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  1. Pouches of microwavable rice are uniformly too tall to fit in my microwave properly.
  2. Ah ok then. I didn’t realise the next match had that stipulation. Makes more sense now.
  3. I find it strange that the match with Gage was the second of Jericho’s matches. Surely a death match against wrestling’s most dangerous lunatic would be the final boss. Especially as they didn’t hold back and went all in with the light tubes etc. Im worried that going from that to a match with a 46 year old, past their prime, luchador will be a bit deflating and ruin the momentum of this series of matches. Im hoping that if a death match with Nick Gage was only the second of five, then they must have something exciting up their sleeve for the final one.
  4. Wearing pyjamas at all is something worth confessing, never mind wearing them out of the house.
  5. I don’t think Jordison ever really got the credit he deserved for writing the first two records pretty much by himself. Iowa was a bit more collaborative, but he wrote all the music for the self titled - a genre defining classic - and deserves way more recognition for doing so.
  6. The police analogy doesn't work because they're not purposely trying to get that reaction and winding the crowd up intentionally (there's an easy one for the ACAB crew) where as Ryder was doing all that on purpose to get heat. I'm sure you're also this dead against the grannies and their handbags back in the 70's and 80's then as no one deserves to be smacked with a leather handbag full of Murray Mints for doing their job, surely? Chucking the metal bottles as opposed to some other type of rubbish may have been a bit of a dick move but it was the exact reaction Ryder was going for. Getting knocked by a metal bottle after a death match is probably the least of his worries and potential injuries.
  7. Yes. He was trying to incite heat from the audience - as is his job as a heel - and he achieved that brilliantly. Would you say the same about Hogan, Hall and Nash at BATB '96?
  8. I see that Corn...sorry, Meltzer has another awful take.
  9. I thought after he was released he said he was done with wrestling completely or something like that?
  10. Ric Flair doing show & tell at Charlotte's school
  11. I think we have a contender for the new 'Friday' by Rebecca Black. I'm not sure if this is part of a joke or if they're truly serious.
  12. I have done numerous times but she still hasn't vacuumed them as the hoover is "too heavy" to lug up the stairs apparently.
  13. My girlfriend just got me this for my birthday
  14. It's being broadcast at 11:50pm on Friday night. I'm not sure how quick it's up to watch after but it's usually there the Saturday morning when I've looked.
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