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  1. I don't think it is, or should I say I don't think they think it is. Profit is key and no way NXT house shows are increasing the profit. They are already looking at a model of less house shows for the main shows as they were drawing poorly. I imagine they will still plan international tours but even they arnt as lucrative as they were. Without an improvement in the product the number of tickets sold isn't going to be improved but TV money is the bread and butter and unless that changes I can't see any desire to change the model. Maybe an increase in ticket prices for live TV taping due to an increase in demand due to the lack of house shows.
  2. Hook is a weekly highlight for me. When he grabbed Punk in the sleeper I literally punched the air (I'm not really a Punk fan) and then laughed at myself for how invested I was in a wrestling show at half 8 on a Thursday morning!!
  3. I'm sure I'll be in the minority here but been called MIZ lite is a complement in my world. Although I don't agree, I think he has a long way to go to be miz lite, especially on his social media which is just cringey trying too hard to be a heel. In ring wise he's great at old school heat and telling a story and his promos are top notch. I also don't consider what happened Sunday to be him 'jobbing' and can't see any downside other than adding to his character going forward. BTW I can see that the quoted comment is showing SuperBacon and not the OP but I don't know how I did it or how to fix it 🤣 I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Started a new job Monday so no chance of watching live but it was good to be excited all day about watching, keeping spoiler free, and then not being disappointed that it was worth the wsit 👍
  4. This made me laugh far more than it should! I mean, even if Punk wasn't straight edge why in the hell would he want to drink a complete strangers dregs 😂🤣
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