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  1. Lex Luger - another obvious one. One week he's The Narcissist who's cheating to win matches with a metal plate in his arm (love shit like that, always give me D'Lo in the chest protector). Then all of a sudden he's Mr America and on the bus. Such a punchable face - genuinely hated him. Echoing the Tatanka love - he was my boy and believed him when he said Lex was crooked.
  2. I actually can't think of a thing Zayn has done in his whole WWE tenure that he hasn't got the absolute most out of. Why they seem to want to sideline him as a manager (where he still shines) is beyond me.
  3. I have a theory about that Bad Blood title match. Watch the battle Royal where he wins the shot on raw. I’m convinced Jericho is supposed to win and gets eliminated by accident.
  4. So . . . Bryan and Styles are pretty damn good at what they do in there. Got to be the best match I’ve seen in the empty arena setting from either promotion so far. (I mean in ring - not the Boneyard and what have you)
  5. It depends what you read - some say Sid vs Taker was always the plan just not for the belt. But then you’d have had a white hot Steve Austin doing nothing of real note.
  6. I think I’m right in saying that if he Shawn has worked Bret at Mania 13 then Taker was losing to someone? I can’t remember who.
  7. I actually feel pretty sorry for Edge and Orton. Like what are they supposed to do? It's like the Simpsons movie - they could deliver something perfectly decen now and loads of people will still shit on it because of that stupid tag line.
  8. I can tell you - doing gigs in Wimbledon and being from Milton Keynes will get you far more heat than those two got.
  9. Love Scott but hate that move. Its in that category of being more dangerous yet looking less impactful than a regular power slam. Plus crowd didn’t give a shite.
  10. Crowd going absolutely ape shit for Roddy winning the IC title here:
  11. I suffer with depression . . . I eat carbs . . . I don't denigrate other races.
  12. Interesting world to live in if you think very woman not wearing high heels is about to attack you.
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