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  1. Richard

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Speaking of the gym. Brock's slimmed down a bit.
  2. Richard

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    My first thought seeing WALTER was how distinctively clean-cut he is. Wrestling needs less beards. It's become an epidemic at this point. A beard must be earned.
  3. Richard

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    I'd argue Bate, Dunne & Seven are ''stars''. From their exposure on NXT TV's to blowing away the competition on Takeovers. If they weren't on the show, I wouldn't have bought a ticket. There's something about the Empress ballroom. It's the same venue NXT ran on their first UK tour, such event had fans serenading American Alpha with 20 solid minutes worth of chanting, to the point where they had to stop the match and digest exactly what was going on. And as noted, the UK tournament was universally praised. It's no surprise they're going back there. Seeing the likes of Shawn, Hunter and Balor popping over for it has injected some buzz into it, and with the rumors Walter will be debuting on the show, I expect it to be cracking.
  4. Richard

    Chippy Tea

    First of the year. Outside of the paper pealing some of the batter off the fish it was perfect. Blackpool does a great haddock.
  5. Richard

    UKFF Off Topic Poster of the Year: 2018

    I lurk mainly but Keith's posts make me warm and fuzzy.
  6. Richard

    What are you doing for NYE?

    Going to make a Margarita cocktail pitcher for one at about tea-time. A couple of hours on Red Dead then heading down to the local until midnight. No clubs or drugs If I can help it. Feeling fresh for the football tomorrow.