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  1. LCJ


    Random fact that I found quite interesting. Robin Thicke who did that ‘Blurred Lines’ tune with Pharrell Williams has an older brother called Brennan Thicke. Brennan now works in Real Estate in Los Angeles but in the ‘80s Brennan was a child voice actor who voiced Dennis (in the Dennis cartoon) and Scott Trakker in M.A.S.K.
  2. Optimus Prime saying, “thrones are for Decepticons”.
  3. I tend to agree that musicals are rubbish. I watched Rock Of Ages (the film) as it’s the genre of music that I tend to like but that wasn’t the best either. Just pure cheese.
  4. Thing is, when Parliament "investigates things", it often results in people being publicly questioned by MPs. Although it's often embarrassing for the people being grilled, I'm yet to see it actually achieve anything. I hope I'm wrong and this results in more than a public telling off to wrestling promoters.
  5. Doesn’t sound like the original voice actors but that still looks good.
  6. Anyone remember during the late ‘80s when certain market stalls and people in Seaside Towns like Blackpool would sell the full sets of the likes of the Constructicons in one box with the box all in Spanish? Well it turns out that they were Mexican imports and some of the toy’s paint contained lead (which was banned in the U.K. in 1979). It even made the news. So I think they were official Transformers but from a country where lead paint in toys was still legal.
  7. One of the Centurions (Remember them?) Toys wasn’t available in the UK either. One of the character’s suits was called Detonator that featured missile launchers that actually shot plastic missiles very quickly. I’m guessing that was banned for safety reasons too.
  8. Nope. Pretty sure we didn’t.
  9. My late grand parents used to live and work in Los Angeles in the 80s and sent over a parcel of toys to me and my sister. One of the toys was Divebomb which I was made up with as it wasn’t officially available in the UK. I also remember the leaflet showing a lot of the other Transformers which weren’t available here either. The fact that Fortress Maximus was available in Austria and not here told me that mainland Europe got more of the Transformers toy line than we did too.
  10. That’s awesome. Especially considering that Fortress Maximus wasn’t ever officially available in the U.K. either. I remember seeing Fortress Maximus in an Austrian toy store when I was on holiday as a kid and I was so impressed as I’d never seen it before. In fact besides the comics, the UK were kind of deprived of Transformers. ITV only ever showed the first series and a lot of the toy line wasn’t officially available over here. Think only Sky showed the full series.
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