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  1. Wasn't he planning to save up enough cash (as he himself said in home video footage) and get out and become a fireman? Heard it said often he wasn't planning on being around much longer.
  2. Anyone watched Carnyland? Not sure what to make of it overall but Aldis really went after Hannibal (youtube shoots guy) and it was hilarious.
  3. The Tim Storm stuff had me smiling ear to ear. I would keep Drax around too, almost Steiner esque, would be good muscle or in a team, really enjoyed the match. The five minutes with the manager was straight out of Memphis. Storm is just the best. He gets it and can really sell a story.
  4. Is he not into mad conspiracy theories? Remember him saying some mad stuff about the Benoit murder suicide.
  5. Cornette and Last break down each weekly AEW show segment by segment and every week they praise some aspects of the show and criticise others. Not saying Cornette doesn't go over the top as that's his gimmick but to say they have nothing positive to say is simply false. They praised how they handled the empty arena stuff and Cornette regularly praises Jericho, Darby, Jungle Boy, Sammy, MJF, Cody, Page etc. He was even forced to admit Bucks vs Omega and Page was great. Fully understand issues people have with Cornette but a lot of the criticism I see directed his way seems to come from people who don't listen to his shows.
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