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  1. wordsfromlee

    Facebook updates that blow your mind

    I like how it's called Memory Lane UK but it's URL is /memorylanduk. Yeah, share it with social services!
  2. wordsfromlee

    The Beer Thread

    There’s a pub near me which has them all on keg at the minute so I’m tempted to go at the weekend if they’re all still on.
  3. wordsfromlee

    The (mostly bad) films of Kevin Smith

    I love how hilariously bad Jeremy London is in Mallrats. Especially the bit where he storms onto the stage too early and speaks over the end Michael Rooker's line. The death stare he gives him is brilliant. The DVD commentary is pretty good too as it's mainly just Smith, Affleck and Jason Lee ripping into London for the entire thing about who much of a pain in the arse he was and how awful he was.
  4. wordsfromlee

    The (mostly bad) films of Kevin Smith

    The Evening with Kevin Smith Q&A DVD is still the best thing he’s done. He doesn’t half know how to tell a story and the ones about working with Prince and being hired to write the script for the ‘Superman Lives’ movie are brilliant.
  5. wordsfromlee

    The (mostly bad) films of Kevin Smith

    I quite liked Red State. It was good to see him do something that was a complete 180 from his normal film making style and it not be complete shit.
  6. wordsfromlee

    Perfect Albums

    I know, right?
  7. wordsfromlee

    Podcast Recommendations

    A few that I've listened to recently(ish) and enjoyed: Dear Joan and Jericha Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine playing two very middle class agony aunts who each episode give advice to "listeners" problems who have written in. They're basically Mumsnet personified. It's hilarious and I'm still not sure how much of it is scripted and how much is improvised. God knows how they don't burst out laughing while riffing off each other. I love the description too The Butterfly Effect with Jon Ronson Journalist Jon Ronson investigates the effect that the creation and rise of PornHub had on the world of pornography and the people in it and who use it. It's pretty fascinating with each episode focusing on a different aspect of how the website had a knock on effect. Great little side story too about a Norwegian stamp collector. He's recently just made a new podcast called Last Days of August about the pornstar August Ames who committed suicide after being publicly shamed on Twitter for refusing to work with a male co-star who had previously made gay porn. I'm only half way through it but enjoying it so far. He handles the interviews pretty well as he has knowledge on social media shaming due to his book he wrote a few years back on it. It's an Audible exclusive at the minute but will apparently be released on all platforms in April. Dirty John One of them investigative podcasts that are ten a penny these days but I'd say this one is up there with the best. They've recently made it into a TV show staring Eric Bana and I think it's just been put up on Netflix but I heard it's dog shit so listen to the podcast instead. It's about a divorced, middle-aged woman who starts going out with this doctor she met online but when her grown up kids start noticing a lot of stuff about him that just doesn't add up, they start looking into who this guy is and start to untangle a web of crazy shit.
  8. wordsfromlee

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    Searching Thought the story lacked a bit as I could see every twist and turn from a mile away but it was a well executed movie and probably the best one I've seen in the kinda "found footage" style of filming. I read afterwards that it was completed animated from scratch and for the German, Spanish, French, Russian and Portugese versions they recreated every website/phone/TV for that respective language as well as every typing sequence, keystroke for keystroke. If it was set on my piece of shit laptop then the movie would have probably lasted about 8 hours.
  9. wordsfromlee

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Or he had his gardener give him a couple of coats too once he’d finished painting the fence in his garden.
  10. wordsfromlee

    What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    I really wanted to start watching The Expanse but it’s moved to Amazon Prime so I guess I won’t be.
  11. wordsfromlee

    The Spookily Amazing World of Artifical Inteligence

    How long until this tech gets combined with those Deep Fake videos?
  12. wordsfromlee

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    I'm sure he talks about it on the CM Punk: Best In The World DVD.
  13. wordsfromlee

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    Didn't Vince want to change CM Punk's name but then Paul Heyman convinced him otherwise? I'm sure I remember hearing that Vince wanted to have Punk be the poster boy for WWECW when they restarted it and Heyman convinced Vince to let him keep his name because "it's what the original ECW would have done and it's keeping it's spirit alive".
  14. wordsfromlee

    Top Twitter

  15. wordsfromlee

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    Why didn’t Cody just change his name by deed poll to John Cena instead?