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  1. It's hard with JR, he still has moments of excellence and is capable of really adding to matches he's invested in. I think WWE had the right idea when they would bring him in to call specific high profile matches. I'd really like to see AEW use him for more sit down interviews, something he is still excellent at, and have him join the commentary team for the PPV main events, maybe Dynamite ones as well. That way they can keep him doing what he loves, use him in backstage roles, and lend a special big fight feel to title matches. I think JR has more than earned a spot in any locker room and I t
  2. Wow what a horrible turn of phrase, I guess it's a good thing you're not then.
  3. WWE Profits are at an all time high. The existence of AEW,NJPW,MLW,IMPACT,ROH shows a strong and better funded base to the wrestling industry than in previous eras. WWE expansion into Japan & India, TNT announcing AEW will now be available on TNT Africa. WWE has also essentially won YouTube and social media, not just standing far ahead in their own industry but also in sports in general. You could even look at the rise of The Rock and Cena in Hollywood, both treated far more seriously than Hogan and reaching much higher. Also encouraging the production of various wrestling themed
  4. You are conflating reasonable debate on issues with de-radicalization. The conversation here has changed from 'should Jericho host a show debating ideas that have no merit and what danger is there in giving credence to dangerous ideas?' to 'well you have to engage in debate'. Daryl Davis didn't debate KKK members, he patiently and compassionately explained why they were wrong and forced them to confront that with evidence. The earth isn't flat! Racism is bad! Trump lost! Gravity exists! The sky is blue! None of these statements need a Jericho podcast to explore the merits of the argument
  5. I haven't seen anyone here suggesting you shouldn't speak to folk with opposing views or not try to convince those with dangerous ones that they are wrong. Daryl Davis didn't get people to leave the clan by suggesting a white ethno state might have some benefits or treating their racism as acceptable. There is a difference between treating people respectfully while debating and indulging their wild ideologies or conspiracies. 'Robert Byrd used to be in the KKK' being an argument here is just ridiculous! This idea that folk are entitled to behave however they see fit in the quest for balan
  6. They should make it Cody just to spike their social media numbers with the inevitable Twitter meltdown. Fuck it, have him win after a Brandi, QT, and Snoop Dogg run in. First defense in a triple threat against Shaq and Tyson. Money! Or any other nonsense answer that isn't Page, it surely has to be Hangman. Don't give me that Kota stuff either, he's got his belts, he's fine! Hangman needs this. NO, YOU'RE CRYING!
  7. One was a series of peaceful protests at the murder of an unarmed man by police. It turned into riots after protesters were met with unreasonable levels of state force from the police. The swell of international solidarity and the rise of a grassroots movement show that the issues at play were to do with hundreds of years of systemic racism that has still to be addressed, all while a historically disenfranchised group of people are still disproportionately murdered and incarcerated. The other was a bunch of entitled fascists storming the seat of US Government, many admitting for the purpose
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