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  1. At least with the inception of the Premier League, the same rules applied (relegation to the lower division and promotion from the lower division etc..). This Super League idea is crazy. No relegation? That’s not football. Are they expecting fans to make trips to European Cities every other week or are they going to scrap away fans too? Fans from the clubs involved should walk away if this happens. The greed and arrogance of it all.
  2. Lacey seems like a good laugh. Reminded me a bit of Dennis Pennis going around that Convention. Clearly doesn’t take herself or life too seriously. Not sure about the “you’re really big. You can probably have three and still drive” comment though. Or the fact that she clearly doesn’t care about Covid (although she says she already had it).
  3. “Lacey VE TV. Oh yeah!”.
  4. I know someone who watches Peacock on his Apple TV using US DNS. Says he has no issues. Also means he gets to watch Premier League football games cheaper than on Sky Sports and BT.
  5. Brie in particular was awful in the ring. However, I wonder whether their induction has more to do with their involvement with Total Divas and Total Bellas that have both done relatively well and made the E! audience more aware of WWE.
  6. Random thoughts: - X-Pac sounded like he spoke from the heart and that he was legit honoured to have been inducted. RVD’s speech was decent. Sounded genuine and was interesting to listen to. The fake crowd noise was annoying. Felt bad for Davey Boy Smith’s family. They’ve all campaigned for years to have him inducted into the HOF and with no live crowd, it kind of felt like DBS had been robbed of his proper HOF moment. Overall, I wouldn’t have bothered inducting a 2021 class this year and would have waited to induct the class of 2020 later in the year (Summerslam weeke
  7. I’d guess so. I think Hogan v Flair was originally meant to have been the main event. Crazy how the WWF only booked that match at house shows when you look back at it. Guessing the fact that Hogan decided to take a year off to film Mr. Nanny (and possibly other things) after WM8 changed the plans(?).
  8. Nope, you didn’t to be fair.
  9. See the part where I said “if it gets to that, it probably won’t”.
  10. Obviously, Jericho on Broken Skull Sessions is a huge surprise but it doesn’t make any sense either. It’s not like Jericho has been shy about his own background. He released three books and has a twice weekly podcast of his own so other than his time in AEW, there isn’t much to tell about his own story. I’m also seeing lots of people on Twitter getting excited about a potential AEW/WWE working relationship. I might be in a minority here but I’d rather both companies stayed completely separate and remained in competition with each other. “Working relationships” and talent trades (if it gets to
  11. Do the WrestleRock Rumble!
  12. Storm is an insufferable prick. That’s why I unfollowed him.
  13. Was a sad day. Even as a lifelong “WWE guy” , I knew this would be really bad for wrestling with Vince finally getting his monopoly. The Monday Night Wars were a special time for the fans but of course, with every war, one side eventually won. It hasn’t been the same since.
  14. So the edits are effecting Worldwide subscribers and not just Peacock viewers in the US now? Rightly or wrongly, this might mean the DVDs of some of these edited shows go up in value.
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