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  1. The Dark Knight Once you realise that The Joker sounds exactly the same as Dwight from the Office, you can't un-hear it.
  2. I thought it was alright. Better than I expected it to be.
  3. The new Little Simz album is great. It's more of the same, but that is never a bad thing with her.
  4. This could be great. But it could also be awful or end up not even happening knowing Lauryn Hill.
  5. Do you mean what are the topics for the remaining episodes of season three?
  6. I wasn't massively fussed with Ghost In The Shell the first time I saw it as I had no clue what was going on, but loved it on the second viewing as I already had a basic outline of whats going on which really helped fill in the gaps.
  7. Surely they'd get Bret. They had him present the title belt at the crowning match, didn't they?
  8. He properly loved the Boycie gimmick by the end. He lived not far from me so I'd see him all the time. He would take any opportunity to have a stall set up selling photos and autographs. It was verging on Virgil levels but he was always a lovely bloke about it - happy to chat to anyone and everyone. Food Festival in the town square? He'd have a table in between a cheese monger and a bloke selling hot sauces. Village fete? He'll be set up next to the coconut shy. Makers Market in the town square? He's down the bottom opposite the woman with her home made bird boxes.
  9. Guy who got owned so hard by Eminem that he had to change genres is more than likely going to have to do it again
  10. I doubt Tommy Dreamer has the brain power to know how to copy & paste.
  11. I went to Leeds in 2002 when they had the infamous Sunday night riots that got them banned from hosting it at that site again. It was absolute carnage. Ice cream vans beings tipped onto their roof and smashed up, any food stall that didn't have the for-thought to pack up early got looted, telegraph poles holding the lights up somehow getting snapped in half, people duct taping 6 gas stove canisters together and throwing them on bonfires. We packed our stuff up after the last band on the Sunday night and spent the night watching mushroom clouds from people blowing up gas canisters and fire engines rushing around. People were just walking around looking to see if a tent was empty and if it was, on the bonfire it went. If it wasn't empty, they'd empty it and chuck in on the bonfire. People just became feral. It was pretty scary at times. Some people also tried to blow up the long drop toilets. I remember the next year at the new site, on the last night if you needed to use the toilets you had to empty all your pockets out before they'd let you in. I also remember four lads walking around with a big metal fence each and they'd randomly enclose two people and wouldn't let them out until they fight each other.
  12. "There's 15,000 people here who love that song!" Make the most of it, Chris, as there's more people there than will be at your entire 11-date UK tour put together.
  13. Help Jack Thorne really knows how to write grim, depressing yet utterly captivating TV. After writing a bunch of This Is England 88/90 and The Virtues episodes, it definitely seems like him and Stephen Graham are made for each other. Jodie Comer is so good in this and deserves a BAFTA purely for that absolutely mega 20-minute long, one shot sequence of her doing the night shift.
  14. I think that still happens now to some degree. It's just now called 'banter'.
  15. Yeah, I know. It sounds like being at a Dillinger Escape Plan gig in the early-00's.
  16. Quite often with people like Manford and Bishop, they have the people who write for them support them too. Actually, Scott Bennett supported Jason Manford and Rob Brydon on their tours when he was writing material for them.
  17. I like how two comics who have been doing the circuit for well over a decade each are still being referred to as "young" comedians. I've seen Mat Reed a couple of times and he is always great.
  18. UPDATE: The Back To The Future cereal is great!
  19. https://accidentalpartridge.com/products/ill-see-you-when-you-get-there-t-shirt-front-print
  20. That is far from their only crime. The reason they get so much shit is because they're trying to get themselves over on TV and become "famous". Why would Brock Lesnar Guy wear the exact same shirt that he wore when he was first shown on TV to every single show he goes to if he's only there to enjoy himself? Why would Frank The Clown wear a fucking rainbow wig and paint half his face with clown make up at every show he goes to if he's only there to enjoy himself? If it's not for the attention then he wouldn't have had a meltdown on Twitter when WWE.com didn't include him in a 'Top Ten Super Fans' countdown they did. They care more about the camera catching a shot of their face and getting their 'brand' over than actually watching and enjoying the wrestling show. They're just rich, attention seeking losers.
  21. Stuart Pearce as the next Bond, please.
  22. He could be playing either by the look of them.
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