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  1. More than likely Angle's been training for a comeback match behind the scenes and his managerial role had strict conditions preventing that, Graves being involved knowing concussion protocol probably fits that narrative. Angle shagging Dixie and/or Steph would be a disaster.
  2. Oh you're one of those..
  3. The Electric Ballroom is Progress Wrestling's unofficial home of sorts, there's plenty of options for venues, hell it wouldn't have to be exclusive to London either, ROH was an hours treck away by car from Orlando this year, you could hypothetically run shows at the Oxford academy and fans would still go.
  4. They should just allow him to duke it out with Colt Cobana or something like that, Punk's stock has plummeted for me, there's zero intrigue in him fighting anymore, I'm sure from a personal standpoint he'd like to redeem himself but yeah, everyone's in on the joke. I reckon Punk will show up for somewhere like ROH in the next year or two.
  5. Roger Federer is a wonderful man.
  6. From someone who suffers from the black dog and having enough awareness to know you're fishing for retaliation, I'll rise above your obvious baiting and advise everyone else to do the same.
  7. Man that's awful, I was very cautious about walking down I-Drive especially at night, but for the most part I felt safe after a couple of trecks, the only shady interaction I had was downtown when a bunch of gearheads tried selling me meth (and probably the ones who nabbed me phone out me trackies). Leaving the stadium was the worst, sure thousands of wrestling fans congregating around should allow you to impose yourself somewhat, but one walk down the wrong street and you're in gang infested waters, bit weird is Orlando, couldn't find a cab anywhere as well, had to keep asking people if I could nick a lift.
  8. Just got home after 30 hours +, half term on the trains meant the carriages were full of little shit kids followed by an apparent suicide attempt on one of the rail lines had me sitting in what I can only describe as a portal from hell for 3 hours until I finally got home, good job I lack the constitution for topping myself or I would have seriously considered it like the poor bloke in Adlington. Lost my phone after Raw and didn't back it up so lost all my Mania related pictures/videos but despite that, had the best time of my life. I'm off to bed. I'll review it in a bit.
  9. Been out in the heat for half an hour and had about 5 cigs in the process, can't handle it me. Gonna have a pint at the hotel bar (Rosen) if anyone fancies exchanging pleasantries before Axxess.
  10. Headed to Manchester airport for my first Irish coffee of the day ahead of a 17 hour travel day, see some of you folks in Orlando!
  11. Me and a mate grew up on a rough council estate and would do our own backyard wrestling shows in his Mam's garden, you would think the fact we were both huge wrestling fans we would be lambasted for it when the the local chavvy kids found out, completely the opposite. At one point we incorporated said chavs into our shows as characters, it was a bit weird and other worldly looking back, we used this lad called Josh who went by the name ''Simba'' once who insisted on being powerbombed through my mate's Mam's plastic B&M garden table from one of the panel fences, he was the cock of the estate so we wasn't going to decline, of course all of this filtered into high school and everyone knew what we were up to out of school hours, I guess we were the lucky ones looking back. Only times I've been made to feel less than a human being is when my Step Dad would catch me watching it, he'd sometimes sit on my bed with me and engage in interest, but the usual questions or snide comments would suffice ''He didn't even hit him there'' ''Look he slapped his leg!'' ''Gay this''. So yeah, cheers Dad.
  12. Incredible gesture that mate, hopefully someone takes you up (and buys you a round). Flying Wednesday morning, hasn't really hit me yet to be honest. I've just booked the Progress Friday midday show (travelling from the Rosen) so if anyone is up for sharing the fare (I know The Dart expressed some interest) then let me know, I'm not a weirdo, honest. Is Pictos there yet?
  13. JBL is Vince's filter, you just know Vince has no concept of mental illness. I saw JBL take a pop at Mauro on twitter (and then promptly deleted it) as apparently Mauro wasn't up front and honest about his condition and used the recent shitty weather conditions as an excuse as to why he didn't show the first week he was out. Still doesn't warrant JBL going on a pissed up tangent on twitter calling him out publicly, the guy's such a prick.
  14. Jack Gallagher has had 2 MMA fights (and won them both) so there goes your argument. Just fuck off mate.
  15. Proper Fludder behavior that, think WAW have more integrity and they're pretty sound on the promotion front at the minute.