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  1. Can't wait til we see Suckah and Fruit Booty next week.
  2. Is the Andre The Giant battle royal still a thing? If so, that's be a reason for the winner to use it, albeit not a good enough reason. Probably best just to leave it well alone to be honest.
  3. Watching Smackdown around 2005 and my mum commenting that Kurt Angle had "a black woman's arse" ruined watching his matches for me for a short period of time.
  4. That first pic. Wow! Taker is that fucking great he's holding two doubles in on hand. Rodman. Even Primo is selling timeshares for his plush holiday homes in Puerto Rico in the background. Winner.
  5. Looking back that's a lock. As much as I love that event, a reshuffle would have upgraded it from being another Mania to being considered one of the all time greats.
  6. I'm watching the newest episode of Timeline about Daniel Bryan and The Miz and looking back it flummoxes me why this was not built towards Mania. Everything about the feud is gold and deserves to be remembered as one that culminates on the grandest stage of them all. I wouldn't say it it's a missed opportunity as it was still fun but looking backing they had all the ingredients to make it a Mania match for the ages. So what are yours? What feud could have been made into something that much bigger with a grander stage? What was something that you enjoyed that deserved more? And more impor
  7. Not quite a Covid Marshall but a security guard pulled me up in my local supermarket as I was wearing a bandana. I said it was a face covering and he said it needed to be a mask. This was as I looked around and seen the walking braindead in the shop have them around their chins and not wear them properly. I didn't want to argue and he did offer me a mask so I complied. But ever since I've gone in I still wear a bandana but now with a mask underneath just hoping he's there again so I can zing him but to no avail so far.
  8. I think the feeling of apathy towards the season is down to a culmination of Covid, short gap between the end of last and the start of this, lack of transfers all around and the obvious lack of fans in grounds. Chuck in the fact we're pretty much older and jaded on here too and it's a real recipe for shoulder shruggery. I'm sure I'll enjoy it as it goes along but still.
  9. I had my daughter stay at my flat over the weekend and at after 11pm there were two girls and a guy pissed out of their head making noise at the petrol station forecourt next to where I live. They were just being a nuisance in general and being concerned they were gonna wake my daughter I decided to take matters into my own hands. So I cracked the opened the blinds a little bit, cracked the window ajar and blasted them with my water gun. You could hear screams and them scurry off after getting blasted this giving me a peaceful evening and no more noise. It felt super satisfying and I'd do it a
  10. There's been so many open goals for the government this year to look good but somehow they manage to hoof it back to defence and bang in an own goal of Jamie Pollock proportions. I dont know who does their PR but I think they should go to Barnard Castle and never come back.
  11. I've got to echo the love for Timeline. I remember chatting with a friend (a member on here who has since passed away) years ago, saying that they should do a programme that recaps feuds and I'm so chuffed they've finally done it. Watched two episodes so far and have loved it. Great to see the Orton/Christian rivalry documented as that was the sleeper feud of the year. Just great stuff.
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