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  1. Did Lesnar and Cena need to get home early?
  2. I remember when Punk was commentating on that NXT Women's series and he busted the line out a fair few times. His commentary on that whole thing is incredible to be fair.
  3. A friend of mine went to Uni doing a masters with a Nigerian man named Brilliant Pongo.
  4. Loved Gulak vs Bryan. Loved what a glorious dickhead Sami Zayn is. Other than that - nothing really grabbed me.
  5. Wrasslin

    WWE HOF 2020

    But he was MY favourite.
  6. Wrasslin

    WWE HOF 2020

    Tatanka isn't in is he?
  7. All American Lex Luger wouldn’t have been a thing if Hogan hadn’t left. Edge and Christian wouldn’t have initially have had that gothic look without Gangrel. I guess various Dudleys too?
  8. Speaking of not putting over current stars in favour of the part timers. We’re only a month or so away from Wrestlemania and there’s not even a hint of what Daniel Bryan is doing. Daniel Bryan.
  9. The fact Taker didn’t even tombstone Styles is worrying for Mania. I don’t understand why you’d build Wyatt like this just to feed him to Goldberg. Goldberg could have beaten anyone on this show. Him and Reigns doesn’t need the belt. Cena vs Wyatt on the other hand could have benefitted from that with Cena chasing the record 17th title at mania. I’m far from a “I’m gonna cancel the network” guy. But to have 3 current stars on the same show go down to part timers without getting any offence between them does seem super short sighted in terms of the future. Not so much Riccochet. The Brock effect is what it is. But they’re just telling their audience: Multiple time world champion AJ Styles is bullshit compared to broken down star of the past the Undertaker. Absolute killer and unstoppable monster The Fiend can be easily beaten by semi retired wrecking machine Goldberg (who couldn’t beat Triple H handily in his prime). They may as well just put a caption on the screen saying “Nah, it’s not as good as it used to be, is it?”
  10. I feel exactly the same. I can't point to anything in over a year Charlotte Flair has done that I've enjoyed, or was improved by her involvement at all. In fact I think the way she's been booked and coasted in some of her matches has probably been detrimental to the division. Why did she beak Asuka? Why did she have to be inserted into Becky vs Ronda. Two decisions that massively derailed two potential stars - neither of which has ever reached the level they were at again. Not to mention her pointless royal rumble victory this year
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