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  1. Brudaker

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Best bit of Smackdown was Ali landing ass first on top of Joe's head when he went over the top and then selling by grabbing his ass. Nothing can stand up to a Samoan skull! Ali clearly the best worker going today!
  2. Brudaker

    Remembering 2002

    This was the first Indie match I ever saw, I was 13 and it absolutely blew my tiny teenage mind. I know Eddie was having issues at the time but his ability to get it done in the ring never seemed to dull. He doesn't get talked about enough in the conversation of best in-ring guy ever, especially considering how often Benoit still gets chucked about. I had seen British guys in WWF and WCW but I hadn't really considered the idea that British Wrestling might exist as it's own scene, there were no shows local to me or anything like that. Seeing Doug in that match lead me to finding amazing British guys like Jody Fleisch and Johnny Storm and then seeing their matches with guys like AJ and Daniels helped me find ROH and the insane crop of talent they had at the time. If you've not seen it in a while here is a link
  3. Brudaker

    Talk show segments

    I think Dream could use that sort of segment well on the main roster, give it a similar vibe to the Dude Love set on the stage. They are all too much of the same thing now and don't really add anything so it'd only work if they were willing to put some proper effort in to creative for it. I hate myself for it but I would totally watch Ride Along meets Carpool Karaoke hosted by Elias.
  4. Brudaker

    Biggest busts

    I remember watching this and I had no idea who Nathan Jones was but they had me sold. I was totally convinced he was going to be a huge deal. I was dreading his run in TNA in 08 that never ended up happening.
  5. Brudaker

    Biggest busts

    I think you're bang on! My real curiosity is why we've never seen him mentioned again outside of Greatest Royal Rumble, seems like a wasted chance to follow up on a unique story. It's also quite depressing that NXT can put together better intro vignettes for people they have no real intention of introducing.
  6. Brudaker

    Biggest busts

    Not a 'big' one but it popped into my brain the other night. What happened with Dan Matha? We got weeks of promos on NXT then he debuted only to get smashed by Joe. Didn't see him again until Greatest Royal Rumble. What was the point? What changed? These things keep me awake!
  7. Brudaker

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    If I have one major hope for AEW it's that they stay as far away as possible from having an on screen authority figure! Will Khan be able to resists playing his on version of McMahon? We can only hope so!
  8. Brudaker

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    I totally take the point about those guys succeeding in WWE where Cody didn't and obviously Cody isn't at that level but he has proven that he does have a fan base, more importantly one willing to put money into what he's doing. Not even just as part of the Elite.. Looking back at All in his match with Aldis was the big story hook for the show, and Christ knows that wasn't because of the National Treasure. Also, where that match ended up in the card might be an indication that Cody isn't the main focus of the actual show. Which would make sense if he has other responsibilities as Executive Producer. He's come a long way since Stardust is all I'm saying. I think it's more likely we see Jericho and Omega as the main event to kick it off.
  9. Brudaker

    Wrestler's Gravestones

    Chris Jericho "This time he really won't be making a surprise return"
  10. Brudaker

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    And lord knows no one can go on to do good things after having a crap gimmick. Just ask all these guys: Leviathan The Prototype Jean-Paul Levesque Oz Isaac Yankem The Ring Master
  11. Brudaker

    RIP Mean Gene Okerlund

    Awful news. His in ring segments with Flair were all that got me through a recent re-watch of Nitro. Thought I'd post up what I think was his last on scree appearance for WWE, about a year ago. "Mean" Gene Okerlund interviews AJ Styles RIP Gene you are an absolute Legend!
  12. Brudaker

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    I'm still in a very wait and see mode, It's hard to judge the thing before we learn more. I do think though there is huge potential for this to be something incredibly entertaining to watch. Not only the actual show, there is obviously a wealth of talent available to make it work from an in-ring stand point and once you couple that with reasonable funding from Khan to nail the production side your on the right track, but the thing The Elite do best is hype. The build to All In was so much fun, BTE has been incredibly successful for them, and things like the Hot Topic deal and the quantity of merch they shift shows you how much it's been paying off for them. Announcing on New Years I think was really smart. They get everyone talking for a couple days but there are no answers because all the YouTube guys, wrestling journalists, and shows where fans can sees/speak to them are off for days until Wrestle Kingdom. They keep all eyes on them. Even little touches like not following Kenny and Marty from the AEW twitter are nice little talking points that keep everyone guessing. So yeah it's obviously smart to stay realistic. There are a bunch of other promotions that exist now and did then who thought they could take on Vince and failed. But I'm going to allow my self to be optimistic and hope AEW can show that may not be the case forever. Also @Loki I saw your post after. I totally agree with what you say about actually challenging WWE. It's nice to think though that there could be another company that gets some level of success akin to WWE. Main stream attention, high production values, large scale shows and touring. If I was going by EWR I'd say it's time for another promotion to go Global, even if it never really touches WWE.