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  1. Ric Flair’s deal to advertise Carshield in the States has been paused now.
  2. Interesting post. Time flies. I’m clearly a pro wrestling fan for life still being here after twenty years.
  3. Probably why Vince missed Smackdown and Raw over the last few days. Having a heart condition probably completely rules him out of taking over from Vince eventually too (not that it was likely to have happened anyway). Glad he’s ok though. Get well soon Trips!
  4. The Bucks keep stealing other people’s stuff but they’re blatant with it. A lot of their spots also resemble gymnastics routines. I can see why some people don’t like them. Cornette reckons that the Bucks are also holding back FTR on purpose, turning them into a jobber tag team just to make themselves look better. I know some of you dislike Cornette but he has booked in various promotions and been on the WWF’s creative team so maybe his opinion is valid over this.
  5. I sometimes watch their TV but not every week no. A 50 year old out of shape Chris Jericho going over rising star MJF on pay per view (“winning the big one”) doesn’t strike me as being right. But at least Jericho won’t be a full time commentator yelling at the top of his lungs in an annoying way so it’s not all bad.
  6. Benoit’s WCW Theme was also the music for a Jo Brand ITV special from the late 90s.
  7. I’m not super excited by this but I’ll probably watch it anyway.
  8. He’s the second coming of Roddy Piper in terms of mic skills and playing the heel role. Super talented. I’d say he’s better in the ring than Piper was though. He’s brilliant.
  9. How do you know MJF lost nothing? Time will tell. He’s a good talent who should be climbing up the card toward main event status. Not jobbing to a 50 year old out of shape Jericho.
  10. Morgan is a cock of the highest order. Always quick to jump on the bandwagon. “Come on Britain, let’s get Brexit done. Vote Conservative!” and then constantly complained during the Covid Crisis about the shit Government that he helped enable. He knows nothing about football either. Was saying “Wenger out” for years. Now look at his beloved Arsenal.
  11. Local Facebook had a woman upload a picture of a Bentley parked across two parent and child bays at Sainsbury’s. Opinion was divided. I was in the “Bentley Driver is parking like a twat and should pay their Butler to do the shopping instead” camp but I decided not to comment.
  12. Why should AEW care about the stipulation being final? Everything is kayfabe. Anyway, my main point was MJF should’ve got the win simply because he’s a young (and good) talent with plenty of years ahead of him to draw money. Jericho is (or at least should be) towards the end of his career.
  13. Why do they care that much though? It’s just pro wrestling. Going by that logic, AEW probably shouldn’t have bothered with the retirement stipulation and still have MJF go over. Jericho has had his thirty years in the spotlight and should step aside by doing jobs for younger talent.
  14. Didn’t watch the pre show. Couldn’t be bothered. Miro v Kingston was quite good. They’re finally pushing Miro correctly. No more pink Minnie Mouse t-shirts and saying he’s the best at video games. He’s actually being presented as a badass at last so well played AEW. Moxley v Kojima was crap. Biggest disappointment of the night. Was just boring and when Suzuki appeared at the end, Excalibur got over excited about someone the vast majority of the audience won’t know. That fight Suzuki had with Moxley looked fake AF too.. Baker v Statlander was ok but by no means a classic. Britt Baker is proper over now though so fair play to her. Probably could have had a better opponent than Statlander though. Lucha Bros v Young Bucks was fun. Probably a few too many gymnastic routine spots but fun nonetheless. My mate told me that Meltzer and Alvarez are saying it was “the best cage match ever” though so they’re clearly on the take. Casino Battle Royale was a bit underwhelming but it was good to see Ruby Soho back and she looked like was having fun. Noticed JR called her by her WWE name. Jericho v MJF wasn’t bad but why have Jericho go over? He’s going on tour with Fozzy soon. They could have done a kayfabe retirement and got the younger guy over some more but noooooo. Punk v Allin was decent. Punk hasn’t lost a step since he’s been gone. Darby’s dives are the best in the business too. Punk was as over as you’d expect. I liked this. Wight v Marshall was short . Thankfully. Pointless and crap. Omega v Cage was good. A fun match but the actual match finish seemed to be a bit anti climatic. Seeing Cole and Danielson at the end was good. I’m of the opinion that WWE dropped a bollock letting Adam Cole go. They could’ve put him on Raw but then with Vince in charge, they’d have probably ruined him anyway so maybe he was right to join AEW. Overall, thumbs up but it wasn’t as good as most people are saying.
  15. The BBC and Channel 4 often had a habit of showing American programmes a long time after they’d already been on satellite/cable. ITV didn’t really do that too often (if ever) IIRC.
  16. I know that David Letterman had a “historical backlash” from licking Jennifer Aniston’s hair in 1998. Whilst it is weird and creepy and wouldn’t fly today, I don’t recall a fuss being made at the time.
  17. I remember watching the Flintstones in the eighties and thinking that it was a Stone Age version of the sixties if that makes sense (which is when the cartoon was made). Whilst on the subject of old Hanna-Barbera cartoons, I always thought the Jetsons was crap (even as a kid).
  18. I agree. I binge watched the whole series of Bad Girls during lockdown. It got to the point where I was glad it ended. I’ve been rewatching some of this on Prime Video recently. I also noticed that Gary sometimes used words like “bitch” and “bint” when angry with certain women. Not sure that would fly today. At least not in one of the nation’s most popular sitcoms anyway. Caroline Quentin was funnier than I remembered as Dorothy though. Sarcastic and very funny with it.
  19. I didn’t have BSB but I think Chris Evans presented a show on there too. I also think BSB were who Andy Gray and Martin Tyler commentated for before Sky Sports (Sky Sports being a result of the merger between Sky and BSB).
  20. The BSB Squarial used better technology than what Sky were using at the time and could even be used indoors. It was the Betamax of Satellite systems.
  21. This advert used to be on a lot.
  22. Think even Cheggers himself admitted later on that Sky Star Search was a “load of rubbish”.
  23. Diplodo? That’s an obscure reference. I remember first seeing that on French TV when I was on holiday. Then I saw it a year later in English on Sky. Was made by the same people who created Inspector Gadget. I remember a Sunday evening music chart show presented by Pat Sharp and later by Terry Christian. I used to watch WWF Superstars every Friday night at 10pm. Think Freddie’s Nightmares was on afterwards at one point but it was a bit crap IIRC. I also recall a lot of old American programmes like Family Ties, Growing Pains, ALF, Diff’rent Strokes, TJ Hooker and the Man from Atlantis. Even some Australian stuff like E Street (a “rival” to Neighbours which nobody cared about) and even the Young Doctors was shown from the beginning. I also remember Games World including Big Boy Barry and his mate Lesley (played by David Walliams before he was famous). I miss the late 80s/early 90s version of Sky Channel/One in some ways. It kind of became more mainstream when they started showing the likes of Friends in the late nineties and wasn’t the same since.
  24. That’s a shame. They must’ve played St Anger when I went for a beer then because I don’t recall that.
  25. Word is the band never play anything from One Hot Minute live anymore. There was also a rumour that Dave Navarro was sacked from the band “for not being good enough”. Not sure I believe that though. Probably just a clash of egos or creative differences. Metallica never play anything from St Anger live anymore either but that’s probably for the best.
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