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  1. Agreed. You would be my first downvote you nonce.
  2. You almost had one there chief.
  3. The alt-right was created as the alternative right by Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson, you plank.
  4. Sorry but who else is going to educate them? I'm off to the pub now. @Devon Malcolm enjoy your night.
  5. Hold on, are you denying the existence of anti-semitism within the alt-right? The same alt-right that houses the likes of David Duke, Andrew Anglin and Richard Spencer as it's think tanks? The foundation of the alt-right was based on the belief that the world's elite are ethnically Jewish. I think you're referring to *alt-lite* or intellectual dark web types like Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro. That movement has nothing to do with the *alt-right*. Wrong group, mate. Stop chatting brown in front of your pals.
  6. Not really a leap when Accident prone lept to label Starr's critics as ''alt-right'', which would suggest anti-semitism was the vehicle for the objection. Unless he's grouping the alt-right within the wider group of conservatism which would be daft considering most conservative types consider Israel to be *America's greatest ally*. And yes his progressive ideas are a bit shit and bordering on extremist. But that's the climate we live in where brownie points are a form of currency. Also nice one @Devon Malcolm, you're a valued component on a pro-wrestling forum. Cracking life you must lead.
  7. Just like most of your posts then.
  8. If you cannot work out the connection between the alt-right and anti-semitism then I can't help you there.
  9. So because Starr happens to be Jewish, those who constructively criticize him must be far-right and anti-semites? Are you serious? Get to fuck with your bollocks. That being said David Starr is alright. Definitely shouldn't be in this thread.
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