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  1. Looks like Orange Cassidy was OK after the show so hopefully hasn't got a concussion. According to twitter it seems the original plan was for them to go to time limit and then the 3 way be announced. Explains the strange ending which was pretty creative to come up with on the fly and still get them to where they wanted.
  2. I've just watched it back and actually enjoyed it more the second time. It felt more like a war games I enjoyed back in the day more than the choreographed efforts NXT have put on over the last few years. Sure, it was a little disjointed in place but so we're the matches in the early 90's so I kinda dug it. I found the ending fine and would like to see those calling it a bouncy castle volunteering to take the bump! I agree that camera work could/should have been better, I would also liked to have seen some split screen shots once they went to the top of the cage so I could still see the action
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