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  1. Such is the magnificence of this beer that I'm unable to post my opinions in the same post. I'm tempted to empty the shop out of these the next time I'm visiting.
  2. Whilst you are right in a sense, a lot of people will view it as a case of "well the government say I can't do this, so why is this so bad?" I've been of of those that have had to work as normal, been in contact with the general public to "keep the economy going" and for parts it's been non essential. So for me, I'm not gonna overly worry about having my daughter come round when she's been stuck at her mum's for the best part of two months.
  3. Cornette is beyond awful. Pure rent-a-gob who's a shard of glass away from being the main character in that Fifteen Million Merits episode of Black Mirror. I don't know how anyone can listen to him for more than five minutes unless they hate their ear drums and their own sanity.
  4. This feeling has slowly crept up on me last few weeks or so. Maybe it's the lack of audience that's highlighted this. She's strayed into that territory where you'd be embarrassed to be watching her on screen if a non wrestling fan was in the room.
  5. I love the early 90s Norwich City vibe of it. Get Ian Culverhouse and Jeremy Goss on board and that should sort out this pesky virus in no time.
  6. So how many times has this chat up line worked for you then?
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