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  1. The Maestro

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    FA´╗┐ Challenge Cup Fifth Round Brighton & Hove Albion 1-2 Derby County (12:30pm)´╗┐ Bristol City 3-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers (Sunday 1pm) Doncaster Rovers 0-2 Crystal Palace (Sunday 4pm) Newport County 0-5 Manchester City (5:30pm) Swansea City 2-1 Brentford (Sunday 4pm) Wimbledon 1-1 Millwall´╗┐ Serie A Atalanta 1-1 Milan (7:30pm) Cagliari 1-1 Parma w/@ultimo the great (5pm) Genoa 0-1 Lazio (Sunday 2pm)´╗┐ Inter 3-2 Sampdoria (Sunday 5pm)´╗┐´╗┐
  2. The Maestro

    Lock up your daughters, Ricc1PW is on the prowl!

    You've got to build up a bit of rapport and have a bit of flirty banter (sorry for using that word) before you make a move. Asking her out with a straight face as she hands you an egg mayo probably won't cut it. If you really want to push the boat out, tell her she does the best sandwich since you and your mate Steve had one with that bird from Rochdale in Magaluf last summer.
  3. The Maestro

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    Premier´╗┐ League Crystal Palace 2-1 West Ham United Huddersfield Town 0-2´╗┐ Arsenal Manchester City 2-1 Chelsea Southampton 2-0 Cardiff City Watford 1-1 Everton Scottish Cup Round Five East Fife 0-2 Partick Thistle Kilmarnock 1-0 Rangers WSL Manchester City w/Vegeta 1-1 ´╗┐Chelsea La Liga´╗┐ Atl├ętico Madrid 0-0 Real Madrid ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ German Bundesliga RB Leipzig 2-2 Eintracht Frankfur´╗┐´╗┐t´╗┐
  4. The Maestro

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn A fun and odd movie from the guy who brought us the brilliantly strange Greasy Strangler. It could have done with being about 15-20 minutes shorter but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Also, the film has made me fall in love with Aubrey Plaza ­čśŹ
  5. The Maestro

    Liam Neeson says some mad shit

    If this Liam Neeson row has taught us anything it should be to keep schtum, keep your head down and never admit to anything in life.
  6. The Maestro

    Liam Neeson says some mad shit

    I wonder if he thought about coshing himself when he starred in Darkman?
  7. The Maestro

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    Premier´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ League Brighton & Hove Albion 1 v 1 Watford Burnley 0 v 1 Southampton Cardiff City 1 v 2 ´╗┐Bournemouth (5:30pm) Crystal Palace 2 v 1 Fulham Everton 1 v 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers Leicester City 0 v 2 Manchester United (Sunday 2:05pm) Manchester City 3 v 1 Arsenal (Sunday 4:30pm) Ligue Un Monaco 2 v 1 Toulouse (7pm´╗┐) Olympique Lyonnais 1 v 2 Paris´╗┐ St Germain w/@Briefcase (Sunday 8pm) A Primeira Liga´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ Sporting Lisbon 1 v 1 Benfica (´╗┐Sunday´╗┐ 5:30pm´╗┐)´╗┐´╗┐
  8. The Maestro

    Non-UK and General Other Football

    Xavi called it at the start of the tournament too. And yes, there were scenes during the UAE match as shoes were thrown at the Qatar players after one of the goals.
  9. The Maestro

    What is the best drink?

    I only drink water (ideally carbonated), black coffee and tea (normal, camomile, green and lemon/ginger). Pop is for hangovers only. Milk is only good for dunking a biscuit/cookie into.
  10. The Maestro

    Early Nights

    I slipped into the habit of rolling bed with a pregnant Mrs Maestro about 9pm a few years ago and I got accustomed to it. I start work a lot at 6am these days so ain't much changed. Staying up late is for druggies and reprobates. Peace!
  11. The Maestro

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    FA Cup Fourth Round Crystal Palace 1-1 Spurs Manchester City 3-0 Burnley Millwall 0-2 Everton Newcastle United 2-1 Watford Portsmouth 1-1 QPR Shrewsbury Town 0-2 Wolves La Liga Athletic Bilbao w/FailedPromoter 1-1 Real Betis Espanyol 1-2 Real Madrid Girona 1-3 Barcelona Eredivisie Feyenoord 1-2 Ajax Amsterdam
  12. The Maestro

    Worst PPV post 1990

    First of all, WrestleMania XII doesn't belong in here at all. Piper/Goldust with added white Bronco gives that a pass. There was some real shite during late 2003 to 2004 when they had those thinly stacked single brand PPVs. And although it probably isn't one of the worst of all time, King of the Ring 2002 always stands out in my mind as one of the most boring events ever. Then the same could be said for a few of the King of the Rings tbf.
  13. The Maestro

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    Week 24 fixtures Premier League Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea (5:30pm) Fulham 0-2 Tottenham Hotspur (Sunday 4pm) Huddersfield Town 0-6 Manchester City (Sunday 1:30pm) Southampton 2-1 Everton Watford 2-0 Burnley National League Braintree Town 1-1 Barnet w/@TildeGuy~! Scottish Cup Round 4 Montrose 0-2 Dundee United Raith Rovers 2-1 Dunfermline Athletic German Bundesliga RB Leipzig 0-1 Borussia Dortmund (5:30pm) Schalke 1-2 Wolfsburg (Sunday 5pm)