learned that the salary required to be considered in the "top 1%" is much lower than I'd have thought. "There are about 540,000 people in the top 1 per cent income bracket across the UK and that requires £120,000 a year" https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/comment/article-7357395/Who-1-Britain-one-them.html
  9. MPDTT


    It really is not HR's paranoia. It may be Operation's paranoia, but not HR's - who have long since argued that people are managed by output, not working time. Set clear deliverable and performance manage people against them. And on your cafe's and tapas bars comment, I really don't think that would be the case. Central London would be a ghost town and millions of jobs reliant on commuters would be lost.
  10. MPDTT


    Tell that to the third of Pret's workforce who are about to lose their jobs.
  11. Removing picture in picture segments really hurt this weeks show for me. But when last in the US I watched a couple of episodes on TNT and found picture in picture annoying in it's own right. I think Fite's usual coverage is the best possible experience and so worth the money. Loved the Dark Order stuff. Anna Jay is going to becone a star in this role. Also, sign Tay Conti - those 2 will be money! I'm so invested in MJF / Moxley. But I think Moxley retains this time. I have this suspicion that despite of what Hangman did, I don't see him turning heal - Omega and the Bucks will end u
  12. MPDTT


    One of the opportunities I'm exploring currently is our ability to reduce our office footprint across the UK and Europe by introducing more flexibility around work from home. By introducing an optional 2 day work from home policy and moving to a more agile working environment with no assigned desks, we think we can reduce our footprint by at least 20% whilst also having a positive impact on diversity and access to a wider pool of talent. We ran a survey on this for our London office employees this week and had over 200 respondees. Interestingly, while folks liked the potential for a 2 day
  13. MPDTT


    Congratulations on the promotion!
  14. MPDTT

    Hi-Fi Separates

    Mainly rock, indie and chill-out.
  15. MPDTT

    Hi-Fi Separates

    I have a JBL Xtreme! Great for the garden!
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