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  1. LCJ

    Cereal Chat

    I can highly recommend Reese’s Puffs. They cost less than £4 a box in B&M which is cheap for cereal imported from America. Might be very close to their best before but they taste SO good. Anyone remember when General & Mills made Honey Nut Cheerios in the U.K.? They were far better than the Nestle version. No comparison.
  2. LCJ


    Just watched an episode of Rick and Morty (I’m late to the party) where they watched television from another dimension. There’s a part where they watch an episode of what’s obviously meant to be Garfield and they discuss how Lorenzo Music is still alive in that dimension and how Bill Murray ironically ended up being the voice of Garfield (kind of like how it was discussed on this forum recently). Speaking of Adult Swim stuff, anyone seen this parody of M.A.S.K? It’s quite good. https://youtu.be/d9qdfNmLIjg
  3. The negatives: - There's definitely room for improvement starting with the production. During the pre show, I think the commentators said they were going to show one thing and then cut to another (can't remember what exactly but it didn't look good). Someone also did a dive to the outside of the ring and the cameraman missed it. I'm not even sure they replayed it either from one of the other angles. As great as it was to see Bret Hart on the show, someone could've at least briefed him on exactly when their next pay per view was taking place (or maybe he should've asked?). There was a little bit of Indy style hokeyness, especially in the Battle Royal. The positives: - Cody v Dustin was awesome. I can't recall either of them being in a better match during their careers (maybe Dustin at Canadian Stampede but he wasn't heavily involved in that one). The emotion, the blade job, the crowd reaction, the sheer hard work put into the match. Was simply brilliant. I had no problem with the Triple H dig during Cody's entrance either. I've never really been a Triple H fan (for several reasons) and I got a feeling that we saw the signs of an actual major promotion war again which is what pro wresting in North America has needed for a very long time. Kenny v Jericho was good. The crowd were into it and for me, the match was exciting. Jon Moxley's entrance was done well and the crowd went crazy. Overall I really enjoyed the show. I think they need to raise their production standards but it's a good talent roster capable of putting on some great matches with entertaining feuds. I hope more big names join the promotion and WWE actually gets the competition it needs.
  4. The Flying Doctors, Wentworth Prison (PCBH reboot but not as good), The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Blue Heelers, Water Rats and Heartbreak High. OK, I can’t name that many but PCBH was still my favourite.
  5. I saw one episode of Clink but I wasn’t that impressed. Might give it a further look to see if it improves. Here’s another one - Prisoner Cell Block H, as cheaply made as it was, remains the greatest Australian Drama Series to this day.
  6. Roald Dahl himself spoke out about how much he disliked the 1971 Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory adaptation.
  7. I mean only the first series was good (and it was very good to be fair). I remember the series going downhill fast after that and I didn’t like the film at the time either. I also saw the first episode from the latest series and didn’t see any improvement. The series stopped entertaining me and didn’t make me laugh anymore.
  8. The League of Gentleman used to be good but it's awful now.
  9. I’m not sure that’s unpopular opinion.
  10. The Sun Sport have tweeted the denial. Vile newspaper but it’s gone mainstream.
  11. This quote from the corroboration of events got me. Little did we know what was actually happening..... “After lunch, we visit Navy Customs, where some of the troops are in lockdown awaiting their flights home. It is great to see the smiles on their faces as their final activity in camp is getting to meet some of the Legends and Divas. Gary then retrieves Ashley from the Medical Center. While still weak, she insists on participating in our last photo session on base.”
  12. Some corroboration of events here. Apologies if it’s already been posted in the thread. https://www.wwe.com/inside/news/archive/straightfromthehart4
  13. Interesting point. I don’t watch much WWE these days as I find it a chore to watch the likes of a three hour Raw but to my knowledge, Mick Foley hadn’t been involved in any recent angles or appeared on WWE TV shows for a while (correct me if I’m wrong).
  14. Meltzer has often been pro WWE and has acted like they can do no wrong. #JusticeForAshley has started on Twitter too. As far as people from the business go, I can only see people such as Gail Kim and Ryback who are unlikely to work for WWE again who are speaking out about this. Mick Foley has taken Ashley’s death badly by the looks of things. Several people tweeted him the story but that didn’t stop him showing up on Raw this week.
  15. I did think the petition to make Stephanie aware sounded a bit daft but the point is, both of those Twitter accounts have a lot of followers so word of this is spreading. I do agree that the mainstream media really need to pick this story up to make a real difference and so far, that’s not happening.
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