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  1. If I wanted to start watching ECW through, where would be the best time to start? 1996?
  2. Didn't realise he wrote 'Hulk Hogan's Theme' which was on The Wrestling Album and used on the Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling cartoon. He then wrote lyrics for it and re-released it on a Bonnie Tyler record which also included his song 'Holding Out For a Hero'.
  3. I’m sure this must have done the rounds already once but it’s worth seeing it again
  4. Fuck sake. My aunt in Canada just reposted this on Facebook.
  5. Vince probably still holds a grudge against him for dropkicking that chair into his face.
  6. I liked the opening match and didn't think they length of it took anything away. There were a few spots where the complete lack of selling annoyed me (like the sequence on the outside after the double reverse hurricanrana), but that's a problem I've always had with The Young Bucks. The Superkick really is dead as a finisher these days. Justin Roberts being referred to as "the dapper yapper" pissed me off way more than it should have. Mike Tyson has been doing way better than I expected him to. I was probably being worked but Christian seemed to strike a nerve with Taz during th
  7. Iceland are now selling frozen Space Raiders and Hula Hoops
  8. Wiki is brilliant. He’s best work i think is with his group Ratking who don’t seem to be going anymore. So It Goes is a hell of a record.
  9. I can only presume the some of the wrestlers on the show are getting paid in “experience”. As is the designer of the flyer. Although, they will probably be able to use it as part of their GCSE graphic design course work I’m sure.
  10. It was always a feature of pre-recorded shows
  11. Frank The Clown is going to have another Twitter meltdown because WWE haven't included him again
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