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  1. When did Michaels start getting called "Mr Wrestlemania"? I felt like I only first noticed it some time around the mid 00s, possibly in the build up to his match with Kurt Angle at 21. His back catalogue is pretty good to be fair, even though I love how WWE like to make the Iron Match out as a classic whilst most fans find it as dull as dish water. Anyways, back to the topic. The Miz had a terrible run as one with Ric Flair as his manager/mentor back in 2013. It just didn't feel right at all and I couldn't get into it. There was also a spell around the earlier part of the noughties where Edge turned babyface onto just give up and turn heel again a week or two later.
  2. Working near Leicester town centre and it's still busy out. Combine wishy washy messages from the government and combine it with general stupidity and you'll have the kind of ignorance you can currently on the streets of L-Town.
  3. I don't feel like I'm missing the point at all. I fully applaud true victims that have had the courage to come forward with their stories and exposing the real scumbags out there. But I don't think it's in good taste for people to jump on the bandwagon as it has the potential to dilute the real issues out there and tarnish people's names.
  4. Are we assuming that he knows they're underage? The girl says she overheard that they were asking people to get them drinks earlier on. And I'm not picking holes in stories at all. I'm just saying this particular one isn't really the same as other ones that are truly terrible.
  5. That Trent Seven story is such a non issue and is the sort of thing that detracts from the actual scum fuckery that goes on.
  6. Fucking hell. That free school meals pack looks like the kind of shite you'd find on the #EATCLEAN thread on here.
  7. It's great that most of the country has made an effort with social distancing for the last 9 weeks so that we can have people necking Stella, pissing on memorials and scrapping in the streets. Roll on second wave.
  8. They are and these sort of reactions are counterproductive to what people are looking to achieve. All these things will do is further a racial divide rather than bridge gaps in society.
  9. I think going down the road of taking these kinds of things down is quite a dangerous one and sets a precedent for all kinds of censorship. Obviously I don't want to live in a world where hatred and prejudice is spewed out but surely context needs to be taken into account. And where is the line drawn? What about music? There are countless songs I've heard in my life that have questionable lyrics relating to homophobia, advocating drugs, violence, misogyny, etc. I think whilst the intention is honourable with censorship and pulling things, we have to be careful not to get to swept up in the things as all it does is strengthen the argument of the 'PC Gone Mad' brigade.
  10. Any video that starts with "Heyyyy guys" in an American accent should be banished to the bin as should that shocking excuse for a cuppa.
  11. Unless you're a Sunderland fan.
  12. I used to feel the same way about Lex Luger and Greg Valentine as a kid. I really couldn't stand them and it only dawned on me as I got older it was because of their punchable faces. As for modern day wrestlers, I can't stand Tegan Nox for some unknown reason. She does nothing to offend me or annoy me but I just can't warm to her at all. I'm sure she's lovely in real life but she's proper fast forward material.
  13. Whilst I applaud the protests, does anyone else feel uneasy about the timing of it due to Covid-19? Should making a political statement take precedence over public safety in the midst of a pandemic?
  14. Whilst the doing the whole point at the Mania sign is terribly cliche and old hat, it's great translating it to real life and doing it outside Greggs when you're up town with the missus and want a quick bite to eat.
  15. Hell Comes To Frogtown starring Roddy Piper is a great slice of 80s B-Movie awesomeness. I mean just look at this trailer.
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