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  1. As a very casual watcher, is finn valor being in NXT ourely because they dont see him as a proper wwe roster guy? Did he do anything wrong? Or just wasnt getting over?
  2. Call me old fashioned but i want a heavier, older jungle boy when he gets to that level. TNT first.
  3. Surely most people would love to be honoured for what they do. Even if it was their dickhead ex boss who decided it.
  4. Yeah people should give them credit - its about the highest recognition in the industry you can get outside of winning the/a world title. And all that is at this point is vince giving you the nod anyway Edit: and the black woman, no way they hoped no one would notice. They are just thick as pig shit. I hope
  5. Nah mike tyson sold more opvs in a night for an exhibition thsn aew would in a year. Hes one if the most recognised athletes in the world. It was a bit lame but i bet it gets more YT views than anything else on the show. And jericho always looks like shit but he looked baked af with his promo. My main gripe with AEW is too many guys. They need to realise who has potential and focus on them, not ram it all in every week.
  6. Bobby Bacala from Sopranos was in TNA
  7. The ratings are gonna be up and down... i think its gonna take crowds before any wrestlinf show hets consistency. Been watching some elevation. I like paul whites commentary. A bit dull but also feels real. Reminds me of boxing or something
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