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  1. Ahhh crap now I want him to be Dunne's mystery opponent
  2. When did Pete lose his internet points? He's still pretty over with the 'smark' fan base isn't he? (Rightfully so as he's superb)
  3. 1. Tom Hanks as Raw GM. 2. William Regal to have the send off match he deserves on a big stage. 3. Tyler Bate first English WWE champion.
  4. The Suite life of Zack and Chioda: Zack Ryder and Senior Official Mike Chioda get up to shenanigans in a hotel. Catch phrases include Zack saying to Chioda "You can always count on me"
  5. FUCK ME. If that main event isn't match of they year I'm forgetting something pretty special along the way. Walter is the perfect monster champ for NXT UK and Tyler is an actual super human. Just how good is he going to be exactly?!
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