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  1. I hardly ever post here but I've been reading these boards for years. The reason I continue coming here is because, unlike a lot of wrestling sites, the people that post here regularly actually seem capable of understanding that people can have different opinions on todays product. Scotswizard. I don't care if you think everyone today is crap compared to past generations. You're entitled to your opinion and are free to switch WWE off and wait for Psycho Sid to return and usher in a new golden age. The thing I can't stand though is your absolute commitment to trying to get everyone to agree with you. Why do you even care? Yes, yes I know. Its a discussion forum you should be able to voice your thoughts but are you not tired of spouting the same nonsense on an almost daily basis? I got my flatmates to watch Wrestlemania 31 with me and they both fell in love with it, even after being sceptical in the past. One is female and one is a gay guy and their favourite wrestlers are Kevin Owens and Finn Balor. So please stop telling people how 'casuals' see the product or how our friends and family will react. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about! I know the numpty is probably just trolling but I've hit a point and had to say something. To everyone else, thanks for giving me some excellent daily reading.