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  1. 100% agree with this. I think you learn more about how good a worker is with how they recover from these mistakes. Daniel Bryan is GREAT and just pouncing into something else when a spot goes awry.
  2. Didn't we used to have a down vote button for stuff like this? The implication here being that Rey Mysterio wasn't/isn't an effective Luchador? Liger? Ultimo Dragon? Who? And the idea that Rey ever removing his mask was a good idea is fucking bonkers.
  3. I don’t think they’re going that way at all to be honest.
  4. Fucking hell Chavo is going to be high up his contact list as well . . .
  5. He won our hearts . . . that's all that matters.
  6. They do name him Steve or Gorak (his name was actually Larry). Don’t think they give him the last name Austin though.
  7. Of course that’s the original Steve Bull. Steve Bull handed down the moniker to Robbie Keane.
  8. That would be super weird as they’ve been conditioning fans to actually do that for decades.
  9. Daniel Bryan but he’s probably not in the Rumble. (They really need to make that clear before the Rumble or we’re gonna end up with the backlash again)
  10. Wrasslin

    WWE in 2020

    If Valasquez wins the rumble it’ll be shat on to Roman Reigns winning it levels. Then the Lesnar Valasquez match will probably get the same treatment at mania.
  11. Wrasslin

    WWE in 2020

    I honestly don’t see how you build any interest in Lesnar Valasquez? Brock beat him in short order in what really seemed to be more of a setup to the Mysterio match than anything.
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