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  1. Streaming old cartoons on official YouTube Channels is starting to become a thing. There are some old Real and Extreme Ghostbusters episodes on the Ghostbusters channel too. I’m not re-watching G1 Transformers though. Not going to have the time.
  2. Think the episodes on All 4 are old. Don’t think they have any of series 3 yet.
  3. There are still some Documentaries like the Lex Luger icons episode and the Superfan Vladimir thing that were originally advertised a while ago but are yet to be shown. Bit odd.
  4. Well damn. https://wwfoldschool.com/ric-flair-accuser-heidi-doyle-stole-80000-worth-of-jewelry/
  5. Ric Flair’s deal to advertise Carshield in the States has been paused now.
  6. Interesting post. Time flies. I’m clearly a pro wrestling fan for life still being here after twenty years.
  7. Probably why Vince missed Smackdown and Raw over the last few days. Having a heart condition probably completely rules him out of taking over from Vince eventually too (not that it was likely to have happened anyway). Glad he’s ok though. Get well soon Trips!
  8. The Bucks keep stealing other people’s stuff but they’re blatant with it. A lot of their spots also resemble gymnastics routines. I can see why some people don’t like them. Cornette reckons that the Bucks are also holding back FTR on purpose, turning them into a jobber tag team just to make themselves look better. I know some of you dislike Cornette but he has booked in various promotions and been on the WWF’s creative team so maybe his opinion is valid over this.
  9. I sometimes watch their TV but not every week no. A 50 year old out of shape Chris Jericho going over rising star MJF on pay per view (“winning the big one”) doesn’t strike me as being right. But at least Jericho won’t be a full time commentator yelling at the top of his lungs in an annoying way so it’s not all bad.
  10. Benoit’s WCW Theme was also the music for a Jo Brand ITV special from the late 90s.
  11. I’m not super excited by this but I’ll probably watch it anyway.
  12. He’s the second coming of Roddy Piper in terms of mic skills and playing the heel role. Super talented. I’d say he’s better in the ring than Piper was though. He’s brilliant.
  13. How do you know MJF lost nothing? Time will tell. He’s a good talent who should be climbing up the card toward main event status. Not jobbing to a 50 year old out of shape Jericho.
  14. Morgan is a cock of the highest order. Always quick to jump on the bandwagon. “Come on Britain, let’s get Brexit done. Vote Conservative!” and then constantly complained during the Covid Crisis about the shit Government that he helped enable. He knows nothing about football either. Was saying “Wenger out” for years. Now look at his beloved Arsenal.
  15. Local Facebook had a woman upload a picture of a Bentley parked across two parent and child bays at Sainsbury’s. Opinion was divided. I was in the “Bentley Driver is parking like a twat and should pay their Butler to do the shopping instead” camp but I decided not to comment.
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