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  1. It looks like Impact has the 9-11pm slot on Spike UK. Not sure if it will also be available on the Channel 5 catch up service?
  2. Paige and Alberto on a plane. Don't call him Mexican, guys. And remember, this is a PG company...
  3. The Matthews/Rhodes 'Too Sweet' moment...
  4. KO's fighting talk before the PPV. Ooh, Matron...
  5. So one of the higher-ups at Anthem just tweeted that Del Rio is in the house...
  6. Christ... I am watching the first episode as I am typing this. What a pile of crap. Nearly every 'reality show' cliché in the book, and I am only 12 mins in.
  7. The pic is from an indy show, not TNA. Although, as has been said, apparently WWE are interested.
  8. So this is slightly odd, but I was watching the legacy of Steve Austin yesterday, and I started thing about wrestlers and shaving. Austin is a tough old Texas lad, but bar his goatee, he is clean shaven (I can't comment on the areas under his attire). Can you imagine him or any other of these bona-fide tough guy superstars shaving their legs in the shower?...
  9. Is it just me, or does he look a little like Joe Wilkinson in some of those photoshops??
  10. So Wendy's just tweeted this in response to someone asking for a broken brilliance burger....
  11. Total Nonstop Deletion- The Trailer
  12. Amnesia Matt no more...
  13. Pogo the clown is a nonce? What's the story here, Ian? That was the gimmick. It was based on John Wayne Gacy, a nonce clown called "Pogo the Clown." Christ. I think I may have seen one of his matches, and remember seeing his picture quite a few times in Powerslam and other wrestling mags around the time (inc whatever one Apter had during that period- WOW, maybe?). Never realised that was what the gimmick was about.
  14. Pogo the clown is a nonce? What's the story here, Ian?
  15. Old news I know, but.... Christ, Joey Styles is annoying. That fake cackle