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  1. I wonder if Johnson (I only call my friends by first name) had to pay £3.80 for his 0-1 hour stay at the hospital?
  2. Costner is like the Michael Carrick of acting. Solid, reliable, doesn't stand out much but keeps things ticking for the flashier performers around him. And Waterworld is frigging ace. There's been bad actors mentioned on the last couple of pages that have seemed to get a pass. Clive fucking Owen for a start. And I have a slight irrational dislike for Sean Connery for his piss poor performance in You Only Live Twice.
  3. I've banged on the best IC Title match ringy thingy on the Network and have loved revisiting every match so far. Just watched Bret/Perfect at Slam 91 and wow! I knew I liked it a lot but has a matched ever aged so well? I obviously knew the result but I ended up going nuts and cheered at every spot. These are the kind of things that make me realise why I love wrestling and why I do so much. If you've me er seen, get it on pronto!
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