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  1. Stinky Dad

    Physical Altercations

    I had an 'incident' last Friday, wasn't an altercation as such and could probably go in that 'Terrifying' thread we had a few weeks back as that was pretty much what it was! We'd had our works Christmas do in Liverpool and having sunk my weight in free booze I sloped off about 130am and rung a taxi. After grabbing some chips and a box of chicken I jumped in my cab and proceeded to pass out. I eventually came round as the taxi pulled up on the main road about five mins from my house. I always get out there and walk the remainder of the way, not sure why, and after these events I probably won't again. Anyway, I paid the driver and jumped out and immediately realised I'd left my phone in the cab. It was too late he'd driven off out of sight. So, I started the trudge round the corner to mine. I have to pass some pretty rough council flats and at some point here I started jogging, I can't remember if it was because somebody shouted towards me or if I just wanted to get home quick but I soon picked up the pace even more when I became aware of somebody chasing me. I only caught the slightest of glimpses as I was concentrating on running as fast as my chubby drunk legs could take me. I was very close to turning the corner to my road when he said something and I only caught the words 'Knife' and 'Stab you' this was enough for me and I shouted 'just fucking have these' and threw the bag containing my chicken and chips over my shoulder. Luckily, that seemed to deter him and I made it home and locked the door. I phoned the taxi company first and reported my phone missing and the operator told me he'd flag it p wit the driver as I was his last job. Then I called the Police and reported the incident with the knife man. About thirty minutes later the Police phoned back and it was the copper who said they were on the way to mine but got called to an emergency just around the corner (the road where I'd been chased) and I should go to bed and they'd be round in the morning. Obviously I put two and two together and decided it was probably my old friend who'd had the Police called on him. Next morning I found on from social media that somebody had set fire to the outside of a flat using a plastic bag and a small box of rubbish - I'm assuming these were my fucking chips. I also learnt 30 minutes after my incident some bloke armed with a flick knife had climbed through a window in the flats and had a fight with the owner. As far as I know nobody was hurt and the Police didn't make any arrests. The copper came round and I made a statement but as I didn't get a good look at my would be assailant I wasn't much use. On the subject of my phone, I called the taxi company back on the Staurday and they said the driver had handed it in at the Police station and gave me a property number. So whilst recovering from a hangover I got to fill out my second piece of Police paperwork of the day and I was reunited with my phone. Two very handy slices of luck!
  2. Stinky Dad

    Red Dead Redemption II

    So how are we all getting on? I'm on chapter four STILL but I've a feeling something big is about to go down. I've basically been trying to get a load of collectible shit out of the way in anticipation so been riding Bitty McLean all around the outback killing all the legendary animals, fishing all the legendary fish and finding all the dinosaur bones (I can in all three subjects at the moment without straying into those big red areas of the map that I'm assuming will come into play shortly) and Tonight I've just boxed off all the treasure hunting, rock carvings and the dreamcatchers although YouTube defo came in handy there. There's no way I'm 100 %ing this but I'd like to get as much done as I can as I can't see me giving this another play through for a very long time! Still don't think I'll be done by Christmas!
  3. Stinky Dad

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    Week 18 fixtures  Premier League Bournemouth 1 v 2 Liverpool (12:30pm) Burnley 1 v 1 Brighton & Hove Albion Cardiff City 2 v 1 Southampton Chelsea 1 v 2 Manchester City (5:30pm) Leicester City0 v 2 Tottenham Hotspur (7:45pm) West Ham United 1 v 0 Crystal Palace Serie A Cagliari 0 v 2 Roma (5pm) Lazio 1 v 0 Sampdoria (7:30pm) Austrian Bundesliga Admira Wacker 1 v 2 Red Bull Salzburg (4pm) Rapid Vienna 0 v 0 Sturm Graz (Su
  4. Stinky Dad

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    Week 17 fixtures Premier League Arsenal 1 v 1 Tottenham Hotspur (Sunday 2:05pm) Chelsea 3 v 1 Fulham (Sunday noon) Liverpool 2 v 0 Everton (Sunday 4:15pm) Newcastle United 1 v 1 West Ham United Southampton 0 v 2 Manchester United (5:30pm) FA Challenge Cup Second Round proper Lincoln City 1 v 2 Carlisle United Maidstone United 0 v 2 Oldham Athletic Walsall 1 v 2 Sunderland German Bundesliga Werder Bremen 1 v 2 Bayern Munich (2:30pm) Eredivisie Feyenoord 1 v 0 PSV Eindhoven (Sunday 1:30pm) 
  5. Stinky Dad

    Les Dennis denies spray-painting his name across Norwich

    It's a little bit mad this story. I'm a broadcast journalist based in Liverpool and I interviewed Les today on the subject of these spray paintings. Firstly, he's totally bemused by it but it appears it's not the first time it;s happened; he's seen instances in North London too and he's convinced some anti-Brexit campaigners are using his name as it sounds a 'bit French' to try to make some sort of political point. He loves it though and any publicity is good publicity I guess when your career is a bit quiet.
  6. Stinky Dad

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    Week 16 fixtures Premier League  Bournemouth 1 v 1 Arsenal (Sunday 1:30pm) Tottenham Hotspur 1 v 2 Chelsea (5:30pm) Watford 1 v 2 Liverpool West Ham United 0 v 2 Manchester City Championship Aston Villa 1 v 1 Birmingham City (Sunday noon) Brentford 0 v 2 Middlesbrough w/@Glenryck Pilchards (5:30pm) Scottish Cup Round 3 Beith Juniors 1 v 3 Ayr United (1:30pm) Edinburgh City 0 v 2 Inverness Caledonian Thistle (Sunday) Stenhousemuir 1 v 1 Falkirk  Ligue Un Paris St Germain 2 v 1 Toulouse (4pm
  7. Stinky Dad

    Red Dead Redemption II

    Spent five hours on it tonight, probably the longest stint I’ve had since release and achieved very little. I’m about halfway through chapter three, managed to hunt the Legendary Beaver, Coyote and Moose but the latter died in the lake and I couldn’t skin it. Came across some naked bloke in the woods who legged it...no idea what he was up to or where he went. Ive kitted out the camp with everything In the ledger and still have Cool 3k burning a hole... Enjoyed watching the freak show in Saint Denis....though Marjorie was gonna give Arthur a bit. As for the main story I’m still flitting between the Grays and Braithwaites...might still be at this until Christmas...progress about 45% complete. What a wonderful world it is.
  8. Stinky Dad

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    WhatWeek 15 fixtures UEFA Nations League Albania 0 v 2 Scotland (Saturday) Czech Republic 2 v 1 Slovakia (Monday) England 2 v 1 Croatia (Sunday 1pm) Italy 1 v 1 Portugal (Saturday) Northern Ireland 1 v 0 Austria (Sunday 5pm) Africa Cup of Nations qualification (various groups) Guinea 1 v 3 Ivory Coast (Sunday 5pm) Morocco 1 v 1 Cameroon (Friday 7pm) South Africa 1 v 1 Nigeria (Saturday 1pm) Togo 0 v 2 Algeria (Sunday 4pm)