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  1. This made me laugh more than anything I've ever read on here
  2. I'm watching WCW Halloween Havoc '93 and hear Jesse Ventura say "look at that sign..... Stunning Steve Austin is the wrestler of the 90's". I had to rewind it to see the sign and there sure enough it was, expertly hand crafted including some kind of gold foil. You couldn't see its owner but could tell that it had been lovingly made. And I thought, how right was that kid was when you look back at it historically. Then I thought, there's gotta be loads of examples of this happening.... Signs that meant nothing at the time but with hindsight are totally on the money. And where better
  3. This was exactly my thought. I think this may be AEWs attempt at champions v champions for brand supremacy...... Everyone loves a battle for brand supremacy right? When the Good Brothers got their WWE release I had my fingers crossed that they wouldn't get signed by AEW and am only just realising the ramifications of this cross promotional war!!
  4. The Bruiser Bedlam one should be great too. Part of a biker gang and so many shady things he was involved with including bombing his local police station. Been a story I've been interested in for a while so looking forward to hearing more details
  5. The Brother Love Show..... Absolute incestuous filth
  6. Yeah that was a bit of a meh episode. Hopefully just a glitch and quality resumes next week. Found it annoying that FITE didn't show the 'picture in picture' parts of the matches, it's happened before and again hopefully that will be back to normal next week. Jungle Boys new theme is stuck in my head so some good did come of it!
  7. Looking forward to joining in this..... I'll pick: 2, 10, 13, 20 and 27
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