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  1. Always been curious as to how Bret was allowed to do this match? Anyone know how it came about?
  2. Some 'slight' cheating here but . . . shut up. Michael Cole on Commentary Tag Match - (ref Mike Chioda) Marcus Cor Von and Matt Coffey vs Matt Cordona and Matt Capotelli - The plucky babyface team of Capotelli and Cordona are booed loudly as they are brutalised and Pounced. Period. Cor Von and Coffey win. Singles Match (ref Mike Chioda) Matt Cross vs Matt Clement (Tyler Breeze) - Could be a blinder potentially - fast paced affair. Crowd chants this is awesome. Matt Cross Wins (I'd actually quite like to see this one) Hadcore Singles Match (ref
  3. I think they trademarked Prince Mysterio? Have to imagine Rey is going to give him a mask at some point and they’ll run with that.
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