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  1. Haha I'd given up on WCW by then although I'm sure I'll watch it sometime..... Gotta get through covid era somehow!!
  2. I loved how WCW recycled themes... This one became Marty Jannetty's for the few appearances he had on Nitro
  3. Really enjoyed it this week. I thought the show had great pacing and a great mix of matches and angles/interviews. I'm really looking forward to Omega v Moxley next week following the excellent promo work by both guys. Added bonus was they seem to have finally sorted the sound issues when cutting to backstage/pre tapes!!
  4. He obviously teaches a masterclass in the art of delivering a good, believable promo!
  5. Enjoyable show from top to bottom. For me the tag title match was MOTN with Kenny/Hangman and the TNT title matches not far behind. As others have said the world title match didn't fulfil the hype leading into it but the build up was so good it would have been difficult to fulfil it without a title change.... Which no one in that gear was getting 😜. The part I found most interesting about the main event was Kingston repeatedly going to the outside to pick up the single strand of barbed wire only to not use it but strategically place it in the ring. Think I noticed him do this 3 times.
  6. Me and a colleague used to share a kitkat every day and the whole finger of chocolate happens more than you would think. It got to the point we were hoping there would be a biscuitless finger in our half and when it happened the other one would be seriously pissed off! 4 fingers of nestle chocolate is probably too much for anyone though. Also the maltesers in Celebrations are without a doubt the best and therefore cannot be overrated
  7. I think Wardlows look and singlet are fine, really suit him and make him a bit unique as not too many big men wear anything similar. 100% agree on Kingston though, looks 1980s jobber bad!!
  8. My thoughts exactly.... Vince will wear his jeans in the office like he did earlier in year to show he has been caught of guard. Depending how much fun he has he may ask the filmmakers to puke....... PUKE
  9. Like many have said I have some great memories of spending time with him during 1PW shows/weekends that always make me smile when thinking back on them. He was a great worker and seemed a really decent person. I'll never pass through Doncaster without thinking of his friendly greeting to the fans...... How y'all doing ya Doncaster Donkeys? RIP Tracy, my thoughts are with your family and friends
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