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  1. It looks like it's going to be great fun, you bunch of miserable old cunts.
  2. Reckon they'll just put someone else in the Sin Cara mask and pretend nothing happened like last time?
  3. I can confirm that while 17 year old me loved it at the time, watching it today you realise how awful and cringe it is. I still have the soundtrack though which is enjoyable in a nostalgic way.
  4. £60 for Faith No More at Brixton Academy. Yikes!
  5. My third most listened to genre this year is apparently ‘chamber psych’, what ever that is.
  6. You mean you don't have to pay for your benefits?! Also, all those "facts" on that list are so easily google-able to prove how bollocks they are. I hope you called them out on it.
  7. Giving that "Brock Lesnar Guy" cunt on the front row a split second of air time ruined the show for me.
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