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  1. Ryan Giggs is mixed race. Im not a sport fan so this may be common knowledge to most people.
  2. I’d say he’s spot on with everything there. Blindboy hit the nail in the head with this too:
  3. It’s not even spelt the same way so that’s another way to distance it.
  4. They do the Moving Mountains hot dogs in Sainsbury’s now.
  5. Remember when he pissed on a girl and threw a bottle of Jagermister at her head because she didn’t want to have sex with him?
  6. I’d say The Dream Is Over is their best album. Followed closely by the self titled. I wasn’t massively fussed on Morbid Stuff. It felt a bit over produced for them. It didn’t have that rough-around-the-edges sound that fit their style perfectly that the previous two albums had.
  7. The new clipping. record is an absolute banger. I think if they weren’t so experimental, Daveed Diggs would be an absolute mega star. But I don’t want them to change.
  8. I thought it was ok. The Grandaddy cover is the best song on it.
  9. The Rib Man's Holy Fuck hot sauce is my favourite condiments at the minute. I've just finished a big bottle of Nando's Hot, so the Holy Fuck has taken over as my chip dipping sauce of choice. I used a teaspoon of it while frying some chicken when making fajitas the other week instead of fajita seasoning and we had to go stand outside as the spice in the air was getting too much. It tasted good, but never again in cooking. It was like tear gas. Highly recommended though as long as you like it spicy. It'll put hairs on your chest. He does a bacon Holy Fuck too which I really want to try but he d
  10. Been on a bit of a murder investigation binge recently. I also checked out some of the Audible Original podcasts. Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen - a quite interesting investigation into a scam involving a person passing themselves off as a big shot Hollywood movie producer, "hiring" up-and-coming personal trainers/hair stylist/etc. and getting them to fly to Indonesia to scope out stuff for a non-existant movie that they're making. Where Is George Gibney? - BBC investigation into the where abouts of a former Olympic swimming coach who did a runner after he was charged with child sex
  11. I was reminded of this tweet from a couple of years ago today. I wonder if he’s still a massive insufferable cunt.
  12. If you voted for these cunts, you’re as much of a heartless cunt as they are.
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