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  1. Listening to that excerpt and comparing it to his past comments I reckon Cornette was basically telling Husney what he wanted to hear. You know the dodgy old carny loves being involved in Dark Side and he'll do what he can to keep popping up.
  2. So between this and his appearance on Talk is Jericho, Mike Chioda has turned into someone I think I'd change the channel on. Snivelling, Toadie, enabling fuck.
  3. I was at that signing I asked them a question about Messiah. Thought they were gonna batter me. Probably deserved it to be fair.
  4. I wasn't here as early as that. October of 2002 until March 2008 as grim17 initially and then came back a few years ago, once everyone had settled into early middle age. When I was first on here, I also used to hang out a lot at Extreme Central in Manchester, so seeing Keith Colwill mentioned is a proper blast from the past!
  5. Really liked the first Matrix. Enjoyed Reloaded through a fog of confusion right up until they meet Colonel Sanders which absolutely lost me. Revolutions was so portentous, overblown and EPIC that it became everything that the first film wasn't. I went to see it with a mate and we laughed pretty much all the way through. I have a soft spot for when filmmakers make objectively bad, masturbatory movies purely for their inner 13 year old and Revolutions feels like one of those. This new one could be fun if they can find a way to clean up the absolute mess they made of their own mythology. It could also be Terminator: Genysis.
  6. There's a few in New Japan. I never really 'got' Tanahashi until he changed to the 'Go Ace' theme and then for whatever reason he made perfect sense to me. I find Goto proper bland but his music and gear are belting. Kushida's New Japan theme is also much more interesting than Kushida himself but I'd be proper up for a belting match after hearing it.
  7. The previews are promising but if it's anything like Steep the answer is probably, 'Yes, in 18 months time.'
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