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  1. Last night we had the craziest thunderstorm I’ve ever seen. It was about 45 minutes of constant non-stop rumbling and lightening flashes every 10 seconds or so. I’ve never experienced anything like it. You could apparently see it from 100 miles away.
  2. That kid who over ruled his mum to buy the bike was such a little fucking prick. I don’t care that they ended up making a profit off it, I hope he falls down a well.
  3. Nailing the strings directly to the body is better than using a Bigsby. I hate those things more than anything. Well, actually the one time we built a guitar with the Brian May bridge which was another level of faffing!
  4. You are wanting to pay money to watch John Cena shit himself?
  5. Their black label stuff is so good. Shared a mini keg of Luminescence over the weekend and it’s lovely stuff.
  6. Finally got round to finishing off my Lockdown project. Technically I started it about four years ago, but only just got around to properly doing something with it when lockdown happened and I had the spare time. It's an old piece of shit Squier guitar that I sanded down to the wood about four years ago and ended up abandoning. A horrid bright orange thing with all black hardware. Then I decided to carry on with it as I'd bought some spray paint for some stuff in the garden and thought I'd use the rest on this and finally get it finished. It was mainly done to practice spraying as I have a body and neck for a Telemaster guitar that I'm going to make soon that I want to do a good job with, but I'll probably use the spray booth at work rather than my garden/shed like with this. I bought some cheap hardware for it just so I can get it actually playable which it is, just about.
  7. I finished Dark Matter by Blake Crouch last week and thought it was a fun little read. It's kind of like the movie Primer but about parallel universes rather than time travel. It's supposed to be turned into a movie but I think it would work a lot better as a TV show like his Wayward Pines books were.
  8. I haven't rewatched the movie, but I got reminded of this shot from Contact which still bends my brain every time I watch it. Outstanding work.
  9. There are a few decent Game of Thrones guest stars. One of my favourites is Mac from It's Always Sunny taking an arrow through the eye in the opening episode of season 8.
  10. I thought this was supposed to be chat about ice creams available from ice cream vans?
  11. I think he did actually say that but it was back in the ‘60s and Magnums weren’t invented until the late ‘80s. Magnum also invented the type of chocolate that is on their ice creams. Normal chocolate cracks at that low of a temperature and they invented a new type that doesn’t.
  12. I don't know how it's taken me so long to discover these but good god they are fucking delicious!
  13. https://www.wwe.com/gallery/current-superstars-classic-titles-photos#fid-40190948 I think the Winged Eagle belt really suits Finn, too. Even though it's not the original belt as it doesn't have a WWF logo on it.
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