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  1. The whole prospect of a no deal Brexit is scary as Hell. I’m saddened that as a country, we’ve found ourselves in this shambles of a situation. BTW, at the same time, I too am also enjoying watch Bojo make a total cunt of himself by clearly being way out of his depth.
  2. LCJ


    Filmation wasn’t the greatest cartoon studio. Most of their cartoons seemed to re-use the same cells of animation over and over. Filmation’s cartoons seemed to be aimed at kids only (besides maybe Star Trek - but that was never my cup of tea). At the end of the day though, MOTU was just an advert to sell toys to kids so it did it’s job well. I think Mattel originally wanted to sell Conan the Barbarian toys but when they found out that Conan was a film that was rated R, they scrapped the project and came up with He-Man instead. I never saw the 2002 version of MOTU but heard it was quite good. I’d also lost interest by the time the New Adventures Of He-Man was around in 1990 but remember that being very different to the Filmation version.
  3. 75 would give the UK the oldest retrement age in the world. Three of my grandparents didn't make it to 75. This is disgusting.Hoping this is the Tories' 'Poll Tax Moment' of 2019 and the public will (and should) revolt against it. Not exactly a vote winner if there is to be a General Election before the end of the year.
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