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  1. Not entirely sure what your point is dude but as this is a forum I'd assume all debate is valid, I wasn't saying otherwise. For the sake of clarity I'll rephrase. My personal opinion is that the vast majority of stunt bumps in the last few years have looked exactly as safe and staged as this one and I personally think it's odd that it's being so heavily criticised when the story around it is so good.
  2. Might be what you inferred but as I said in my last post that's not what I was saying. If I'm watching a movie or TV show, even wrestling, I'm personally more concerned with the story being compelling than whether it looks fake or not. Thanos doesn't look remotely real but his character and impact on the story around him or no less compelling. If you disagree that's cool but you're currently arguing against a point I'm not trying to make.
  3. For what it's worth I think there are loads of better ways to end the match and I personally would have kept it in the cage. I also didn't say it doesn't matter how it looks. My point was that none of these bumps look real and nor should they, protecting the wrestlers should absolutely be the priority. That everyone is kicking off about this particular bump, which looks no more fake than similar ones done in WWE for years and AEW since it started, is what I personally find odd. Don't really see how saying story is important is similar to saying it doesn't matter if we finish stories. Seems
  4. Would have been better on PPV where they didn't have to work the pacing round ad breaks but an excellent match overall. Really sold the animosity between the stables and felt like a violent fight much more in the vein of the original War Games matches than the NXT versions have been. Honestly the debate around the Jericho bump is odd. Sure the production could have been better but where are all these incredible cage bumps that weren't obviously onto pads? I haven't bought into any stunt bump in decades but that doesn't matter in wrestling today, we all know it's a work. What matters is the
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