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  1. I once worked with a girl who’d never heard of Doctor Who. She was 18 at the time. This was around 2002-2003 when Doctor Who had been off the BBC for a long time so it’s kind of understandable but I was still shocked.
  2. Sky News and TalkSport mentioned it too. Very sad. RIP.
  3. It’s central Cheshire so yes it’s quite rural. I live in the town now and I drive so it’s OK for me but it’s the people in the village who I feel sorry for.
  4. A Doctors Surgery is closing in a village near to me. All of the patients who are registered there will have a choice of two surgeries that are around five to six miles away in the nearest town. It’s hard enough getting an appointment at those surgeries in the town centre already without a whole load of other patients starting to use them. It’s not exactly fair on people in the village who don’t drive such as the elderly and the public transport has been reduced for the town. All down to funding cuts I’m sure. So yes, the Tories are cunts.
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