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  1. Depends on the severity of the damage.
  2. I spent a big portion of my childhood years growing up in America and I used to quite enjoy a spot of fishing in my youth. When I was about ten years old, I was fishing in a local lake and was excited to have caught something quite early on. I reeled in my catch without much of a struggle only to find out I hadn't snagged a fish but a water moccasin instead. I absolutely shat myself, chucked the rod and ran as fast as my legs would take me.
  3. Went to the local Tesco earlier where an old boy got himself worked about about them being having no Daily Mails left and got way to close to a member of staff. Some people are the worst.
  4. I didn't clap. But then I live alone in an apartment so I don't think clapping by myself really does much. I'll just make a donation to the local hospitals' charity instead.
  5. That was our first season in the Championship when we had him and Jordan Rhodes banging them in up front. We had a weird thing of signing Portugese players at the time due to shady dealings regarding Steve Kean and agents. Kind of a shitty precursor to Wolves. Tbf, Nuno was good in the half a season or so he played for us.
  6. Vincenzo Montella at Fulham is one of those players you forgot played in England. Rovers have had loads. Patrick Andersson, Dino Baggio, Hakan Sukur, Robbie Fowler and Nuno Gomes all spring to mind.
  7. So my line of work is essential because we deal with waste but we're still taking in scrap metal which think is wrong. Just had the council tip nearly 3 tonne of it. How irresponsible that local authorities are still disposing of non essential materials. Fucking joke.
  8. I'm in work today too and I feel the whole situation is about as clear as cloudy lemonade. Shitty move to do a late night announcement leaving those who run businesses and go to work with a very short time to formulate a plan.
  9. Mike Duff and Jamie Victory from Cheltenham are always my go to full backs on the game.
  10. They used it last year for that fun Half Time Heat six man tag match. Worth a watch for sure.
  11. Fusilli is the clearly the best. And anyone that picks spaghetti is a savage.
  12. Whilst it's not the greatest card ever, I could pick a random card from a random year and look just as lacklustre. There were In Your House and single brand PPV cards that were worse than that.
  13. I once fingered a girl to Zach Ryder's theme song so that wins. That or Jericho's Even Flow WCW knock off tune.
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