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  1. After several years in the wilderness I'm pleased to announce that #theukff is back in all its glory and no longer a rogue operation. Fully registered, fully modded (kinda), and ready to rock and roll like it's the year 2000. For those unaware, as per forum rules the chat room is currently used for all live discussion of TV and PPV events. Please drop by in the build up to and during these events rather than clogging up the board with one liners likely to enrage the mods. There are two ways to access #theukff: 1. The quickest and easiest method is to use the Java Script page located at: http://www.wrestledvd.com/ukffchat.html - Simply load the page and once you enter the room type /nick YOURNAME to change your username. Failure to do so will mean you're generally looked down upon and possibly kicked if a mod is bored. 2. Experienced IRC users may wish to fire up a client like mIRC for a more complete and enjoyable chat experience. The room is on the World IRC server: - Server Name: irc.worldirc.org / port 6667 / #theukff The downside of me having the channel re-registered is I have to provide the chat room "voice" as promised to Paid Members, so if you qualify and want this you'll need to register your nick with WorldIRC and then get in touch with me via PM. You can do that here: http://cservice.worldirc.org/live/ That's about it, not a lot is changing really. However THE MAN (neil) will be pinning this to make the presence of the chat room more predominant and hopefully a bit more popular again.
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