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  1. Lead guitar is the most difficult role in a band. OK, Mick wasn’t the most technical of players when compared to uber shredders of the same era but he wrote some killer riffs and performed some decent solos. Underrated imo and gets some unfair stick.
  2. Piece of Your Action, Kickstart my Heart, Dr Feelgood, Livewire, Home Sweet Home and a few others were good Crue songs so I like some of their music. Mick Mars is also a decent guitarist so I can’t agree that they’re “shite”. I do agree about them being bad people though. That Vince Neil story embarrassing women in the crowd doesn’t surprise me. Not to mention Tommy Lee was said to have beaten Pamela Anderson when they were married (think he did some jail time in ‘98 for it). I also read that the band just couldn’t be bothered with meet and greets that fans had paid a fortune to attend and hardly looked their fans in the eye (was a case of head down, sign an autograph and “next”). I’m sure I could go on.
  3. I still think Charlotte got put into the Mania main event because Vince wanted Ric Flair to see one of his kids in that spot before he passes away (and I hate to say it but it’s not looked good for Ric on one or two occasions during the last year or so as we all know).
  4. I see what you’re saying but it wouldn’t be the same without any of the original members. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens though.
  5. No worries. In my opinion, Kiss are one of the best live acts of all time. Paul and Gene are both nearly 70 so I agree it’s amazing that they can still perform at this level. That also probably really does mean this is their final tour (mind you, McCartney and the Rolling Stones are even older and age doesn’t stop them). I heard Paul Stanley say on Jericho’s podcast that he’d like the Kiss brand to continue with younger musicians after he and Gene retire. A good idea from a business perspective but it wouldn’t be the same and I kind of hope that doesn’t happen.
  6. Sure. The crowd looked close to a sellout and most people seemed well into the music and were very responsive. The setlist was very much a greatest hits set ranging from the 70s to the present day (mainly 70s and 80s though). A lot of pyrotechnics were used throughout the whole show. Gimmicks were used such as elevating stages, cherry pickers for Gene Simmons and Tommy Thayer (that they played on whilst being elevated around the crowd). And the zip line for Paul Stanley to get from the main stage, over the crowd and onto a mini stage at the opposite end of the venue was also used. The stage, the set and the pyro all looked fantastic which helps make Kiss one of the best live bands I've seen and this show didn't disappoint. Tommy Thayer is a great lead guitarist and that white Les Paul he uses fits the Kiss image really well. I also thought it was pretty cool to see a piano elevated onto the main stage so that Beth could be played. The setlist in general was very good including the likes of Dr Love, Crazy Crazy Nights, God Of Thunder, Detroit Rock City (the opener) and War Machine. I was kind of surprised that they didn't finish with God Gave Rock n' Roll To You as they just played their recorded version over the speakers while everyone left (perhaps the only real disappointment for me) but I was still very happy overall. This was my third time of seeing Kiss live and they've been brilliant each time.
  7. Pepsi is better than Coke in all forms. I don’t care if Coke was the original. It’s not the best.
  8. Under Siege 2 was good.
  9. Seeing Kiss tonight in Manchester. Seen them twice before. Say what you want about them being money grabbers etc.. but they’re still brilliant live. Looking forward to this.
  10. Nothing. This was a prime example of Bischoff being manipulated by his friends (in this case, Hogan). The match had over a year of build up and logic would’ve said that WCW’s biggest star at the time should’ve won the belt cleanly with no nonsense. Then of course Hogan pinned Sting with what was meant to have been a fast count (but wasn’t) and therefore ended up making Sting look bad and the finish was botched. A lot of people fail to mention this match when they talk about why WCW failed but for me, more Hogan BS like this was a huge factor and it hurt the company a lot. The Sting not being in shape or tanned story sounds like a cop out to me. Conrad Thompson gave Bischoff a hard time over it on his podcast a few months ago (and it’s worth a listen).
  11. British people who say “period” at the end of sentences when they should be saying “full stop” or who say “zee” when they should be saying “zed”. You’re not American.
  12. I'm going to start watching again to see how this goes but if Vince still has to green light everything that we see on TV and will keep changing things to what he thinks is best, is there any point? A lot of people are saying that Vince is the problem and that he should retire but if he's still overseeing and micromanaging what Heyman and Bischoff are doing, then the problem is still there. Have to agree with what Meltzer and Alvarez said yesterday too. This is somewhat of a "f**k you" to Triple H bearing in mind you'd consider he'd be next in line to start running things on the main roster. Even then, he'd still be reporting to Vince. I honestly think that Vince must go. Vince was brilliant but he's not anymore and it's time for him to step aside.
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