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  1. wordsfromlee

    The Song Of The Day Thread

    My new favourite band
  2. wordsfromlee

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    Yeah he just rented the venues out. The Underworld in Camden was £780. It's then up to him (or his "booking agent") to set ticket prices and sell them. That's how it works for most tours. That's why you see some bands charging £15 a ticket and others charging £40 a ticket while both playing in the same venue.
  3. wordsfromlee

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    Jared Threatin is now claiming that the European tour was all a publicity stunt and that he purposely wanted no one to turn up so his story could go viral. He's also saying that he was the one that tipped off the new sites under a fake account about how all his fans and comments weren't real. Apparently his missus filmed everything and they're making a documentary about the ordeal and he's supposedly having meeting with movie producers about turning the story into a film. Which is obviously all bollocks. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/jered_threatin
  4. wordsfromlee

    Chippy Tea

    They don't even look like proper sausages.
  5. wordsfromlee

    Comedy Songs

    Frankie Vaughn - Stockport
  6. wordsfromlee

    What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    I re-watched the 12 Days of Christine episode of Inside No.9 last night. Absolutely brilliant stuff. I forgot how much I love Sheridan Smith. A lot.
  7. wordsfromlee

    UKFF Hip Hop Thread

    Tons of people of Twitter have been going on about how it sounds like a Ryuichi Sakamoto track.
  8. wordsfromlee

    Comedy Songs

  9. wordsfromlee

    ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    Seems like three of the dates for their tour have been cancelled. No official word yet though. https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/WOS-Wrestling-tickets/artist/5227143
  10. wordsfromlee

    Top Twitter

  11. wordsfromlee

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    14 year old me would have loved that Slam Dunk stage.
  12. wordsfromlee

    The Song Of The Day Thread

  13. wordsfromlee

    Facebook updates that blow your mind

    Not mine, but i thought this was great
  14. wordsfromlee

    Christmas food and cooking

    I love cooking a roast and would love to host for Christmas lunch as my roasts are far superior to the mother in law's (not to brag or anything) but as they live on a farm, they can't get away with coming over to ours as they still have to do the milking etc throughout the day. So I think we're going to make a Bailey's cheesecake for pud and take it round.
  15. wordsfromlee

    Finding Their Sound: Early Forays in the Music Business

    Rivers Cuomo from Weezer in the centre during his 80’s hair metal phase Dr Dre and DJ Yella pre-NWA as members of World Class Wreckin’ Cru