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  1. How has it got this far and there has been no mention of "free speech"?
  2. This new Rapsody album is something else!
  3. Me neither. I just googled his name and every result (that is actually about him, rather than someone with the same name) is about his inappropriate behaviour with that girl.
  4. You'd look like that too if you'd just done ten years in the gulag. Although Steve's only done nine weeks in prison.
  5. Wondered what that Threatin guy was up to these days, if anything, so I popped onto his Twitter and saw this: He announced the gig 10 months in advance, all the way back in January! I wonder if he'll actually go through with it when he struggles to get a band together and to sell tickets. The best bit about it all is that his Twitter bio says "The Only Truly Rebellious Figure in Rock Music Today".
  6. I downloaded Arkham Knight and fuck me, this game is terrible. It's worse than Shadow of the Tomb Raider.
  7. Why are you in this thread or even watching Raw when you dislike it so much?
  8. So you don't like any wrestling at the minute then?
  9. The Green Mile My girlfriend had never seen it before so we decided to give it a go as it was Film4 this week. Nearly three and a half hours long (we had to watch it in two sittings) but it doesn't feel like it. I don't think you could really cut anything out without it affecting the plot even if you wanted to trim it down. It's a marvellous piece of storytelling. It's does all the fantasy/magical parts really well without them seeming cheesy and out of place. The guy that plays the guard, Percy, plays a real good horrible cunt. I think Tom Hanks really makes this movie. I think it would have fallen flat on it's arse without him. Or without Michael Clarke Duncan. Imagine if they'd have got Shaquille O'Neal to play John Coffey like they original wanted.
  10. I would have jumped at the chance to see that tour 15 years ago. In other news, Black Futures are my new favourite band. One half of them is Space, who most recently produced Jamie Lenman and IDLES last two records. They're like Nine Inch Nails in sunglasses and a leather jacket
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