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  1. I didn’t know those retro TF Funko Pops existed. Damn, I’m tempted.
  2. Anyone who donates almost 40,000 USD to Trump needs their head examining but Wednesday’s Podcast about Covid 19 was actually quite good. I’m guessing it’s mostly a case of “I’m rich and I want to get richer” with Jericho being a Republican. I’m not going to cancel listening to his podcast for that. The guest on Wednesday was a Critical Care Doctor from an Intensive Care Unit who’d been dealing with Covid patients first hand. Jericho asked him some sensible questions and the Doctor explained the science behind Covid-19 and the vaccine. It was actually quite an interesting listen. I get why peop
  3. LCJ

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Easter sounds overly optimistic. It’s surely going to take quite a few more months to offer the vaccine to all adults in the country.
  4. David Weiss made me laugh out loud when he claimed that the earth must be flat and that the edges of the earth are glaciers “where nobody is able to go”. The man is an absolute tit.
  5. LCJ

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Yep. One of my friends who’s Australian said that the quarantine laws are really strict there. If you’re caught breaking the two week quarantine after arriving in the country at an airport, it’s a 16,000 dollar fine. They were doing that from around March. They’ve not messed about. I have ex work colleagues who now live in New Zealand. Everything is normal there. Everywhere is open, no social distancing and it’s business as usual.
  6. Comparing those casts, it’s certain that Netflix see Masters Of The Universe as more of a priority than Transformers. Saying that, Transformers has had more than its fair share of live action movies, comics, toy lines and new animated series during the last twenty years.
  7. Yep. Something to do with Netflix “not going Union”. I’m guessing it costs more to hire actors from the Screen Actors Guild so it’s a cost saving exercise. Shame as I’m sure Netflix could’ve afforded them.
  8. Disappointed that Frank Welker and Peter Cullen aren’t involved with the Netflix series. Looks great in HDR though.
  9. Horrible news. I wondered why Brodie Lee was gone from TV for the last few months and this sadly explains that. What makes that article worse is the fact that Brodie Lee’s body won’t even be cold, yet there’s an article of pure speculation surrounding the circumstances of his death less than a day after his death was announced. I feel sorry for his friends but most of all, I feel sorry for his family that he left behind. Whatever it was that killed him, 41 is no age at all. RIP.
  10. Yep. Don't think he was ever really forgiven for showing up on the first Nitro a day (I think) after his last WWF appearance. Don’t think anyone from the WWF knew Luger was rejoining WCW until they saw him on Nitro.
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