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  1. Still no-one has attempted to spar with my original points. I know it's threatening. It's okay. @Gay as FOOK no-one asked for your life story. I'll be waiting.
  2. what's the problem? Happens a lot on here. No-one can form a coherent argument against mine so they try and pick apart tidbits.
  3. awww. Second time you have had nothing to say to me on here. Why are you a mod? Sad.
  4. I have a degree in sociology but appreciate the tip. Hi @Devon Malcolm do you have anything to say babe?
  5. Well that's a sociological topic, then. If you can't differentiate between high culture and pro-wrestling, then I don't know what to tell you. Entertainment isn't arbitrary, and boiling entertainment down to hollow ''subjectivity'' sheds away the cultural and societal norms. Pro-Wrestling leans into societal anomalies. Equating Football on a Saturday to pro-wrestling isn't fair, and it's disingenuous to think so. I'm not fully sold on the idea that liberalism has no standards, and what is acceptance will progressively become the norm. Watching Eastenders and watching Monday Night Raw aren't the same.
  6. I agree with you to an extent, but I wouldn't plan my entire life around it. My own personal voyage has gravitated towards creating a family. I'm not prodding anyone that has been depressed and has found solace in their youth, that's fine. But I wouldn't measure my existence on what New Jack thought of Paul Heyman in 1999. Pro-Wrestling shouldn't be an extension of your existence past a certain age.
  7. Richard


    Unions worked in the 70s. Now it's vehemently anti-worker. The populace has redirected their concerns from wages to class warfare. The union culture has changed. If Brexiters thought they had a voice in unions we would still be in the EU. What you're talking about is solidarity among a division of a divided populace. Which will ultimately lead those on the left and right to a collusion course never before seen in this country. The country is rotting, and has been for 50 years. I don't see a political solution. I was under the impression Brexiters were still on board with the liberal democracy project, now, not so much. The idea that various interest groups can resolve their problems in a liberal democracy have proved to be fallacious. Democracies work in homogeneous societies, this was worked out thousands of years ago in ancient Greece. Not to doomsday too much, but there is going to be an explosion in this country this century. Too many interest groups involved for it not to. Those in the commons have no idea. In any event Brexit isn't going to happen. edit: I'm sure I'll get some pushback from BomberPat for this, but whatever. I've heard his arguments, and they're all flip-floppy. No mental gymnastics is going to change the fact that Brexit SHOULD happen, and if it doesn't. Well, strap me to a DeLorean and transport me back to monarchical Britain, because if Brexit isn't delivered we're going to see civil war.
  8. Dancing is socially acceptable. Strictly is shit, but pro-wrestling is worse. Dancing is quite clearly a respected art form that stretches back centuries and is a pillar of not only western civilization but the entire world. It transcends language. Pro-wrestling is gutter entertainment to be honest. It's embarrassing. Anyone that extracts any kind of emotional attachment to wrestling after a certain age hasn't lived. If you've gone through addictions, broken relationships, lost loved ones and been laid off work, you can take pro-wrestling or leave it.
  9. Those misled are waking up to his racket. Those financing him aren't those ''Britain-First' types marching with him on the streets. US Tech billionaires and US based thinktanks have funded his legal fees and lined his pockets over the years. Rebel Media continues to employ him (owned by Ezra Lavent) and funds his lifestyle and stirs up anti-islam sentiments. I hope he packs it up and leaves for Spain after this latest bid. He's the biggest fraud on the right.
  10. I have a handful of books I can recommend, it's not my fault he made a twat out of himself and didn't know what the word meant.
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