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  1. I thought it definitely picked up after Clash 19. I'm well into the build for Halloween Havoc 92, which I don't think I have ever seen despite remembering considering to buy it dozens of times back in the day. The fact I've never seen it makes me think it wasn't such a highly rated show but from watching the build up to it I'm really looking forward to it! Yes still just 92 and part of 93....i haven't heard anything but I'm really hoping they add more before I run out
  2. I've been watching WCW Saturday Nights episodically for a while now and find them great background viewing. Always loved WCW in 92 with Superbrawl 2 one of my all time favourite ppvs so nice to see the TV leading upto the ppvs. Dropped on an absolutely belting tag title match on the October 3rd 1992 episode between Steve Williams/Terry Gordy and Barry Windham/Dustin Rhodes, goes almost 30 mins and is a hidden gem (unless everyone else knew about it) that I would highly recommend to any fans of early 90s WCW tag action
  3. He was awesome, and his style is sorely missing in today's wrestling. Plus the guy could either have a backbone or be a jellyfish at any point which added to the drama
  4. I don't usually watch the women's matches. Don't know whether it's because I'm gay or the way I was brought up but I find no enjoyment in watching women fight each other. Thought I'd give it a try on the 1 hour version, just because I wanted a full hours entertainment. Boy was I wrong.... That was just bad, sloppy, nonsensical wrestling. Even a paint by numbers match should be better. I know this is contriversial but maybe AEW should get rid of the division until they are established and can put some proper focus on it. Saw someone post that they absolutely have to have this
  5. I now really want this to exist!
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