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  1. That hit of nostalgia was like a chair shot to the head! I'd completely forgotten about that image. Where is that shirt from?
  2. Coogan is also planning a live Alan Partridge tour once things get back to normal.
  3. I remember reading something about it being to do with the weather in those cities, due to the shows being held in an open air stadium. Can’t have it pissing down with rain the whole time.
  4. LSM with another touching tribute, as per.
  5. It’s all pretty much answered a couple of posts ago.
  6. I’m surprised you forgot about that match as it’s the infamous RVD vs Cena from One Night Stand where the whole “if Cena wins we riot” started and the Cena entrance with him getting booed to fuck and the crowd throwing his t-shirt back at him.
  7. It's probably no worse than what happens in the warehouse of any supermarket. I worked in one for nearly ten years and theres some very irresponsible people.
  8. But Iceland sell the Greggs stuff!
  9. The unwritten rules of language are fascinating
  10. "Whilst their tight clothes have been mocked, all say they work hard at the gym and just wore normal clothes. “If we were wearing flares or bootcuts we’d get the piss taken out of us,” says Connor."
  11. “She does exist! She goes to a different school though so that’s why you don’t know her!”
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