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  1. Just watching Pointless Celebrities and Johnny Vaughan is a massive, massive, massive, massive, massive, massive, massive, massive cunt.
  2. Has Cody had a hair transplant because that hairline in that video thumbnail does not look natural at all?
  3. CM Punk returned to wrestling very briefly in a run in on his mate Ace Steele. The promoter of the show has since confirmed that is was Punk in the mask.
  4. Didn't realise I was on reddit by the state of some of these comments.
  5. You've watched it already. Only came onto Netflix this morning. I loved Summer Heights High and Angry Boys but not holding out too much hope for this one.
  6. Yeah, well, I didn't even watch Wrestlemania, so there!
  7. Corbin is early/mid 30s but I understand what you mean and agree. I think a fair bunch will do the call up - do fuck all - quit and do the indies - build a name - return with a bigger push compared to last time due to bigger name power/return in the rumble to put over younger talent. But on a similar note, Finn Balor is pushing 40 unbelievably! I don't think he's aged since he turned 18.
  8. The CGI of the dragons flying was something out of Jason & The Argonauts. Fucking awful compared to how good the CGi usually is in this show.
  9. We all have those films that we used to love back when we were a teenager. Usually when you're about 17 and getting into 'proper' films because of you've just started a Media Studies A Level at Sixth Form and found out what the word 'cinematography' means. You thought they were great, they spoke to you. You may have even reckoned that they changed your life. But you haven't watched them decades so you dust off the collectors edition DVD that you haven't touched since you moved out of your parents house, re-watch it and think "what the fuck was i thinking?! This is awful!" I have a couple: Kids (1995) I thought, "wow, cool skateboarding kids, smoking weed and copping off with girls. Rawkus house parties. Giving the finger to The Man. I wish I was one of them". It was gritty, and real, and had sex and drugs in it, and I wished my life was like theirs (minus the HIV stuff), and "do you know the weed they smoked and the parties they were at was real? Yeah, takes the movie to a whole new level compared to more mainstream cinema". Looking back at it now, it's all a bit gross. Maybe it's because I'm older and those kids in the movie aren't my peers anymore. Like the movie equivalent of going to a nightclub and feeling really old, wondering how I found those places fun in the first place. Maybe it's because I'm looking back on youth, with older and wiser eyes. Maybe it's because most of Larry Clarke's subsequent movies are also based around kids who engage in drug use and underage sex. Garden State (2004) This was one of the movies that helped invent the Manic Pixie Dream Girl stock character type that Zooey Deschanel has made a career off and as a 17-year old lad at the time when this came out, I was the target demographic and was reeled in hook, line and sinker. I think that fact that a lot of 'coming-of-age, indie flicks' followed the same kind of blueprint in the wake of this movie - and did it much better - makes me realise when watching today that Garden State really isn't that great. The fact that it took Braff 10 years to make his follow up and it that it was shit speaks volumes that Garden State was a great case of right movie, at the right time. Even that American Dad episode, 'Independent Movie', is better than it and it's a parody episode which admittedly absolutely nails the tropes of low-budget, independent American filmmaking which Garden State is full of. Oh, yeah, and every character is a really annoying dickhead. On a positive note, the soundtrack is alright. It introduced me to The Shins and Zero 7 at least.
  10. The room is pitch black. All the lights off. I want the room to be only lit by the fire of the incinerator as the doors open for my coffin to be led into. Then this plays. All 16 and a half minutes of it. No one is allowed to make a noise or leave until the entire song has played. The doors will be locked until it is finished.
  11. Stand up comedian Ian Cognito died on stage on Wednesday night of a heart attack. I'd seen him live a handful of times and he was one of the best comics I've ever seen on the circuit. Rebellious, unpredictable and utterly brilliant. The stories that float around about this guy over the course of his 30+ years in the business are urban legend. Never have I seen an audience crying with laughter but also scared for their lives. He never did TV as producers who too afraid to book him but I think the raw energy he had would have been lost on the screen. There are hardly any videos of him on YouTube unfortunately. The guy was a force of nature on stage and his shows were electric. You really had to see it to believe it. He was like the Ozzy Osborne of stand up - anarchic and masterful. The last time I saw him live a couple of years ago he walked onstage, grabbed an empty chair from the front row - from someone who hadn't made it back from the interval in time - and just sat on the stage reading that days newspaper out loud and commenting on the stories. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Probably the most famous story of him is this one, taken from his autobiography: Another great one: "He once stayed over at mine and when we woke up in the morning he was gone. It was a second floor flat and the front door was deadbolted. I asked him how he said he had no recollection." This one from James Acaster: "I’d heard so many stories before I met him. I got to a gig and the promoter said ‘Ian’s here & is in the dressing room.’ I didn’t know which Ian he meant, opened the door and a man was pissing in the sink and smiling at me. I remember thinking to myself, ‘I think this is Ian Cognito.’" RIP Cogs.
  12. It's definitely true. Kalisto is also being given a camp hairdresser gimmick too.
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