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  1. Really sad news. He was truly one of the all time greats. RIP Rollerball Rocco.
  2. So someone we know that is reading from a script in the hypothetical situation I mentioned is still held to account a decade later. This is what's killing wrestling, and in fairness other entertainment. Does it have to be video proof or can people aka Michael Hayes and Dustin Rhodes just be blackballed on hearsay? They were the first 2 names that I thought of having done much worse things than a racist promo
  3. I know I'm in the minority of opinions in 2020 but punishing someone for saying the N Word 15 years ago as part of a wrestling promo is definitely snowflake material for me. That was clearly a promo, if vince told ziggler to say it to Kofi next week he would.... He would then apologise on SM. Is he still accountable for this promo a decade later?
  4. I also enjoyed the 3 man commentery team, Taz was great at covering some of Jr's outbursts
  5. Enjoyed it again this week. Not excited about Cardona signing and thought it was a weak way to introduce him. Maybe they plan on him turning on cody and then making a 4 horsemen style group out of everyone that's turned on Cody, with MJF as the leader! I like the way they promote upcoming dynamites too. The MJF address was the highlight of the night and should make for some great TV leading up to the PPV
  6. Some interesting chat here, love the UKFF for that. I agree it was a weak show that really shouldn't have been. AEW have all the tools, and I like the fact it all feels a bit different with different people booking different segments but it needs Someone to quality/continuity check the show. Omega getting drenched should not have been on the same show as Jericho getting drenched. The world championship match should have run semi main to give it that unpredictable feeling... When the bell rings 18 minutes before the show ends it kinda kills it. Having the jericho promo after the title match with some kind of aftermath of cage/taz would be better imo... Although maybe not for ratings/demo! I think Omegas main problem is lack of promo time to flesh out his character. I don't watch BTE and I'm sure it'd make more sense if I did but they have to put at least something on the main show, even just every few weeks to tie up loose ends. Same with Cody, I don't know why he's acting a bit heelish, Arn seems disgruntled about it but who knows if that will continue next week. Overall though I still enjoyed this week's show more than almost every episode of Raw in the last decade. I love how we all critique it every week and we'll never be completely happy whatever they do... And on a week like this we forget to mention that the tag match, 6 man tag, opener and main event were all pretty decent really
  7. But I think the 50% who didn't think to Google it are happy enough watching without knowing every intricate detail and if used right the story should explain the belt going forwards anyway. Personally I would have preferred the FTW belt to be unveiled and given to Cage after he failed to win the world belt from moxley in a screwy finish that gave him a claim to say he should be the world champ
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