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  1. Ed and James live streamed an episode of Off Menu with Richard Herring tonight.
  2. Apparently the first ever cage match in 1937
  3. Steph trumps Triple H in the cunt stakes purely for "philanthropy is the future of marketing"
  4. He's not defending him at all. He's not even saying he's not a cunt either. He's just pointing out your inability to say why you believe he is. You basically just keep saying "he's a cunt because I think he is" over and over again without giving a proper reason as to why you think so.
  5. I thought Cody couldn't go for the title anymore? Does this tournament not count then?
  6. When getting dressed, is it socks first then trousers, or trousers first then socks? Don't get me started on the lad I used to work with who dressed sock, shoe, sock, shoe. Just the thought of doing that makes me feel sick.
  7. Probably the same weirdos who say you can’t have beef gravy with pork etc.
  8. I hope he rides to the ring on a tiger loaned out by his new best mate Doc Antle.
  9. I haven't watched Raw but saw this tweet Has he reverted back to his American Bad Ass gimmick then?
  10. I've read through the last few pages, and maybe I'm completely missing something here, but you haven't given any reasons for why you think he's a cunt apart from suggesting that the power he would acquire was one of the major reasons he chose to marry Stephanie.
  11. If you didn't know before, you could easily figure it out from his thoughts on Bright House.
  12. Found an old harddrive in a drawer while doing a spring clean and it contains a bunch of tunes I'd completely forgotten about. I've uploaded a handful if anyone wants a listen. Mainly sampled hip hop beats that I think are from either when I backed up my memory card for my old MPC1000 or when I tracked in the half-decent tunes I had saved on floppy disks off my MPC2000XL before I sold it. They're nothing special but there's a couple of tracks I've completely forgotten the sample source of so would never be able to re-create, which is a shame as they had potential. I also found three tracks to a abandoned soundtrack I started for a short film my mate was making for film school. I can't remember making them at all but they're pretty cool short electronic ambient stuff. I'll try and upload them later.
  13. wordsfromlee

    Chippy Tea

    Ours is open. One person in at a time though. We just ring up and give them our order in advance and collect it.
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