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  1. They also have the Oscar-nominated 'Minding The Gap' on iPlayer too. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p07cttsd/minding-the-gap-an-american-skateboarding-story
  2. It's not that the stuff that happens in Florida is more crazy than what happens in any other state, it's just that Florida is the only state where police reports are freely available to anyone - including the press for their slow news days.
  3. The new Dinosaur Pile-Up record is wonderful. It's kind of like if Weezer made the first Foo Fighters album. Massive riff after massive riff.
  4. The audiobook of I, Partridge is one of the greatest things I’ve ever listened to.
  5. It's always sad to hear someone has cancer but I find it very hard to feel sorry for him after hearing stories of some of the abhorrent stuff he said to some people I know in a band that went on tour with Megadeth. Dave then tried to get them kicked off the tour after one of them called him out on his views.
  6. Speaking of that, this past week I binge watched The Royle Family through for the first time ever. Well, I've got up to the Queen of Sheeba Christmas special. I seemed to have completely missed it first time round somehow. Really enjoyed it except for the third series which I found a bit annoying. They went way overboard trying to hammer home Denise's lack of enthusiasm for being a parent to the point where I really started to hate her. And Jim going on about everyone else being lazy except him about 10 times per episode. It really seemed like they were running out of ideas during that series in comparison to the first two.
  7. Eighth Grade Thought it was okay. Didn't understand the amount of hype that it got though really. Just a fairly average coming of age story with some decent acting from the kids which to be honest I found infuriating for the first half of the movie. Good, but nothing spectacular. Gucci!
  8. I remember reading years ago that Tarantino said Django Unchained was apparently a prequel to Shaft. Hence Django's wife having the surname Von Shaft.
  9. I'm all over this. Some how I had never heard of Black Moon until I stumbled across a copy of 'Enta Da Stage' on eBay for about a fiver just before christmas time.
  10. Alfa are another great up and coming welsh language band. Huge riffs. A bit Royal Blood-like.
  11. I'm sure that the chances of there being any fans of jazz music on here are slim to none but the new Ruby Rushton record, 'Ironside', is absolutely fantastic. I can see this being a top 5 record at the end of the year for me. Ruby Rushton are a quartet headed by musician Tenderlonious, and the album was recorded at Abbey Road over the space of three days. Great mix of classic Coltrane-esque American jazz with more modern, contemporary influences. As I said, there are probably zero people on here that care but I wanted to shout about this anyway because I genuinely think it's excellent.
  12. TIL that people need card machines to access their online banking.
  13. Good to see my eloquent, GCSE level English, way with words is really winning people over.
  14. I understand that it’s not for everyone as it’s very bizarre but then again I’m a big fan of Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job and Doctor Brown so this was right up my alley.
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